Chef Gordon Ramsay: Mind Kontrolle Kitchens & Culinary Doll Programming (VIDEO)

Gordon Ramsay Mind Kontrolle Culinary Doll

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ITK7: How much is in the bin indeed? How deep does the rabbit hole go? How many corporate-controlled media platforms are presenting (abusing) human robots w/programmed personas (ALTERS) for our amusement? From Hollywood, Music, Military, Academia, Science, Sports and even the culinary world (Rachel Ray) — we’ve been DECEIVED! Gordan Ramsay is the bombastic, irreverent, manic perfectionist face of (at one time) $118M global culinary empire , mesmerizing audiences w/acerbic whit and trademark tirades directed at restaurant owners, chefs & cooks worldwide. The “character” is a cross between MK’d Robin Williams and 33rd Degree Mason Simon Cowell of American Idol/Britain’s Got Talent


Ramsey home Bel-Air, California

Gordon Ramsey Holdings Restructuring

Gordon Ramsey Net Worth 2011

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ITK7: Observations from culinary series, interviews, media appearances reveal violent mood swings, manic, exacting, rude, profane, stinging sarcasm delivered in a British accent (although of Scottish ancestry) At other times very charming, soft spoken, supportive, even warm and fuzzy — Gripping and thoroughly entertaining…

“I Was A Crazy Psycho” — Gordon Ramsay

Gordon’s upbringing caused him to witness a physically abusive, alcoholic father beat his mother, so severely and often, he stated “she had to wear sunglasses during winter.” Younger brother Ronnie self-medicated w/heroin to deal w/family trauma, at points threatening to  kill older brother Gordon and family if he didn’t give him money article here and here
Abridged from Daily Mail: “Over the next 12 years they built an impressive empire, with restaurants in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Australia and US. With success came tremendous riches including apartment in Mount Street, Mayfair, for Mr Hutcheson and his wife Greta, and a sprawling family home in Battersea, South-West London, for Ramsay and Tana. The two business partners spoke dozens of times a day; played squash and ran marathons but, above all, they protected each other. Even when Ramsay was accused of cheating on Tana, 37, with a long- term mistress, Sarah Symonds, he could count on his father-in-law’s support. In fact, it was Hutcheson who allegedly guided his daughter’s decision to stay with the marriage…

Sarah Symonds Leopard BETA ID

DM: The couple have four children, Megan, 12, twins, Jack and Holly, and eight-year-old Tilly. He says: “This marriage of Gordon and Tana was a marriage of three. We were a package. It was my job to protect that brand….
Note Leopard MK BETA Kitten ID chairs;  Zebra print ID on chair back — (00:32) B.Walters affair w/black man in 70’s ?

This BETA Kitten actually started support group — Mistresses Anonymous
DM: “Gordon is a very strange character. I have dealt with his BREAKDOWNS for a number of years. He has had a number of them. I have had him sat in front of me bursting into tears. Gordon doesn’t make friends, doesn’t keep friends. He brings in the LA lot, the Beckham’s of this world, but they aren’t real friends. I was his great mate who saved him from so many holes it is untrue…”

Gordon & Tana Ramsay (Emerald "Go Kitty" Green) w/Beckham

ITKEK7 MK Prog’mg Modes: Emerald “Go Kitty” Green
DM: “Gordon is like Pinocchio [Disney reference]. He is a very attractive puppet, and kids love him. He is painted nice colours, has a big nose which is funny, and is full of charisma. After a while, though, Pinocchio [Disney reference] decides that he is what the show is all about. He doesn’t need a puppet master, so he cuts the strings and he falls down in a heap. That is what it is all about…”

Chris Hutcheson; father-in-law w/ Gordon Ramsey

DM: Mr Hutcheson and Ramsay share an equally fiery temperament, making an already difficult situation turn relations between the two families increasingly bitter. “‘It was only two months ago Tana came to see me and said, “Dad, what are we going to do with Gordon? I need to have my Gordon back, he has become a monster…” “She was saying that his behavior had become completely unacceptable. This is his wife talking. SHE SAID SHE COULDN’T CONTROL HIM…” “My biggest wish now is to have my daughter back. If I was to say anything to Gordon now it would be, “Let my daughter go. Let her come back to us.” “She has got lovely kids and when she is with the family she is a totally different Tana to the Tana she is with Gordon….“If we were all together and he would come in, SHE WOULD IMMEDIATELY CHANGE and become very abrupt and brittle. HE HAS A CONTROL OVER HER…It is like a Svengali. “It is like a tsunami when he gets going. I have seen people swayed by him. People in kitchens just back down when he gets in a rage. “He is SCHIZOPHRENIC sometimes but I don’t know what makes him like that. I remember asking him if he was on drugs but he denied it. His MOODS SWINGS ARE HUGE. Sometimes he is calm and others he is absolutely MANIC. This is what Tana was talking about. I don’t know what happens behind closed doors but she was very unhappy…”

Gordon &Tana Ramsay

DM: Mr Hutcheson has now started legal proceedings against GRH[Gordon Ramsay Holdings] for wrongful dismissal. Meanwhile Ramsay has set his sights on America. Mr Hutcheson says: “He sees it as his new frontier. My daughter sees the celebrity status she has enjoyed with Gordon, that protects her from the banalities of life. She wants to go out to America with him. Gordon has become warped by the celebrity lifestyle. The word ‘NO’ doesn’t come across him often. He is used to private jets, big hotel suites. Gordon thinks this is normal…” (full article here)

Ramsey planking on private jet

Ramsey; yacht planking

Tana Ramsay (ITV) “Dancing On Ice” (Monarch Purple [Asclepias] ID)

2/1/2010 AM Interview After Elimination (VIDEO)

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Gordon Ramsay’s Father-In-Law Notorious Womanizer

Ramsey Father-In-Law Not So Secret Family

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Totally Unhinged (ALTER) for U.S. Series
Gordon Ramsay Military Style Chef Training

More Gordon Ramsay Military Style Chef Training

Lamb Sauce Request — as if calling for air support during battle…

Gordon Ramsay “Get Out!”  Commands

Gordon Ramsay Customer Relations

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MK IDENTIFIERS — Black Mass (red/black/white) Color Coding

Black Mass (red/black) Color Coding; Spiraling (dissociative)

K Mart product placement

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Bread Street Kitchen interior


Gorodon Ramsay Plane Food Pak

TWINNING (Esoteric Kitten VIDEO)

Jack & Holly (fraternal twins)

Jack & Holly Ramsay Twins (sending light)

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INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL — has always given Mind Kontrolle slaves perfect cover for their standard roles as couriers of coded Intel to GMT power players, and as drug mules and of course participate in scheduled rituals. Ramsay’s global restaurant empire stretches from UK, to US, Dubai & Tokyo, there’s no telling where he may be dispatched…
CIRCLE OF MIND KONTROLLE SLAVES — Ramsay’s orbit surrounds him w/ Global Mgt. Team power players, actors, actresses, fashion models, pro-athletes, and other celebs. These circles ALWAYS include Mind Kontrolle Slaves — used to trigger each others programming…

Ramsay, Tana & MK'd Eva Longoria

Ramsay & Tana w/British PM Goron Brown & wife Sarah

Gordon & Tana White House Correspondent Dinner

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Many contestants appear “switching ALTERS” and displaying obvious Mind Kontrolle Programming…

Hells Kitchen’s Strangest Contestant: MK’d Raj Brandon (VIDEO)

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Eye of Horus; left-path

KN (US & UK) Showcases Ramsay as Restaurant Consultant
Confronts Owner “Abby” Over Unsanitary Conditions

Confrontation w/French Chef (U.S.) *UNCENSORED*

Reality Show setups (formula) center around Ramsay’s week-long visits at eateries, revamping almost everything, only after severely insulting head chefs, cooks, servers, food, decor and  management. The obligatory explosive family drama ensues, where paradoxically owners (often family) who called Ramsay, vehemently reject his suggestions, then acquiesce allowing him to returns eateries to profitability. A quick Google search on many establishments reveals they eventually closed. Tragically there have been deaths surrounding the series. Joseph Carniglia, Rachel Brown (suicide) and Aaron Song.

World Class Master Chef  w/Impeccable Standards
Dillons, New York City*UNCENSORED*

The culinary series does reveal some horrifying conditions, particularly for so-called “fine dining” establishments charging top dollar for uncooked, overcooked, rotten, moldy, improperly stored food. One can only hope this doesn’t represent the average restaurant owners attitude — Lazy, arrogant, incompetent and greedy. These conditions seem to justify Ramsay’s profane rants, generated by his deep passion for all things culinary, but all we’re really seeing is another Mind Kontrolle Slave switching ALTERS on auto-pilot for ratings (mass distraction) and mega profits…
* Team Gordon is shooting for new FOX Series —“Hotel Hell”

From maggot cheese , wild boars , catching catfish w/bear hands, to exposing shark fin poachers… Ramsay’s “F Word” adventures have helped him become the culinary world’s answer to Indiana Jones — quite a character...

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Little Gordon Ramsay (Mirroring)


[vid1] [vid2] [vid3]

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(School of Americas aka School of Dictators)

Blueprints, Patterns & Formulas…

*ITKEK7 Chef Gordon Ramsay (PICS) *

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Additional Research:

Hells Kitchen IMDb

Kitchen Nightmares IMDb

Gordon Ramsay’s F Word

Master Chef

Be Well & Stay Vigilant


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12 responses to “Chef Gordon Ramsay: Mind Kontrolle Kitchens & Culinary Doll Programming (VIDEO)

  1. anon

    i found this site for hte first time today. i thought to let you know a good portion of the youtube videos linked here are ‘no longer visable’ or the people’s accounts that uploaded them are ‘disabled’. i’m sure we know why. i find it really interesting reading a few of your links the exactly moments that they don’t show up.

  2. 77abe77

    he is a useless dristraction to me personally

  3. R

    I’m wondering if Gordon is actually a psychopath. As far as I’m concerned it would fit better with his character. has done a great job of exposing psychopathy in society and they always seem to be the ones at the top of the food chain controlling others. Just a thought-keep up the great work!

    • Depending upon ALTERS activated (called up) one can appear to manifest virtually any type of personality — Ramsey’s Prog’mrs chose this bombastic alter (Psycho Chef) for Hell’s Kitchen series, which comparatively is the most exaggerated…a toned down Ramsey appears in Kitchen Nightmares US/UK…


    ITK7 JOURNAL 2011 PDF @

    One year of MK Prog’mg Analysis/De-Coding, Commentary, Rants & Musings — bits and pieces of Intel assembled to create clearer a picture — Enjoy!

    “A truth’s initial commotion is directly proportional to how deeply the lie was believed. When a well-packaged WEB OF LIES has been SOLD GRADUALLY to the masses OVER GENERATIONS, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker, a raving lunatic” — Dresden James

  5. Motherspirit1

    Wow, this piece on Gordon Ramsey is very powerful. I’ve never watched Hell’s Kitchen (and don’t plan to), but it looks like a miserable experience for all. Gordon seems possessed, quiet honestly. He looks like a tortured soul.

  6. Hell’s Kitchen (US) Season 9 “Black Jacket” contestant Elise Wims, the one everyone loved to hate (ratings driver) and was instrumental in Season Winner’s victory is now dubbed — “The Diva Chef” is one to watch…

    Macheiavillian Diva Chef
    [pic] [pic]
    Twitter pics

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  9. although my hubby and i don’t watch telly we do download hells kitchen and watch it off the laptop. it’s like a car crash – you really don’t want to look driving past but you can’t help it. i refer to it as food porn. it really is shocking, not just the fact these people let him humiliate and bully them but the fact that so much food is wasted in every single show – it further distances people from the connect of how food is produced etc etc. a poor fish was wrenched from it’s home in the sea to end up being cooked on hells kitchen by someone who has no idea what they’re doing and then it just ends up in the rubbish. what a waste of its life. it’s sickening. the last couple of seasons we watched i was just seeing it in a totally new light and it’s just so beastly – truly it has the mark of the beast all over it. people will become famewhores however they can. to the detriment of us all. thank you for this post – confirms what my heart was telling me.

  10. As repulsive or amusing as some might find the character of “Gordon Ramsey Culinary Action Figure” — he’s yet another tragic victim of Monarch Mind Kontrolle — they do know how to make it look good, don’t they? Collecting Michelin Stars, Ferrari’s, jetsetting around the globe, opening one restaurant after another, w/all things in your world beautiful, but once the cameras are off (*zap-zap*) memories erased, and the marathon continues. Deprogrammed Monarch Slaves often state decades of their lives seem as one day, because they can’t distinguish when one day ends, and another begins. The contrast between his on-screen and off screen personas is striking, and one of the strongest clues of his Mind Kontrolle Prog’mg…

    Signing Autographs in Hollywood and here
    Gordon Ramsay Top Gear BBC

    David Letterman Interview (ck out Dave’s Hand Signs…Masonic Hidden Hand then Baphomet)
    BBC Parkinson Interview

    BTW What some see as bullying, is a very effective military technique, used to train elite forces worldwide — weeding out the weak by pushing until breaking point does inspire excellence. The individual gives way to the team etc., I remember it well…”Yes Drill Sergeant!”
    Be Well & Stay Vigilant

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