ITK7 Journal 2012 / 2Q

FRIENDS OF MINE: Objective of Military Intelligence — acquisition/analysis of enemy’s plans/intentions; his combat capabilities/limitations, as well as his own intelligence collection apparatus…
WARNING! Survivors /Victims of DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) formerly (MPD) EXIT PAGE & BLOG NOW, IT IS FULL OF TRIGGERS! We wish you well in your recovery…

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Esoteric Kitten is inspiration behind this Journal, focusing on tidbits of Intel discovered in our travels, noteworthy web postings and updates to our sites. This blog is a meager attempt to counter Global Mgt. Team programming for short attention span theater w/their blips, flashes, spinning montages, embedded occult laden subliminal, inf0-overload crawls at screen bottoms…

We’ve reverted to infancy, lying on our backs in the crib, jerking our legs to the motions of spinning toys above…

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Mind Kontrolle Masses: Panem Et Circenses & Doll Prog’mg (VIDEOS)
MK (Mind Kontrolle) Ultra Prog’mg Modes ID: “I Gotta See It”
Prez Obama Who’s Team Are You On? Who Are Your Masters? (VIDEO)
Call To Action: Chemtrails, Planned Wars, MK-Ultra — Enough Is Enough!
* Overview of MK (Mind Kontrolle) Prog’mg here & here

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MONARCH BUTTERFLY (Danaus plexippus)
“A truth’s initial commotion is directly proportional to how deeply the lie was believed. When a well-packaged WEB OF LIES has been SOLD GRADUALLY to the masses OVER GENERATIONS, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker, a raving lunatic” — Dresden James
2010 &; 2011/1Q / 2Q/ 3Q/ 4Q

Above demonstrates Mind Kontrolle Slave ALTER taking  control of a person; slaves liken it to an OBE [out of body experience]. Electroshock is administered and slaves have NO remembrance of their actions — a diabolical system of human robots created thru demonic ritual abuse (sodomy,rape,torture). Hollywood/Music industry are FULL of Mind Kontrolle Slaves/Prog’mrs/Handlers! How do you think sinister directors get these so-called “brilliant” performances from your favorite celebs? Wise up people, they’re everywhere since 1940’s…all under the aegis of Natl Security Agency/CIA…it’s a MILITARY PSYOP to keep us distractedBREAD & CIRCUS!
Disney-ABC Presents Doug Hutchinson’s Lolita Fetish Doll & Personal BETA Kitten/Human Laptop (VIDEO)
What a surprise… #1 Mind Kontrolle media platform (Disney) is first to give Doug and his underage sex slave a platform to normalize pedophilia…

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(*events below s/b incl. in ITK7 Journal 2011/3Q)


Inbred Satanic Rulership Gathers To Revel In Grand Opulence

Black Nobility & Royal (Satanic) Bloodlines possessing psychopathic gene pool @ Windsor Castle for Sovereign Monarchs Jubilee Lunch. Front row (L-R) Emperor of Japan, Queen of Netherlands, Queen of Denmark, King of Hellenes, King of Romania, Queen Elizabeth, King of Bulgaria, Sultan of Brunei, King of Sweden, King of Swaziland, Prince Hans-Adam II of Liechtenstein. Middle (L-R) Prince of Monaco, Grand Duke of Luxembourg, King of Lesotho, King of Belgians, King of Norway,  Emir of Qatar, King of Jordan, King of Bahrain, Yang di-Pertuan Agong of Malaysia. Top row (L-R) Nasser Mohamed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah of Kuwait, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Crown Prince of Yugoslavia, King of Tonga, Crown Prince of Thailand, Princess Lalla Meryem of Morocco and Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf bin Abdulaziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia (more here)

60th Jubilee Menu includes: Wallowing In Greed, Unrestrained Debauchery & Sacrificial (Child) Rituals
Diamond Jubilee: Queen Eliz  Is Rich Beotch!
Why should this concern you? These are your HIDDEN MASTERS who call for SACRIFICE of your children in PLANNED WARS (genocide) on demonic altars (Theaters of War) strategic energy points — actively reducing planetary population by 90% to manage “useless eaters” more effectively. It’s been decided in their high councils there’s just too many of us…

MUST SEE! Empire City States: Geostrategic Power Centers & City of London

Why The Zionist-British Royal Family Should Hang

Hereditary Monarchs Summoned to QE2 60th Jubilee Celebration of her rulership

QE Lunch w/Black Nobility (Hereditary Monarchs) VIDEO

MK’d Katherine Jenkins UK Mezzo-Soprano (Welsh Wiggler) To Sing @Kickoff

British Forces Sweetheart & DWTS 2012 Runner Up en route to UK

…fresh from seducing US audiences w/her elegant but humble, classy but not aloof routine (page down for expose & Marilyn Monroe ALTER) currently at world famous Abbey Road (Beatles) recording studio working on next project…

UK Ministry of Defense (War); owners of Controlled Military Asset Katherine Jenkins

[Dept. of Defense photo]Jenkins (3rd fr left) Colin Powell; 33rd Degree Mason, Knight Cmdr of Most Noble Order of Bath; Pilgrim Society member, Traitor/Sacrificer  of U.S. troops

Katherine Jenkins & Colin Powell, KCB (Knight Cmdr Bath) since 1993 by QE2; former US Natl. Security Advisor

Katherine Jenkins just one of an army of Mind Kontrolle Slaves summoned by HM QE2, her consort/cousin Prince Phillip (REAL father of Prince William), Prince of Wales (Charles) and other Royals (Satanic Bloodline) scheduled to appear in standard roles — couriers of coded Intel, BETA sex slaves and drug mules. Intel uploaded/downloaded, exchanged by assembled rulers will no doubt be put to use accelerating centuries old plot

MK’d Katherine Jenkins sang Natl. Anthem, upstaged QE2 in full diva mode, wearing off white, strapless, cleavage baring mermaid-fantail gown — Wow!

MK’d Katherine Jenkins curtsy QE2 @Jubilee 2012

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Katherine Jenkins (Sexy Soprano)  DWTS debut;  Iconic Marilyn Monroe ALTER

Blonde Bombshell Katherine Jenkins (Diamond Model) Monarch Butterfly

Royal Variety Show 2009; Butterfly (Asclepias Purple) ID; see Monarch Butterfly (Danaus Plexippus blog header)

(VIDEO) Royal Variety Show 2009
BBC/Disney MK Prog’mrs trying to sneak this by us — not so fast!
BETA Kitten Does “The Welsh Wiggle” — Shakes Her Naughty Bits

ITK7: After standard DWTS “Programming Tones” @01:47 staring at “GO KITTY” green crap table TRIGGER (ON)/@03:19 return to crap table (3) chimes (OFF) IN YOUR FACE MK PROGRAMMING!
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ALTER REVEALED: “Honestly, I felt like I was in another place. I felt like I was having an out-of-body experience. My body was giving it, but I don’t have any idea what it looked like or how I did, but you were happy with it?” she told ET Online, before turning to pro dancer Mark. “It felt great — it started and then it finished. I just remember looking over at you during the spin, and I was like ‘Damn, OK, OK!” he added. “We’ve decided to call it my ALTER-EGO, Katherine giggled, before Mark shared: “Yeah, so Katherine the classical singer, and Katherine the Welsh Wiggle…”
Testimony of Erasure of Short Term Memory (VIDEO)

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This is the exact language other Mind Kontrolle Slaves use to describe effect of  “called up” ALTERS. MK Prog’mrs are poised to PIMP this UK BETA Kitten for maximum profit — increase sales of existing music, Vegas shows, product endorsements and of course standard black market (underground porn) for high level GMT players…

*       *       *

At 31yrs, Katherine Jenkins is a wealthy renowned classical/crossover singer (Mezzo-Soprano) w/impeccable musical training. A model, trained dancer (toured w/Darcey Bussell)  w/highly developed left/right brain…
Abriged from Wiki: Between 1990 and 1996, member of Royal School of Church Music Cathedral Singers, passed St Cecilia Award; highest RSCM award for female choristers.[5] Member Natl Youth Choir of Wales for three years,[6] won  BBC Radio 2 Welsh Choirgirl of the Year contest (twice), and BET Welsh Choirgirl of the Year competition. At 17yrs won scholarship to Royal Academy of Music,[5]studied Italian, German, French & Russian, graduating w/honors[6] received music teacher’s diploma. Singing teacher, tour guide on London Eye and as a model,[7] entered modelling competition, became Face of Wales 2000; decided to follow musical career.[5]Universal Classics and Jazz heard demo, gave her an interview where she sang Rossini‘s “Una voce poco fa“.[7]Universal offered Jenkins a six-album deal,[7] most lucrative in U.K. classical recording history, reportedly worth £1 million.

*       *       *

Katherine’s not your average DWTS contestant…she has the resume of a fully functioning Diamond  (Presidential/World Ruler) Model BETA Prog’md Multiple — impeccable credentials, highly intelligent, stellar talent, captivating looks…quite accustomed to grandeur and ofter performing for Royals in lavish settings — other DWTS contestants are outmatched! Don’t be fooled by the cutesy giggles or the “I’m worried about all the sexiness”– obvious ALTER, which quickly gives way to a fully amped up BETA Kitten @02:25. Disney franchise DWTS functions as revolving platform for Mind Kontrolle Slaves. A lot of choreographers (pros) come from  multigenerational Monarch families and cults. MK Prog’mrs use fronts like Scientology & Mormon to mask Prog’mg activities — see Derek & Julianne Hough (bro/sis), Lacey Schwimmer & Kyle Massey (Disney MK Season 13) to name a few. Prog’mrs are already “spinning” Katherine’s ALTERS to the delight of unknowing fans — 3rd performance was an emotional Waltz, during an evening of trauma-based memory, recalling death of her father (TRAUMA) MK’d Kathleen Jenkins affirms continued cooperation between British/American branches of Mind Kontrolle Prog’mg; BBC owns Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) an offshoot of Strictly Come Dancing (SCD)
Standard MK  Prog’mg Themes
MK Programming Modes: Triggers & Identifiers

Black Mass (red/black) Occult motif

Eye of Horus (left path)

Eye of Horus (left path)

Marionette (Doll) Prog’mg (strings); dissociative glare

QE2 (Sax-Goethe Satanic Royal Bloodline) & Katherine Jenkins (Emerald “Go Kitty” Green)

MK’d Tiger Woods @ Ryder Cup checks out MK’d Katherine Jenkins Assets; Tiger went stag…Really?

Ryder Cup Performance 2010

Black Mass Occult motif; “She’s Electric” (=ref. to electroshock); covering mouth (=Shhh)

Katherine Jenkins & Darcey Bussell; Monarch Butterfly MK Purple [Asclepias

Forces Sweetheart: Courier of Coded Intel for Military-Intel-Political  apparatus…

British Forces Foundation functions as U.S.O. Tours & Bob Hope
Harrowing Troop Visit To Iraq
Cocaine Kitten
Aerobatic Kitten (VIDEO)

Gold Ritual Masking (=hidden identity)

Masked Venetian Ball (VIDEO)
DISNEY’S Christmas 2011 (VIDEO)

Standard Leopard BETA Kitten ID & Trigger

Marilyn Monroe ALTER

“You know how I love Marilyn Monroe, my hands are exactly the same size as hers — Spooky”
Dressing Room: Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend (VIDEO)

Disney Prog’mg

ITKEK7 (PICS) Certified Monarch Slaves: Katherine Jenkins
VIDEO Original Song  (DWTS Jive) “Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That” — Robert Randolph
Katherine Jenkins Wiki
Secret Twin Sisters?
Thomas John Selwyn Jenkins (father deceased)
Although this is only the beginning, the narrative surrounding this singing, dancing UK BETA Kitten is eerily familiar to Marilyn Monroe, who was used the same way. Broadway, Vegas or films…there’s a lot more hiding behind the carefully crafted script being played out before us…

+       +       +

Clive Davis: Degenerate MK-Ultra Mind Kontrolle Slave PIMP & Predator
Whitney Houston Sacrifice Exposed Part 1

Whitney Houston Sacrifice Exposed Part 2

Egyptian Sarcophagus @Whitney’s Funeral & Occult Numerology

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ECONOMY: All Better Now?


*       *       *

We really have to snap out this stupor, free ourselves from mental slavery created by Hollywood fantasy narratives. It’s imperative we move beyond worship of idols placed before us by machinations of ruling elites — our leaders are psychopathic, sadistic, pedophiles and pederasts worthy of death!

KINSEY: Institutionalized Pedophilia & Sexual Predators Run Amok in U.S. (GRAPHIC)

ITK7: Global Management Team (Black Nobility, Illuminati et al) funded Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) under the guise of  research. This vile monster was directed to perform this social alchemy w/the intention of: 1) introducing ritual abuse to the lower echelon of the  medical establishment (psychiatry, psychology) and 2) indoctrination (programming) citizens w/sexual perversion, paving the way for gradual acceptance of hard core porn of every variety; currently a $4B annual industry…

*       *       *

Michell-O Shows Her Allegiance

Noteworthy Postings…
Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Denzel Washington & Hollywood’s Black Illuminati Satanists
ITKEK7 Certified Monarch Slaves: Beyonce Giselle Knowles

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MK’d Michelle Phan: Marionette (Doll) Prog’mg; Lancombe Contract Model

ITKEK7 Certified Monarch Slaves: Michelle Phan (over 1/2billion You Tube views)
Doll Lashes (VIDEO)
An explosion of Barbie Transformation (LOLITA FETISH) tutorials again demonstrates how society is programmed using human dolls in the grip of perpetual game of “Simon Sez” or “Monkey See, Monkey Do”, we mimic whatever behavior the dolls exhibit — this is how they’re used as “change agents” molding mass consciousness…

MK’d Dakota Rose (aka Kotakoti)

MK’d Dakota Rose: Barbie (Marionette) Doll Prog’mg

Eye of Horus; Emerald (Go Kitten) Green ID & Trigger; Jewel Prog’mg

Black Mass (red/black) Occult ID; Eye of Horus (in bows)

Monarch Butterfly ID; colored wig ALTER

Caging (=dehumanization, animalism)

ITKEK7 Certified Monarch Slaves: Dakota Rose (age est. 16-18yrs)
ITK7: There’s NO way this young girl acted on her own volition, she’s being placed in these settings by MK Prog’mrs in strict accordance w/Mind Kontrolle Prog’mg Modes — she along w/others featured here are in extreme danger. Her site(s) have gone viral, as young girls all over the globe seek to imitate her style. Slick marketing strategy has little personal info re: this latest Barbie/Lolita which only adds to her mystique. GMT is hell bent on saturating our culture w/all their perversions, especially child abuse — those installed in leadership positions revel in pedophilia…

MK’d Ayumi Hamasaki: Barbie (Marionette Doll) & BETA Kitten Prog’mg

ITKEK7 Certified Monarch Slaves: Ayumi Hamasaki

*       *       *

MK’d Trisha Paytas: Blonde Sun Doll

Appears on multiple Reality Show formats/talk shows; also nude/fetish model — example of talent type used for these programs…
 (VIDEO) speed reads on MK Handler Ellen Show: Note huge diamond butterfly-ring on right hand. @ 650wpm, Trish is one of the world’s fastest readers ; (VIDEO) My Strange Addiction: Tanning
 (VIDEO) plaintiff on Judge Alex Reality Show; (VIDEO) Daisy Dukes @3:32 w/Eminem
Model Mayhem & IMDb
SEE Barbie & Hef: CIA MK-Ultra Asset Playboy CEO & Pimp; Human & Plastic Barbie Dolls Infected Generations

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Follow ITK7: link in sidebar…
Quarterly Year-In-Review of  MK Prog’mg analysis/decoding, commentary, musings & rants — Really just bits-n- pieces of Intel, assembled to create clearer a picture, shared with as many as will listen — Enjoy!

58 responses to “ITK7 Journal 2012 / 2Q

  1. Anonymouse

    So you know how Kaff is shilled by the media, look at what genuine music critics have to say about her. There is no way on earth that she could be as rich as she is, if there isn’t foul play involved. She is quite simply a fraud.

    What I am saying is, there is NO WAY Kaff would be rich and famous if what you said wasn’t true. She is a fraud of the highest order. The msm are using an emperors new clothes approach to justify her success. She is a fake and even her wiki and her ghostwritten autobiography is nothing but unsubstantiated lies and exaggerations.

    • Not surprised, nor do I doubt your claims — here in America we (moderator included, until further researching) were completely duped by the introduction of Sarah L. Palin phenomenon, which continues present day. GMT uses Hollywood/Media to present Mind Kontrolle slaves on par w/Broadway productions — they have it down to a science…

  2. Ellen J Carey

    I have a question. Since Svali’s book has been deleted from Eso’s files could you tell me where or if I might find it elsewhere? Thanks.

  3. Nadia

    I thought it would be interesting for you to know that Trisha Paytas appeared in yet another “reality show”. She was on America’s Got Talent “auditioning” and Howard Stern joked about taking her to a mental institution.

    • Good catch! The tongue-in-cheek smugness practiced by the entire MK Prog’mr/Handler crews is amazing, but as I’m sure you’ve discovered, once you KNOW what to look for…

  4. Cathy

    Hello: On the website there is an article and video about Courtney Stodden, a teen girl who is apparantly MK’d. The video shows her acting just like a cat, including eating cat food out of the bag. This is obviously one for your site!!

  5. Grady

    Hi Itk7. I really appreciate the information on your site. I harbor so much righteous anger against gmt for their manipulation of the human experience. Since awakening, I have noticed more and more the vastness of the influence in all areas of society, especially in the entertainment industry as well as the blatancy of occult symbolism in so many corporate logos. Of particular interest to me would be to have you comment on Radiohead and David Wilcock. Radiohead has long been my favorite band and it seems obvious to me from the lyrics and imagery that they have put out that Thom Yorke is a long time MK ultra victim. What is compelling to me about his case is that he more or less explicitly reveals gmt and MK programming in his music as well as the the art that accompanies their albums. This kind of message from Radiohead as well as bands like Rage against the machine (who also explicitly reveal gmt “some of those that call forces, are the same that burn crosses”) leave me questioning why they are allowed to put the message out on record as well as perform this material at huge music festivals as well as the fact of MK’d victims’ awareness of their plight. I also sense that Radiohead’s music is used as a trigger for other MK’d stars (Christina Aguilera mentions that she listens to Radiohead exclusively while having sex, two instrumental tracks on the album in rainbows are called MK1 and MK2).
    Also David Wilcock’s information is compelling but seems suspicious to me that he himself is MK’d or is being fed information.

    Thank you much for your work and if you have any time to reply I would appreciate your POV on these subjects as they have definitely interested me.

    Stylized suns and other occult symbolism or so retardedly freakishly obvious and rampant in corporate as well as political logos that it just blows my freaking mind. I think that a lot more people are “in the know” than we realize and that they are co-opted or just living in fear.

    Power to the light that will eviscerate this illusion and bring those of the darkness to justice.

  6. b.

    Hi Intk7,

    I wanted to know what you think about the recent revelations by father Amorth, the renowned exorcist who says that Emanuela Orlandi who disappeared in 1983 was taken to be used at a vatican sex party and was then killed..


    • Not to be flippant, but this is standard practice for the Whore of Babylon, w/their own network of Mind Kontrolle slaves for Babylonian rituals as The Pope is the High Babylonian Priest…

      Even these recent revelations are a cover up, for any in depth investigation of Satanic nature of the Beast of Rome w/it’s scheduled child sacrifice (infanticide) rituals would have staggering effects on the world’s religions — ALL in relationship with her…

  7. Cathy

    Hello ITK: This weekend was the finale of the Wilson Phillips reality show. Carne got a butterfly tattoo on her wrist. Her sister, I believe a rose. Chyna refused to get one. Do you think that Carne is MK Ultra? If so, why do they let her get so fat? What would she be used for if she is an MK slave? Do you think her musician husband is her handler? Do you think Chynna is MK’D? Do you believe she is really a born again christian now? With all the information on the web about butterflies symbolizing MK etc, why would they show them getting these tatoos?

    • Well…Phillips father (John) founded 60’s group The Mamas & Papas was born in military hospital, son of career Marine officer — John himself later attended the U.S. Naval Academy. Wilson’s father (Brian Wilson) from MK’d Beach Boys (many songs layered w/prog’mg) Regardless of size they’re used in standard MK roles; couriers of coded Intel, drug mules and sex slaves (honeypots for blackmail) underground porn. It’s very likely hubby is handler as mates are chosen by Prog’mrs. Religious or Christian ALTERS are installed to mask occult prog’mg for participation in rituals (left brain alters unaware of right brain alters)

      Few are aware of Mind Kontrolle Prog’mg, even fewer still believe it’s STILL in effect. What we who are awake see as obvious Monarch Prog’mg ID (butterflies etc.) goes unnoticed by masses, who’ve been prog’md to worship these human dolls, never even suspecting they function as mega hard drives for the Global Satanic elites…

      Laurel Canyon, Houdini & MK-Ultra

  8. Concerned Citizen

    intk7, Thank you for your hard work on Katherine Jenkins. I was unaware of her, perhaps because she is British. I know we developed this hideous institution from the Nazi’s in Project Paperclip. But how did the Brits acquire it? Her MKULTRA connections are so obvious. Purple butterfly wings, drug use, USO participation (British), singer, pretty blond, educated, talented, hair over one eye, dissociation, Disney, marionette programing, and Marilyn Monroe alter. What was her childhood like? Military parents, travel to military bases, special charm schools? I really hope that the human race evolves spiritually and new generations reject this repulsive practice. Please keep up the good work!

    • Tx for your interest! Brits involvement in Mind Kontrolle via Tavistock Institute/MI6. British Intel had ties to Jesuit-Vatican Nazi empire from the beginning at highest levels (Winston Churchill) Countdown To WW2

      Kat’s a Royal Academy of Music (RAM) grad; well known training center for musically inclined MK’s, her itinerary follows GMT political moves. Kat J regularly performs for Royals (Satanic Bloodline), has sung for the Pope (Babylonian High Priest) and moves in GMT circles; her Prog’mrs/Handlers remain in shadows mostly…although Piers Morgan (handler) loves the spotlight! — Surprised she didn’t pop up @ Annual WH Correspondence Dinner (no pics) for future use in standard rolesStill digging into Kat’s familial history (Dad Selwyn was Royal Navy) Even though many DWTS contestants are MK’d, Katherine Jenkins is NO ordinary constestant, and look who’s son she’s paired w/legendary Brit dancers Shirley & Corky Ballus — expanded post on DWTS/Mormon/MK connection soon…this rabbit hole goes deep!

      Kat’s pro-partner Mark is the spitting image of his father, even personality…it’s uncanny!
      Corky & Shirley Ballus
      B-day Boy Piers Morgan Enjoys Katherine Jenkins Bottom

      • Anonymouse

        Contrary to your beliefs, despite attending the RAM, Kaff didn’t leave with anything greater than a teaching certificate. As an opera singer she is an epic fail, Havering never been accepted into an opera chorus, let alone as a soloist. Her vocal technique is dreadful, as is her Italian. If you don’t believe me, google Steve Silverman’s blog, or ask an opera singer or vocal teacher. The wiki you quote is shilling for her, no wonder, how could such a poor specimen of an opera singer become the biggest paid classical musician in the world, selling more than Maria Callas, Yehudi Menuin, Liberace and Pavarotti put together?
        It’s because she is a fraud, your article explains perfectly well, but you are too optimistic about her actual talent and awards. She won the UNESCO Mozart award, which doesn’t even exist! They have to sell her as a great talent to keep up the emperors new clothes deception.

        • “The wiki you quote is shilling for her, no wonder, how could such a poor specimen of an opera singer become the biggest paid classical musician in the world, selling more than Maria Callas, Yehudi Menuin, Liberace and Pavarotti put together?”

          Excellent! especially phony Wiki Royal Academy of Music achievements!?! — only a teaching certif yet driving a Porsche as working class! I also found it curious that NO opera house has/will book her. Kat J sings halfway down her throat w/microphone and too much vibrato for effect. There’s a pic of her perched on Piers Morgan’s (handler) lap on set for his birthday — how cute. She caught my attention while showcased on Dancing With The Stars (Season 14) in Marilyn Monroe ALTER; credit Pseudo Occult Media for 1st Mind Kontrolle Slave Intel. Lots of appearances w/Royal (Satanic) Bloodline Windsor’s (formerly Sax Coberg-Gotha) I suspect she attends many blood rituals among Europe’s so-called royalty. Her travel schedule is INSANE, no doubt uploading coded Intel for elite, while gratifying their lusts…

          Tx for Intel & Support

  9. A

    May I ask your opinion on religion, and also for your opinion on homosexuality? Could you go into detail with the latter? Thank you.

  10. Laura

    I have already come forth on your website to admit that I am a monarch. I figured it out a couple of years ago. (Dad was officer in navy, possibly later connected to naval intelligence, knew Bob Hope.) They have accessed me fairly recently from the parking lot of my local market, even in my 50’s! I recently remember access at 4 swimming pools.(I know this sounds odd…swimming pools?) The pools are, Hugh Hefner’s Sky Villa ( without the black bunny logo in the pool as there are 5 other villas without the logo), the pool at the Joules in Dallas with the one eye painting in the lobby, Nemo 33 in Brussels (33? why create a pool with a depth of 33 meters?) and lastly, the pool at the Intercontinental Hotel in Dubai. Why Dubai? Something is up in Dubai. Is this a model of the NWO?(pyramids, etc.) I am a Beta slave primarily, with some use as a info courier. Please keep my email confidential as I fear they may access me again. Please respond if you can. Thank you and God bless.

  11. janindisguise

    Just heard that Whitney Houston’s family just got a reality show. Being awake, I don’t like what this looks like. Comment?

    • Heard that also, first thing I thought was “payoff” and coverup — curious to see what becomes of daughter. What appears as loose, carefree fun environments are tightly controlled circles of MK activity; surrounding by others to reinforce prog’mg — notice MK’s NEVER go anywhere alone, regardless of age or how independent they seem? Bobbie Kristina

  12. Peruser

    Hi, I do believe that MK Ultra is legitimate, but I am skeptical of Cathy O’Brien and Fritz, I read on a site called Educate Yourself that Cathy is being handled by Mark Phillips, which causes me to wonder if she was lying in her book. And Marion Knox has indicated in interviews that Fritz Springmeier is not to be trusted, if this is true, then what lies and/or distortions are in his books???? It’s impossible to discover who is trustworthy. It’s all so very frustrating. Just wondering if you are aware of the accusations, ITK7, and what you think of them. Thank you and thanks for your great site!

    • Yes, I’m aware of the charges against Fritz, Cathy and her alleged handler MP and still feel details of Mind Kontrolle as outlined by both are credible. Much of what both have written is confirmed by other’s accounts and decoding MK coding on this site and my partner’s (Esoteric Kitten). Admittedly, study of Mind Kontrolle has and always will be murky business, with spotty references and well hidden Intel; this is by design, for it is “reality” itself one is questioning. How does one ever know, what you know is real? Intel gathered from many sources, verified to the degree that one can, along w/a healthy dose of common sense goes a long way 🙂 Not to be flippant here, but trust your own judgement…

  13. b.

    Hi again..

    The saga continues.

    Belens ex boyfriend Fabrizio Corona ( handler):…0.0.4gX50Ate8-U&sa=X&oi=image_result_group&q=fabrizio%20corona&tbm=isch

    He is a well known paparazzi here in italy and was risking jail sentence for extorsion of photos he had taken etc.. He is the ex husband of NINA MORIC. I always thought that he was with the freemasons.–massimo-is-better-than-corona-in-sex/241299


  14. Karena Crawford

    I don’t understand all the boycotting of Whitney Houston. I understand that she was MK’d, but she was brought in the industry at a young impressionable age and was given to Clive Davis to mentor. Yes, drugs ruined her but wouldn’t you say the same about an Amy Winehouse or a Kurt Cobain, drugs were their downfall too but I don’t hear any mention of boycottting their music.

    • conspirazzi

      What proof do you have that she was MK’d? Nicki Minaj is definitely MK’d

      • Karena Crawford

        Ah, have you not taken a look at the YouTube links above about Whitney being mk’d? Tell me why else are people saying that they’re boycotting her music? It can’t be because of her voice.

  15. b.

    Hi itk7,

    she was on the famous italian music festival last year as well and she was singing with her father. Now I have no idea what her father does for a living but would need to investigate.

    One other curious fact, in 2009 she allegedly spent a night at the house of berlusconi where he explicitly said they didnt have sex. it’s in italian this article:

    I rememeber the commercial she made for JEWELS where she was naked and that made me think the first time that she may be mk and jewel programming as you say. this is her take a look


  16. b.

    Hi again,

    Belen was recently in a motorcycle accident with her new boyfriend. Her old boyfriend had all the telltale signs of being her handler.. could it be that they have given her some kind of warning??

    • Very possible. I did some cursory background on her and your suspicions re: old partner seem likely; the frequent displays of public sex and sex tape fit standard BETA alters, and yes the so-called accident could be a warning. Have there been any signs of prog’mg malfunctions eg. speaking out against agents, managers (handlers) or general power structure surrounding her? What about familial abuse (chiefly sexual) or connections to military…it can be as ordinary as appearing on military bases or ships. The charade of celebrities appearing on military installations (to support the troops) has been used for decades as cover for MK Prog’mg activities and sexual service of high ranking military leadership…

      see Bob Hope U.S.O. Monarch Slave Troupe: Over 40yrs of MK PIMPIN

      MK Prog’mg Modes: Black Mass Occult/Animal Print; Oz-Dorothy “ruby red slippers”; Marionette (Doll) Prog’mg

      Monarch Butterfly Tattoo

      Monarch Butterfly (Danaus Plexippus)

  17. b.

    Hi itk7,

    have you ever heard of belen rodriguez?? she has become very popular here in italy.. she seems to have all the telltale signs of a MK slave.. but am not sure. what do you think??

    • Not familiar w/her but typically, whoever is seen on glossy magazine covers (Vogue, Elle, Cosmo, WWD) heavily promoted in media (television, films) more often than not, are tragic victims of global Mind Kontrolle. The system (part of global military psyops) was designed to promote them for the purpose of mesmerizing us (putting conscious minds to sleep) in order to plant their messaging in our subconscious. It’s basic psychology and very effective. As human beings we’re trained from infancy to learn and gain acceptance by mimicking others; we’re rewarded/punished for our ability or lack thereof in this process. We’re trained from infancy, we adopt their causes de jour, style of dress, speech and most importantly their worship system (an amalgam of Babylonian, Egyptian, Kabbalah, Druidism and Satanism)

  18. from Kathi; posted 4/27/12 on Global Mgt. Team Quotes:

    “I am awake since couple of months and i gotta say it is taking me most of my time to find out what i have missed and what is going on right now, but im almost there, anyway i have started reading Trans formation of America by Cathy.O and also Book written by Cisco and Fritz and i gotta say that i am truly shocked and devastated from what i have find out so far from book, i have became very depressed after reading couple of chapters both of the books, i couldn’t stop crying for past few days im ok now but i still cant stop thinking of how many children have been and still is under Mk-ultra programming!!!!!,as a mother its very difficult to me to accept fact that this is really happening. This world is so evil! Satan truly is prince of this world,what bothers me the most is the ignorance of people it is sad and frightens me that so many people have no clue what upon them, what is coming, one of my friends when i told her bout 9,11 she didn’t believed me she asked me how Bush could let die so many people(meaning people have died on 9,11) I simply could not believe how naive people are.And that is reality people either don’t care or don’t believe.So sad and gives us no hope,but i think that no matter how we try to stop them they still do what they want because the Book has to be fulfilled it is all happening by will of our Lord meanwhile all we can do is choose who do we serve- evil or Good?Find your peace in word of God and reach for a Bible. Peace to all.”

    • posted this on ITK7 Journal 2012/2Q:

      “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty” (Psalm 91)

      Upon revelation of the horrors of Mind Kontrolle Prog’mg many (moderator included) experience what you have — the cycle of denial, anger, depression and finally acceptance. I would urge you to do all you can to protect your loved ones from the 24/7 onslaught of Military-Hollywood (Disney, Music) Prog’mg as you’re guided to. This is NOT a battle we can win by physical means, but rather a plot from the pit of hell, which must play out before it’s ultimate defeat. You’re to be commended for embracing the uncomfortable hidden truths — all that glitters, surely is not gold. The depth of deception is unimaginable, as we’ve been programmed to accept, enjoy and live the lies. I implore you to rely upon Him to guard your heart and mind. He would not allow us to discover these things and not provide for our mental stability 🙂

      I’m attacked regularly for disturbing/depressing nature of material posted here…to my detractors I say, it’s only a glimpse, intended solely to aid in deprogramming/detachment from this worldly system. I’d love to post nothing but happy and upbeat subjects, but this is what I’ve been given. I’ve come to accept that readers are not my judge, having neither heaven nor hell to place me in…

      Tx For Your Support

      • katherine

        Thank you so much for your support as well, i agree on what you have reply to me. I am aware alright of things my daughter cant watch and wont be watching that is also including books she will start read very soon. I have stopped watching tv as my whole lifestyle is all bout reading and gaining more knowledge right now,there are so many books i have download to my kindle and they are waiting for me to read them that im scared i might have not enough time in my life to read them :)Each day i thank Lord for the truth that he is showing me through these books and websites i happen to run into, i know it is Holy Spirit who guides me into all these things, you know it is very sad that i have been posting videos, articles and titles of books for my friends on facebook hoping that at least one of them will show any interest of it,but its not happening (very sad), but i know that i wont stop doing that anyway cuse that is all what i can do maybe some day some one will wake up,thats the hopes,if i could save one soul i will be the happiest person but it is very difficult these days.
        Thank you again for these warm words and the effort you put into that website.
        God Bless!

    • Saramaracoucounara

      from Kathi; posted 4/27/12 on Global Mgt. Team Quotes:

      “I am awake since couple of months and i gotta say it is taking me most of my time to find out what i have missed and what is going on right now, but im almost there, anyway i have started reading Trans formation of America by Cathy.O and also Book written by Cisco and Fritz and i gotta say that i am truly shocked and devastated from what i have find out so far from book, i have became very depressed after reading couple of chapters both of the books, i couldn’t stop crying for past few days im ok now but i still cant stop thinking of how many children have been and still is under Mk-ultra programming!!!!!,as a mother its very difficult to me to accept fact that this is really happening. This world is so evil!….”

      Oh dear, we’ve all been flabbergasted at the deceit. Part of the world is evil, nonetheless there’s always hope but you need to change the state of your mind. Don’t let it get you down because it’s only temporary. Don’t draw in a bath tub, learn how to handle the negativity. If you can’t change something, just learn to accept it as the only thing that really matters is your health and if you lose that, you lose everything. The key to a happy life is health. So if you don’t get over what is going on, it will get over you.

      ps. I don’t know where to find the Global mgt. Team quotes, it’d be appreciated it if you could paste my post there please.. thank you.

      • see blog header or sidebar under “pages” for Global Mgt. Team Quotes

      • katherine

        off course i do realize that, it is not the first time i have been in this kind of state of my mind meaning here depression and huge anger like also fact that there is not much we can do except prayer and spreading word to all people we know. But when i pray after some days i find peace off my mind again and i realize that those information i have make my prayer that each is dedicated to the poor children and people under mk ultra.

    • This Guy

      I totally agree, that book had me deeply disturbed for quite awhile and I didn’t even read it lol, but just the idea of such things is beyond crazy to me, and the fact that it hasnt even been heard of by anyone (whether credible or not) and suppressed for “National Security” reasons…Damn right its of National Security, I want that shit published and on the shelves, Light speed double time here!!! lol

  19. concerned citizen

    P.S…. Do any of these MK’d celebrities have any idea what so ever that they have been programed? Do they remember any training? There is so much information on the internet right now showing the truth. I would think that some of these stars have read about themselves and would begin to remember. Are they afraid to talk?

    • Yes they’re afraid, constant fear is the number one control mechanism. Prog’mrs maintain control via fear based prog’mg, ritual abuse (torture) and other heinous methods. MK’s are tightly controlled and mental states constantly monitored; there are programs which measure memory retention and punishment is meted out accordingly. See vid posted above of Katherine Jenkins (DWTS) re: not remembering a thing about her dynamic Jive performance (Welsh Wiggle ALTER) minutes ago and NO ONE questions this…

      Torture Endured in Ritual Abuse Trauma Based Mind Control

  20. concerned citizen

    I would love to see photos of the talk show hosts showing their connections to the MK Ultra program (hand signals, set designs. etc.)

  21. Cathy

    Hello Do you think that the judges on dancing with the stars are aware that some of the contestants are mk ultra victims? Thank you, Cathy

    • Absolutely! Len Goodman, Simon Cowell and most “senior” judges on these shows (MK platforms) know what’s up; one of the perks is the smorgasbord of MK BETA Kittens to choose from. Some lower level judges are also MK’d eg. Paula Abdul/J-Lo & others on American Idol (studio literally next door to DWTS) For decades talent shows have been used to introduce MK’s to masses w/Prog’mrs as hosts “Oh wow, look at this young, beautiful talented person, wish I could be like that” — NO you don’t! The MK’d Beatles were presented by Ed Sullivan; Late Night talk show hosts are MK Prog’mr/Handlers — Ted Mack Amateur Hour, Steve Allen, Johnny Carson, Letterman, Leno etc — again the perks. Confidentiality agreements ensure closed mouths, beyond that these people are brothers in fraternal orders, having sworn oaths to “ever conceal and not reveal…” They speak to each other all the time, in our faces using hand signs.

      Masonic Hand Signs & 12 Masonic Signs of Recognition

  22. b.

    hi itk7,

    lets say I was in the presence of one of these kittens what would I have to to do to trigger them?? could this be dangerous for me or for them??

    isn’t it time this chareade finises don’t you think its time the world knows wtf is going on?


    • Yes, yes and yes. I admonish everyone in the strongest possible terms, NEVER attempt to deprogram Mind Kontrolle Slaves; they have many “protective ALTERS”, which depending upon security breach, may activate self-destruct programming (jumping from windows, darting into traffic, ingesting poisons etc.) not to mention possible DELTA (assassin) Prog’mg. I’m not stating Prog’mg is “fail safe”, memories DO return. How many Prog’mg malfunctions described as mental breakdowns, covered up via rehab in some MK Prog’mg Center? Prog’mrs do run a tight ship re: controlling Mind Kontrolled assets and instances of permanent escape are rare. Deprog’mg Mind Kontrolle Multiples should only be attempted by trained professionals, which WE ARE NOT! The type of “deprogramming” my partner (Esoteric Kitten) and me engage in is stripping away fantasy narratives in layers, by identifying/decoding Prog’mg modes, so hopefully others can deprogram and detach for themselves…

      This site and many others are but meager attempts to inform the public; sadly we’re handicapped by public apathy and misconceptions. People don’t care about what appears to be a bunch of over privileged, self-absorbed, chemically dependent, hedonistic celebs, and I don’t fault them; before my eyes were opened I felt the same way. Current U.S. media-driven presentation of MK’d UK import Katherine Jenkins is proof masses would rather believe the lie, than have truth strip away false reality. This silly online debate whether she’s a “trained dancer” or not — Of course she is! This is a seasoned polished performer (singer/dancer/acrobat/actress) human robot performing “on command”, positioned as a “ringer” on Rothschild/BBC/Disney’s Dancing With The Stars (DWTS)— other contestants are clearly outmatched, but it’s not knowing which makes it interesting for viewers, the much valued “wow” factor. I try to be selective, and expose MK Prog’mg in it’s most blatant forms so folks can see how pervasive and interwoven it’s become — of course no matter what we do, or how loud we shout, our voices are drowned out by 24/7 corporate media, nor will the alternative media shills ever sing our chorus loud enough for the deluded masses to hear…

      “A truth’s initial commotion is directly proportional to how deeply the lie was believed. When a well-packaged WEB OF LIES has been SOLD GRADUALLY to the masses OVER GENERATIONS, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker, a raving lunatic” — Dresden James

      KJ MK’d BETA Kitten “Welsh Wiggler” ALTER

  23. janindisguise

    And regarding Whitney H., I will NOT purchase any of her music now. I do wish I had some of her music but not now. I can remember hearing some chatter years ago about having some rumblings with Clive Davis. Yea, he’s a fine one indeed.

    • Good. Every artist singed to Clive Davis [homosexual] is under Mind Kontrolle and regularly tortured; loves to traumatize black females: Aretha Franklin, Fantasia Barrino (Amer Idol), Alicia Keys and Whitney

  24. janindisguise

    I just refer to that dancing show as Dancing with the MK Ultras. What a pitiful showing of slaves – very sick indeed.

    • Over 10yrs of BBC/Disney parading MK’s, working hand-in-glove w/music industry, boosting sales of all their merchandise w/tie-ins for almost everything. Katherine Jenkins peaked my interest because of her high profile everywhere but U.S. She services Royals/Pres/PM, Knights of Malta et al. The woman has amazing vocal skills, but the classical genre is not the most profitable in U.S. After they position her in Vegas/Broadway w/all the obligatory product endorsements, she will have earned her handlers a nice chunk of change — ALTERS about to be “spun” like a roulette wheel! She’s already gone from shy, reserved, refined, prim and proper to full out BETA Sex Kitten…

      • Grim

        On the one hand I’m not saying you are wrong, on the other hand I disagree with some aspects of your statement. Jenkins used to do hard drugs in her early youth, so I wouldn’t call her exactly delicate and innocent. In the business she is, she must be quite thick-skinned and determined. Not everyone is a part of mind control though. I think she minds her business and career. That’s my 2 pennies, you don’t have to agree with me.

  25. Pacita

    People should boycott all of Whitney Houston’s videos (movies and songs) and CD’s. Anything else that pertains to her, people should boycott.

    No profit for the killers!

  26. John Leslie

    Your blog just gets better and better. Easy to navigate now on my IPhone and the content is first rate. Keep up the good work.

    • click here for mobile access to our online catalog of 100’s of celebs (MK-Ultra Monarch Slaves) imprinted w/Prog’mg Modes, and the most commonly used MK Coding — listing contains Esoteric Kitten’s massive library…

      Tx For Your Support

      John Leslie…hmmm 🙂

  27. motherspirit1

    I’m surprised you haven’t touched on Kony 2012 propaganda and Jason Russell’s subsequent meltdown. Either someone one slipped him something or he was programmed to “malfunction.” What are your thoughts?

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