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Esoteric Kitten & ITK7 Expose Baby Cheyenne Case: Oath Keepers “Hiding In Plain Sight” (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)


 Jonathon Irish’s Parents in New Hampshire DCYF Case

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ITK7 & Esoteric Kitten

As often happens, events reported in Baby  Cheyenne case vastly differ from reality. Driven by her dedication to expose those who inflict harm upon the defenseless, Esoteric Kitten dispatched her sources to Dover Courthouse for “boots on the ground” reporting. Intel from great sleuthing possibly shifts focus of abuse inflicted upon Baby Cheyenne from NH DCYF toward Jonathan Irish and family members. EK’s source solicited details about personal family history NOT  reported in any other venue!


Jonathan Irish Mother Outside Dover Courthouse 10-14-10 

(speaking w/ Ray Duckworth of  Concord Monitor) 

“Shouldn’t be anywhere near Stephanie and the boys” (speaking of Jonathon Charles Irish (father)

(1:00) “it’s the pot calling the kettle black” — followed by


(1:06)Wait a minute…did she just accuse Grandpa of raping the daughter?

(5:37) Uh oh! Mother flashing Baphomet Sign on papers within folders — that’s a very awkward position to place your hand in while fumbling through papers. What’s really going on here?

 (5:57) Jonathan Charles Irish (Grandpa) chimes in and she becomes visably agitated, appearing very nervous and distraught, obviously in FEAR of  Grandpa and the apparatus protecting him and his son as evidenced by her urgent request(6:01) for a Sheriff’s Deputy…

Note how blasse Concord Monitor reporter is, at times not even making eye contact w/Mom (Nancy), seemingly more concerned w/other people. Is he being coached by someone? Why isn’t the other media moving in to question her?

Not content to stop there, source moves on to next target, Jonathan Charles Irish (Grandpa) —  listen carefully as he’s peppered w/ questions…


Jonathan Irish’s Father Outside Courthouse 10-14-10 

(0.30)EK source: What is  being covererd up though? I think that’s what everyone is [sort of ] trying to understand…

(3:27) Jonathan Charles Irish: I’m not here to support Jonathon (son) but here to support the removal of any references to Oath Keepers from the court affadavit, because those are wrong to be there…

Mr. Irish constantly references Concord Monitor story (is this his propagandist-on-staff?)

(7:15) Unknown: Don’t you think people are gonna look a lot deeper into whatever the situation is now that Oath Keepers has be mentioned?

(7:19) Jonathon Charles Irish: I’m hoping that they do, I’m hoping they do..

Well…Mr. Irish, we are only too happy to oblige you…

Two of the most common themes and patterns of MK-Ultra Monarch Program & Ritual Child Abuse rear their ugly heads – multi-generational rape/abuse/trauma, and military connection. Remember there are ALWAYS clearly defined blueprints, patterns and formulas when dealing w/Mind Control and Ritual Abuse issues…

…we may need yet another application of the infamous Vatican-approved ecclesiastical white-out for these alleged indiscretions… 

MK-Ultra Program Guide; Global Management Team Quotes

BTW this is what “investigative journalism” is supposed to be about — not protecting corporate interests, bottom lines or some secret brotherhood…

Rest assured my partner has NEVER sworn blood oaths to protect the vile beasts among us, masquerading as pillars of the community, devout clergy, disciplined military leaders, brilliant medical practitioners, astute academicians, captains of industry, worldly financiers and responsible gov’t officials above reproachwho delight in preying upon the weak and defenseless. Readers should know she shares moderator’s utter disgust for these degenerates. EK has certainly not been rewarded w/a sumptuous lifestyle for papering over their sinister deedsshe actually has integrity and just happens to care…

We sincerely hope this doesn’t turn out to be another McMartin Preschool Case…

*       *     *

The appearance of the bombastic…

Alex (bull horn-wielding shill) Jones

 in this saga  is a major tip-off  we’re not dealing w/the average child abuse case (though none should ever be considered as such). Alex’s relished role is to spread just enough truth, sprinkled w/dis-info to deflect attention away from John Irish and whoever else is orchestrating the Child Abuse ring, by creating a totally transparent “free speech issue”…

Alex Jones Shilling for Jonathan Irish & Cronies

Now that we’ve finished the appetizer, set the salad aside, and lets’ move on to the entrée and get to something we can really chew on — enough of that lettuce…

Let’s examine the leadership of this wonderful patriotic organization wrapped in Americana, and the cataylist of a national  “free speech” debate, claiming NHDCYF snatched Baby Cheyenne from Jonathon Irish & Stephanie Taylor solely due to his membership…

Oath Keepers

Board of Directors reads like a Who’s Who of ex-military, w/ established Political-Law Enforcement connections on national, state and local levels. These are the type of  folks Alex Jones would be summoned to provide cover for, and use phony “free speech” issue to whip up advocates nationwide…

Abridged from Oath Keepers Board of Directors Bio’s

 Board of Directors Oath Keepers:

E. Stewart Rhodes – Founder/President

Long tradition of military service from both sides of family, nearly all of his uncles served in USA or USMC during WW2, Korea & Vietnam; father served as Marine. Joined USA out of high school, age 18. Basic, AIT, Jump School; Ft. Benning, GA; paratrooper (11B1P Airborne Infantry) stationed 1st @ Ft. Bragg, NC, then Ft. Lewis, WA

ITK7: resume of well trained, professional soldier; disciplined, follows orders to the letter; politically connected and well funded.

While attending UNLV, Stewart volunteered to teach RAPE PREVENTION for Univeristy Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) Jean Nidetch Women’s Center.


ITK7: What an odd course for a  hardcore military man  to volunteer to teach at UNLV in Las Vegas; MK-Ultra Mind Control Slave State, second only to Hollywood, California…  

After college worked for Rep. Ron Paul’s (R, TX) Staff…

ITK7: GMT installed Controlled Opposition candidate; willing agent of Hegelian Dialectical system of population control via Thesis, Anti-thesis, Synthesis (or Problem-Reaction-Solution); Baphomet (Devil Horn) Sign flasher and 33rd Degree Mason (Scottish Rite).

GMT Tool flashing Baphomet (devil horn) Sign

Laughingly Ron Paul is supposed to represent dissenting voices in society, those in direct opposition to GMT and *gasp* so-called conspiracy theorists. Known for railing against theivish cabal of the Rothschild-Rockefeller Federal Reserve System; in reality he is a most loyal servant, who lives to scoop up the crumbs from their lavish tables — EPIC FAIL!

ITK7GMT Masonic Handsigns, Grip (PICS)

After founding Oath Keepers, Stewart’s appeared on national and local radio, MSNBC Hardball w/Chris Matthews, Fox O’Reilly Factor, CNN Special Reports…

ITK7: well established connections w/ corporate controlled media NO ONE gets past the bookers on these staged puppet shows w/out rehearsed, pre-approved dialogue

Oath Keeper Founder on Hardball w/Chris Matthews

Oath Keeper Founder on O’Reilly Factor

 What’s with Stewart’s buddy Chuck? former Oath Keeper Charles Dyer Rape Charges  TPM Muckraker article on Charles Dyer  Jonathan Irish, Stewart Rhodes and Jonathon Charles Irish (father) @ courthouse in Dover, New Hampshire   …totally transparent, media staged event to deflect attention away from deeper issues by, wrapping themselves in the Constitution and firing up free speech adocates nationwide… Oath Keepers Most Lethal & Dangerous of All Patriot Groups *       *       *

Dave Freeman Oath Keeper

Sgt. Dave Freeman (RET), Las VegasMetro, U.S. Army, Retired;
Exec. VP, Member of Natl BOD for Oath Keepers

David Freeman, born Englewood, Kansas July 1, 1943. Following year family (father, mother, three sisters and brother) moved to Los Alamos, New Mexico; father worked on the Manhattan Project. Father worked on NORAD Defense Line in Aleutian Islands…

ITK7: Los Alamos New Mexico is a major MK-Ultra Prog’mg Center; requires security clearance above Top Secret granted by National Security Agency (NSA) the “Master Key Holders”for Mind Controlled slaves in U.S.

Los Alamos Natl Laboratory (LANS) MK’Ultra Prog’mg Center

August 1971 David promoted to Sgt; July 1973, sheriff’s office consolidated w/Las Vegas Police Dept. becoming Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept.  

NORAD Aleutian Islands is another well known MK-Ultra Prog’mg Center location…

Eleventh Air Force has command of Aleutian Islands

(11); pentagram (horns up, red circle center)

Freeman was assigned Day Shift Supervisor at McCarran Intl Airport, directly across from Las Vegas strip…

ITK7: Perfect post for point man  for steady flow of “under the table” money exchanges. Las Vegas Metro Police are charged w/the responsibility to “keep a lid” on all things re: Mishpucka (Kosher Nostra), Mob & MK’d Beta Sex Kittens. Metro provides  layers of  protection (security) for high level GMT players in Sin City, so they can enjoy MK’d BETA Sex Kitten’s Anything, Anytime, Anywhere w/Anyone Prog’mg w/out fear of exposure. Lots of envelopes stuffed w/cash are exchanged as Mishpucka (Kosher Nostra), Mafia, politicians, Hollywood producers, directors, actors, actresses, mega-athletes and other wealthy visitors to Vegas count on Metro to keep them safe from prying eyes and keep their mouths shut!  

America’s #1 MK-Ultra Pimp; Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Empire

“follow the White Rabbit”

ITK7: McCarranInternationalAirport — major transfer station for Mind Control Slaves shipped to Vegas from Charm Schools nationwide! I’ts also a transfer station for MK’s “finished” at ChinaLakeNaval Air Weapons Station (NAWS).

China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station (NAWS) Primary MK Prog’mg Center

MK’s are sent directly to trailers in San Fernando Valley for use in porn industry or shipped to Las Vegas (SinCity) to work in casinos, hotels and high-end prostitutes. BTW all major players in the loop get to sample the fresh MK’s — see Tiger Woods, Murder Inc. &  Mishpucka

Capt. Chauncey Normandin (RET), Lowell (MA) PD, U.S. Army, Retired; VP Chapter Affairs, Florida Chapter Pres., Member Natl BOD Oath Keepers

Rand Cardwell; Oath Keeper Tennessee Chapter President

Sgt. Rand Cardwell (RET) U.S.M.C. veteran (Desert Storm)
Tennessee Chapter President, Member Natl BOD Oath Keepers


One of the driving forces in April 15th, 2009 Tax Day Tea Party held in Knoxville, TN.

ITK7: Tea Party is yet another GMT created phony grass roots org designed to fool masses into thinking they’re exercising their right to protest the major parties, and influence outcome of elections. C.I.A. has been rigging elections here and abroad by infiltrating real grass roots orgs and planting agents in so-called peoples’ movements for decades,that‘s what they do — Tea Party is no exception!  Readers of this blog know who controls the Tea Party Queen. The mincing, winking, jukebox of  stale GOP talking points is controlled from 350 Park Ave, New York.  BTW  Sarah L. Palin Patriot Group connection is Alaskan Independence Party (AIP) — forget “palling around” Palin’s been sleeping around w/terrorists!

Cardwell currently serves on Oath Keeper Board of  Directors as Tennessee State President.  Tennessee Chapters: Knoxville, Tri-Cities, Rutherford County, Nashville, Murfreesboro and Memphis. Assisted development of chapters in North Carolina, Kentucky, Alabama and Georgia.

Rand Cardwell Tennesse Chapter Prez

ITK7: Cardwell’s territorial responsibilities constitute the “Southern  MK Country Circuit” spoken of by Cathy O’Brien in “Tranceformation of America” and numerous other MK researchers. Many MK’d Country Music stars operate as drug mules in this region, moving tons of illegal narcotics through transfer points. They also are couriers of coded Intel for military-political leadership…and of course as MK’d BETA Sex Kittens…

a few MK’s from notorious Country Circuit Dolly Parton, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Carrie Underwood, Kerry Pickler & Miley Cyrus (w/her PEDO Dad Prog/Handler Billy Ray)

one of the webs premiere scholars is well aware of the antics of our degenerate leadership… 

Henry Makow, Ph.D:  Miley Cyrus: Pedophilia The Next Frontier

Henry Makow, Ph.D: Our Leaders Are Sex Addicts

Cardwell has been featured  in LA Times, local newspapers, radio talk shows in Tennessee & North Carolina promoting Oath Keepers also involved w/high school children, speaking to several classes on importance of the Constitution (Really?)

Cpl. L. Franklin Shook III U.S.M.C. veteran (Vietnam) Montana Chapter President, Member Natl BOD Oath Keepers

Born Jonesboro, Arkansas 1945 to rural Southern Christian family; moved to Memphis, TN 1952; graduated Treadwell High School in Memphis 1963; Franklin quit studies at Univ. of Memphis to join U.S. Marine Corps in 1965 and volunteered for Viet Nam. Released from active duty 1967. Married 1968 and fathered two children; established drywall business in Shelby County, Tennessee 1973. Established Tennessee Sub Chapter “S” corporation employing Dental Lab technicians and jewelers in 1979.

Franklin was an interstate irregular route truck driver in 48 states and two provinces Canada for five years in the 1980s;

ITK7: 48 states and 2 provinces in Canada eh? Shook stayed on the road…very useful for Interstate transportation of illegal narcotics, weapons, and whatever else they need to move…

Founded online discussion forum The Mental Militia 1999; Franklin worked as free-lance jeweler in Bozeman 2001 until 2008; became political and philosophical activist during period between 1999 and 2003. Took a partner and co-established Montana Crucibles  a private jewelry design studio in Willow Creek, Montana in 2008. Editor of  The Montana Messenger monthly newspaper October, 2009 Publisher of The Oath Keeper monthly newspaper November 2009.

Robert A. Gomez MSgt (RET) – Oklahoma Chapter President, Member Natl BOD Oath Keepers

Born and raised Houston, TX. Enlisted USAF October 1979; Basic Training at Lackland, AFB, Texas. Upon completion of Technical School at Sheppard AFB, Texas assigned to 52nd Tactical Fighter Wing at Spangdahlem AB, Germany 1980 – 1982 as Tactical Aircraft Maintenance Specialist on F-4E Phantom. Spring of 1982 assigned to 67th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing at Bergstrom AFB, Texas as Crew Chief on RF-4C Phantom until 1985 and promoted to Staff Sergeant.

ITK7: Lackland & Sheppard AFB’s are other well-known MK Prog’mg Centers

In 1986 Gomez cross trained to become Flight Engineer assigned to 463 Tactical Airlift Wing on C-130H Hercules aircraft at Dyess AFB, Texas. In 1988 selected for assignment Rhein Main AB, Germany as member of 435 Tactical Airlift Wing on C-130E Hercules All Weather Aerial Delivery System. During this assignment he was deployed to Al Ain AB United Arab Emirates for Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm; Upon completion of this assignment, promoted to Technical Sgt and assigned to 552 Air Control Wing at Tinker AFB, Oklahoma in 1992.

ITK7: Tinker AFB, OK major MK-Ultra Prog’mg Center referenced by many Mind Control Slaves (Victims)

Tinker AFB website

Trained and flew E-3 Airborne Warning and Control System aircraft until 1994. Cross trained into Personnel Management career field, assigned to Wing Commander’s staff responsible for Officer Promotions, promoted to Master Sergeant (E8). In 1998 volunteered to return to Persian Gulf as Superintendent Personnel Readiness at Riyadh Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Joint Task Force Southwest Asia. Returned to Tinker AFB, OK and took charge of Personnel Readiness Unit.

Nov 1999 retired from active duty decorated w/ (2) Meritorious Service Medals, (2) Air Force Commendation medals, Air Medal, (2) Aerial Achievement Medals, Expeditionary Forces Medal, Kuwait Liberation Medal, Humanitarian Service Medal. Immediately upon retirement from Air Force hired by a software development company in Oklahoma City as Office Manager. Within 2yrs promoted to Director, Support and Implementation. Joined Oath Keepers in July  2009; selected by Stewart Rhodes to serve as  Member of Natl BOD, Oklahoma Chapter President.

David T. Helms, U.S. Army (Vet), Arkansas Chapter President
Member of the National Board of Directors for Oath Keepers

Helms was 1st Delegate for Arkansas to Continental Congress 2009 and has been a life-long Freedom Fighter. Multi-degreed: Degree-Nuclear Technology, AOS Degree-Aviation Technology, BS Degree-Aviation Science.

6 yr U.S. Army Vet, 18  years as professional pilot; Professional researcher, specializing in governmental and Constitutional issues.

ITK7: Arkansas has been a Rockefeller-C.I.A. stronghold for decades; also a major CIA drug smuggling point; The Barry Seal case involving Mena Airport is well known. Time nor space allow for an adequate exposition of BILLARY’s (The Clintons) Arkansas antics.

forget Stewart Rhodes…this is the guy!


Psychological Operations: rules of covert warfare applied to civilian populations — see OSS,CIA, Wild Bill Donovan, Reinhard Gehlen

Maj. Rex H. McTyeire (RET), U.S. Army Special Forces,
South Carolina Chapter President, Member Natl BOD Oath Keepers

click here for blogspot

Sheriff “Mack” on MSNBC Hardball w/Chris Matthews

Began career Southern Georgia (Albany); as volunteer, on orders to Jump School at (18) yrs old. at Ft. Benning, recruited into Special Forces,offered  age waiver to volunteer. One of the youngest to graduate SF Phase 1 at Ft. Bragg in the period; on Honor Detachment. Assignments to 5th 3rd 7th and 10th SF Group “A Teams” followed, as well as a tour with 46th Company SF Thailand . On the road to SFC (E-7), as Master Parachutist: Rex added Advanced Demolitions, Jump Master, Ranger and Scuba schools to his resume. Went from SFC to Lieutenant as OCS Honor Graduate, after degrees from NY State University. Rex was a charter member of Special Forces Officer Branch (“Crossed Arrows” brass) w/(18) primary and (3) 35 series intelligence schools backing it up. After series of nominative Black Special Operations assignments, w/mission focus on Afghanistan, winning MSM (Meritorius Service Medal) for service reporting on Soviet combat activity: Maj. McTyeire returned to Special Forces school as Deputy Director of Advanced Skills at SWCS, Ft Bragg, then moved to take command of the Operations and Intelligence schools there.

PDF Training The Special Ops NCO : Keeping Pace w/ Special Forces Missions by Maj. Rex H. McTyeire

Life member of Special Forces Association, member of American Mensa for 35 years

American MENSA Association

Degrees all oriented to: American History, Archaeology and Anthropology. Post Special Forces, security consulting contract work in Azerbaijan, Romania and Turkey, became very active in Scottish Independence Movement.

U.S. Army Ranger School Training, Pt. 1

ITK7:  “A Teams”, Ranger, Mercenary, Commanding Operations & Intelligence Schools @ Ft. Bragg, NC, 35yr Mensa member. MK-Ultra Monarch Program Power Player. Pure Black Ops. No further comment necessary.


 SITREP: Branches of Military: USA, USMC, USAF

“Oath Keepers Potentially The Most Lethal & Dangerous of all the patriot groups” — Crooks & Liars

 Special Ops, hardcore military, tightly-knit, highly intelligent, highly skilled, politically connected, well funded and brutal.Any MK-Ultra or Child Abuse Ring researcher w/a flicker of synapse firing will recognize the framework of an MK-Ultra Monarch Mind Control front-org. Oath Keepers BOD is a snap shot of the multi-layered architectural structured Military-Politcal power groups thathide in plain sight” by wrapping themselves in Americana

Military Tactics: Camouflage & Concealment

Occult-Masonic: Ever Conceal, Never Reveal

Yellow & Black Color Coding PICS

Occult Color Coding & Numerology: an often overlooked Occult Color code is Yellow & Black. There are (11) letters in O-A-T-H  K-E-E-P-E-R-S

This para-military (patriot) group is woven into the fabric of the nation’s political system at national, state and local levels and have infiltrated law enforcement as well. They only associate w/ “their own, insuring “seamless chain-of-command” and strict adherence to orders. OathKeepersState Chapters mirror well known MK-Ultra Monarch Mind Control Prog’mg Centers & Circuits. It would be hard to construct an organization more closely aligned w/GMT Monarch Mind Control. This is what Alex Jones is protecting? This is what corporate controlled media  is hiding?

This is a negative of the “walk-between-the-raindrops” crowd, operating w/impunity due to their military-political connections. This is the world Baby Cheyenne inherited and why we’ll NEVER have a National Child Abuse Register in this country – Oath Keepers…What Oath and To Whom?===================================================

from Moderator page: 

They stand before us smugly decrying the same strategies they are the chief proponents of, blatantly exchanging Occult-Masonic grips, flashing Baphomet (devil horns) Sign w/their shifty-eyes and sly grins, spewing code words to their Occult brethren hidden amongst deluded supporters…
They engage in abominable practices w/impunity, receiving absolution while deceitfully waving the banner of false persecution…


Abridged from: Phillip Brennan.net

Reportedly public pressure caused hospital to allow visitation, upon where it was discoveredBaby Cheyenne was definitely abused. A diaper change revealed blood all over her vaginal area. These events were witnessed by a sheriff, and Baby Cheyenne was rushed to hospital by the sheriff, as this discharge is not within normal levels expected due to hormonal changes in a new born baby girl. There’s significant bleeding and swelling around the private parts of Baby Cheyenne and she’s being referred to a pediatrician specializing in medical and forensic evidence of abused children. Baby Cheyenne has been taken to a sexual assault specialist Doctor under police escort w/Jonathan following them, along w/CPS. Baby Cheyenne appears fussy, going in and out of consciousness, and when awake doesn’t want anyone touching her, attesting to level of her injuries and distress. Baby Cheyenne has been taken out of CPS custody by the sheriff, who has taken over the whole case. She is being seen by a sexual abuse specialist. There were also abrasions on her vaginal area…


Concord Monitor article: New Hampshire DCYF head Maggie Bishop denying reason for Baby Cheyenne snatch

New Hampshire Department of Child Protection Services (DCYF)

Crooks & Liars: Oath Keeper’s Most Dangerous & Lethal Patriot Group

Crooks & Liars Charles Dyer Rape Charges

TPMMuckraker article on Charles Dyer Rape Charge

Special Forces Association (SFA) Crossed Arrow newsletter Aug 2010

Special Forces Comand (Airborne)

Special Forces Team “Best of Best” during Ranger Competition

Special Ops Center (Rangers)

Infowars.com Interview w/ Jonathon Charles Irish (father)

Manhattan Project

Los Almos National Laboratory (LANS)

Ron Patton Project Monarch: Nazi Mind Control

Thanks For The Memories: The Truth Has Set Me Free – Brice Taylor (copyrighted)

Deeper Insights Into The Illuminati Formula  – Cisco Wheeler & Fritz Springmeier

Illuminati Formula To Create A Totally Undetectable Mind Controlled Slave – Cisco Wheeler & Fritz Springmeier

1977 Senate Hearing on MK-Ultra (PDF)

MK-Ultra Program Guide

ITK7GMT PICS MK-Ultra Prog’mg Centers

*       *       *

DO NOT BE DECEIVED by flag waving, national anthem singing, free speech advocates or any other American symbolism — these are but tools of the trade when “HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT”…

 Special thanks to Esoteric Kitten for her dedication and sacrifice on this story…


Be Well & Stay Vigilant


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