Tiger Woods, MK’d Kitten Elin & Lt. Colonel Earl Woods

Abridged from: Mind Control Black Assassins Blog

Zionist owned Natl. Enquirer broke  story about TigerSluts (based on paid testimony from two questionable sources) which “triggered” MK Kitty Rachel Uchitel to promptly hire  attorney Gloria Allred — perfect tabloid story for recently fleeced/jobless/homeless/depressed for the holidays American sheeple, who have been reduced to non-critical thinking idiots/imbeciles via saturation of mind numbing technology i.e. iPhones/iPods/video games—“Oh look at the pretty colors!” –this yearend social drama aided greatly in efforts to blur/erase lines between so-called “official news outlets” and tabloids…thus closing loop of  corporate-sponsored propaganda completely. Tiger’s veil of secrecy  has been meticulously maintained by small circle of  loyal  so-called friends & professionals, so why after 12yrs  of  expert handling  do they look  like a bunch of monkey’s trying to f–k  a football! TigerSluts were trafficked by high school buddy Bryon Bell, also Pres. of  Tiger Woods Design – Bell’s a vault, keeps his mouth shut, grants no interviews. Tigers’ half-blood siblings remain mute — Mom, Katilda Woods offers only obligatory “I’m disappointed in my son’s behavior” statement about Tiger – those who know aint talking…why? Maybe answers  buried  in  Daddy’s military background…

Abridged from: Mind Control Black Assassins Blog

[Daddy] Earl Woods, served 2 full tours of duty in Vietnam, second as part of elite United States Army Special Forces Green Berets–Green Berets were trained/developed by Hitler’s Commando, Obersturmbannführer SS (Lieutenant Colonel) Otto Skorzeny’s Paladin Group. Earl  was U.S. Defense Department Information School graduate, Professor of Military Science & Tactics, (Army ROTC) at City College of NY– In 1961, [Daddy] Earl Woods was in Korea, next year sent to Vietnam as “military advisor” (CIA-asset)– in 1966 volunteered for Green Berets, was appointed Special Services  Officer in Bangkok, Thailand in charge of organizing recreation for the troops as a cover (deep cover CIA)– August 1966, CIA set up huge interrogation-torture center in Udorn, Thailand as part of its counter-insurgency plans–meets Kultida “Tida” Woods in Bangkok–Tida has Thai, Chinese, and Dutch ancestry–undoubtedly, Tida also working w/CIA when they met, marry in 1969– in 1970, [Daddy] Earl Woods returns to Vietnam as part of CIA “Phoenix Assassination Program”, becomes  Asst. to South Vietnamese Army officer, Colonel Phong who saved [Daddy] Earl Woods life more than once—he’s so impressed calls him “Tiger”–March 1974, Earl retires  (w/ Lt. Colonel pension, plus agency stipend) assigned in California w/Arrowhead Products, later McDonnell Douglas, one of  largest U.S.  military intelligence contractors/ part of  “shadow gov’t of  U.S. — December 30, 1975, Tida gives birth to Earl Woods’ 4th child, Eldrick [Tont] “Tiger” Woods, as a bloodline to SS Skorzeny’s trained U.S. Army Special Forces Command & McDonnell Douglas—[Tiger Woods is  a pure CIA/NSA military asset!] — [Daddy] Earl Woods moves to Cypress, Orange County — all white suburb, because it’s 5min away from Naval golf course, Seal Beach Naval Weapons Base, along Pacific Ocean–strange place to relocate just to play golf? Seal Beach Weapons station is connected [via underground tunnels running Maglev high-speed rail) http://www.aboutshanghai.com/imgs/maglev-train-line-big1.jpg)]

USAF tunnel boring machine

to “China Lake Naval Air Weapons Base” also on coast of  Pacific Ocean–one of the most heavily guarded/identified trauma-based Mind Control centers is located at China Lake [most Monarch Programmed multiples  trained  for porn industry are created at China Lake facility] Hauptsturmführer-SS (Captain) Dr. Josef Mengele, Angel of Death, worked out of China Lake on mind control programs for U.S. gov’t under “Project Paperclip”. [OSS/CIA Op  to sneak Nazi scientists out of  Germany into Latin America/ U.S., where they were given new identities in order to continue diabolical human experimentation programs, and continue space exploration by setting up  NASA]

Lt. Col. Earl Woods dedicated his son to diabolical Nazi-racial science as MK-Ultra bloodline medical experiment—[Joseph Mengele disciples, real  life  Dr. Frankenstein type] programmers  vowed to turn Tiger into extraordinary human robot–in Tiger’s infancy [Daddy] Woods had already proclaimed him as gift to world on par w/Gandhi/Nelson Mandela. From childhood w/Seal Beach and China Lake Naval Air Weapons Base as backdrop, Tiger has been raised/programmed in highly structured, artificially contrived environment, in shadow of U.S. Army Special Operations Command under aegis of Natl Security Agency. According to Defense Press Service, as late as 2004, Tiger was continually involved in some type of special ops training/programming at Pope Air Force Base in NC, home to Joint Special Ops Cmd./Delta Force soldiers and SEALs. [Daddy] Woods said his son learned on sniper course at Fort Bragg[NC][this type of training would definitely impact his golf game] “his left eye is his dominant eye, and this, will help with his plumbing on the course, helping to determine where the ball will go”… [DaddyWoods] said he used “military training” to instill in Tiger discipline/focus that has turned him into a world-renowned golfer — [these comments are thinly veiled cover for diabolical  Monarch Programming] [Daddy]Woods said his son “was always inquisitive about training I put him through,” particularly “mental-toughness training,” and “wanted to know where that came from.”[ http://www.defense.gov/news/newsarticle.aspx?id=26854 ][Daddy Woods helped program Tiger  into what we see as an exceptionally gifted athlete/golfer…but in reality Tiger  is yet another  Monarch Programmed Multiple, marketed  as  super-athlete, under  full control of CIA/NSA-military apparatus…achieved by standard programming methods, which always include–early childhood ritual sexual abuse (causes mind  to splinter/fracture as a means of  protection from trauma, MPD re-classed as DID) — this is cause of  “robotic behavior” so often commented upon– daily electroshock (wipes out short-term memory) hallucinogenic drugs, sleep deprivation are common methods of  programming –Tiger Woods/golf-gladiator/courier of coded information/sex-slave…Thanks Dad!]

China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station; MK Prog’mg Center

[In addition to TigerSluts being Zionist Vegas Casino/Mob-controlled whores] we  may also be looking at assortment of  CIA-Monarch Programmed Multiples/Ops—[details surrounding accident obvious dis-info to cover extreme trauma being inflicted upon both Monarch Programmed Multiples and cast MK Kitty Elin as sympathetic figure]–neighbors report Tiger on ground, barefoot, in/out of consciousness (disassociated state)…possibly post-hypnotic? Sources from hospital report doctors used breathing tube [intubated] to assist Tiger’s respiration—[possibly, MK Kitty Elin’s “attack alter” triggered to inflict severe lacerations on Tiger’s face, chip teeth, smash windows on Escalade (MK shattered-glass reference) leaving Tiger bleeding on ground…reinforcing trauma to both controlled assets] Elin Nordegren was immigrant/alien of Stockholm, Sweden when married. During WW2, Sweden, a neutral country provided steel to Nazi war machine [funded by Zionist Rothschild/Rockefeller & Brown Bros. Harriman, Prescott Bush Mgr. Director along w/other U.S. corporate interests i.e. Henry Ford, Thomas Watson IBM] –it also allowed Nazis to use its railways to invade Norway–Nazi Germany also needed Sweden strategically as neutral country, as conduit for looted goods/foreign currency—this explains why after WW2, Sweden became Europe’s wealthiest nation, bank vaults stuffed w/Nazi loot. Elin Nordegren’s immigrant alien status upon meeting Tiger is suspect/unknown. Elin was not world class model, just a former swimsuit model/nanny “babysitter” for Swedish golfer Jesper Bo Parnevik before she was  setup [assigned] to wed world’s richest/most well known athlete—w/marriage…[so your golfing  peer comes to visit and you introduce him to the help…one of the twin nannys?] Elin Nordegren has acquired unprecedented access to world-wide govt/social inner circles/networks. Elin’s mom is Barbro Holmberg–born April 7, 1952 in Stensele, Västerbotten, highly placed influential Swedish Social Democratic politician–October 10, 2003, appointed Minister for Migration & Asylum Policy in Swedish Government–as a consequence of change of gov’t following 2006 gov’t election, she left office October 6, 2006–Holmberg is governor of Gävleborg County, Sweden–holds degree in social work from Dept. of Social Work, Stockholm University–Career began in 1976 as Research Assistant w/Natl. Bd of Health & Welfare of Sweden– In 1977, she was Information Officer for Natl. Assoc. for Aid to Drug Abusers (RFHL),clearly Elin’s mom is no stranger to clandestine gov’t Mind Control research/development—[both daughters Elin/Joshephin (twins) are obvious MK Kittens (“twinning” is preferred programming module associated w/ Monarch programming)][ http://www.bittenandbound.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/Josefin-Nordegren-and-Elin-Nordegren-baby-Sam-is-with-aunt1.jpg http://www.auschwitz.dk/mengele.htm ] — Verna Dannborg alleges that she [Elin] was covertly implanted with mind control research brain electrodes by Swedish Cybergod Professor Torg Skoog of the National Board of Health and Welfare of Sweden–[Tiger  probably has been also, or some similar type device, possibly the  “Veri-chip” manufactured by Applied Digital Solutions][http://home.iae.nl/users/lightnet/world/VERICHIP.JPG ][ http://i.zdnet.com/blogs/verichip-next-to-a-pennyl.jpg ] which would help explain sudden lapses into disassociated trances/states, causing him not recall how to breathe (destruct mechanism).

Elin, twin Josephin, and mother Barbro Holmberg are all “foreign nationals”—Elin’s[ 5yr mission]—gather intel as “honey-pot” (intel ops  used to sexually attract, then ensnare targeted individual (mark) into sexual union to gain info, lure target into trap to be framed/arrested/assassinated) for foreign power [Swedish gov’t] — Elin, as foreign national, works for a foreign power [Rothschild/Swede banking cabal]–[Elin served as  breeder/handler  until Tiger, set up by Zionist/Mob-controlled Vegas Casino whores, collected intel (texts/vmails/pics/vids)–once intel collected, Zionist-controlled media followed script, Tiger/Elin “alters triggered” via “remote neural  monitoring” by CIA-handlers][ http://hubpages.com/hub/Remote-Neural-Monitoring–A-Technology-Used-For-Controlling-Human-Brain ] causing global scandal/massive distraction, enraging white population…[” how could he cheat on the quintessential white woman?”] — sensationally exposing him as  stereotypical [“well endowed” deviant man of  color—Mandingo–lurid  details  provided by least attractive, poorest of all TigerSluts…$8per hr trailer-park pancake waitress Mindy Lawton. Corporate union/marriage will probably be dissolved – through Elin Nordegren (CIA-controlled asset of MK-Ultra Monarch Program, will effect direct transfer of nearly half Tiger’s hard earned wealth] which will  become national asset of Sweden…[additional $60M added to prenup; $5M  has already changed hands. Well done.]

One of Tiger’s friends/handlers is D.J. Hanlon–Hanlon son of David P. Hanlon, Pres. of  Rio Hotel/Casino in Vegas http://people.forbes.com/profile/david-p-hanlon/29283 — Hanlon was also connected w/Zionist Merv Griffin (now deceased) of Resorts International, which had substantial connections w Iran-Contra/cocaine affair and William J. Casey, former Director of CIA (now deceased) Hanlon is director of RemoteMDX, Inc.—seller of TrackerPAL — ankle monitor for parole/probation, which uses global positioning system (GPALS) – [http://www.securealert.com/Products/TrackerPAL%20II.php]

[So sports  fans, Tiger Woods is not only world’s premiere golfer, but we now know, one of his MK “alters” is a “well endowed” pornbot, w/stamina to spare, whose underground porn films fetch hefty prices on underground market— no need to Google, they’re only available to big-shot, high-level operatives within global cabal (all Monarch Programmed Multiples receive Beta programming which removes all sexual inhibitions, this causes “cat or kitten alters” to be released — meanwhile Tiger seems to have reunited w/MK Kitty Rachel Uchitel of  NYC  9-11 Fear-Based Trauma Op fame, frolicking in Palm Beach for X-mas/New Year]—reports  state Tiger’s  reverted to an infantile dissociative state, spending his time watching cartoons/eating cereal, until he is rewired/reprogrammed [w/new behavior software]/chip – he may be yet another tool to further Operation Northwoods Project [http://whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTICLES/northwoods.html ]which aims to foment national racial discord [as pretext for martial law declared by O-Man POTUS, ushering in final stages of NWO  fascist super-state…this is all meticulously crafted social drama designed to distract, while Zionists  continue to loot and global Masonic/Jesuit cabal tightens noose around necks of unsuspecting  sheeple –lather, rinse, repeat]

Mind Control Black Assassins

rich resource for insightful, brilliantly written, well  researched posts — serious “red pill” stuff here…

ITK7: How many other Dr. Frankenstein/Nazi-inspired Monarch Programmed Multiples are duping the masses, masquerading as super-athletes, acclaimed actors/actresses, entertainers, beauty pageant winners, brilliant academics/scientists, charismatic politicians? How deep does the rabbit hole go? Stay tuned…next post begins the anatomy of  an  Alaskan Kitty…HAPPY NEW YEAR!

intheknow7 Channel MK-Ultra Monarch Program vids

Brice Taylor’s shocking Memoir


MK-Ultra Monarch Prog Global Management Team EXPOSED!



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11 responses to “Tiger Woods, MK’d Kitten Elin & Lt. Colonel Earl Woods

  1. Daphne

    I observed some really weird behaviour in Tiger when I watched an interview with him on youtube. He was known for cursing and swearing when not matching up to his expectations. However when being cut early in this particular tourney, he appeared relieved and happy! In fact he made off-color jokes about it that was so inappropriate. This is exactly what he said. [In reference to being cut early] “…now I can get something to eat. My tummy is empty…” That was NOT the Tiger Woods I was used to listening to during an interview. I know he will not win every tourney but this just seemed “staged” the quick exit the lame response to being cut. Just really weird for me to witness. I would like to compare that whole episode to a boxer being asked to “hit the canvass” in a fixed match.

    • “now I can get something to eat. My tummy is empty…”
      may be a reference to food deprivation; he’s always seemed very robotic, more so since alleged Elin Nordegren (handler)Thanksgiving-Day-beatdown and subsequent cattle call of Vegas-New York-Florida MK’s. Agree it’s strange he pulled out so early…

      more Tiger Intel here

  2. Gatt Dayum

    The service record of Earl Woods in Thailand mirrors that of the GI in the movie American Gangster about Frank Lucas he seemed to be in charge of lesure activities or the troops during the war and had the connects with the natives to broker the drug union as well as the juice on the military side to orchestrait the drugs to be transported back to the states via the coffins of dead GIs if the dates macth up it seems plausible. Definitly something to be investegated!

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  4. Do you think perhaps Oksana Grigorieva is also an MK
    kitten tasked to unravel Mel Gibson? I do!

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    • telena

      yes i noticed ole bob hope there playing pocket pool.hell of it is is no one thinks this stuff is happening,especilly the shooting s they look at me with dull eyes or tell me i must be on sumpin or too much internet … oh well.

  6. ATTN: this blog will no longer provide “free downloads” of:

    “Thanks For The Memories: The Truth Has Set Me Free” by Brice Taylor

    This is copyrighted material and should not be reproduced without her express permission. I know we all agree she more than deserves every penny. This material was produced at great cost to her personally and financially, and there is no way for her to recoup what has already been lost.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Please click here to purchase @ Amazon.com

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  8. Thanks to all for making this blogging experience a major success!

    Listed on WordPress.com “Growing Blogs” at no. 95

    Would again urge all to read accounts of MK-Ultra Mind Control Survivors in PDF version, listed in sidebar and at bottom of most posts…

    For those unfamiliar w/ongoing abominable Mind Control please read MK-Ultra Program Guide

    Be Well & Stay Vigilant

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