Tavern On The Green Closes: Home of MK (Mind Kontrolle) Ultra BETA Kitten Jennifer “Oz” LeRoy

Jennifer Oz LeRoy "Dorothy" of New York

For over 30yrs Tavern On The Green, located in Central Park, was the crown jewel of New York’s highly competitive restaurant industry; a one of a kind tourist trap,  w/prestige, splendor and huge profit margin—was top grossing restaurant in U.S. (gross revenues  of  $37M) http://www.nytimes.com/2010/01/02/nyregion/02tavern.html http://www.nytimes.com/2009/09/16/dining/16tavern.html The creative genius behind  Tavern On Green  was owner Warner LeRoy (lost battle w/ cancer in 2001 at age 65) and tragically son Max died in car accident 2005 at age 30.  Warner, Jennifer in front of Russian Tea Room) was uniquely qualified to bring “Hollywood glitz” to restaurant industry http://www.cnn.com/2009/TRAVEL/12/22/tavern.on.green.closing/index.html credited w/creating the concept of  “restaurant as theater”, as a form of entertainment. Warner was a gregarious, huge barrel shaped man, who rode around town in an odd emerald green” limo w/non-tinted windows—also owned  Russian Tea Room where youngest daughter Jennifer polished her restaurateur credentials before eventually taking the reins w/her Stanford degree (SRI) as CEO at the tender age of 22http://www.nypost.com/pagesixmag/issues/20081012/Theres+No+Place+Tavern+Green

Warner created Maxwell‘s Plum, famed eatery in late 1960s, as well as Great Adventure Amusement Park in Palisades—a flamboyant character known for creative genius and overspending. As a child Warner literally grew up playing on the actual “yellow brick road” on Warner Brothers set…

Warner’s father (Jenny’s grandfather) Mervin LeRoy produced iconic  MK-Ultra  Prog’mg film, starring MK d Kitten  Judy Garland.

see ITKEK7 Jennifer “Oz” Leroy, Judy Garland, Ashanti

MK'd Jennifer "Oz" LeRoy --Stanford Research Institute (SRI) product

Jennifer “Oz” Leroy’s middle name  is for  Wizard of  Oz producer/grandfather Mervin LeRoy (along w/ Alice In Wonderland, Wizard of Oz is primary CIA/MK-Ultra Monarch Programming Model) Jennifer Oz LeRoy is a tall, attractive, flirtatious, intelligent, hard driving professional/social “butterfly” —  insiders say she comes off as a spoiled “know it all” type, often offending those in her employ and lacked connections Warner had w/Hollywood community. When Warner’s health took a turn for the worse, Jennifer moved in corporate offices  on  two uppermost floors of nondescript bldg. at 1995 Broadway, a  few blocks from Central Park.  One of the real attractions of Tavern On The Green was the “17th floor of corporate offices staffed  w/ beautiful assortment of BETA Prog’md MK’d Monarch Slaves (Kittens) —  blondes, brunettes, redheads, Asians, Latinas — all in their early 20s, dressed to the nines, doing little work, described as “messengers” or Jenny’s sorority sisters”.

1995 Broadway New York

These so-called “messengers”  were an integral part of  New York’s well known Mishpucka (Kosher Nostra) political/entertainment network. When not smoozing high-end clients on the phones, booking banquets/groups/ weddings/house accounts… Jenny’s “sorority sisters”  were dispatched to “service” high-level players staying at plush  hotels like the Plaza& Ritz Carlton functioning as human recording devices w/ standard MK’d Beta Sex-Slave “alters” available to all who had access codes.

If you recall, the Plaza hotel  in NY was managed by Ivana Trump http://www.cmgww.com/stars/trump/career.html hubby “The Donald” has “Miss Universe Pageant franchise”–  global stable of MK’s, and Trump has taken the Hugh Hefner model of  MK pimping  to an international level — remember these two Beta Prog’md MK’s? http://www.celebridoodle.com/.a/6a00e5536b2ba988330120a6a8c25b970b-500wi but I digress…

Restaurants are excellent vehicles for money laundering,  and w/ over $30M  in “reported” annual transactions,  and delivery trucks coming in/out all day…there’s plenty of opportunity to move cash. Managing Director (some say Warner’s “alter ego”) CPA Alan Garmise, kept bean counters cranking  upstairs on 18th floor, while stable of MK’s below were shuttled to waiting clients — insiders say Jenny came in w/bunker mentality and  lots  of secrecy — aside from being  a certified  NY Jewish American Princess (JAP),  Jenny exhibited all signs of a Monarch Prog’md Multiple (MPD now DID) raised w/wealth and privilege — Dalton school, Stanford Univerity grad (Stanford Research Institute or SRI) is American branch of  Tavistock Behavioral Research Institute, London, in UK — funded by Rothschild banking dynasty (earth’s money lords via control of  B.I.S./IMF/Central banks of each nation i.e. Bank of England & Federal Reserve) http://www.educate-yourself.org/nwo/nwotavistockbestkeptsecret.shtmlalso an accomplished equestrian she has that air of arrogance, like a high-priced model w/all things in her world being beautiful — beneath that haughty exterior,  is just another traumatized MK’d  Kitten, fronting for real power behind Tavern On Green, Mishpucka (Kosher Nostra) Now age 30,  New York’s  “Dorothy” is looking to unload restaurant to interested buyers…

Tavern On Green played host to 70th Anniversary Gala of  Wizard of Oz w/some “Munchkins”  from original cast in attendance and CEO/MK Kitty Jenny had the place all decked out in Wizard of Oz/MK themes — *click here * for pics from “Emerald Gala”…http://www.bryanreesman.com/blog/tag/jennifer-oz-leroy/ Jenny  is resplendent in “emerald green

Yellow Brick Road & emerald chandelier

MK Kitty recording artist Ashanti performed and was traumatized in hot air balloon…

Ashanti at TOG Wiz of Oz Gala

MK Kitty Ashanti at Wiz Of Oz Gala

Mk Kitty Ashanti hot air balloon trauma

more Tavern On The Green & Jennifer “Oz” LeRoy:



http://nymag.com/nymetro/food/industry/features/5063/ top shoe makers were in force also, w/many “ruby red slipper” designs on display

*click here*  for MK-Ultra Monarch Program vids w/ survivors Cathy O’Brien & Brice Taylor http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=EB1589A29036B16C

Grammy Award Artist Ashanti as "Dorothy"

Ashanti had recently made her theatrical debut as Dorothy, in  New York’s  City Center Encores production of  “The Wiz!” — she sang her new single “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” after  “flipping the switch” to light  Empire State Building  tower lights  “emerald green” — later  that evening  she performed at  “Emerald Gala” in Tavern On The Green…

Brice Taylor (MK survivor) exposes players on Global Management Team as pedophile degenerates…

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MK-Ultra Monarch Program Global Management Team EXPOSED!


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