Esoteric Kitten’s Hollywood MK Deception Presenters:w/ ITK7 Commentary (VIDEO)

ITK7 & EsotericKitten

ALERT! After being in the cross-hairs for a while, sadly Esoteric Kitten’s You Tube Channel has been terminated with a weak boiler plate description —“…because we received multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement from claimants including:[SME] [UMG]”
SME (Sony Music Entertainment) & UMG (Universal Music Group); The efforts of all researchers to expose these psychopathic, sociopathic, megalomaniacs usually requires their Prog’mg in some way. Predictably, this is just one of the more cowardly tactics employed by GMT to suppress damaging Intel — beware of monopolies!
Checkmate? NOT!
Her work product is “stored” and fierce warrior that she is…The Lady shall re-emerge and of course this blog fully supports whatever form she takes…

Hollywood MK Deception Series #1-24 on

Blip TV

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win” – Mahandas Karamchand Ghandi

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This post officially begins partnership w/ Esoteric Kitten, one of the web’s premiere producers of MK-Ultra Mind Control analysis vids. Her work is meticulous, w/ razor-sharp presentations, her devotion to exposure of diabolical gov’t sponsored Mind Control Program is tireless and it’s ALWAYS GOOD TO HAVE A WOMAN’S PERSPECTIVE (particularly when the majority of Mind Control Slaves are tortured, abused females). Readers will find her depth of  knowledge and level of awareness to be far beyond most. Esoteric Kitten can be credited for launching this blog,  having once accused me of  “hiding in her inbox” — I’m confident readers will find us a formidable pair, so look forward to more searing commentary and analysis with downward pressure applied to Global Management Team (“GMT”) at a 45 degree angle with a twist…

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Mind Kontrolle Masses: Panem Et Circenses & Doll Prog’mg (VIDEOS)

All The World’s A Stage #25

ITK7: Letterman’s use of the Baphomet (devil horn) sign as a “trance inducer” and universally recognized Occult shout-out  is quite common among television personalities — it’s all about the company you keep; show me your friends, and I’ll tell you about yourself…

Some years back David Letterman was regularly plagued by a stalker, described as a “chronic schizophrenic patient”MK-Ultra Mind Control Slaves are routinely misdiagnosed as such, when displaying Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) formerly Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) This situation actually became a running gag and Letterman joked about it in many of his monologues…

MK’d Margaret Mary Ray

pic here

Behind The Jokes, A Life of Pain & Delusion

It seems schizophrenia runs in their family, andboth her brothers committed suicide — this type of familial history of mental illness is common w/MK-Ultra Mind Control Slaves…

…more recently Letterman was being blackmailed by a CBS producer for his relationship w/Stephanie Birkitt, who actually used to hang out w/Dave & wifey on family vacations (WTF)

MK’d Stephanie Birkitt more pics here and here

David Letterman Reveals Extortion Plot

CBS News coverage

The 63yr old Letterman relishes his role as ringmaster as all other previous late night talk show hosts. Aside from the lucrative contracts, and ability to influence millions nightly…getting to “play w/the MK’d Kittens from Hollywood & Music/Entertainment Industry is a huge perk as well…

David Letterman’s Blanket Apology For Affairs

Wonder how many of  these “affairs with staffers” were actually MK-Ultra Mind Control Slaves given to him as Presenter Perks?

Television Presenter Role As Ringmaster/MK Programmer

Jack Parr, Steve AllenMerv Griffin,  Johnny Carson, Arsenio Hall, Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien, Barbara Walters, Diane Sawyer, Andrea Mitchell , Ellen DeGeneres and others. In addition to promoting whatever project the MK’d Kittens are currently working on, they serve as Mind Control Programmers, often giving code words (triggers) to reinforce programming. You will often see them flashing Masonic signs, giving shout outs to their Occultic brethren, and of course they get to have “anything, anytime, anywhere w/anyone fun w/the BETA Sex Slave “ALTERS” from MK’d Kittens “Charm School” sexual Prog’mg mind files…

Presenters Bio’s

Jack Parr; Steve AllenMerv Griffin; Johnny Carson; Arsenio Hall; Jay Leno; Conan O’Brien, Diane Sawyer, Barbara Walters, Andrea Mitchell

Merv Griffin “presented” Eldrick Tont (Tiger) Woods w/ notorious MK-Ultra Mind Controlled Slave Prog’mr/Handler Bob Hope for his national televison debut at 3yrs old. Lt. Colonel Earl Woods (Phoenix Program) did a masterful job laying in Tiger’s programming…

Bob Hope was Heniz (Henry) Kissinger’s Hollywood Mind Control “partner in pimpin” and shared MK-Ultra Mind Control Slave/Human Laptop Brice Taylor — MUST READ her shocking account of gov’t sponsored Mind Control in Thanks For The Memories: The Truth Has Set Me Free

Arsenio Hall, Eddie Murphy &  MK’d Michael Jackson

Note: co-ordination of Occult red, black, white motif; check out  handshake (grip) between Eddie Murphy and MJ; also Arsenio’s Masonic stance. Those without calloused hearts cant help but be saddened by hearing a grown man lamenting the THEFT of his childhood, because he (along w/his siblings)  were sold as commodities by his greedy, vile father to sadistic Mind Control Prog’mrs & Handlers, who made hundreds of millions off this multi-talented tortured soul…

Have You Seen My Childhood – Michael Jackson

…again Michael gives clues to the horors behind his mega stardom and others, during this moving tribute to MK’d Elizabeth Taylor. In a moment of rebellion he exclaims (1:08)

“you would do, what you were told… but they took your youth and sold you for gold”…

Michael Jackson Tribute to Elizabeth Taylor

*       *       *

Barbara Walters Reinforcing Sarah L. Palin’s Marionette (DOLL) Prog’mg

Note:  “switching” of  alters” from 0:43 to 0:49 – Palin goes from sober to “amped up MK’d Kitten” as  Barbara “flashes her w/Newsweek “pin-up” doll cover — it’s jarring how different she appears/behaves…

Disclaimer: moderator does not possess, nor has ever had a license to practice medicine of any kind, nor is he representing himself in that manner. The writer has a basic knowledge of anatomy and MK Programming. The following is purely a layman’s understanding, within the context of  MK-Ultra Monarch Mind Control Prog’mg [Ed.]

Once Barbara Walters “flashes” Palin: signals are received through optic nerves, transmitted to visual cortex, then to sub-conscious (where mind files reside) and brought to conscious mind, where front alters reside. Then from conscious mind, to “central nervous system” (the conductor of the body); from there it’s sent to all nerve endings, causing change in body movements: posture, eye movements (widening, eye lashes fluttering);  facial expressions (salutatory glands on tongue secrete fluid, wetting lips); hands (sweat glands on palms secrete fluid, becoming sweaty); voice modulates (pitch increases) – this all occurs in milliseconds — You Betcha!

(VIDEO) of above  w/ analysis @ Anatomy of  Sarah L. Palin (revised) SITREP (SP002)

Note: matching “mirroring” occult red/black motif (or color coding) BTW — Andrea Mitchell is the wifey of Zionist Rothschild Dynasty agent and ex-Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan You would think with the wholesale looting and thievery he’s been engaged in, he would have sprung for some new eyewear to update his look from the days when Hula-Hoops & Slinkys were the hot toys…

EK notes presenters often show clips to MK’s on-air to “trigger” (reinforce programming)

Note: Barbara Walters (Zionist member of Global Mgt. Team) hosted Louis Farrakhan (33rd Degree Prince Hall Mason & traitor to his people) on one her specials, where she fawned over him, even making flirtatious remarks e.g. “you’ve got beautiful carmel skin” and it was all good. Arsenio Hall hosted Farrakhan and he gets fired — make of it what you will.

Andrea Mitchell Reinforcing Palin’s Marionette (DOLL) Prog’mg w/Newsweek Pin-Up Cover

Note: Palin goes back through “the door” (symbolic of  partition between conscious/sub-conscious mind) and re-emerges. This is replicating going into the subconscious, where mind files or ALTERS reside, being brought back to conscious mind where she re-emerges in her “comedienne ALTER”The MK’d Kitten has been spun, and again right in your face!

Diane Sawyer Presenting & Reinforcing MK’d Britney Spears

Britney Spears “switching alters” or “spinning” as Diane Sawyer  gives triggers BREAK UP & SPASM —  listen as traumatized Britney actually speaks to one of her alters… “oh hello…strong Britney” (a  protective file or alter) – this is being done in our faces, it’s called spinning the kitty”…a favorite game of Prog’mrs/Handlers…like  spinning a roulette wheel, but with stunning accuracy alternate personalities are brought from the subconscious mind to the conscious mind. Displaying blatant DID Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly MPD) victims are played with like dolls…and because she “looks” like she’s living the high life, no one cares…well you damn well should! or have we already allowed them, to turn us into the monsters they are, having lost our compassion? Readers should aware that MK’s are often prog’md to program other MK’s…

MK-Ultra Mind Control Prog’mg Set Design

Color Coding/Programming – look for the proliferation of GREEN (all television production studios have “green rooms”) this is a reference to  Joseph Mengele (a.k.a. Dr. Green) sadistic Nazi Mind Control Prog’mr/Torturer who wore a green tunic while conducting mind control Prog’mg…

Surfaces – note the symmetry and use of  “mirrored” or reflective surfaces; specifically glass. This is re-enforcement of “duality” which representsthe compartmentalization or fracturing themes consistent within MK programming…

Flat screens – commonly contain montages w/embedded subliminals which not only reinforce MK Prog’mg but also serve to subconsciously  implant messages in studio and at home audiences; if late night it’s purpose is to be implanted in subconscious before you doze off to sleep. Be mindful of imagery you subject yourself to before bedtime…

Many sets contain replicas of cities which reinforces Wizard of Oz “Emerald City” imagery. Also look for the usual Occult-Masonic themes: sun, pyramid, stars (pentagrams), ladders, hourglasses, all-seeing-eyes (Eye of Horus) and any Disney-like imagery…

Numerology: look and listen for the use of the number (11) and multiples thereof; as well as  (6) and (13) These numbers have strong occult significance, and are often cleverly mixed in with banter between host and guest, in numerical and word form. Basic Occult-Masonic Numerology

The combination of set design which includes all of the above elements, along w/code words (triggers) and Occult-Masonic-Disney themes (Wiz of Oz, Alice In Wonderland) is designed to keep the Mind Controlled Slave in a constant state of  FEAR and ANXIETY! This is accomplished by keeping them (or subjecting them) to environments where the lines between fantasy and reality are constantly blurred. Mind Control Slaves are NEVER alone and their Programmers/Handlers maintain a very tight circle of control, often using other MK’s they’ve been programmed with as controllers. This is why you often see MK’s dating or marrying other MK’s; they’re being herded, like cattle…thus the commonly used term for Hollywood auditions…”cattle calls.”

The reader needs to remember that the set design(s)  you see surrounding MK’s is much less about the audience and more about reinforcing their programming. The reader needs to begin seeing the programming through the eyes of the Mind Controlled Slave…what are they seeing, what are they hearing, what hand signals are being flashed at them!

MK-Ultra Program Guide

Connectivity & Layers

Military, Hollywood & Entertainment Industry

Throughout this blog I’ve attempted to demonstrate the multi-layered architectural structure of deceit surrounding MK-Ultra Monarch Mind Control Prog’mg — primarily a Military Psychological Operation directed at U.S. citizens (similar programs exist in other countries) operating under the aegis of the National Security Agency (NSA); facilitated by Naval Intelligence (ONI) conducted on Air Force and Naval Bases e.g. China Lake NAWS and others; protected by Intel agencies (C.I.A. & F.B.I) This is the “BOX” that MK-Ultra operates within; it’s super secure, w/funding guaranteed by Congress and it’s principals  protected by gov’t agencies under the false banner of  “national security” The administrators hide within various associations within Behavioral Sciences Industry, on select university campuses, while Hollywood & Music Industry use finished products as “living dolls” to entertain and program the masses for subserviance though obedience. Although they appear to be independent, these industries function as well coordinated departments of  a single corporation, making it difficult to conceptualize this interlocking, interwoven program of roboticized humanity. They are extremely adept at projecting the “image” of independence. This is accomplished through a dizzying array of front groups and strict secrecy, based upon blood oaths between members, going back in many cases to childhood.  Intel agencies are staffed w/members from groups such as Skull & Bones bond through homosexual rites/rituals used to blackmail if one ever decides to have a sudden attack of conscious…

+      +       +

Esoteric Kitten is resolute in her commitment to de-programming through re-education and I’m exited to  join her in that endeavor. This partnership seeks to:
1) help the reader recognize MK-Ultra Mind Control Slaves (victims)  by  deciphering and decoding the programming blueprints, patterns and formulas; exposing the programmers/handlers…
2) increase readers level of awareness, so that ultimately YOU will detach and YOU will become  de-programmers. It is our fervant belief that through re-education, this awareness will reach “critical mass”…

…following subscriber comment captures the spirit of what this partnership is trying to accomplish…

“…Well how good!! congratulations its a great decision, you both have worked so hard, I cannot get enough reading your posts, blogs and watching videos, My I’m Happy!!  I can tell, you also how nice it feels, cleaning my system(s) jajaj I mean I now look at tv and movies from another angle, and I have my defenses up, since I started reading all your info. I feel relieved, now am much more very selective even Mexican channels it’s all there, they are so clever, Ha! they are turning our culture and values upside down, so now I just watch and hear to see and read between the lines, I’m FREE!! NOW, I can say I’m a freethinker… reading and understanding much much better my favorite : Frederich Nietzche  = )   Thank You! ”

*       *       *


Illuminati Formula Used To Create  An Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave — Cisco Wheeler & Fritz Springmeier
Deeper Insights Into The Illuminati Formula — Cisco Wheeler & Fritz Springmeier
Tranceformation of America — Cathy O’Brien
MK-Ultra Program Guide on blog header

*       *       *

more posts featuring

Esoteric Kitten’s Hollywood MK Deception Series w/ITK7 commentary coming soon…

*       *       *

Esoteric Kitten Channel premiere of

Hollywood MK Deception #26: TRIGGERS


Be Well & Stay Vigilant

“God Has Not Given Us The Spirit of Fear, but of Power, Love & A Sound Mind…”


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  1. 777? My birthday is 7/77. NSA calls me Mithras. So you are a CIA disinformation operative? MKULTRA was retarded. NSA holds the cards. see, You’ll get further with the Department of Defense than the CIA on mind control these days…


    ITK7 JOURNAL 2011 PDF @

    One year of MK Prog’mg Analysis/De-Coding, Commentary, Rants & Musings — bits and pieces of Intel assembled to create clearer a picture — Enjoy!

    “A truth’s initial commotion is directly proportional to how deeply the lie was believed. When a well-packaged WEB OF LIES has been SOLD GRADUALLY to the masses OVER GENERATIONS, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker, a raving lunatic” — Dresden James

  3. LKW

    The ABove Comment was Altered By Goverenement-To try and Prove it was her Posting this Comment –
    THeir having Trouble Contriolling her expeosing this so their trying to contain her by calling her crazy-they mispell my words to try and prove she wrote it because she has dyslexia-

  4. LKW

    The Movie Hanna was DIRECTLEY DIRECTLEY Made to tell the Story of Leslie K Williams Dearborn Mi-Google Learnng Disabled Woman Tortured in Dearborn Mi-THis Woman Has been In Direct DIRECT Contact with the CIA–LITERALLY-their are over 145 things in this Movie that DIRECTLEY RElates to what hse experienced from 2003 to 2009-LITERALLY-Microscopic
    -Appoline Print–Tiemline-STORY TELLER
    SHE was told DIRECTLEY to her Face in 2007-
    She has No reason to LIe
    She a Implanted Target on the Run right now-9/26/2011 San Diego-
    She’s a Huge MKULTRA Assainination/Behavior Modification target MK ULtra-Numerous Bio Medical Implants

  5. Ellen J Carey

    This blog is food for my mind, and I am very hungry to keep learning about Mk. I have done vast research in the past 3 years, but I want to keep learning for my children, grandchildren. I want to help make this stop, somehow some way. I am an artist and hope to draw my talents in to this if I can.
    Sincerely, thank you Nelle

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  7. Lorna

    I don’t know if you mention this anywhere in this website, or if Esoteric Kitten shows it in one of her latest videos, but the Hannah Montana Forever Episode 2 – with the 2 scenes in the principal’s (RL) office (first as Miley, then as Hannah) is SCREAMING the truth at the ‘mk-educated’ viewer:

    1) Visiting as Miley, with ‘incompetent’ dad, is the papers he forgot to mail a symbolic contract?
    2) When she tries to leave RL locks doors (could the 4 additional locks be symbolic of Freemasonry lockdown on public – money, religion, politics, media)
    3) Hannah in office with RL, without dad (very clear view of several framed butterflies behind Hannah). Blatant freemasonry framed symbol behind RL – with checkered floor and pentagram). Skulls and bones imagery throughout office. Picture of little girl in frame waving peace-sign.
    Hannah allowed to pass through door (not locked in like Miley)
    4) Symbolism of Rico in white with three-team choir – is he portraying God? God is made small and insignificant. if so then ‘God’ is portrayed as saying he is like Hannah (total opposite to creation – we were created in His image).
    Again notice use of ladder and floor.
    5) Several checkered black and white shirts (Dad and Lilly)
    6) President/ government comes to the rescue.

    I’m sure I missed a dozen images – but these stood out.

  8. ATTN: NEW 4shared account for Global Management Team (ITK7GMT) w/DOWNLOADABLE PICS/VIDEOS for:Jesuits (SJ), SMOM Knights of Malta, Steering Commitees, MK-Ultra Prog’mg Centers, Chivalric Orders, Rothschild & Rockefeller Dynasties, Bush Syndicate, Unified Military Command, Occult Gov’t Seals, Masonic Grips & Hand Signs, Media Barons, MK’d Sarah L. Palin (Henry Kissinger Prog/Handler), Occult logos and more…

    Let’s look into the EYE that’s always looking at us, from the back of their worthless fiat currency, from GPALS, 2-way FLATSCREENS everywhere and their built-in backdoor technology we’re hooked on. You have no idea how amused they are to see us staring into our PDA/GPS devices. They’ve snared us in an electronic web of tracking and surveillance! We’re determined to help readers see into this cabal that HIDES IN PLAIN SIGHT, EVER CONCEALING and NEVER REVEALING by shining the spotlight on them…

    Be sure to subscribe to this account for folder updates!

  9. Thanks. Praying for the Truth that makes one free.

    Brian Desborough wrote, “In 1991, movie actor River Phoenix revealed that as a child he had been forced to have sex. This was during the period when his father served as an archbishop of the Children of God church. Because the actor had not acquired celebrity status at that time, his comments were largely unreported by the media. Some 170 children were taken into protective custody in 1993, after a police raid on an Argentinean compound of the Children of God church. The police claimed that the children had been sexually-abused by church members; cocaine and pornographic video tapes had been seized in a previous raid. Not surprisingly, perhaps, no charges were brought against church members. State Chief Inspector Rebolio, leader of the 1993 raid, claimed to have found evidence that the Children of God church was being funded by a global cabal of influential people. By the time of the Argentinian raid on the Children of God compound, River Phoenix had become a well-known movie star. A few weeks after the raid, River Phoenix died from a drug overdose: his body bore no evidence of needle marks. Since he died on Halloween night, was his death accidental – or was it a ritual murder to prevent him disclosing what he knew about the Children of God organization? Since the Argentinian raid, the church has undergone restructuring and has changed its name to the Family of Love. It disavows that its adult members engaged in sex with minors; it also claims that it terminated its practice of “flirty fishing” in 1987, which implies that this outrageous practice did take place in previous years. Since religious brainwashing is only one facet of the Illuminati’s goal to eventually achieve a mind-controlled global populace, a brief overview of the history of mind-control is presented in order to acquaint the reader with the principal conspirators in this evil undertaking.”


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  11. Ducky

    Enjoyed it. Keep ’em coming. Glad you decided to come back

  12. Announcing New Contributor…ESOTERIC KITTEN

    You Tube Channel

    Blog “Big Screen Deception”

    She’s been providing excellent analysis of MK-Ultra Programming in Hollywood, Music Industry & Pop Culture w/razor sharp production values — her work is meticulous, her presentations are top notch and her dedication is tireless. EK is also much more tech savy than I, and can help spice things up w/more topical observations and interactivity. EK can be rightfully credited w/ launching this blog, having once accused me of “hiding in her inbox”…I strongly urge all to check her out! Her standard setting MK-Hollywood Deception Series (now at #25) is a MUST for those seeking to decode Occult Symbolism & Mind Control in Hollywood and the Music Industry…

    Her influence has already impacted this blog w/ the addition of the Current Events page – it’s focus will be on tidbits of Intel discovered in our respective travels that don’t necessitate full postings. I think readers will find us to be a formidable pair, and I look forward to our continued mutual edification…

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