Heinz Alfred (Henry) Kissinger: Over 40yrs of MK-Ultra PIMPIN’

Heinz Alfred (Henry) Kissinger MK-Ultra Mind Control Slave PIMP

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Kissinger Assoc. Inc, 350 Park Avenue, New York (CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY)


For ole Henry, GMT consigliere, before Sarah L. Palin, there was Jane (Hanoi) Fonda, feminist heroine Gloria Steinem, and Brice Taylor who provides stunning “photographically memorized” POV testimony of legendary performer  Bob Hope & Henry’s antics in her shocking memoir  Thanks For The Memories Brice takes us “behind the veil” of secrecy strictly maintained by Rothschild controlled media under the aegis of National Security (NSA), facilitated by Unified Intel Agencies (esp. CIA-Mossad) ole Henry is stripped naked of his persona as “senior statesman” and revealed to be a sociopathic-psychopathic megalomaniac Global Mgt. Team Pimp Extraordinaire, using (abusing) MK-Ultra Mind Controlled Slaves to do the bidding of his masters, members of the Black Nobility Bloodline Dynasties who remain cloaked behind a multilayered architectural structure of camouflage and concealment –wrapped in syrupy sweet Americana, “baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet” set to music by notorious MK Prog’mrs/Handlers such as…

“Mr. Proud To Be An American” Lee Greenwood

[1:56] see ole Henry’s latest Beta Sex Slave/Human Laptop, Mrs. Evangelical Pentecostal Christian giving Occult shout-out flashing “double” Baphomet (devil horns) Signs —”hiding in plain sight”

MUST read brilliant work on Heinz Alfred (Henry) Kissinger a.k.a. “Dr. K” Kissinger The Secret Side Of The Secretary Of State” by Gary Allen

Heinz Alfred Kissinger was born on 27 May 1923 in Furth in central Germany, son of a rabbi. His parents immigrated to the United States in 1938 and Heinz became Henry. From 1943 to 1945 he worked for US intelligence. Later he taught political science at Harvard University. Kissinger himself was educated by Professor William Yandel Elliott, who adhered to H. G. Well’s crazy ideas.

In 1955, the Rockefeller Syndicate put young Henry to work as a “change agent” to implement their centuries old plot of  One World Rulership w/ (13) Satanic Black Nobility Bloodline Dynasties as “hereditary monarchs” (Frank Capell, Henry Kissinger: Soviet Agent. Cincinnati, 1992, p. 29). The poor Jewish refugee was supremely elevated via Rockefeller Syndicate using him as a proxy. In 1956, he was named editor of the influential magazine Foreign Affairs (official publication of Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) the American branch of RIIA (Royal Institute of International Affairs) functions as global gov’t staffing agency.

Heinz (Henry) Kissinger is a high-ranking official of the Zionist-Masonic org B’nai B’rith, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission. He belongs to the Swiss Grand Lodge, Alpina, Bohemian Club, and Phi Beta Cappa Club, Cosmos Club, Federal City Club, and Century Club. Kissinger has been positively identified as a sadistic MK-Ultra Monarch Mind Controlled Slave user/abuser…

Ole Henry’s currently PIMPIN’ MK’d Kitten Sarah L. Palin the Alaskan “Caribou Barbie”

Black Nobility Bloodline Rockefeller Sponsorship

No person(s) or group(s) operate independently within multi-layered architectural structure of Global Mgt Team (Illuminati or NWO) Gary Allen’s brilliant expose “The Rockefeller File” details the nefarious deeds of this Black Nobility Bloodline Dynastic scourge who for centuries has been “walking to and fro, in and out of the earth”

fr: “The Rockefeller File” – Gary Allen

We know that Henry Kissinger was deeply involved in wire tapping his own staff and several journalists. But the one member of the White House staff who apparently never had his remarks taped in the Oval Office was Herr Kissinger — who also, as it happens, was chief of all US intelligence gathering operations. And who also, we now know, was responsible for establishing the Plumbers in the first place!

But through all of this, Kissinger’s loyalty was not with his President, it was with the Rockefellers! Kissinger had been through three losing campaigns with Nelson Rockefeller and openly spoke of despising Nixon. Biographer David Hanna quotes Kissinger as stating, after Nixon’s nomination in 1968: “That man is unfit to be President. I would never work for that man. He is a disaster.” Yet Kissinger was the first appointment made by Nixon.

Nixon did not know Kissinger well; in fact, he had only met the man once before in his life-at a cocktail party. And Kissinger was on record as standing 180 degrees to the left of Nixon’s campaign utterances. Clearly Kissinger was put in the Nixon Administration by Rockefeller (who sent his protégé off to Washington with a tidy little gift of $50,000). In his VP [Senate confirmation] hearings, Nelson Rockefeller even acknowledged Kissinger took the job because Rocky [David Sr.] asked [ordered] him to do so.

While it was Henry Kissinger who set Nixon’s head on the chopping block, it was another Rockefeller agent, General Alexander Haig, who applied the axe. Haig was appointed at Kissinger’s suggestion-as an interim replacement for the hastily deposed Bob Haldeman.

Like Dwight Eisenhower and George Marshall, two generals whose careers had a bad case of the blahs until anointed by the House of Rockefeller, Haig’s career took off like a Saturn rocket when he joined the Rockefeller team through the Council on Foreign Relations. In 1969, he was a colonel. Four years later he had miraculously become a four star general, having skipped the three star rank entirely. What happened to trigger this remarkable rise in 1969, Haig became an assistant to Kissinger; subsequently, he was catapulted over 240 general officers when Nixon raised him to four-star rank. Such a promotion should mark Haig as one of the great military leaders in our history…”

So critical was the Kissinger appointment that Nixon waived the customary FBI security clearance for his nominee as Secretary of StateHaig was now a general in the Rockefeller Army, an army which tells other armies when to march….”

From Nixon to Obama (1973-2010) this Rockefeller agent has been calling shots, manipulating U.S. domestic/foreign policy from behind the scenes, executing the agenda of his Black Nobility Bloodline masters, using MK-Ultra Monarch Mind Control Slaves

Kissinger’s MK-Ultra Mind Controlled Beta Sex Slave/Human Laptop

intheknow7’s Channel

Now let’s take a “photographically memorized” behind the scenes  POV of Herr Heinz (Henry) Kissinger’s sinister deeds over the past 40 years…

click here to purchase Thanks For The Memories (copyrighted)

fr: Thanks For The Memories –  Brice Taylor, Chap. 4, pg. 65

“Well I was “hired” at a very young age, but was never paid a cent. And Uncle Charlie was my representative, come to take me to meet first, Bob and, soon after, Henry. Sharon was indeed programmed to be precocious and one day reported the following joke repertoire to Henry and later to audiences Bob and Henry sent me to: “I told my owners, it’s enough that you clowns expect me to work for free. You know it was bad enough that they broke the child labor laws and I told them about that when I learned it in school. They just laughed. But on top of that was SLAVE LABOR, and I recited the Constitutional Amendment that was causing a problem in my internal mind file legal systems. I told Henry it kept getting thrown out and I pretended it was repeatedly escaping and leaping out of my right ear. He thought I was funny and told me to re-file it anyway – then I was sent off for more reconditioning. I never thought they would stop with that stuff and I was right. Zap, zap, zap.” These were the type of jokes that Bob Hope programmed into me for shows when I was demonstrated to others that had similar mind control “interests.” The first time I recited it to Henry for his approval, he raised his eyebrows and looked at me over his glasses; he usually seemed either pretty amazed or leery at the jokes Bob installed into me. I was too young and too fragmented to have come up with this type of material on my own.”

*        *       *

fr: Thanks For The MemoriesBrice Taylor Chap. 4, pg. 65

“Henry created my personality system and Bob handled the dialogue, jokes, songs, dances, and entertainment, and supplied Henry with famous friends and connections from all over the world, including Hollywood celebrities and business and political connections. Henry said contacts were everything, and that he and Bob worked well together because, despite their differences, together they more than doubled their influence and efficiency. They did wield influence over a large group of people. Henry had the mind and Bob had the means and the connections”.

*        *       *

fr: Thanks For The Memories Brice Taylor, Chap. 4, pg. 66

“Henry worked with me more in the beginning to set up all my systems. He even marked my forehead all over with little X’s delineating what he called a “stellar map” of my system. Then he had me look into the mirror and what I saw, in addition to my little five or six-year-old face, framed by short hair, was black x’s all over me. He said those were planets within my inner universe of knowledge and that they were laying in wait for the day they would be occupied. Later he attached the foreign countries, using It’s a Small World for the different planets. This kept the information totally separated since the planets had no way of communicating with each other. So all the information remained self-contained but held in orbit in the big blue vastness by stars. All the stars were used as mind files for different movie “stars” or politicians I was used with. The larger stars held larger files of personalities I was used with more regularly and the smaller stars were reserved for people I only saw on occasion. The largest stars were reserved for Presidents, Kings, Queens, etc. The Council, that all-powerful group of men secretly orchestrating this whole drama, had very specialized, highly advanced satellite systems that traveled all over inside my mind, constantly monitoring my internal “worlds.” They could also access inter-stellularly or inter-planetarily and gain access to any information they wanted about any area or person in the system. Council members were the only ones who didn’t have any security blocks throughout the system anywhere. They had full and total access like Henry. Bob’s access was limited only by his ability to be able to fully access every part of the system. Henry just didn’t inform Bob about planets or stars he didn’t want him to know about. And Henry told me that he and Uncle Bob rode on little space cycles all around inner space in my head in order to police everything and make sure everything was always in perfect order, with no file on any planet or star ever getting out of order or loose. That way Henry kept my mind files in perfect order. Henry told me the mind files are limitless because the universe is limitless and contains an infinite vastness, always new areas to chart. Henry said it could never be full.”

*        *       *

fr: Thanks For The Memories – Brice Taylor, Chap. 4, pg. 66

Kissinger And Ever More Sophisticated Programming

Kissinger was the mastermind behind my personality structure, and used others to further his creation. He was usually inside the top security places my father and others took me. There they did all the “prep work,” they called it, before I was taken to Henry for his expertise. Prepping, to me, meant torture in machines, chairs, all sorts of horrors and then, when I couldn’t function any longer, didn’t know my own name, or if I was even real, they would take me to Henry. Henry had a notebook of diagrams he worked from. A “distilled” diagram meant that the original idea and intent had been identified and worked out, and the succeeding diagrams were a further refinement until the end result was total perfection. That’s how Henry created my personality structure. Mind control was a secret weapon that he perfected over the years. Henry had other “robots,” as he called them, but I was the one with whom he spent the most time perfecting. He said I was the perfect subject and that my father had done such a great preliminary job that his work was guaranteed a success, where other robots fell short because they “bled through” and so couldn’t be relied upon. I knew Henry had other robots because he said he had them for various and sundry things but said that I was the cream of the crop. Henry said we had a “roving headquarters,” and that was always his black briefcase. When I saw his briefcase I was programmed to feel familiar, and my surroundings didn’t matter. I could now do my work knowing that everything was okay. At least that is what was suggested for me to think and feel.

*        *       *

fr: Thanks For The Memories – Brice Taylor, Chap. 4, pg. 66,67

As I grew older, I was taken to military bases for more sophisticated programming…”

Military Industrial Apparatus

Palin’s constant presence on military bases serves as “predictive programming” for masses — “no big deal, she’s pro-military and has a son serving” Are you referring to Manchurian-Delta Prog’md Track?

USN Aircraft Carrier Stennis


Kuwait 2007 (MK’d Prog’mg/photo ops in prep for 2008 campaign)

Occult Numerology: 6+6+6=(18); brown boxes right above, 666 combos; (1) one of our (8) ref. to “Marionette” (DOLL) Prog’mg, step no. (8); see MK-Ultra Prog Guide; color coding: red/black/white on board — not coincidental!

“Marionette” (DOLL) Prog’mg Reinforcement w/ (8) soldiers

…love this shot, all elements present — Occult-Masonic “blue-gold-white” color scheme; Military-Industrial-Apparatus; CIA-Secret Service; Black Nobility Bloodline “red carpet”; NSA asset,  MK-Ultra Mind Controlled Beta Sex Slave/Human Laptop Sarah L. Palin

MK’d “Caribou Barbie” playing with guns…

Lights, Camera, Action!

Scene: “you’re hitting pretty close to dead center”

Question: How would we know? Has anyone actually seen this woman hunt or kill anything?

*       *       *

fr: Thanks For The Memories – Brice Taylor, Chap. 4, pg. 67,68) Helplessly hooked up to high-tech machines that did things to my brain, I had no way of understanding what these people were doing to me or why. I was placed in large metal chambers and left in isolation, sometimes spun, with colored lights, always with only one color at a time. I was restrained in sophisticated chairs with electrodes attached to my head, then electroshocked in a variety of ways. Sophisticated audio equipment also was used on me. Often loud, piercing sounds were relayed through earphones, usually with different sounds being fed into each ear. I didn’t know what exactly they were accomplishing with all of this technology, but I felt tortured by it…”

*        *       *

MK’d Palin uploaded w/coded Intel by her master/prog’mr/owner ready for next Global Mgt. Team mission

fr:– Thanks For The Memories – Brice Taylor, Chap. 4, pg. 67

Mind File System

I also continued to be taken to Disneyland for base programming for my government mind file system. At around 8 years old, Henry made up some clever programs to create a place and organization in my head for my international mind files. He created within my personality system one or two children for each nationality; as is similarly portrayed in it’s a Small World ride at Disneyland. Henry said the international themes were to anchor in different mind file systems that he said were “culturally oriented.” Around The World In 80 Days was a song I sang over and over again when either my mother or my brother played it on the organ, or my brother would play it on his accordion. The words I was programmed to respond to were, “Around The world in 80 days”, I traveled on when Hope was gone to make my rendezvous…” Henry Kissinger and Bob Hope continued to be cohorts over the years and played around the world with people and governments, as much as that song played repeatedly in my head. Henry linked a whole array of different programs to the “It’s a Small World” ride and said, “When you walk up to the clock you will hear it tick-tock and then you will dock; tick-tock, tick tock. Keep all information separate. Keep all information clean and neatly in its space with little walls in between.” I walked up to the ride, and saw the huge clock tower going tick-tock, then I was told to file through the turnstile until I got to the ride. Henry meant for me to think my actual trips abroad were really just memories about this ride. Due to this programming I had trouble distinguishing reality from fantasy. Disney fantasy was really meant to hide my international experiences from my conscious mind. Once I got off the ride Henry said something hypnotic to me to lock in the program. He spent a good part of the day with me at Disneyland. He was really funny to the personalities he was programming. I almost laughed when I first saw him. I knew it wasn’t allowed, but he did look really funny in the disguise. He had on a beard, wig and hat. He looked okay, but I knew it was really Henry, and so I said, “Henry, why are you wearing those silly things?” I couldn’t comprehend why he needed to pretend he wasn’t himself. In his thick-accented, deep, monotonic voice, he told me to be quiet and with irritation in his voice said, “You, my child, are too precocious.” Henry put me on ride after ride, and after I got off the rides, dizzy, nauseated, light headed, disoriented, frightened, or whatever, he told me to “listen intently,” while he programmed all sorts of things into my mind file system.

*        *       *

fr: Thanks For The Memories — Brice Taylor Chap. 4, pg. 68, 69

Carousel Program

“Henry also programmed me in front of a carousel ride. He had me stand in front of the carousel but he wouldn’t let me sit down on a horse or a bench on the ride. I was only 8 years old or so and I wanted to get on the ride and have fun, but Henry said I had to stand up outside of the ride. That day, the carousel in my mind had to be created with me standing up and the files in my mind were to glide smoothly and as easily as the carousel turning. Then it would come to a stop, like “The Wheel of Fortune”, at the country in the mind file that Henry would ask for. He told me, “There’s a whole other world in your mind files, the whole world.” Then he told me, “The carousel makes the files in your head turn easily and effortlessly.” My programmers also linked memory of times I was spun until I was dizzy and disoriented in their attempt to keep these mind files under the cloak of “National Security”. As I de-programmed I often mentally bumped into spin, sleep, suicide, migraine, and drug programs that I had to fight through in order to get to the original experiences. I was often physically sick, as my program dictated, and suffered massive migraine headaches and pain in different parts of my body while retrieving this information I’m sharing with you. Henry told me, “You are a computer and like magnets repel, if you try to work on a computer, your mind will repel.” It will go away and you won’t be able to think to operate it. That is of course unless it’s “apple blossom time,” which was a cryptic reference to New York. Later he programmed in “cherry blossom time,” as a code for JFK. In 1991, some 30 years later, as I attempted to document my memories on computer from the Island of Kauai [Hawaii] I was continually frustrated, as I would become disoriented upon starting to write my remembered experience. Often after I tenaciously battled my way through the journalizing of my memories, I would smile having won, only to become immediately disoriented, and look again the next moment to find that the information I had just spent one to two hours documenting had been erased by another part of my personality structure who was still following the ordered command of my controllers. It was extremely frustrating, but I was stubborn and refused to give up!”

*       *       *

intheknow7’s Channel

MK-Ultra Prog'mr, Zionist & Rockefeller agent

SITREP: Now are you beginning to see why there’s so much secrecy surrounding Sarah L. Palin, ole Henry’s latest MK’d Beta Sex Slave & Human Laptop? Why do you think Palin has such close ties to military bases?

Palin is criss-crossing the country fomenting racial hatred, spewing xenophobic,  folksy fear-based rhetoric as “Mommy The Presenter”, under the aegis of  Military Industrial Apparatus (Todd Palin & Jason prog’mr and handler NSA-CIA asset) having her brains fried  and scrambled (electroshock) thenserved up on a silver platter for Global Management Team to use as they see fit!

What do you think is going on with her underage daughters NEVER in school? These young girls are in grave danger! They are constantly surrounded by degenerate adults in the worst possible environments — Hollywood, military and  political. GMT believes in “maximizing shareholder value” Palin girls are mere commodities to be “bought and sold” on the underground market…

Piper Palin 5/10/2010 under full parental supervision at Time 100 Gala, Lincoln Center, New York , of course standard Occult color coding (red/black) was in full effect. Piper was too cute in her flip flopsa definitely an improvement over these…

Mommy “the presenter” & Daddy “the abuser” MK’d daughter in 4″ heels at 7yrs old

Piper’s new  MK’d buddy Taylor Swift of  MK’d Kanye West “imma letchu  finish” infamy was happy to sign an autograph for her…

click here for event pics

Oh yeah, Todd & Sarah are doing a stellar job as parents, raising their daughters. How did 19yr old Bristol get into NYC hot spot 10ak? I wonder how Willow is doing in MK’d “Charm School”? BTW this guy gets around doesn’t he?

MK-Ultra Mind Files (ALTERS) programmed, now off to capture hearts of American Sheeple

*       *       *

purchase @ Amazon.com

MK-Ultra PIMP Extraordinaire Heinz (Henry) Kissinger

Thanks For The Memories – Brice Taylor (COPYRIGHTED) was Kissinger’s Sex Slave/Human Laptop for 30yrs — SARAH L. PALIN IS  A BRICE TAYLOR UPGRADE! Must read how sadistic ole Henry uses MK’s for sexual blackmail, couriers of coded Intel, drug mules, and for lucrative underground porn market, U.S. Presidents from “I Like Ike” to “Slick Willie” Clinton regularly enjoy kiddie sex w/ MK’s…
Tranceformation of America – Cathy O’Brien/Mark Phillips; born into multi-generational MK’d family like Sarah L. Palin (hierarchical) Sen. Robert Byrd, ex-Chrmn Senate Appropriations Committee was her Master/Prog’mr/Owner along w/her and underage daughter used(abused) by Presidents, Cabinet Officials, Military leadership, Hollywood elites, major Mafia figures – Cathy positively ID’s G HW Bush, Sr. as “pedo” abusing her underage daughter…
Bloodlines Of  The Illuminati –  Fritz Springmeier’s treatise on (13) Black Nobility Bloodline  Dynasties
Illuminati Formula Used To Create An Undetectable Total Mind Controlled  Slave – Cisco Wheeler (born into Illuminati cult/family) & de-programmer Fritz Springmeier treatise on methods of  MK-Ultra Monarch Mind Control Programming
Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula To Create Totally Undetectable Mind Controlled Slave -Cisco Wheeler & Fritz Springmeier details actual programming methods (GRAPHIC NOT FOR CHILDREN!)

*       *       *

Bilderberger Council members former Sec. of State (Reagan) George P. Schultz (grandfather donated CFR Hq in NY); former Sec. of State (Nixon), MK Prog’mr Heinz (Henry) Kissinger

Quotes: “In Haig’s presence, Kissinger referred pointedly to military men as ‘dumb, stupid animals to be used’ as pawns for foreign policy.” — Bob Woodward & Carl Bernstein, The Final Days, p. 208
“Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” – Henry Kissinger, quoted in “Kiss the Boys Goodbye: How the United States Betrayed Its Own POW’s in Vietnam” by Monika Jensen-Stevenson

*       *       *

intheknow7’s Channel

+       +       +

Be Well & Stay Vigilant


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      “If any man lack wisdom, let him ask it of God, who giveth liberally and upbraideth not”

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    Hello Friends;

    One person wrote my Lady recently about Neuro-Linguistic-Programming with Questions… we chose to write YOU all. Please read if You are Researchers.


    The Problem is people are missing the Links on this Subject and NOT ONE has mentioned this Guy:

    Anthony Robbins.

    This is a KEY Guy beyond NLP which is antiquated, alright? Take that from one who was Insider though very young.

    My Lady L.R. had the Imprinting from childhood (age 5 on) on this and would have been Programmer like Svali but was set aside as Vestal in their Mystery Rites for the “Starfire” at puberty. (She was Bloodline related to the Rulers of Toulouse around the 1200’s Albigensian Crusade, thus a Cathari descendant.)


    Quote.. READ THIS:


    “Robbins started his career promoting seminars for Jim Rohn. Robbins says: “My first mentor was a man named Jim Rohn. He taught me that happiness and success in life are not the result of what we have, but rather of how we live. What we do with the things we have makes the biggest difference in the quality of life.”

    Robbins worked for Rohn from the age of 18 to 22 years old.

    Later Robbins began teaching neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) which he had learned from NLP co-founder John Grinder.

    In 1983, Robbins learned how to firewalk from Tolly Burkan and he began to incorporate firewalking into his seminars and later began to teach NEURO-ASSOCIATIVE CONDITIONING (NAC) and “Human exploitation Psychology” ”

    Sooo… John Grinder was the NLP co-founder.
    Research that; no one has mentioned HIS name anyplace I’ve seen on Conspiracy yet they all hit on NLP and mind-control people,

    BUT… NLP is an antique in mind-control all over… the “Elites” know this and probably laugh their asses off at Conspiracy Researchers who mention NLP all the time not knowing it is old and long past rotting like a corpse….

    Look… Anthony Robbins pilfered his own Research from Freemason 33rd Degrees or close to it here in Masonry:

    Other reviewers dispute the book’s originality, pointing to many ideological similarities with Maxwell Maltz, Norman Vincent Peale, Napoleon Hill, and Dale Carnegie. ALL these guys were Masons. Masonic High Initiates ALL of them.

    Names like Positive Thinking=33rd Degree Mason Norman Vincent Peale ring any Bells?

    Peale’s Game was used by his 33rd Degree Masonic Brother, Preacher man Robert Schuller of the Crystal Cathedral infamy to get his Scam going long years…

    Schuller got his start in Religion-as-Business from his Masonic 33rd Degree Brother Billy Graham who also started his other 33rd Degree Masonic Brother, Oral Roberts off in the Religion-Business Scam Game of ORU a breeding ground for Monarch now…

    Roberts got his little 33rd Degree Mason Brother, Kenneth Copeland off the ground in the Religion-Racket…

    I believe his Buddy-in-Crime Kenneth Hagin was part of this Masonic Conspiracy in the Charismatic Christian Game… like their Masonic Brother TBN Paul Crouch who uses blatant couched Masonic language even seen on videos on YouTube saying they’re “Little Gods”=Gnostic/Masonic Mysteries.

    Don’t forget other 33rd Degree Masons in Religion-Racket like Prince Hall Jesse Jackson who had part in Martin Luther King’s assassination to replace him in Black Community in Christianity; and his Masonic Islam Bro’ Prince Hall Louis Farrakhan who replaced Malcolm-X in Islam Black Community after he helped in that assassination… or how about old Masonic Lion’s Paw and Cornu hand-gesture man himself, Pat Robertson of 700 Club?

    Be sure I have seen such Misanthropes in places of gathering in Masques like “Eyes Wide Shut” brown-nosing as Courtiers among the “Elites” like alleged “Conspiracy Researchers” in Secret Societies, Russell Pine=”Jordan Maxwell”/Michael Tsarion/David Icke/”Sir” Laurence Gardner… they too have been places in the Masque seeking Favour of “Elites” to spread Hegelian Dialectic where they ALL use a Lake of Truth to hide an Ounce of Poison.

    They all are corrupt and seek Favour and will give a Head to get Ahead. Go figure out that one-liner…

    Why should You waste a lot of money on learning NLP in classes and seminars? Pointless…. Look, are YOU aware that it (NLP) has been used for some degree of Good also? BUT… it is an MK Antique in dust like older MK-Ultra…

    Besides, Robbins has gone far past basic NLP and NOT ONE Researcher has found or spoke on this Guy. And he IS a Key in the Conspiracy & MK.

    Perhaps the most famed Motivational Speaker/Writer is the very tall Anthony Robbins. He comes from NLP Schooling in part:



    “Robbins has met with, consulted, or advised international leaders including Nelson Mandela, Mikhail Gorbachev, Margaret Thatcher, Francois Mitterrand, Princess Diana, and Mother Teresa. He has consulted members of two royal families, members of the U.S. Congress, the U.S. Army, the U.S. Marines and three U.S. Presidents, including Bill Clinton. Robbins has had the unique opportunity to identify patterns and model the underlying strategies generating consistent results for some of the most successful individuals in the world.”

    Those names ring any bells?

    He learned NLP but broke away from the Scene and modified to to be more effective for betterment in part… BUT… Robbins has advised some “Elites” also… look and see WHO among “Elites” endorse and follow Anthony Robbins:


    still worth studying. You can perhaps find Robbins’ books online at scribd.com… the first two he wrote “Unlimited Power: The New Science of Personal Achievement” and “Awaken The Giant Within.”

    Sound a little like trying to be Nephilim/Giants as in Genesis 6, and Matthew 24/25 where the End Days will be as in the Days of Noah, oui?


    “In his book Awaken the Giant Within, Robbins says that the difference between NAC and NLP lies in the use of the word “conditioning” instead of the word “programming”.

    The word “conditioning” implies that the subject has greater responsibility for his or her own change, as opposed to being programmed by someone else.”

    If You buy that, I have London Bridge to sell Vous… LOL

    Quote.. see this:

    “In his book, Awaken the Giant Within, Robbins recounts meetings with public figures such as Nelson Mandela, Mikhail Gorbachev, Bill Clinton, Margaret Thatcher, François Mitterrand, and Princess Diana.

    In his books Personal Power and Get the Edge Robbins says that celebrities have appeared on his infomercials without compensation including Fran Tarkenton, Pamela Anderson, Quincy Jones, Erin Brockovich and Anthony Hopkins.

    According to a 1994 article in the New York Times President Bill Clinton invited Robbins, Marianne Williamson and Dr. Steven R. Covey for a meeting at Camp David and the three of them “refuse to divulge the substance of their meeting with the Clintons.”

    Wonder WHY they don’t talk about it… Hmm…oui… I know… do You?

    Take a Guess… they are a part of the Criminal Conspiracy.

    They are also Proof that many “Elites” may hold the Keys and Triggers of MK Slaves but don’t fully know how it all operates apart from the highest up the Food-Chain and they are often clueless in the Hive too but hide it under their Masques they ALL wear… oh.

    And here’s some mass-media trivia that might interest Researcher M. Willhelmsen even: Ready?


    “In Shallow Hal, Tony Robbins appears in a scene with Jack Black in an elevator and Robbins hypnotizes Black in order to change his mental state. Black then sees people’s outward appearance based on their inner personality. During the scene, Black refers to Robbins’ hands as “banana hands”. Robbin’s wife Sage, also has a cameo appearance in the movie.

    “In Men in Black (1997), an image of Robbins and a Robbins infomercial is seen in the background during a tour of the control room used to track aliens living on earth.

    “Robbins has also appeared on the TV show, The Sopranos.

    “Robbins is scheduled to appear in an upcoming movie The Singularity Is Near: A True Story About The Future, which is based on the book The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology (2005) by Ray Kurzweil.

    “Robbins also appears in a commercial playing in the background during a scene of the The Cable Guy.

    “In the movie, The Girl Next Door, Tony Robbins can be heard on the stereo of a truancy officer.

    “In the Family Guy episode, When You Wish Upon a Weinstein, Peter goes to Robbins’ book signing event and Robbins swallows him,”Tony Robbins Hungry!”

    “In February 2009 the NBC announced a new reality series called “Breakthrough with Tony Robbins”, a reality show that follows Robbins as he helps the show’s participants face their personal challenges.

    “The author of a video game called Shattered Glass says his video character Ratbat is based on Robbins.

    And here’s a clincher on who/what Anthony Robbins is all about in Beliefs:

    “Robbins was married to his first wife, Becky, for 15 years. The marriage ended in divorce and in a 2001 CNN interview, Robbins said it was the toughest decision of his life. In June 2001, Robbins married Bonnie Humphrey (now known as Sage Robbins).

    “Robbins alludes to his personal belief in God, giving the grand complexity of life as evidence of an Intelligent Designer.”

    That’s Gnostic/Masonic couch talk… AND please and note this about Robbins:

    He has Seminars on Fiji Islands and places BUT read what they do and go read Ezekiel 28 about the Covering Cherub who walked the Stones of Fire where this Occult Practice came from:


    “Robbins also conducts seminars, including four-day events such as Unleash the Power Within (UPW), Mastery University, Date With Destiny, and Wealth Mastery.

    During the UPW seminar participants walk barefoot on hot coals at the end of the first evening session. The main point of the seminar is that achieving greatness requires the ability to unleash one’s personal power and take action.”

    “In 1983, Robbins learned how to firewalk from Tolly Burkan and he began to incorporate firewalking into his seminars ”


    OK..watch that and then READ THIS from Ezekiel 28:

    “28:14 Thou [art] the anointed cherub that covereth; and I have set thee [so]: thou wast upon the holy mountain of God; thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire.

    “28:15 Thou [wast] perfect in thy ways from the day that thou wast created, till iniquity was found in thee.”

    Wanna’ know where/why Firewalking as Pagan Occult Practice on Earth came from really??? There You go…

    On that note, I close and oui, I used a bit of crude Anglais to get my Point across… so what???

    Best Wishes… it was late here… I got got this info from my experiences and my L.R. who was places I was.


    PS ~ If one wants the simplest and most effective way to imprint without NAC or NLP and beyond it and more effective; then go back to Napolean Hill’s old classic:

    “Think and Grow Rich”

    Better yet… try the Bible either KJV or older but great Geneva Bible in Anglais translation…

    • Tx again for your insightful comments…keep the excellent links coming!

      You are contributing greatly to the overall “spirit” of what I would like this blog to be — a place where people can engage in mutual edification…sans fear, ridicule or succumbing to “I knew this before you” egotism. Who cares “when” you learned this or that? The only thing that matters is are you willing to share!

      “using a Lake of Truth to hide an Ounce of Poison”

      “give a Head to get Ahead…”

      “the difference between NAC and NLP lies in the “use of the word “conditioning” instead of the word “programming”….

      “he has Seminars on Fiji Islands and places BUT read what they do and go read Ezekiel 28 about the Covering Cherub who walked the Stones of Fire where this Occult Practice came from…” [add Isaiah 12:14]
      some additions to your Christian Charlatan Club Dis-Honor Roll: Benny (knock em’ down and pick em’ up) Hinn, TD Jakes, Creflo (gimmie your) Dollar (WTF?) Joyce Meyers, Paula White — not to mention funding source for seminaries/theological universities… http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/hardtruth/the_rockefeller_bloodline.htm

      Now, I “intheknow7” hereby deputize you in the name of “truth seeker” to comment regularly on this blog; failure to do so will result in severe consequences and repercussions…:)

      Tx much for your contribution to the ongoing dialogue…

      * copying these comments to thread on “Mr. President Whose Team Are You On? Who Are Your Masters?” where the Tony Robbins/NLP fits perfectly…

      • TheRR9

        Merci boucoup;

        I know well about the Charismatic type Christian Cult Games and a number who are 33rd Degree Masons and hide their Mystery Rites in couched talk and sermons… I despise them ALL, I admit.

        Glad You liked some of my one-liners…

        I think and know the “Elites” and their REAL Lifestyles they either try to hide or advertise in false PR seductions to find and shop for fresh-flesh Sellouts are Stars in the new NWO Sellout Stephen Queen ‘reality’ whorror movie:

        “Children Who’ve Been Corned”

        As far as Palin… if that plastic surgery puppet FRAUD comes to Your town to preach her ignoble filth… go to Homo-Depot and get SKANK-REPELLANT for Heaven’s sake.

        • new NWO Sellout Stephen Queen ‘reality’ whorror movie: “Children Who’ve Been Corned”
          You know if this blogging thing doesn’t work out for you, there’s always room on the comedy circuit…

          The Alaskan MK’d Kitten comes to my town often (no public speaking), her masters/owners operate from here, NewsCorp & Kissinger Assoc., Inc. — after recent TIME 100 Zionist-Mishpucka-Gala at Lincoln Center, Global Mgt. Team Stars (Pentagrams) paired-off (grouped-off) for traditional orgies in some of the city’s swankiest hotels — Plaza, Sherry Netherland & Palin’s like the Ritz Carlton…

          Be Well Friend

          • R.R.

            Sounds like the Big Apple… lived there once in Life… funny how the ‘polite’ Chelsea District becomes Hell’s Kitchen at sundown in Manhattan west of 8th Avenue; and the mass media with photo paparazzi is kept away from there seriously as “Elites” big limos cruise the streetwalkers there; one end is Females and the other is Male Gay and in the middle the Female and Gay transgender/cross-dresser Males mix and the Big Bump there for the “Elites” is that middle section getting a whoever=whatever that night to get their sick off on.

            And they Natives will tell You that the way You know who’s what is to look at their necks and if they got a big Adam’s Apple, then it’s Male in Drag cuz’ NO amount of Female Estrogen Hormone can hide the Adam’s Apple…

            just like mAnn Coultergeist and “Lady” GAGa who are clear big “Stars” in Drag who are MALE with big Adam’s Apples and something poking out below the waist sometimes… thus they are playing the Androgynous/Hermaphrodite Baphomet Game being both sexes in one in the “Elites” Rituals like the old Cybele/Dionysis Cults in their “Eyes Wide Shut” Bacchanalia parties and so on…

            Thinking of Kissinger there with Bill Rockefeller Clinton/Bush Clan/DICK Cheney… I know those sodomite-boyyys’ favorite Fast-Food joint is Jack-In-The-Pants cuz’ they all Luv what’s in the Secret Sauce at Bohemian Grove every July.

  22. Incredible work, your whole blog is giving me new bits of info in many areas, thank you and keep it coming.

  23. Have been wanting to take the scalpel to Herr Kissinger for a while — Part 1 of this multi-part series details just how twisted this man’s mind is! ole Henry is the personification of the term “evil genius” — sociopathic, psychopathic and certifiable megalomaniac, being used by Black Nobility Bloodline Dynasties to effect their centuries old plot of One World Rulership!

    This post focuses on ole Henry’s MK-Ultra Prog’mg Techniques as Brice Taylor provides a stunning account of the who, what, when, where and why of MK-Ultra Monarch Prog’mg, and gives us an idea of what Sarah L. Palin and other MK’s are being subjected to, and how she’s being used by Global Mgt. Team. The implications of this re: our political system, and future of the nation is staggering!

    Stay tuned, things about to get interesting…

    Be Well & Stay Vigilant

    • Kushite Prince

      WOW!! This is some really great information you have. How long did it take you to gather all this? What are some of your sources? I’ve been studying the Bohemian Grove,CFR,Knights of Malta and Club of Rome for over 10 years. It takes a while to digest some of this. It can be overwhelming at times. There’s no doubt that the ruling elite are greedy,money-hungry savage murderers! And many are also pedophiles! We have to make sure people are aware of their sick behavior. I used to listen to Alex Jones and check out his site from time to time. But I think he’s a phoney. When he called Bill Cooper a fraud–I knew Alex couldn’t be trusted. I think he’s a disinformation agent. His sole purpose is to confuse those who are “awake”. I also have some doubts about David Icke as well. I’ve heard some things about him. You can’t be too careful these days. There are paid agents that want to keep up as mindless sheep.
      I do like your site though. I applaud your efforts on getting the truth out to the masses. I checked out your Youtube channel as well. I’m sure I’ll have some more questions for you. Thanks again.

      • Yes, so-called alternative media FULL of disinfo agents, predictably some of the biggest names; laughingly, I’ve even been accused of being such! Recent Makow/Rense feud is par for the course…as w/everything “buyer beware” 🙂 Been at this for over 25yrs watching, waiting…finally was shamed into putting my two cents in by partner (Esoteric Kitten) and now focus primarily on Mind Kontrolle Prog’mg, which I feel is the BIG SECRET many won’t touch…just too horrible to contemplate, and/or under orders not to. Once people grasp how pervasive this abominable program of ritual child abuse (sexual) is, and that it’s the CORE of so-called “foreign policy” as well as entertainment industry (music, film, sports)…they SHUT DOWN and/or attack you for exposing it, because it’s THEIR FOUNDATION and WAY OF LIFE…You Tube Channel really just a repository for vids, not producing anything yet…

        In addition to “Round Table Groups” (steering committees) you state you’ve studied, ck out their masters; Jesuits (IHS) Vatican Papal Knights. See how scarce Intel is on Pilgrim Society which many noted researchers shun from mentioning, calling them “Committee of 300” which DOES NOT EXIST! They’ve simply covering for British Order of Garter/Bath (British Knights of Malta, under Jesuit-Papal control) A multilayered architectural system of DECEIPT surrounds Global Mgt. Team, which is very effective at getting us to chase down rabbit holes…

        Not comfy revealing sources other than steering readers to Intel listed in sidebar…friends military background does help pierce through this fantasy narrative we’ve all been living 🙂

        Tx For Your Support

        • Kushite Prince

          Yeah I’ve been following the Makow/Rense nonsense a bit.lol I don’t give it much thought though. All that stuff is a distraction. Those guys need to grow up. We have major issues facing this country and worldwide.
          I read 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati which was a real eye opener! I’ve read all of Fritz’s books actually. He really did stick his neck out to make those books. Of course he paid the price for doing so.I also enjoyed the film “Ring of Power”. If you haven’t seen it be sure to check it out. It gave me a whole different perspective on these sick bastards that rule the world. Yes I’ve been doing quite a bit of research on the Jesuit-Papal control. Those Jesuits really get around don’t they?lol I heard from a friend that Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones are both Jesuits. Have you heard anything about that?
          Your research on Sarah Palin is really something else. It really shows how politics is all a sham. Doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican or Democrat—they’re all on the same team it seems. The only reason they still hold elections is to see how many people(sheeple)still believe in the political process. They’ve been making mind-controlled sex slaves for quite some time. I heard that Marilyn Monroe was passed around to many elite men. That’s why so many female celebs like Madonna and Paris Hilton have dreesed up as her.What about other female celebrities? What do you know about women like Rihanna,Beyonce,J.Lo,Megan Fox,Britney,Kim Kardashian or Lindsey Lohan? Are they sex slaves for the elite as well?

          • Norma Jean Baker (aka Marilyn Monroe) was prototype for Hollywood MK’s, others to follow would have her persona installed as an ALTER (mind file in subconscious) and triggered as needed; usually ID by style of dress, voice (little girlish), overtly sexual mannerisms (see Pamela Anderson etc.) Other prototypes Jane Mansfield, Zsa Zsa Gabor (all 3 assigned to JFK) the man liked blondes…and they recorded every word, moan and groan he uttered and reported back to their handlers…Kissinger/Bob Hope respectively

            What about other female celebrities? What do you know about women like Rihanna,Beyonce,J.Lo,Megan Fox,Britney,Kim Kardashian or Lindsey Lohan? Are they sex slaves for the elite as well?
            Yes…ALL used in standard BETA Kitten roles; couriers of coded Intel, serving as communication system for global elites (often disguised as domestic/world tours), drug mules and of course sex slaves for elites and underground black market porn. Also used as “change agents” to mold society in directions that ultimately fracture populace for easy manipulation (divide/conquer) Sexualization of young girls/boys (preteens) via Disney Prog’mg is particularly disturbing, as their self worth is devalued via sexual imagery…you’ve got state sponsored child pageants where girls aged 10yrs and below perform strip teases w/poles before audiences of degenerate pedos (high level military, political, Hollywood types) drooling for a chance to bid on them! Holly-wood (substance used to make magicians wand from Holly tree) Land of Sorcery (Mickey Mouse as Wizard) Disney #1 Mind Kontrolle Prog’mg org on planet, under guise of wholesome family entertainment, thousands of children have been subjected to horrific prog’mg within the labyrinth of underground mind science labs @Disney Land/World.

            Quite frankly, I’m weary of compiling lists of Mind Kontrolle Slaves…readers can do this for themselves, using the road map myself, Esoteric Kitten and others have provided…by now it should be obvious the majority of top level Hollywood/Music talent is under Mind Kontrolle and nothing more than “controlled military assets” How many more films,videos, mag covers, photoshoots and billboards do we need to see? It’s a blueprint, formula and pattern that NEVER CHANGES!

            see Mind Kontrolle Masses: Panem Et Circenses & Doll Prog’mg

            also our listing of Certified Monarch Slaves

            What we do here is help to ID Mind Kontrolle Slaves/Prog’mrs/Handlers and Mass Mind Kontrolle Prog’mg in general, so people know what’s being done to Mind Kontrolle Slaves (serial rape/torture/triggers) and by proxy via our perpetual IDOL WORSHIP of them (merchandising, Tweeting) we’re being programmed also!

            • Kushite Prince

              Thanks for that! I also love your files on Doll Programming. And I also like your files on Obama. Have you seen this site:http://www.canary13.blogspot.com/
              I’ve gotten some great information from his site.

              • Yes. Check out my partner’s friend @ Pseduo Occult Media, he’s done stellar work on many Hollywood/Music industry MK’s…goes deep into Prog’mg analysis…

                • Kushite Prince

                  Thanks for that. That’s a great site! I’ve noticed in films I see the checkerboard floor all the time. And also the “Hanging Man” done in films like I Am Legend and The Dark Knight. I saw Avengers recently and there’s a scene where the Black Widow is fighting two Russian goons. Widow throws this one guy off a ledge and his foot gets caught on a rope! And he’s hanging upside down!lol When your third eye is open it’s like you see this stuff in films and tv shows all the time. I don’t think most people are symbol literate therefore these film makers can sneak in tons of symbols and messages. It’s almost like the elite are winking at each other in coded messages. I also remember a scene in I Am Legend when Wil Smith is driving in the car with his wife and daughter. He’s having an argument with his wife then his daughter says” Daddy,look a butterfly!” And Wil says”Be quiet! I’m not in the mood for that now!” Do you think that was a reference to the Monarch butterfly? I must admit I do see butterflies in many films. There are also many “trigger” words in films. Can you tell me any films you know of that have a lot of the symbolism in them? I’d love to check them out. A friend of mine is working on a paper about the occult and symbolism in mass media. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

                  • Yes…Hollyweird NEVER releases films w/o some type of Monarch Mind Kontrolle “triggers” or ID; slaves are told to watch certain films/tv shows.There are all kinds of prog’mg for slaves that have escaped to turn themselves in, or to activate self-destruct programs, or to reinforce prog’mg. Because mind kontrolle is an occult science, you’ll also see lots of demonic themes as well. Certain elements will ALWAYS be present; light shone through glass (reference to Lucifer) some form of sun worship (relating to Egyptian sun god Ra), pyramids and of course BLACK MASS (red/black) color themes…
                    So a friend of yours is working on a paper about the occult and symbolism in mass media and you’ve neglected to tell them about ITK7/Esoteric Kitten?

                    Our mutual friend MK Culture has produced excellent material as well…suggest checking out sidebar on my blog under MK Ultra Monarch Mind Kontrol 🙂 tons of good stuff!

                    Magick & Witchcraft In Movies

                    Analysis of Occult Symbolism in “Metropolis” (Beyonce and many other popstars mirror symbolism here)

                    Director Stanley Kubrick: all films esp. Eyes Wide Shut,Clockwork Orange

                    The Matrix

                    of course 2 Iconic MK Prog’mg films Wiz of Oz/Alice In Wonderland (all versions)

                    *Get more…simply Google/You Tube “occult symbolism in films/movies” 🙂

                    Be Well & Stay Vigilant

                    • Kushite Prince

                      Thanks for that! That’s a great list of films! I’ll be sure to tell my buddy about it. I also downloaded a few of your pdf files. You really have a wealth of information. I guess all your hard work has really paid off. I’ve seen Matrix,one of my favorite films. Did you know a woman named Sophia Stewart wrote the original script? She even filed a million dollar lawsuit against the two directors. Not sure if a lot of people know that or not. Of course I’ve seen Oz and Alice in Wonderland.But believe it or not I’ve never seen Eyes Wide Shut. I’ve heard great things about that film. I need to rent that film. I just never got around to it. It’s on my do to list for sure. I’ve also seen alot of satanic symbolism on album covers as well. I heard you can’t get a record deal without taking some type of “oath”. Have you heard that before? I’m sure someone like you has. What do you know about tv shows like American Idol or X Factor? Is there some type of “contract ritual” you have to sign? That’s what I’ve been hearing. I guess what I’m asking—Is there any way to make it in show business without dealing with these sick satanic pedophiles in the industry? It’s almost like the control the whole damn industry! There are so many talented aspiring singers,rappers and actors out there. I really feel for what they have to go through to make it. The film/music business is so ruthless. Any thoughts?

                    • Yes I’m aware of Ms. Stewart’s legal battles re: orig script, which is why 2nd/3rd films are radically diff in themes, tones. They were more intent on MK/occult messaging and true to their nature STOLE her ideas…

                      Is there any way to make it in show business without dealing with these sick satanic pedophiles in the industry? It’s almost like the control the whole damn industry!
                      NO…not dealing w/major labels. What you’ve heard is correct, unless you’re willing to pledge oaths to Satanic brotherhood, subject yourself to degrading, dehumanizing treatment, and submit to pedophile, pederests who WILL PARADE & PIMP YOU AT PRIVATE PARTIES (before your contemporaries) and for individual sessions…FORGET IT! When you “sell out” there will be witnesses (for future blackmail) and when things take off (green light your projects) rest assured, others will know how/why it happened. When/if you decide you’ve had enough manipulation/shame/abuse, you’ll be reminded of “all they’ve done for you” and the abuse will begin anew or else…The glitz/glamor of the industry is two-fold; it attracts and mesmerizes, but also acts as a veil masking demonic activity…these people are ruthless, having neither conscience or morals, and should be avoided at all costs…

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