bloody hands


One response to “bloody hands

  1. This is Satanos-Diablos primary institution on earth; Sovereign Vatican State is one of (3) Empire City States other (2) are City of London & Washington DC) Pope’s function as High Babylonian Priest of the Mystery Rites; Planetary CEO (Chief Executive Officer. College of Cardinals are his Officers & Directors (Roman Curia). Jesuits (Black Pope’s) and Provincials deceitfully cloak themselves in plain black suits w/clergy collars, titled Superior Generals/Father Generals, it’s a MILITARY ORDER OF WARRIOR PRIESTS! — currently Adolfo Pichon Nicolas; assumed command Jan 2008. Much so-called conspiracy theorist research focuses on “The Illuminati” (13 Satanic Bloodlines or hereditary monarchies which incl. Rot-schild or Red Shield in German [Rothschild] & Roggenfelder [Rockefeller] when in fact, Jesuits directed Adam Weishaupt; Jesuit priest teaching Canon Law @ Ingolstadt Univeristy (Jesuit University) to establish Illuminist degrees, infiltrating the Masonic lodges. binding the Black Nobility together, while fooling the lower-level Masons into thinking they’ve attained the height, when there are advanced degrees in Black Arts…

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