ITK7 Journal 2013: “Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow…”


WARNING! Survivors /Victims of DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) formerly (MPD) EXIT PAGE & BLOG NOW, IT IS FULL OF TRIGGERS! We wish you well in your recovery…
Friends Of Mine: Objective of Military Intel — acquisition/analysis of enemy’s plans/intentions; his combat capabilities/limitations, as well as his own Intel collection apparatus…


ESOTERIC KITTEN: Partner/ inspiration for Journal; Intel discovered in our travels, noteworthy web postings/updates to our sites. This blog attempts to counter Global Management Team (“GMT”) programming for short attention span theater w/their blips, flashes, spinning montages, embedded occult laden subliminals, and inf0-overload crawls at screen bottoms. Many of us have reverted to infancy, laying on our backs in cribs, jerking our legs to the motions of spinning toys above…

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Call To Action: Chemtrails, Planned Wars, MK-Ultra — Enough Is Enough!

SEE Monarch Butterfly (Danaus plexippus)
“A truth’s initial commotion is directly proportional to how deeply the lie was believed. When a well-packaged WEB OF LIES has been SOLD GRADUALLY to the masses OVER GENERATIONS, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker, a raving lunatic” — Dresden James



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ITK7 (In The Know7, intheknow7) Journal is officially closed. The blog remains open for research, comments, and possible future postings. I’ve been both enriched and encouraged by this endeavor as I sincerely hope have all readers.  This decision is voluntary, not reached under any duress, coercion nor any threat of violence. I’m quite safe. Many sacrifices accompanied compiling this material and though not a direct contributor to every post, rest assured my partners wise counsel and vision has been invaluable — truly the wind beneath my wings. I remain in awe of her strength, courage, intellect and dedication as she wrestles with the vicissitudes of life — head always held high,  ever learning, teaching and encouraging. Much Love My Darling Mentor…

“Parting is such sweet sorrow…”

*       *       *

A thousand thank you’s to those in so-called alternative media community for welcoming us and putting up with my musings and rants — special acknowledgement to Henry Makow, Ph.D who put this blog on the map by promoting Sarah L. Palin exposes along  w/ contributor Zen Gardner of BeforeItsNews.  Administrator of Four Winds, Patrick Bellringer, who without hesitation, posted everything submitted. Early friend and supporter Joe Lanier of  The Conspiracy Zone, and of course Ben of Pseudo Occult Media who was instrumental in helping me to see and interpret the Programming and to all who’ve steered traffic this way.
I count readers of this blog among the most civil, level headed and respectful in cyberspace, who’ve supported our work w/minimal drama, helped spread the word and stood faithfully by us, through blocks, bans, smears, shutdowns and all the rest — mutually strengthened in the process. Difficult as it may be, I admonish you to continue your search for truth — her arms are flung wide open, waiting to embrace you. I find myself emotionally torn stepping back from this work, feeling blessed to have been able to bring it forth, but saddened that much of it’s contents details such depravity that tragically shall continue. In many ways this blog has come to define a major part of my personality — now acutely aware of the culprits of many of the horrors of our world; sickened by their heinousness, amazed at their boldness, yet resolved to fight with every fiber of my being not to succumb to their influences…
To our detractors — God Bless & Thank You for helping to make us all stronger…

*       *       *

Controlled Military (MI6) Asset MK’d BETA Sex-Kitten: Katherine Jenkins


Not immune to mesmerizing effect of MK’d BETA Kittens, due to their captivating beauty and amazing talents. Current favorite.

Beneath her glittering image, lies yet another tortured soul longing to be freed from the daily horrors of Mind Kontrolle — where there is no peace…
Disney Presents: Dancing With The [Mind Kontrolled] Slaves

Of course No. 1 MK’d “Oz-Dorothy” Song Trigger: “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”

PARENTAL WARNING: Fiercely guard your children — the REAL TARGETS! Love them by teaching them to challenge authority,which cloaks this evil. The assault upon them is strategic, relentless and brutal — initiated from highest levels of clergy (Jesuits-RCC-Zionism), unified Intel agencies, and unified military command structure. Hollywood is a demonic cesspool, full of high level, well protected predators, and should be avoided like the plague. I implore you, keep your precious little ones as far away as possible. Plenty of outlets exist for gifts and talents to be displayed without being subjected to rampant pedophilia and demonic cabals! Hollywood/Vegas contains largest, most glittering Monarch Butterfly collection. (also see 50yrs of MK (Mind Kontrolle) Ultra BETA Sex Kittens)

*       *       *

*ARCHIVES in sidebar for posts not displayed. Centerpiece of blog “MK (Mind Kontrolle) Ultra Program Guide: Satanic Infiltration” outlines basics of Mind Kontrolle Programming IS restored/revised. It’s integral to all posts, giving insight into current shape, direction and focus of our culture. For new comers who may feel they’ve missed out, see Mind Kontrolle Masses: Panem Et Circenses & Doll Programming

*       *       *

My personal life during the administration of this blog morphed into an incredible odyssey full of vibrant and vexing characters, hastening  development of patience, temperance and humility — not my strong suits. It’s also made plain life isn’t a straight line between point A and B; it’s full of ups and downs, peaks and valleys, pinnacles and ravines — they’ll be times when you’ll find yourself spiraling downward into the depths of despair, thinking you’ll never get back up — but God!

*       *       *

May each of you live as long as you want, and never want as long as you live. May each of you live to be one hundred, and me, one hundred but minus a day…so I’ll never know that wonderful people like you have passed away…

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience…”

  *       *       *
“Each of us are born designer originals, handcrafted. Your genetic code is distinct from anyone who is, has been or will be. We don’t need screen images or magazines to validate us — we’re already special! Too many of us  look to imitate others, wasting our lives attempting to be someone else, and while you’re doing that, the rest of us are deprived of your special gifts and talents…your uniqueness.” — ITK7

*       *       *


Foreign press interview: “American Reaction To The Word Jihad” (click pic for response)

Now for some much needed down time…


Three movies, too many drinks, one leg cramp, sponsoring travel companion’s membership  into a certain club and  11.75 hrs later…7166643760_96370e3fe2_z

“Lemme do, Mr. hardcore ex-military too cold…shaking” True, been a while.

겨울 사랑 관심, 뉴욕에서 만난, 가족을 보려면 비행기를


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~END ~

43 responses to “ITK7 Journal 2013: “Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow…”

  1. WideyedOne

    “..but be of good cheer: I have overcome the world.” – John 16:33

    ITK7, more than any other, you have helped me begin to truly understand the wonderful unfathomable gravity of this statement is by Jesus Messiah. I’m telling whoever will listen, come what may.


  2. Hi I read something about “room 23” which is supposedly a celebrity escort service, and there is a book about this, with the celebrities in weird photos. Cindy Crawford is shown in them. She also has a skin cream company. I have seen TV commercials where they show a photo of her from the 1980’s and brag that she hasn’t aged a bit (and she hasn’t), implying it is the skin cream. Is she a victim of peter pan programming? Are other models involved in this stuff? What about Twiggy?

  3. exposeemasap

    I am interested to know about the Jenners/Kardashians. I try to find out their history but nothing comes up as far as MK programming.There is something about that family and I just want to know what it is.

  4. Have you heard anything about whether or not there will be an attack at the Sochi olympics? Just curious.

  5. graystroke

    I hope many that visit here will study and learn the source of all this evil and it will shock your senses just as it may already be from all this knowledge.

    and now you will understand what and who we are up against and if you are a 501(c)3 church going christian that believes the jews are still God’s chosen then you in particular need to have your eyes opened and then you may understand Paul saying they are not jews but of the synagogue of Satan… yes the mass deception we have been played but it is not a prank it is life and death…ours and loved ones….

  6. Cathy

    Hello: Today on “live with kelly and Michael” (a daytime talk show) Cher was a guest, and they showed a picture of Kelly Ripa and Cher in the green room before the show with Kelly Ripa wearing rabbit ears. After the picture was shown, Kelly said, “now I have to figure out why I was wearing those rabbit ears”! In general, how aware would Kelly be of what she is doing? Do these mk’d people have some awareness of what they are doing?

    • Unless memories are recovered during deprogramming they remain unaware. Programmers/handlers in media are on every set along w/pharmacists to insure MK’s function according to scripts. Good to hear from you Cathy…

  7. Cathy

    Hello: Do you know anything about the sons of Bruce jenner? Are they MK’d? Or maybe mind control handlers? They seem like excellent candidates to be either. Thank you, Cathy

  8. Frank

    Hello! I find your site to be very interesting and informative. One thing that puzzles me, though, is your apparent embrace of Christianity and, especially of the bible. Do you not see religion as the ultimate use of mind control? Thanks for your work and I hope you find the time to answer. I’ve been to church most weeks of my life and it is a prime place for your mantra here: Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

    • Good question. I see it as way for people to acknowledge the facty of the creators but also because they have no actual spiritual connection to their higher selves….therefore resorting to the only way they know how. With these bible terms. Just a thought. Also the way the Illuminati haver taken over thee so called new age movement and made universal truths into something seen as evil has not helped matters any.

      Sent from my HTC Status™ on AT&T

    • Agree. As stated numerous places throughout this blog…programming, especially religious concepts instilled in individuals since childhood, ensures yrs of de-programming. I struggle daily and count myself among those undergoing said process — it’s takes time and much effort.

      Thanks For Your Support

    • graystroke

      The pharisees controlled the masses and Jesus told then that each convert was was off a thousand time a son of the devil and today’s modern apostate 501(c)3 church is that very same Pharisaical bunch of evil religious hacks. Your post sounds like you may not be a christian so the short of it is yes religion is used to control the masses and karl marx nailed it it is the opiate of the masses….and the rest of us set free by God’s grace
      are learning more and more about the evil that we co-exist with…and many think because they go to church that they are ok which is another false programming using the Armenian gospel to deceive literally millions….hope this helps…some…

  9. Hello there: I just read on “the daily mail uk” website about Paris Jackson trying to commit suicide. They showed her arms and they have scars/ marks from her cutting herself. In these pictures she is giving the “devil’s horn” sign. I bet both of Michael’s kids are MK’d. Poor kids. Cathy

  10. hello everyone: There is an excellent website everyone should look at who wants to see proof that Sandy Hook was a big hoax and lie just like 9-11. It is Great site, Cathy

  11. ATTN: Permission granted to repost text/pics fr this blog. We only ask you ref both In The Know 7 (intheknow7, ITK7) & Esoteric Kitten (EK) respectively w/ url(s)

    Thank You.

  12. EK

    Always in my heart.

  13. anonymous

    “… How anyone describes them self as a defender of children’s rights and NOT speak out against government sponsored MK-Ultra Monarch Mind Control is beyond me…”

    What matters is that you speak out against it and you have been doing an amazing job by running this blog. It’s sad to see you go although you must have your reasons which out of respect shouldn’t be questioned. I’ll keep an eye on your blog in order to read through various bits and pieces which skipped my attenthion. Be well, happy, healthy & contented.

    • Yes, working towards that now…finally “exhaling”…over the past few years, hardly a day’s gone by w/o this page in my face, so many days/nights w/screen image burned into my retinas –literally like a transparency! Thanks for comments/support. I’m diligently working towards the healthy and well parts too. Please do ck periodically as dormant Twitter well be revived soon!

  14. Matrix Test:

    Knowing what you now know, would you STILL take the red pill? After a glimpse of REAL world systems controlling us, would you rather return to the bliss of ignorance, or face the ugly reality. Lest anyone think I’m somehow immune to the programming — I struggle daily, and readily admit I wish I wasn’t aware of any of this…

    What do you plan on doing differently with your children, as opposed to your upbringing? I think it would be interesting hearing how this blog and others dealing with the topic of Mind Kontrolle has impacted your life personally, whether positively or negatively.

    • stephanie

      i never did take the red pill. when someone says they are different and their appearance/actions dont reflect whats on tv/radio that means they are not programmed.they have good self esteem. most people who dont care to fit in with the it crowd are the only ones who will gladly get a spoon and take the truth serum you pour on it. what has always been done differently with kids in my family is i tell them be yourself not like everyone else AND dont let the tv or radio you.i influence you.i have also mentioned tv,radio,internet was not made by God so knowing that it makes sense who made it and who controls it and why we see so much sin promoted on these false idols..i mean electronics…no i meant false idols. hope you post again when u can make time.some of us are alive out here. btw,ive been waiting to see if u will put a vampire/zombie post since its so obvious they are bragging about what they plan to do in the near future.sad but true.

    • stephanie

      welcome back!! i never took the red pill.when someones appearance/actions arent the same as wats on tv they are not programmed.most people who dont care to fit in with the it crowd will gladly get a spoon and take the truth serum u pour on it. i tell kids be yourself not like whats promoted tv/radio. laptops,tv,radio are not God’s creations so it makes sense who made it and who controls it and why sin is constantly being promoted on these false idols..i mean i meant false idols. also,i have wondered if you will maybe post one day about why so many movies and tvshows have are about vampires and zombies since its ashame what the real purpose is and its not to entertain us. also, i agree with everything ann said who posted a comment 1/18/13. take care and may God bless you and your family

  15. DISCLAIMER: Readers should know we (Esoteric Kitten) have a deep reservoir of compassion for each Monarch Prog’md Multiple & their families. They have and continue to suffer far beyond what most of us can imagine. Through their torment the world has been given a front row seat to the depths of evil and utter depravity of man. Our efforts here are to show diabolical MK-Ultra Monarch Mind Control Prog’mg has NEVER ceased, rather it’s become more pervasive, w/ it’s tentacles encircling the globe; executed, facilitated, protected by Military-Intel-Political-Hollywood-Behavioral Science apparatus, and along w/organized religion (as a global cult) is one of the primary forms of control over humanity. We purpose to dispel the notion this is some obscure defunct Intel project, or just a bunch of over privileged, chemically dependent celebs who just happen to share similar fashion sense. The core essence of Monarch Mind Control is Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) — its primary victims CHILDREN!

    How anyone describes them self as a defender of children’s rights and NOT speak out against government sponsored MK-Ultra Monarch Mind Control is beyond me…

  16. ATTN: Pictorial Archives being restored, links being updated — Pls be patient as there were over 20K showing:
    MK Programming Modes
    Monarch Slave Listing (now complete thru letter “D”)
    Members of Global Management Team

    * Core of pics are from Esoteric Kitten’s massive MK collection…

  17. Baby girl

    WOW so disturbing to see you leave us. I want to say thank you to you and Esoteric Kitten . I have been following both of you for years now. My eyes has been opened to the truth and my confirmation in God even stronger. I wish we all could stand up and fight this but the only thing to beat these evil spirits is God. I pray for all the children getting abused . I hurt everyday knowing the truth and watching the symbolism all around me. I pray Jehovah comes soon I pray I pray . Take care

    • “I wish we all could stand up and fight this but the only thing to beat these evil spirits is God”
      Yes, that’s the sobering revelation — you can’t fight a spiritual enemy w/material weapons. You can and should study to make yourself aware of your enemies strategy/tactics, as to not fall into each of his snares. You should object vehemently to those who say why fight? or you’re just paranoid. You should share your insight w/as many who will listen, but none of us…the most gifted, militant or well connected will stop their plans — it’s fixed. This is NOT defeatism, but realism. There’s a fine line between bravery and stupidity. How many others have been aware, shouted from the rooftops and what has been their fate? What’s the track record of Rulers vs. Surfs or Illuminati vs. Useless Eaters?

      *I’ll be around, tinkering w/site…setting up other projects, replying to comments etc. 🙂

      Thanks For All Your Support!

  18. stephanie

    im going to miss you!!! wow this is VERY sad to read but u have a life too. thank you for all your time you have taken out of your life to give us all this info. its sad alot of people say they believe in God in Heaven but worship the entertainment industry. i love that you,esoteric kitten and all other bloggers like u two TAKE ALOT OF TIME OUT OF YOUR LIFE to expose the satanists that control the entertainment industry and their agendas in great never had to do that. i feel that you,EK and others like you two work for God. some things i already knew,some i didnt,some i was making the connection and your info. ‘connected some dots’. may God in Heaven bless you and your family. all the info you have listed on the right side of this page-thanks for that to. read alot of it last year and it was very informative.

    • Glad you found our work useful and that the “bits and pieces of Intel we assembled to create a clearer picture” did in fact connect some dots in your journey for truth. Primarily my knowledge base is theological, geopolitical and historical. EK and Ben of Pseudo Occult Media really helped me see just how corrupt Hollywood/Media/Music/Sports were w/Mind Kontrolle. I knew about Bread & Circus, but sensed something was horribly wrong beyond just the distraction element, but didn’t really connect the dots until studying their work — then it clicked. I’ts not just movies and music, it’s academia, medicine and science as well –a global system of technologically controlled willing slaves, oblivious to their servitude — rather seeing themselves as “free” men and women. Hollywood is a massive PsyOp w/virtually unlimited resources via its role as primary tool of distraction. Goldman Sachs backs 90% of all films. Well, what are they trying to distract us from? My military specialty coupled w/ my knowledge base helped w/ the blog took on a much wider array of topics than I ever imagined.

      For months I flooded her inbox w/all kinds of Intel, hoping she’d incorporate into her vids, until she shamed me into doing it myself “Why is this hiding in my inbox and not wreaking havoc on the internet?” The idea to use WordPress, current events section (ITK7 Journal) filling gaps between rather lengthy posts, were entirely hers, as well as what grew to 20K pic library, the core of which was her MK library for her vids — she’s awesome, razor sharp mind, tireless devotion, and beautiful. The lady will always have a piece of my heart. Presently we’re on every continent except Antarctica — people in less than 75 countries haven’t logged on…no way either of us could’ve foreseen this! That level of exposure comes w/certain challenges, but “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and sound mind” Point being, often others appreciate our gifts before we do 🙂 Pls share what you’ve gathered here with as many as will listen…

      *I’ll be doing some housekeeping, cleaning up some things here and there on the blog and of course responding to comments as much as possible 🙂

      Thanks For All Your Support!

  19. Excerpt fr Red Pill/Blue Pill [pic above]:
    The Weapon of Mass Deception

    In the 1950′s a weapon was invented, which has become more powerful than America’s deadliest weapons of mass destruction. It is the weapon of mass deception. And it is right in our living-rooms. The hypnotizing world of picture television brings us news of the world through two central news agencies called Reuters and Associated Press. The Rothschilds bought Reuters in 1800′s, which later bought Associated Press (AP) and made Rothschild family owners of the world’s largest central news services. To the present day, the world depends on these Rothschild owned central news services as their main source of news and information.

    See Speaking With One Voice: Rothschild funded Nazi Mind Science Controls Media

    In his book called Who Owns the TV Networks, author Eustace Mullins claims that the major TV networks, radio stations, newspapers and publishing empires are controlled by the Rothschild, Rockefeller and J P Morgan money cartels through their corporate conglomerates.

    Control over the internet, publishing, recording and cable companies can be traced back to the same big 5 media empires: General Electric, Time Warner, Viacom, Disney and Newscorp. These media companies are owned directly or indirectly by the Rothschild, J P Morgan, Rockefeller and Oppenheimer brotherhood.

    Yes, there are now more stations and media voices, but they are all coming from the same ventriloquist.

    Every TV show needs corporate sponsors and corporate sponsors sponsor pro-business, pro-government programming and journalists who support the agenda of the big 5 media owners. While 2/3 of the world goes hungry, these ruling families offer multi-million dollar sponsorship to sports athletes. Why? Because they keep the masses distracted from the important issues…

  20. There’s a possibility my dormant YT channel will be revived as platform for next level in this ongoing “awareness via shared consciousness” represented by wallpaper imagery. Pls remember most posts are available on PDF. More importantly, sidebar is well stocked w/research material for continued study…

    *Go through ARCHIVES (beneath Recent Posts) see what you may have missed…

    The Grand Deception gets slicker w/each wave of tech innovations;for most, Hollywood-Media fantasy narrative IS THEIR REALITY! Only 3 more yrs before quadrennial tickle-fest begins anew. See my friend Salvatore Parisi’s Channel

    (*apologies to all for broken links/slow page loads during life of this Journal)

    Be Well & Stay Vigilant

  21. PJ Staten

    I came across this blog a couple of years ago while I was doing some research on my own about the Illuminati, satanism, mind control, and so on. And I have to say, I couldn’t stop reading what I read on this blog. My eyes have been open for over 10 years now, but the more I’ve read here, the wider my eyes opened. Can’t thank you enough for sharing this information. It was well worth the read. I wish you and your family the best in the new year (2013) and beyond. And I will be coming by the site off and on to re-read the topics you’ve posted here. Take care!

  22. vish

    I hate, hate, hate to see you go, I am truly thankful for all of this information you offer on this site, thank you for all of your hard work and effort, and if you ever feel like resuming, please, please do. Take care.

  23. Camille

    I am going to miss your blog so much! I found this website on StumbleUpon in 2010 and was hooked since day one! Best wishes, and God bless.

  24. Ann

    I am so sad to hear this. When I came across this blog several years ago, I could hardly stop reading long enough to get anything else done. It is comforting to know that there are others out there who know what is going on, otherwise it gives one a feeling of isolation. I can’t talk about these topics with just anyone, but I do my best to educate those who will listen, and the numbers of those have increased exponentially. You have done a great service for all mankind. God bless you. Please don’t stay away too long! We need you.

    • “I can’t talk about these topics with just anyone, but I do my best to educate those who will listen, and the numbers of those have increased exponentially”
      So you’ve mirrored our efforts — Heartwarming. You’ve also shared some frustration of isolation, especially when within one’s own family. I’m sure something will peak my interest and prompt me to scratch out a few more postings 🙂 God Bless You & Your’s…

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