2 responses to “gwsbones

  1. Serena

    If I didn’t know better, looking at the line up I’d assume these were a bunch of thugs in suits; snakes in suits up to no good. Not one is what could be considered ‘attractive’ or ‘superior’ in any way physically and there’s certainly no hint of style in their suits other than conformity. And that’s the problem; retarded mediocrity has excelled.

    • So true, they only recruit (15) “snakes in suits” per year, from super-wealthy, bloodline dynasties or orbiting families. George W. Bush (POTUS No. 41) C student @Harvard makes it to the White House — Sure. Skull N Bones fills the ranks of Unified Intel Agencies, Military Cmdrs, Senators, Governors, POTUS; utterly corrupt talent pool, BEFORE assuming office, and folks wonder why things are the way they are, and not likely to change…

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