scalartech12_01 psychotronic weapons


4 responses to “scalartech12_01 psychotronic weapons

  1. Valuable information. Lucky me I found your website accidentally, and I am
    stunned why this coincidence did not happened in advance!
    I bookmarked it.

  2. I have been experiencing a handful of these symptoms upon going to and waking from sleep. The forced precision manipulation of hands in sync with waking visions has been the most profound and it’s absurd that it could have a technologically induced cause. I try to stay as psychologically and physiologically conditioned as possible but the Esoteric Agenda has me subconsciously suicidal. Of course life has to end eventually so at least I am conscious to these threats to my existence now before the composite clandestine warfare intensifies to the Zombie-apocalypse inducing echelon. Your entire blog site is superb, big big big ups!

  3. I believe every word of this article, and I am a scholar. Because I have experienced many of these things myself. It’s almost unbelievable at first…and then you adjust…..And then…you get extremely ANGRY. There is no excuse for this type of behavior by what some people feel should be our protectors. It is simply unacceptable. My thoughts….they know that persons such as myself will ‘Blow The Whistle’, and they wish to shut me up. My answer to their challenge: ‘Then you shouldn’t have bothered the ‘Real Ones’…in the first place. Illuminati is shortened for Illuminated or Enlightened Ones. Go Figure..Even their damned names are Rip-offs. You even have to copy your own name. Seriously.

    It’s really quite sad. Fanciful murder, rape, and child molestation squads..using phony Black magic techniques that were stolen from Ancient cultures….There is simply no excuse for this nonsense. Only the public has the power to change this situation. No one has to be anyone else’s puppet or slave..or anything. I know that I sound like a ‘Minority Report ‘ movie (and Tom Cruise may be one too. Its hard knowing who the bad and good guys really are, i this sick and twisted game), but ‘You Can Choose. You Can Choose’.

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