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WARNING! Survivors /Victims of DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) formerly (MPD) EXIT PAGE & BLOG NOW, IT IS FULL OF TRIGGERS! We wish you well in your recovery…
FRIENDS OF MINE: Objective of Military Intel — acquisition/analysis of enemy’s plans/intentions; his combat capabilities/limitations, as well as his own Intel collection apparatus…

Esoteric Kitten is inspiration behind this Journal, focusing on tidbits of Intel discovered in our travels, noteworthy web postings and updates to our sites. This blog attempts to counter Global Management Team (“GMT”) programming for short attention span theater w/their blips, flashes, spinning montages, embedded occult laden subliminal, inf0-overload crawls at screen bottoms. We’ve reverted to infancy, lying on our backs in the crib, jerking our legs to the motions of spinning toys above…

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Mind Kontrolle Masses: Panem Et Circenses & Doll Prog’mg (VIDEOS)
MK (Mind Kontrolle) Ultra Prog’mg Modes ID: “I Gotta See It”
Prez Obama Who’s Team Are You On? Who Are Your Masters? (VIDEO)
Speaking With One Voice: Rothschild Funded Ashke-NAZI Mind Science Controls Media PsyOps
Call To Action: Chemtrails, Planned Wars, MK-Ultra — Enough Is Enough!
* Overview of MK (Mind Kontrolle) Prog’mg here & here
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MONARCH BUTTERFLY (Danaus plexippus)
“A truth’s initial commotion is directly proportional to how deeply the lie was believed. When a well-packaged WEB OF LIES has been SOLD GRADUALLY to the masses OVER GENERATIONS, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker, a raving lunatic” — Dresden James


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Modern Day Hip Hop Minstrel Show

Purpose: Reinforce emotional bond youth have w/Global Management Team Puppet…he’s cool, check out his “swagger” — he cares about us, we can trust him…


OBAMA: Current GMT Bloodline Puppet (Marionette Doll) executing plans to the letter via unconstitutional Executive Orders (EO’s), continues to implement Nazi-style regime established by Skull & Bones George W. Bush, tightening noose around necks of deluded Americans. Hollywood/Media/Music Industry (controlled by Zionist/Kharzarite/Ashkenazi/Japethites) maintain illusion “the system” is functioning properly, our leaders are diligently working on solutions to ensure our way of life (serfdom) while exterminating “their”enemies — currently Islamic world.
MITT ROMNEY: The Mormon Plan For America

Mitt Romney Flip Flops, Lies & Hypocrisy (VIDEO)
True to Hegelian Dialectic process, it matters not whether Dem’s or Repugs are on stage, policies will ALWAYS increase power of those who’ve groomed their inaudibility through the centuries. All scripts have  been approved by GMT steering committees and 2012 quadrennial tickle fest is well underway. GMT American political ops, now fully engaged in stroking emotions of voting populace, still foolishly believing political control is in their hands, by selecting among those who’ve already been selected. Inevitably the wars (Crusades) will continue, for it’s THEIR PLAN for profit and control — and provides more human sacrifices integral to their worship system…
Do you really think Bilderberg attendee Romney will change this?

Prez Obama Who’s Team Are You On? Who Are Your Masters? (VIDEO)
 Mitt Romney & The Mormon Plan For America
Let’s see…Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Iran & Syria — the smiling affable agent of those committed to our destruction is just the latest face card (cutout) for Global Mgt. Team…
From Terrorism & The Illuminati: Syrian Opposition: Who’s Doing The Talking?
Bassma Kodmani, leaving Bilderberg conference in Chantilly, Virginia. Kodmani is a member of the executive bureau and head of foreign affairs, Syrian National Council. Kodmani is close to centre of  SNC power structure, and one of the council’s most vocal spokespeople. “No dialogue with the ruling regime is possible. We can only discuss how to move on to a different political system,” she declared this weekQuoted by AFP newswire: “The next step needs to be a resolution under Chapter VII, which allows for the use of all legitimate means, coercive means, embargo on arms, as well as the use of force to oblige the regime to comply.”
This statement translates into the headline “Syrians call for armed peacekeepers” (Australia’s Herald Sun). When large-scale international military action is being called for, it seems only reasonable to ask: who exactly is calling for it? We can say, simply, “an official SNC spokesperson,” or we can look a little closer.
This year was Kodmani’s second Bilderberg. At the 2008 conference, Kodmani was listed as French; by 2012, her Frenchness had fallen away and she was listed simply as “international” – her homeland had become the world of international relations.
Back a few years, in 2005, Kodmani was working for the Ford Foundation in Cairo, where she was director of their governance and international co-operation programme. The Ford Foundation is a vast organization, HQ New York, and Kodmani was already fairly senior. But she was about to jump up a league.
Around this time, in February 2005, US-Syrian relations collapsed, and President Bush recalled his ambassador from Damascus. A lot of opposition projects date from this period. “The US money for Syrian opposition figures began flowing under President George W Bush after he effectively froze political ties with Damascus in 2005,” says the Washington Post.
In September 2005, Kodmani was made the executive director of the Arab Reform Initiative (ARI) – a research programme initiated by the powerful US lobby group, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).
ITK7: Unrestrained empire building as outlined by Zionist P.N.A.C. in “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” being implemented by the letter — 4 more years of Barry’s Excellent Adventure or Mitt The Mormon…does it really matter? [PDF in sidebar]

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Yes, the dreaded Third Reich was entirely a Jesuit-Papal creation! Hitler, Himmler, Mengele, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Bush (Scherf) along w/Wall Street and British/American corporate interests and many other unsuspected Jesuit-Papal Coadjutors, directed the whole mess…then transplanted it wholly to UK, Russia and U.S. See this Beast revealed in prophecy…

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Albert Pike’s Illuminati Blueprint For Luciferian Sun Worship & False Messiah

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“…many MI-6 agents start as trauma- brainwashed child sex slaves…”
“The person who did it to me was Thomas Hurd (MI6) and this was at Douglas Hurd’s cottage… Also met John Scarlett and Eliza Manningham-Buller, and Stella Rimington. Blair, Mandelson, Kinnock, Saatchi, Cameron, Osborne and others (Simon Cowell, Piers Morgan) all attended…”

MK (Mind Kontrolle) Ultra Prog’mrs Piers Morgan & Simon Cowell (MI6 Spooks)

MK’d Katherine Jenkins; BETA Sex Kitten Present for B-Day Boy Piers Morgan (MI6)

Now you know who bankrolls these presenters (pretenders) masquerading as good guys who just want to showcase undiscovered talent. Today’s top of the food chain media personalities are ALL plugged into Satanic Brotherhood in one way or another, users/abusers of  Mind Kontrolle Slaves. This is not likely to change…

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Abridged from Bollywood Illuminati Channel: “Most of us focus on what “Illuminati” in Hollywood does, forgetting the other side of the planet… an industry which tries to mind control about 2 billion people. Bollywood movies aren’t just popular in India, but several other countries as well….Bollywood and it’s other Indian offspring’s have a huge following and become increasingly flooded w/ Occult, Mythological, Secret Society and Esoteric symbolism
*Strongly recommend for those seeking to widen knowledge base — Excellent Channel!

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KPOP (=Korean Popular Music; dance, electronic, Hip-Hop, R&B)

Abridged from Wiki: K-pop (Korean: 가요, kayo) Abbrev. of Korean popular music, consisting of dance, electronic, electropop, hip hop, and R&B originating in South Korea. K-pop has grown into a popular subculture among teens and young adults around the world, resulting in widespread interest in fashion and style of Korean idol groups and singers [Marionette Doll Programming]
Facebook, iTunes, Twitter and YouTube aid the ability of K-pop to reach a previously inaccessible audience via Internet is driving a paradigm shift in exposure and popularity of the genre.South Korean popular culture is today serving as a major driver of youth culture all across the Pacific Rim and Eurasia, with special reference to China, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and much of Southeast Asia…
ITK7:  Readers should KNOW this technology explosion was invented by Military-Behavioral Science apparatus w/specific intent of surveillance, distraction (CIRCUS) and implantation of  mind control prog’mg, beginning w/radio to present day applications — Now we’re all hooked! Major players (music/media/tech company owners/directors)  are in some way members of Jesuit-Papal cabal which controls the agenda — BEHIND ALL their antics lurks the Master Deceiver, Father of Lies & Author of Confusion, furiously weaving his WEB of LIES & DECEIT to the wonder of us all. When he’s gained total control of everything, then the Final Battle & JUDGEMENT awaits those foolish enough to have followed him and reveled in the spoils of his destruction. How long? Not long.

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Readers should know Ft. Meade is HQ of National Security Agency (Puzzle Palace) umbrella org of MK-Ultra Mind Kontrolle; Commanded by Keith B. Alexander (Knight of Malta or Papal Knight) ALL SMOM Knights of Malta function as Pope’s militia under Jesuit orders. There’s NO way this is just a “drivers training exercise”– those are conducted regularly on bases…

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(more here)

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SCOPOLAMINE: Mind Kontrolle Serum

Scopolamine was among the drugs used by Nazi scientist Joseph Mengele under aegis of Jesuit-OSS/CIA for MK-Ultra. The program has also used LSD, sodium pentothal, heroin, morphine, MDMA, temazepam, mescaline, psilocybin, scopolamine, ergine, as well as process of hypnosis…

Dr. Hubertus Strughold; Nazi Mind Kontrolle Scientist (NASA)

This monster is celebrated as “The Father of Space Medicine”  Strughold  served as Chief of Aeromedical Research for German Luftwaffe, throughout WW2. Under Jesuit-Papal CIA Operation Paperclip, he was smuggled into US in 1947 as part of the “Forth Reich” (Amer Branch). Installed at NASA (under USAF) held series of high-ranking medical positions, where he continued his abominable experiments on US Servicemen, and credited w/pioneering study of physical and psychological effects of manned spaceflight (more here)
Nazi’s, Scopolamine & San Antonio Texas
Scopolamine: Devil’s Breath

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ITK7: Much of what is contained within so-called “alternative media” or “conspiracy sites” has  been revealed long ago. In large measure, we (community of researchers) can only endeavor to show the depth and progress of elements of an ancient plot. We (Esoteric Kitten) chose to focus on Mind Kontrolle Prog’mg, of both slaves and masses, but also attempt to provide readers w/some geopolitical, bio-scientific aspects of the plot while infusing some positive spirituality. We don’t want readers knowledge base to be “a mile long, and an inch deep” — rather have some historical context in which to place the sinister program of Mind Kontrolle…This will require the lost art of (*gulp*) reading 🙂

CLICK THIS PIC atop page  for some spiritual context…

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Grand Design Exposed
“Ignorance is the mother of Papal devotion…” from “Foreign Conspiracy Against The Liberties of The United States” by Samuel Morse 1835.
Subliminal Rome

Obama w/Jesuit-Papal servants: (L-R) Coadjutor Rep. Barney Frank (Zionist); Knights of Malta, Senators Richard Durbin; Chris Dodd (Fmr Senator, now Chmn, CEO Motion Picture Assoc. (MPA) Bilderberger

“…According to World Almanac of US Politics, virtually NO arena of federal legislative activity is not directly controlled by Roman Catholic Senator or Congressman. Committees and subcommittees of US Senate & Congress (House of Representatives) governing commerce, communications and telecommunications, energy, medicine, health, education and welfare, human services, consumer protection, finance and financial institutions, transportation, labor and unemployment, hazardous materials, taxation, bank regulation, currency and monetary policy, oversight of Federal Reserve System, commodity prices, rents services, small business administration, urban affairs, European affairs, Near Eastern & South Asian affairs, terrorism/narcotics/international communications, international economic/trade/oceans/environmental policy, insurance, housing, community development, federal loan guarantees, economic stabilization measures (including wage and price controls), gold and precious metals transactions, agriculture, animal and forestry industries, rural issues, nutrition, price supports, Food for Peace, agricultural exports, soil conservation, irrigation, stream channelization, flood control, minority enterprise, environment and pollution, appropriations, defense, foreign operations, vaccines, drug labeling and packaging, drug and alcohol abuse, inspection and certification of fish and processed food,use of vitamins and saccharin, national health insurance proposals, human services, legal services, family relations, the arts and humanities, the handicapped, and aging…in other words, virtually every aspect of secular life in America comes under the Chairmanship of one of the Roman Catholic laypersons…”

Who Rules?

Intelligence Agents (Jesuit-Papal Knights) give orders to Obama Oval Office

ITK7: Many have been duped into thinking “it’s ALWAYS the Jews…” due to well crafted disinformation and prominence in many arenas, however, Zionists have ALWAYS worked under Vatican command structure (College of Cardinals or Papal ambassadors) Zionists are simply Papal Court Jews (Hofjuden) under command of Jesuit General (Black Pope, currently Adolpho Pachon Nicolas) being guided by former Jesuit General Count Peter Hans-Kolvenbach…
VP Biden Secret Meeting With Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI w/Joseph Biden; Knight of Malta, Jesuit-Papal servant REAL Prez of US; Obama’s Senate mentor/Controller

Sen. Joseph Biden (SMOM Knight) and wife Jill; Pope John Paul II (High Babylonian Priest) Sovereign Vatican City State
Who Controls The U.S.A.

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Mormonism, Masonry, Satanism & LDS Temple

+       +       +

Nations foreshadowed (via predictive programming) in Global Mgt. Team sites targeted for conquest; seizure of natural resources and genocide of peoples, in accordance w/Jesuit-Papal orders, using their militia (SMOM Knights of Malta/Columbus) installed in Unified Military Commands and Intel (Mossad/CIA/MI6/INI) throughout the world…

Who funds these wars? Who plunges nations into perpetual debt, making slaves out of the masses and giving banksters total control over their respective economies and their lives?

(3) Planned Wars
It matters not which GMT puppet is installed @1600 Pennsylvania Ave, their plot rolls along — so why are you still voting? Still engaged in the fantasy narrative, still emotionally attached to this demoniac world system of Bread & Circus which selects characters to play roles decades in advance…

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Billionaire Bilderberger Peter Theil $2.6M To Ron Paul (article)

Thiel Fellowship Pays Students $100K NOT To Finish School

Ron Paul Masonic grip w/PJ O’Rourke (Zionist) Bill Maher looks on

2012 Annual Bilderberg Participants, Chantilly, Virginia
This hotel hosted same GMT Round Table Group in 2008, when they conspired against “useless eaters” during  Obama/Palin Hegelian Dialectic tango. Rothschild/Rockefeller Federal Reserve thieves Paulson & Bernake looted US Treasury…yet again, as voters were mesmerized by Palin/Obama social drama. They provided more circus, while snatching more bread…
New Age Deception — The Final Conflict
Catholic Wing of Libertarianism
Readers of this blog should know ALL political candidates vying for POTUS are owned/controlled, have pledged secret blood oaths to various fraternities (Jesuits, Masons, Rosicrucians) and Papal Chivalric Orders (Knights of Malta/Columbus) ONLY after receiving PERMISSION to DECEIVE the masses, in the ongoing Hegelian Dialectic tango are they ALLOWED to toss their hat in the ring. NO comment on Alex (Jesuit-Coadjutor) Jones’s blatantly obvious shilling and juvenile antics…

Heinz (Henry) Kissinger; MK Mind Kontrolle Prog’mr, Zionist, Rockefeller stooge enroute to 2012 Bilderberg conference also member Pilgrim Society, Trilateral Cmssn, CFR
Heinz (Henry) Kissinger: Over 40yrs MK-Ultra PIMPIN
ITK7 Bilderberg Meeting  Special Delivery (VIDEO)

*       *       *

Global Management Team via Zionst control of  media, has amped up U.S. image as bloodthirsty, barbaric militarists, killing anyone who impedes her geostrategic goals. Zionists in conjunction w/Hollyweird are promoting Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest farce “The Dictator”  a character which lampoons terminated dictators  Qaddafi & Sadaam Hussein. His (Cohen’s) media tours include being flanked by attractive female bodyguards while spewing vulgar jokes and presenting stereotypical imagery of Arabs and Muslims. This is how American sheeple are programmed (Mind Kontrolled) to accept barbarism as occurred at Abu Ghraib

2012 Oscar Red Carpet w/Ryan Seacrest & Kim Jung Il Ashes

*       *       *

More forensic research from Mind Control Assassins


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ATTN: Research material in sidebar will greatly assist in your journey for truth…

30 responses to “ITK7 Journal 2012/3Q

  1. BTW Romney’s father George, was not only a polygamist chased out of the U.S. w/family and fled to Mexico, but also a big fan of MK-Ultra Mind Control, and wanted to infuse this diabolical program into the Mormon church

    Yes, another psychopathic member of the elite now exits the stage, retreating to the Mind Kontrolle Mormon cult world of his origins. The Mormon cult has long been a major front for Mind Kontrolle activity. The so-called “choices” Americans are offered as POTUS become more bizarre with each election cycle…

  2. “Major players (music/media/tech company owners/directors) are in some way members of Jesuit-Papal cabal which controls the agenda — BEHIND ALL their antics lurks the Master Deceiver, Father of Lies & Author of Confusion, furiously weaving his WEB of LIES & DECEIT to the wonder of us all. When he’s gained total control of everything, then the Final Battle & JUDGEMENT awaits those foolish enough to have followed him and reveled in the spoils of his destruction. How long? Not long.”

    Thanks for all that you do to reveal the truth and expose the lies!

    “He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ [be] with you all. Amen.”
    Revelation 22:20,21

    • Yes, that’s the REAL challenge, moving readers beyond the visible deceptions to see the ENTIRE FANTASY NARRATIVE was created/maintained by one evil being and his army of spiritual beings (demons NOT aliens). I fear that for many, study of GMT (Illuminati, et al) has become another form of entertainment or escapism, just like another reality show, and they fail to recognize the spiritual component. Tx for all your support Cathy — ITK7 Journal 2012/4Q coming soon!

  3. janindisguise

    It mentions above that B. Obama is gmt bloodline, marionette. Can you give his bloodline? I know the marionette theme – reminds me of mengele programming, based on what I have read. So could you give info about his gmt bloodline please? Thanks.

  4. Hello: There is a fantastic article about the topless Kate Middleton scandal. It is on the website It is entitled “Topless Kate, 2 massacres and an initiation.” Very interesting and disturbing observations about William and Kate, the Sun God and Moon Goddess!

  5. Dear ITK&: Have you ever seen the ABC T.V. show “Once upon a time?” About fairy tale characters living in modern day America? There are of course many references to magic (mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin says a lot “all magic comes with a price” and “magic is coming, because magic is power.”) Do you think that this excellent show is just good entertainment, or they are putting out ideas, programming for other reasons? My guess is it is probably just a good show, but I thought I would ask your opinion. Later this month ABC will be starting a new show “666 Park Avenue” with the logo in the advertisements an eye-like swirl. So obvious and in your face. Any comments you can make would be appreciated. Cathy

  6. Pacita

    I have a couple of questions. I know that we have freedom of expression, but why is it that “Hollywood” has so many vulgar photos on its sight? If the person running the site is trying to expose and “fight” against the “powers that be”, why is he or she bringing the vibe of vulgarity on his site? Vaginas opened, large erect penises and who knows what else are openly displayed on this site UNNECESSARILY. Children who may want to be informed, yet not be exposed to those things should be considered. Is as if he or she is helping the “powers that be” along in their “aura”, “vibe”, etc.

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  8. Ann

    I would love to hear your thoughts about Ashley’s comments on 7/10 regarding her observations of the music group DC Talk. Thank you.

  9. Kim

    Still superior in your delivery and information. Pc in the shop…ill be back. Much love. 😉

  10. Posting this for those who may care…thankfully most do not!

    Response to RR’s Obsessive Midsummer Nights Dementia…

    Sent: Saturday, July 7, 2012 8:12 PM
    Subject: Re: Short Interlude in July… Something needing Settled.

    These nonsensical rants of yours have reached the absurd point…you’ve really gotten ridiculous, and needlessly so. YOU WERE BANNED, knowing exactly why and now like a petulant child won’t get over it! No matter how you feel about us, professionals can separate personal issues from work product…you have much to contribute, which why I never steered people away from your work…however, as per your request link in sidebar will be removed.

    I actually considered talking partnership at some point, even after many warned not to deal w/ you, but I usually give folks the benefit of the doubt before severing ties. For the record, I told you issues between you and EK were just that — your issues. She’s quite capable of handling herself, and chooses not to deal w/you or your associates.You and I were fine until you launched into a series of personal attacks laced w/class envy, that at the time I didn’t feel like dealing with, but you persisted, that’s when I said enough. Even after all your smears/false accusations and flat out lies, I’ve yet to release the PM from your deceased partner, filled w/smears and threats toward EK, MK Culture and VC. You’ve laughingly lumped us into your basket of shills, w/the likes of Godlike Productions (GLP) who I did an expose on a while back?!? These attorney’s you’re consulting must be bottom of the class to even look at this crap you’re peddling and the delusional one’s blowing smoke up your butt suggesting Lucis Trust affiliations?!? Get some therapy man, soon! You’re fudging the truth and selective memory in these recent tirades leaves you looking petty, envious and vindictive, all of which is beneath you. I’ve dealt w/all kinds in my journey, I consider you and your schoolboy taunts mild irritations at best…

    Anywho…gotta go, time to cruise around Manhattan once more on the Hatteras 🙂

    Slightly Amused

    Sat, Jul 14, 2012 at 3:20 PM
    To: R R

    Hey Mr. Mensa,

    You really need to deal w/this obsession and stop projecting things onto people you don’t know. I’ll state again, we (Esoteric Kitten) don’t owe you or anyone else any details re: our identity, you’re the only one who seems to care. Our readers are grateful for the work we’ve produced. Can you hear the laughter from readers, seeing how you keep accusing us of precisely what you’re guilty of — I can 🙂 Forget these smear pieces you’ve cranked out, I think you should do an entire blog just about me and EK…call it “Shill Obsession” so everyone can see how hateful, racist, spiteful, petty and deluded you really are…behind all your “dark mysticism” lies a bitter old man…

    BTW I won’t be responding to anymore communication, you’ve become redundant and boring…

    I invite all to peruse his filthy ramblings about us (Esoteric Kitten) being shills; threats, homosexual innuendo, and juvenile taunts (I’ll meet you here or there…blah, blah). This from a man in his late fifties, carrying on about NOTHING! Eventually the ugliness inside oozes to the surface. This totally tasteless man actually attempts to soften the stream of disgusting posts about us w/some sappy, syrupy sweet bio (pic incl) of “cute little RR” [cue violins]

    BTW we (Esoteric Kitten) have received a grand total of ONE comment, to date, re: RR’s obsession w/us…

    • Andy

      Well I’m a bit confused because I tried twice to browse the site without any success. Are we banned or something? It’s gone missing.

  11. Ashley

    I do not know if this has anything to do with the subject, but I noticed an old group which is no longer together called “DC TALK” has two of its members sporting “goatees”. They have an upside down triangle of hair below their bottom lip. Plus, when they were together, they made a song called “Consume me”. Within the lyrics are the words, “like a puppet on a string”. Are they part of the MK agenda? Recently, Kevin Max made a “movie” called “IMPOSTER” (I do not know if they meant to misspell that word).

  12. ATTN: 4shared PIC/VID Archive Accounts Suspended, links will be restored after pics reloaded — there were over 20K so please be patient 🙂


  13. hi intheknow7
    you need to take a look at this link below. it looks like cathy o brien has never been free a day in her life.may the Lord have mercy on her.

    • Truly sad…they keep a really tight reign on their assets. Many times they’re “re-programmed” and released as “conspiracy researchers” to lure in other slaves who’ve broken free…

  14. GrayStroke

    Do you have the report of Iron Mountain?

    It is very chilling of how it all begin and how it is unfolding before us and marries up perfectly with your work. Hope you add it to your vast collection.

  15. WakingUp

    Ok, I’m confused. The recent video interview posting with Esoteric Kitten and Christie Aphrodite radio interview has multiple banners of the Truth Brigade show popping up and hey, it is all MK symbolism. Am I wrong here?
    It’s purple butterflies, it’s Monarch butterflies and trigger color orange.
    Am I the only one noticing this? Or does Ms. Aphrodite just have a thing for the exact same images as the MK project?

    • Yes, we (*ahem*) noticed this also. Images on banner represent symbolism of subject matter, NOT support of sinister science of Mind Kontrolle. Before we made contact, became friends and eventual partners, I thought Esoteric Kitten was so named for deliberate provocation as some do, but she confessed it was purely out of ignorance — you should have seen some of the ideas I had for gravatars — Whew! We learn, we grow…
      From host of TruthBrigade: “One of the problems with this is that people can go too far…do you really think God consorted with the CIA and ONI before He created butterflies…? I happen to be a hobby nature photographer and I LOVE taking photos of butterflies, bees, birds, raccoons and every other critter in creation. Not once did I see one and think CIA…”

      Always feel free to question ANYTHING posted on this site 🙂

  16. L

    I don’t want to bother to vote because you are right. It doesn’t matter how you vote.The “council” already have it all lined up. I thought maybe I should vote for the Independent party for the first time (democrat for years.) I respect the fact that Ron Paul is a highly educated medical doctor and wants to get rid of the Federal Reserve like JFK. BUT WHAT’S UP WITH THE MASONIC HANDSHAKE? Is he another NWO creep? But you know who bothers me more? That disgusting Bill Maher makes me want to throw up! (excuse me) He thinks he is wonderful because he is non religious. He makes fun of the Christian cross that Jesus died on in his show. A TRUE liberal respects all religions, but not this guy! He thinks our military (young American men and women) should die for Isreal. I do respect the religious nature of this country, but why can’t they defend themselves? This country has a massive army and gets TONS of money from us every year. They have a right to defend themselves, but they have a HUGE military defense (I’m sure they have atom bomb no matter what they say.) So why do our men and women have to die for them?

  17. DaftAida

    So true. AJ’s role (from my perspective) is to head off rightly disaffected vets into civl warfare as planned. Anyone indoctrinated into the protocols of death via military training will automatically leap to the command of a ‘tough-sounding ‘sfb’ just like their squad leaders. Hence the crocodle voice with crocodile outrage to match. A dangerous, ruthless pie-eyed piper, clearly on mephamphetamines or coke.

    • Yes, he’s quite the performer; the annual call-in-advance Bilderberger sideshows, and Bohemian Grove video shoots of him traipsing in the woods w/film crew in tow and one old geezer standing guard over global elite minions, engaging in abominable acts (child sacrifice, sex magick, ritual torture etc.) strains credulity! Never thought of the “vet angle” — Good observation! BTW Your moderator is USA Retired & De-programmed “useless eater” held in high esteem by Herr Heinz (Henry) Kissinger, MK Prog’mr, Procurer For Pedophiles, Zionist, GMT consigloire…

      “Military men are dumb stupid animals to be used for foreign policy” — attributed to Kissinger by Alexander Haig as quoted in “The Final Days” by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, Chap.14., pp.194, paperback version (1995)

  18. ATTN: RR (former frequent commenter) is at it again…his latest rambling accuses us (Esoteric Kitten) of being “shills”… even placing us atop his list. Amidst this silliness he states his belief that we may be the same person! This transparent / juvenile attempt to “draw us out” and satisfy his fishing expedition will prove unsuccessful. This individual was fed phony Intel (by me) via email in order to determine trustworthiness — he failed miserably, which partly led to decision to sever communication. Yes, we retained his comments, which we did and still consider useful…
    (*Note: RR’s WordPress & posterous sites disappeared shortly after these comments; he continues to post similar nonsense sporadically.)
    Excerpt from @RR’s blog May 6, 2012: Shillcraft: Fake Name & No Name Moderators: “Here’s a few fake name/no name Moderators that parrot each other a lot, imitating each other overall, and lie to people about WHO they really are when asked:
    This “team” first: EsotericKitten & Intheknow7: allegedly partners on blogs, Facebook, and YouTube who say they’re “exposing” the Global Management Team/GMT and the Entertainment Industry’s “Monarch” mind-control Programming… who apparently come from wealth backgrounds likely spoiled little monsters as children with Military backgrounds and are White Collar yuppie preppy types real arrogant like Billion Dollar Babies…”
    RR seems to operate from the false assumption that anyone who doesn’t come from an impoverished background cannot legitimately contribute to the dialogue and God forbid if they have any ties to military or a secret fraternal order. The overwhelming majority of Intel in the so-called “alternative media” culture is from those who’ve rubbed shoulders with elites and have some military background!Who better to provide Intel on some inner workings of GMT than those who’ve actually been exposed to their antics? Curious that an Aleister Crowley devotee and self confessed member of O.T.O. (Ordo Templi Orientis) would think ill of a Mason’s son! We (Esoteric Kitten) will not be bullied or coerced by any group(s) or person(s) into revealing our identities; nor is it necessary for our endeavors on our respective sites…

    We’re extremely grateful for the outpouring of support regularly received from readers who credit us with helping them awaken to some tragic realities in our world. In spite of RR’s personal issues w/ us (Esoteric Kitten) I still consider his site (s) very useful, and have not made any attempts to dissuade readers from visiting. I will not speculate as to the motivation of his baseless attacks and false accusations, other than to say he seems intent on drawing us (Esoteric Kitten) deeper in the rabbit hole of his delusional mindset — Perhaps he’s a P.T. Barnum devotee…”If you want to draw a crowd, start a fight”…. Let readers do, what they always have…make of things what they will 🙂

    Is this the part where we become panic stricken, use an inordinate amount of space releasing details of our private lives in attempts to allay his fears regarding our identities? Sure, we’ll get right on that…

    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win” – Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

    (*Above posted on Moderator page & ITK7 Journal 2012/3Q)

    Be Well & Stay Vigilant

    • FFS

      How is it possible to be the same person both EK and you? EK is a woman, I heard her voice on youtube in one of those radio interviews. Just ignore the bugger. lol

      • You’re right! I was debating whether to refute his diatribe, laced w/schoolboy taunts, petty and vindictive class envy w/a scathing rebuke, but why waste the time/space…I’d much rather provide more Intel for readers…

        Yes, my partner’s a woman…intelligent, beautiful, compassionate, thoughtful, driven and quite resourceful. How silly for him to turn the use of a pseudonym or nom de plume, used by many to maintain some semblance of privacy, into something sinister. It’s become clear RR has major issues, which can only be resolved w/help from professional counseling — others are aware of his propensity for drama, and making outrageous claims…

        *Esoteric Kitten Truth Bridgade Interview
        Tx For Your Support

  19. Concerned citizen

    Great information! But I’m confused. Why would they (?) allow Alex Jones to expose the Bohemian Grove? It is causing many mind controlled people to remember, which is not in their favor. Also, I don’t understand why Ron Paul wants to get rid of the Federal Reserve. It is an excellent idea, because it seems to conflict with everything else he stands for.

    • AJ’s a well funded, Jesuit-controlled disinfo agent in the “role” of a conspiracy theorist/truther — his site(s) along w/many others, are used for “data mining”…the more interest he generates, the more so-called truthers flock to him. Ron Paul’s anti-Fed rants are pure pretense…

      see Godlike Productions (GLP) Controlled Opposition/Gatekeepers

      • GrayStroke

        controlled opposition TPTB have so many irons in the fire they do not have a problem allowing info to get out. Why? because the information is so mind blowing going against the grain of the national brainwashed (as I was/am to many degrees) that the percentage of believers of the information is of no consequences to them. The number of believers of following eh shills on the other hand is astounding and growing every day….! Keep up the fight of faith! Not by power nor by might but by my SPIRIT saith the Lord!

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