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New York City GMT Power Centers & Occult Imagery (VIDEO)

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ITK7 NYC Power Centers & Occult Imagery

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see Tavern On The Green Closes: Home of MK’d Kitten Jennifer “Oz” Leroy

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Francis Albert Sinatra (MK Handler/Abuser) singing  “New York, New York”
Monarch Mind Kontrolle Coding

“I wanna wake up in that city that doesn’t sleep…”

Forget the Mayor, City Hall, City Council, Governor, State Assembly & Legislature or that nonsense taught in civics class — there exists a chain of command most are not aware of who the aforementioned are sworn to obey. Many exhaustive exposes have detailed business-as-usual corruption in New York City, including, but not limited to:  bribery, extortion, cronyism, nepotism, patronage, embezzlement , criminal enterprise , drug trafficking, money launderinghuman trafficking. This post is a snapshot of the “Master Builders” who  “hide in plain sight” going about the  business of constructing  GMT laboratory (Satanic-New World Order) fulfilling the sinister centuries old plot of  Utopian  rule by hereditary monarchies who have groomed their inaudibility. These GMT servants live deliciously, having their feet firmly planted beneath their masters table. This is a realm where orders are given, followed expressly, any and all opposition/disobedience is met with swift and exact retribution. These so-called upstanding men of integrity, operate beneath the radar and above reproach, assisting GMT in “gradually absorbing the worlds wealth” and tightening the noose around the necks of unsuspecting, well meaning  “everyday hardworking Americans” — yes, we have them in the Northeast too…

For many, especially New Yorker’s this will be their first look at the centers of power in a city we’ve all loved and hated at one time or another. A similar chain of command exists in each city and state across this nation; using this outline, readers can construct their own organizational charts;  it’s all about blueprints, patterns and formulas…

Following is an overview of the hierarchy of Jesuit-Papal control, facilitated by Bloodline Dynastic families, Zionist-banksters & Mob enforcers wrapped in Satanic imagery — “unholy alliances…” New York City is NOT unique in this repect, the same signs & symbols exist within EACH city throughout this nation — We’ve been existing within Satanic architecture for all of our lives. They (GMT) beleive as more symbols of their worship system are nomalized within society ( or CULT-URE) the subjects will be overtaken by demoniac influence…

“New York, New York…it’s a Hell-Of-A-Town “

ITK7GMT: NYC Power Centers & Occult Imagery


New York Jesuit Province (IHS) Assistance “The Good Samaritan Society”

Venerable  Rev. David S. Ciancimino, SJ, Provincial

Pronouncement of  Venerable Reverend David S. Ciancimino as Provincial Superior of  New York Province overseeing Jesuits in New York State, northern New Jersey and Federated States of Micronesia and other mission territories. His rulership took effect July 31, 2008 (6yr term), the feast of  St. Ignatius of Loyola; founder of the order. Provincial Superiors appointed by General Council (GC) and under Command of…

Black Pope

Adolfo Nicolas, S.J. “Black Pope” aka Superior or Father General Jesuit Order (Society of Jesus)

Jesuit General of 500yr-old All Male Roman Catholic “Military” Order

Black Pope & GSC Council transmit orders to Worldwide Jesuit Provincials (10 in U.S.)

U.S. Jesuit Structure

Black Pope & GSC transmit orders to Papal (SMOM Knights of Malta) ambassadors to…

Jesuit stronghold Fordham University

Office of The President, Joseph M. McShane, SJ

Joseph M. McShane, SJ Fordham Univ Prez (Jesuit stronghold)

St Patricks Cathedral (American Papacy & Seat of Military Vicar)

St. Patricks Cathedral (Seat of American Pope & Military Vicar)

New York Archdiocese

Archbishop Timothy Dolan

Cathedral St. John The Divine

The Right Reverend Mark S. Sisk

XV Episcopal Bishop of New York

statue outside Cathedral of St John The Divine

Opus Dei Hq

Opus Dei Headquarters

Opus Dei Insider Goes Public

St. Ignatius Loyola Church

St. Ignatius Loyola New York Parish; Park Ave & 84th Street

Parish Staff 

Fr. George M. Witt, S.J., Pastor

Fr. George M. Witt, S.J. Pastor

Father George Witt, S.J., native of Flushing, Queens; entered Society of Jesus in Syracuse, NY Aug 1996, ordained a priest in June 2006 at Fordham University Church. Prior to becoming a Jesuit, Father Witt taught high school English and religious education, and served as a guidance counselor and track coach.  Bachelor’s degree in English and theology and a Master’s degree in philosophy, both from Fordham University, and a Master’s degree in Divinity from Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley, CA (JSTB); also earned a licentiate in sacred theology while at JSTB in Christian Spirituality.

Rev. William J. Bergen, S.J., Associate Pastor

Fr. William J. Bergen, S.J. Associate Pastor

Father William J. Bergen born and raised Manhattan, attended Jesuit schools, entered Jesuit Novitiate in Poughkeepsie in 1955.  Ordained to the priesthood by Cardinal Francis Spellman (American Pope/Military Vicar) in 1965 at Fordham University Church.  Following advanced studies in Theology at the Catholic University of America in Washington, D. C., he taught Theology at St. Peter’s College in Jersey City.  During these years he was also active in retreat work at Mount Manresa, Jesuit retreat house on Staten Island.  From 1983 to 1989, Father Bergen worked as a parish priest at St. Ignatius Church in Baltimore, Maryland, and as a retreat director at Bon Secours Spiritual Center in Marriottsville, Maryland.  Since 1989 he has been on the Parish staff here at St. Ignatius Loyola…
MK’d Aaliyah (R. Kelly Blood Sacrifice) Funeral Procession at Jesuit Church?

white horse drawn carriage w/body of Aliyah

NY Papal contingent; (L-R) Bloomberg (Zionist), Paterson (Prince Hall Mason, Boule), Schumer (Zionist)

New York Archdiocese has a “special department” to handle African American (stolen Africans) population

Black Ministry Office

Brother Tyrone A. Davis C.F.C.

“Established in 1976, the Office of Black Ministry (OBM) was created to address the unique spiritual, cultural and social needs of African-American, African, and Caribbean-American Catholics, as well as the larger Black Community…” This office controls notable black leaders such as…

Rev. Floyd H. Flake, D. Min

Greater Allen A.M.E. Cathedral, Senior Pastor Floyd H. Flake

GMT Tool Floyd H. Flake & Mayor Bloomberg

Former Congressman Flake (D- NY) 6th District, has impeccable GMT (CFR) credentials — U.S. House of Representatives Banking Committee, Board member Fannie Mae, Edison Charter Schools (part of GMT Goals 2000), Manhattan Institute For Social Research Fellow (GMT Tavistock affiliated think tank), NY Post columnist, Pres. Wilberforce University (oldest black college in U.S.). He is also the Senior Pastor of the Greater Allen Cathedral in Queens, New York provided by a $23M loan from J.P. Morgan/Chase (Rockefeller entity)
From his post at Greater Allen Cathedral (annual budget $34M; second largest employer in NY after JFK Airport) Flake dispenses a curious blend of  Christian theology, some prosperity gospel, sound financial advice, political and sociological musings and plain common sense.  The pulpit also serves as a platform for rotating circuit of national charlatans), Floyd H. Flake is an elegant man, conspicuously intelligent, possessed of great charisma, who moves effortlessly between New York’s political, banking and clergy circles and is a certified “power broker” considered for cabinet post of Secretary of Education under GMT Tool Bush, Jr regime. Over the years Presidents, Governors, Senators, Congressmen, Mayors, City Council members, and many celebrities have all paid homage to this smooth NY power broker…

Abridged from Wiki: Floyd Flake had an ownership interest in Aqueduct Race Track Entertainment Group (AEG) which in January 2010 was awarded contract to operate 4,500 slot machine casino at Aqueduct Race Track by NY Gov. David Paterson. Process generated controversy after claims were made  Paterson required affirmative action ownership in the company (singer Jay-Z also joined AEG), AEG was allowed to change bid from lowest to highest and because Paterson allegedly awarded bid two days after Flake threatened to back Andrew Cuomo in 2010 governor race. U.S. prosecutors are reportedly investigating process and NY House Speaker Sheldon Silver threatened not to sign off on the deal. Paterson maintained there was no quid pro quo.[3] On March 9, 2010 Flake withdrew from project saying it was distracting from his other projects. Jay-Z and Paterson also withdrew from project.

ITK7 Sourced: “I was in a room with ten millionaires who said they would each contribute one million dollars, and would convince their friends to contribute also [to make me Mayor], but they were happy with the job Giuliani was doing” Floyd H. Flake addressing congregation…

Rev. Floyd H. Flake, Senior Pastor Greater Allen AME

So much for the electoral process…

Rev. Al Sharpton

National Action Network

GMT goodies are parceled out among New York’s African-American pols which validates and allows them to grandstand before “their” people while making empty promises. This is a tried and true method of controlling sycophants. Current Gov. David Paterson follows  a long tradition: Adam Clayton Powell, Charles Rangel, David Dinkins (former Manhattan Borough Pres.) Edolfous Towns, Basil Paterson (father of  David Paterson, current Gov.) Gregory Meeks (succeeded Flake) Malcolm Smith (State Senator D-Queens) Most black leaders in NY and nationally are Prince Hall Masons, sworn to serve their Papal masters, and also members of The Boule Society (Advisors To The King) a permanent class of Black overseers  set up to protect Jesuit-Papal power structure. They have betrayed (sold out) their people for generations, perpetuating the “illusion of success…”

Boule: The Black Skull & Bones — Lesley Terry

*       *       *

Sovereign Military Order of St. John Jerusalem of Rhodes & Malta

(SMOM Knights of Malta) formerly Knights Templar

Ancient Illustrious Order Knights of Malta

American, Federal & Western branches

VOX News Group Watch

Listing of SMOM Knights of Malta

* Pope Benedict XVI Joseph Alios Ratzinger became SMOM Knight of Malta in 1999

Knights of Columbus Supreme Council

Knights of Columbus (KofC) symbol; note maltese cross design

Venerable Michael J. McGivney

+       +       +


Bloodline (Blue Blood) Dynasties: Rothschild & Rockefeller

Nelson Rockefeller:Served (4) terms as 49th NY Gov; Jan 1959 to Dec 1973; also served as VP under “appointed” Gerald R. Ford (33rd Degree Mason) via Machiavellian removal of Richard M. Nixon…

This psychopathic-sociopathic-megalomaniac, thief extraordinaire, along w/his brothers (John D. III, David, Lawrence, Winthrop) used his gubernatorial post for wholesale looting of the city and the state, turning it into their own personal piggy bank. From Rockefeller Center the five Rockefeller Brothers (similar to Rothschild Five Arrows [sons]) were dispatched by John Davidson Rockefeller (Rothschild agent) to consolidate and control major spheres of society. Rockefeller’s incalculable wealth allowed them to seize financial and political power, which fueled their quest to seize control of natural resources, medical science, academia (general education board), theological centers (funding of seminaries) scientific arena (funding of major universities) not only in New York City, New York State, but the world at large. The proceeds of their looting schemes continue to grow untaxed, exponentially in private trusts, hidden in a dizzying array of front groups…

Nelson Rockefeller

Illuminati Rockefeller Fortunes

Rockefeller estate “Kykuit” off the Hudson; 3,500acres (Central Park is 832acres)

Rockefeller (Roggenfelder) Bloodline

view from Hudson of main house

Rockefeller Internationalist: The Man Who Misrules The World (PDF) – Emanuel P. Josephson

Rome, Rockefeller, The U.S. & Standard Oil (PDF) — Emanuel P. Josephson

Prometheus; Rockefeller Ctr

Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Harold Pratt House

Park Ave & 68th Street, New York City

America’s shadow government headquarters was donated by George P. Schultz’s grandfather; founded by David Rockefeller & Zbigniew Brzezinski 1973 — serves as staffing agency for U.S. Gov’t cabinet level positions — not selected by POTUS…

Council of Americas


United Nations (formerly League of Nations set up under  GMT Tool Woodrow Wilson) this is your Global Government Puppet Hq; land donated by Bloodline-Zionist Rockefellers to further their goal of subverting humanity into mind controlled subjects…

Kissinger Associates, Inc, 350 Park Ave & 51st Street

Founded by Heinz (Henry) Kissinger, Brent Scrowcroft (former National Security Director under Bush Sr. regime) & Mack McClarty (former Chief of Staff Clinton regime)
Koch Brothers: Billionaire Philanthropists

Koch Brothers; Charles (right) & David (left)

One of the city’s most prominent philanthropists. Donated $100M in 2008 for modernization of Lincoln Center’s NY State Theatre bldg, which now bears his name; $28M to Amer Museum of Natural History, whose dinosaur wing is named for him; $10M for fountains outside Metropolitan Museum of Art (MoMa). Board member of MoMa, one of the most coveted social prizes in the city. Board member of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, after $40M donation; endowed chair and research center named for him. With brother Charles (74yrs) David Koch owns virtually all of Koch Industries, a conglomerate, Hq Wichita, Kansas; annual revenues est. $100 billion. Kochs operate oil refineries in Alaska, Texas, and Minnesota, and control four thousand miles of pipeline. Koch Industries owns Brawny paper towels, Dixie cups, Georgia-Pacific lumber, Stainmaster carpet, and Lycra, among other products. Forbes ranks it as 2nd largest private company in the U.S. after Cargill. David and Charles Koch—who, years ago, bought out two other brothers—are among the richest men in U.S. Combined fortune of $35B exceeded only by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.


Federal Reserve

Rothschild-Rockefeller privately owned banking corp

Federal Reserve Chrmn (1987-2006) Zionist Alan Greenspan; served under Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr
Greenspan’s Fraud: How Two Decades of His Policies Have Undermined The Global Economy — Ravi Batra

The Creature From Jekyll Island — Edward Griffin (Pt. 1 of 7)

Secrets of The Federal Reserve — Eustace Mullins (PDF)

Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH)

note red Masonic “squared circle” each having same dimensions; 360 degrees

How Bush’s Grandfather Helped Hitler’s Rise To Power

Union Banking Corp & Prescott Bush

Bush Family Nazi Dealings

BBH Masonic “squared circle”

George Bush The Unauthorized Biography – Webster Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin


JP Morgan Chase HQ; 270 Park Avenue

Secrets of The Federal Reserve: Chapter 5 The House of Rothschild — Eustace Mullins

New York Stock Exchange

New York Stock Exchange facade; Roman gods

Goldman Sachs

CEO Lloyd Blankfein (member of David Rockefeller Asia Society) Goldman Sachs was established as an asset of Unified Intel Agencies (MI6, OSS/CIA, Mossad); set up by MI6 agent Wild Bill Donovan (OSS) who worked closely w/Reinhard Gehlen of the Third Reich.  Goldman is one of the primary “capital raising” entities on the planet w/deep Nazi ties, functioning as yet another GMT piggy bank. Over 90% of Hollywood MK’d films are financed by this monolith…

Wild Bill Donovan (OSS) & Father of CIA

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein

Sullivan & Cromwell, 125 Broad Street

one of the largest and oldest law firms in existence…

Joseph Shenker, Managing Director

previous Managing Director Rodge Cohen

note SMOM Knight of Malta red cross design

White & Case



Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

One Police Plaza

Knights of Columbus “para-military” org

Inside One Police Plaza, a room on 2nd floor called “The Shack” serves as police bureau office for local press outlets. Tenants include (Rothschild owned) Associated Press, Daily News, New York Post, The New York Times, Newsday, Staten Island Advance, El Diario La Prensa, NY1 News, and WINS Radio. Police counterpart is on 13th floor,  Office of Deputy Commissioner of Public Information (DCPI). This incestuous relationship is nice and cozy, insuring nothing is printed without being cleared by NYPD — all the media whores festering in each others filth…

SMOM Knight, Knight of Columbus Ray Kelly w/ Cardinal Egan & Archbishop Dolan

see ITK7 Journal 2010 (entry dtd 12-5-10)
“NYPD Thugs & Degenerates Outta Control”
Village Voice article Internal Justice

La Cosa Nostra, Mafia, Mob, Murder Inc.

Gotti, Mob Funerals & The Catholic Church (PDF) – Patrick J. Gordon

Homeland Security (Vaderland=Fatherland in German)

9-11 Fear Based Trauma Op & Mass Human Sacrifice was test of Direct Energy Weaponry and pretext for  GMT ordered police state which immediately went into effect. The fantasy narrative had been seared into NY’ers subconscious by corporate controlled media, and the absurd “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” color coding alert chart…

Homeland Security Alert Chart

NY’ers began seeing black uniformed militia, assault rifles, German Shepherds, backed by National Guard troops at all transfer stations; predictive programming and  just one step away from…

“Where Are Your Papers?”

GMT has always admired the control Fascists & Communists have over their citizens (subjects) and while we were Prog’md to think they abhorred these systems, secretly they were busy constructing Americanized versions…

Bloomberg Janet Napolitano; blk mass motif; blk/white duality stripes

SMOM Knight Ray Kelly; Bloomberg; Janet Napolitano; occult logo

4shared File Sharing

ITK7 NYC Power Centers & Occult Imagery

*       *       *


The Big Six Ownership Chart

New York Times Hq, 1 Times Square

News Corp (Bilderberger Rupert Murdoch CEO)

Disney Time Warner


MUST SEE Speaking With One Voice…

*       *       *


One cannot speak about NYC land use without mentioning Master Builder & Rockefeller Agent
Robert Moses:

Chief Architect of Parks, Bridges & Tunnels:

Robert Moses And The Rise of New York Pt 1 & Pt 2

All NYC Parks & Statues here

Egyptian phoenix

Washington Square Park Arch (aerial geomancy)

Washington Sq Pk geomancy

Cleopatra’s Needle; Egyptian obelisk

Chrysler bldg eagle (phoenix)

New York Public Library restored; Egyptian-Masonic temple design

NY public library facade; roman gods

Grand Central Station; Egyptian-Masonic temple design

Grand Central Station facade; Roman gods

Graybar bldg; Egyptian hieroglyphics

New York City Grand Masonic Lodge

New York Grand Masonic Lodge F.A.A.M.

Gargoyles, Gnomes & Griffins…Oh My!

New York City architecture is replete w/occult symbolism, which goes largely unnoticed. Although described as “Greco-Roman” or “neo-classical” it’s actually Egyptian in origin…

and of course Lady Liberty…

GMT Meeting Places

Waldorf Astoria

Waldorf Astoria (Astor Bloodline) facade

The Bowery Hotel

Bowery Hotel (btwn 2nd & 3rd Street)

This East Village hotel is a favorite spot for MK Prog’mrs/Handlers while on New York assignments (missions); bathed in Black Mass Color Coding  boasting a /steady stream of Monarch Slaves without the usual fanfare of the more opulent midtown hotels e.g. The Plaza, Sherry Netherland, Millennium etc…

Black Mass “courier” bikes always at the ready…

more pics @ ITK7 NYC Power Ctrs & Occult Imagery (Bowery Hotel)


Behavioral Health Center, Brooklyn

MK Prog’mg Center Kings County Brooklyn

Mount Sinai, Manhattan

New York Presbyterian Hospital Center

Covenant of Sacred Heart

Fred K. Parsons brilliant piece on Covenant of Sacred Heart

Covenant of Sacred Heart; 5th Ave & 91st

ITK7: Many Hollywood Monarch BETA Slaves have been Prog’md (used/abused) at Sacred Heart; a well known Jesuit MK-Ultra Prog’mg Center for Monarch Prog’md Multiples genetically selected from well-heeled Bloodline families. Located on New York City’s upper East Side at 5th Ave & 91st in Carnegie Hill section. Designated a landmark (read tax free) and NYC’s oldest private school for girls — part of “global network of Sacred Heart Schools…”the schools were brought to America byRose Philippine Duchesne who is revered as a saint…

The nondescript black SUV’s, Mercedes and limos arrive daily dropping off carefully selected victims from well-heeled GMT families to be subjected to this heinous government sponsored system of SRA Satanic Ritual Abuse. Again the moderator asks seemingly in vain, where’s 60 Minutes, 20/20, Frontline and the rest of the media whores on this, I mean this is New York City…media capital of the world right?  In June 2010 MK’d Lady Gaga attended her younger sisters graduation, of course all the focus was on Gaga’s fashion choice . How many oh-so-hip, on-top-of-everything, political astute New Yorkers even suspect that pleated skirt, crisply starched shirt wearing teen girls are controlled military assets being tortured and traumatized (raped, sodomized, electro shocked) daily and their tax dollars are supporting these atrocities, under stewardship of  Zionist-billionaire Mayor Bloomberg?

Joseph J Ciancaglini, SJ; Head of Covenant of Sacred Heart NY

Some Convenant of Sacred Heart Alumni: Karen Akers, Lourdes Benedicto, Jordana Brewster, Lady Gaga (Stefani Germanotta), Magee Hickey, Nicky Hilton, Caroline Kennedy, Ethel Skakel Kennedy, Joan Bennett Kennedy, Christa Miller Lawrence, Minnie Mortimer, Joanna Philbin, Emily Rutherfurd, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Alix Smith, Jean Kennedy Smith, Frederica von Stade, Elaine Stritch, Maria Tucci, Gloria Morgan Vanderbilt

New York City Iconic MK’d Rockettes

New York City Radio Music City Hall Rockettes

Radio City Music Hall; New Yorks faux Disney World

Countless Monarch Slaves have been “spun” in this world famous piece of New York

GMT Gladiator (Hero; from He-ru) Worship Center

Yankee Stadium entrance (modeled on Roman coliseum)

Jay Z (Handler) & MK’d Alicia Keys “Empire State of Mind” @ Yankee Stadium

*       *       *


ITK7GMT 9-11 Pentagon & WTC7 Photo Analysis
WTC7 Owned by Larry Silverstein (of Silverstein Properties) 120 Wall Street

(3) steel frame buildings “collapsed” within hours of each other — NEVER before in the history of steel frame construction has this occurred. Of course once you suspend the Laws of Physics, Laws of Motion & Thermodynamics it’s entirely plausible. Whenever GMT wants to put one over on us, it ALWAYS requires surrendering our collective reasoning ability…

“The building collapsed to dust” – Joseph Casaliggi;  FDNY & Professional Actor/Producer 


Above from CIA approved Naudet Brothers documentary: In order for this to be true, each solid object (in both 110 story buildings) had to be subjected to the EXACT SAME amount of force, which would NEVER happen in a so-called pancake collapse. Obviously support columns were pre-wired w/Thermate, but this type of uniform destruction and reduction of matter to such small particles is resultant from the use of  Direct Energy Weapons

The building (s) collapsed to dust in 10 seconds; that’s free fall speed! — Two (110)  story steel frame buildings full of office furnishings, infrastructure etc. telescopically collapsed — not to mention the “cartoon”  (holographic image) plane which literally disappeared into North Tower…

holographic image disguising cruise missile

The noise, napalm fireball explosion and human carnage was real — the “ghost plane” WAS NOT!

CGI image cloaking Cruise Missile; note “pods” on underbelly, antenna on nose

Targets Being “Painted”

Re-enactment of Iconic Iwo Jima Flag Raising Imagery


Where Did The Towers Go? Dr. Judy Wood

Whatever advanced weaponry was deployed instantaneously rusts cars, vaporizes engines and door handles, but leaves rubber tires intact?!?

Dissociation: A Normal Response To Trauma (PDF)Mary Laura English

SMOM Knight Giuliani stage managed mop op

Rudy Inc.

Deviant ex-Hero (He-ru) Mayor & Donald Trump

(88) beams of blue light

9-11 memorial twin beams of blue light

Occult Numerology: beginning March 11, 2002 (3, 11) 88 (8 X 11) General Electric bulbs @ (11) o’clock shone twin (11) vertical light beams into the night sky, completing the Satanic Ritual– New York City an U.S. hasn’t been the same since…

Destruction of the Trade Center: Occult Symbolism Indicates Enemies Within Our Own Gov’t

All Seeing Eye (Eye of Horus)  formed live on national television  w/ CBS logo on screen (another “eye”)  while “triggering” memories of Fear-Based Trauma Op/ Mass Human Sacrifice  – clever aren’t they, just reveling in Satanic imagery.
see ITK7 Journal 2011 entry dtd 5-23-11 Vesica Piscis
Guest voice over was provided by cross-dressing, deviant ex-Hero Mayor (GMT minion) who “stage managed” on-the-ground “mop up” Operation for his Jesuit-Papal masters (rewarded by given permission of run for POTUS)

After stage managing the Op from their front yard, they collapsed home base (building 7) and proceeding armed occupation or quasi-military takeover is REAL, not imagined. The look of fear in people’s eyes, jumping at every sound, the repetitious NLP messaging — if you see something, say something” (be afraid, be very afraid) on subways  is a sad commentary on how effective fear-based mind control has proven to be. We live within this oppressive regime, constantly searching for the latest escapism, taking pleasure when and where we can, hoping things will get better – intuitively aware they won’t. Those entrusted with the public welfare are wallowing in deceit, their greed is insatiable and

“the imagination of their minds is evil continually…”

We’re under siege.

*       *       *

Moderator is a native NY’er, born in New York City; which means being a resident of NY State, City & County. Residents here tend to tie net-worth to character, socializing only when forced to, usually in working environments. The proclamation of  “liberal” is largely transparent, and rarely is an opportunity missed to tell you how they support minorities, but privately fight to the death to keep “them” out of  “their  neighborhoods”, condos, co-ops and God forbid their daughter’s bedrooms. An air of superiority, aloofness and entitlement permeates the atmosphere, based upon a fictionalized version of themselves — NY’ers are just as Prog’md as anyone else, maybe more so  in this Zionist-controlled media factory, believing themselves  to be so above it all. Having been up and down the economic scale from Wall Street to Park Avenue, prestigious employment, private enterprise, urban and suburban, uptown and downtown, East and West side, I know this city cold. The banner of anti-Semitism flies high, constantly whipped about like a sail in a violent storm. This post serves as an open challenge to any local media to dispute what they know is real…
4shared PICS/VIDS Archives
ITK7 NYC Power Centers & Occult Imagery

+       +       +

Additional Resources:
Remnant Of God.org interview w/Eric Jon Phelps
Time magazine article “Jesuits Elect New Black Pope”
The Forbidden Knowledge “Secret Societies”
NOGW http://www.nogw.com/illuminati.html
New York City Statues
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New York Times Archives “From 88 Searchlights, An Etheral Tribute”
Municipal Art Society Tribute In Light
The Boule 2: Connection To Black Fraternities & Sororities
History of The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of New York
GOA Jesuits http://www.goajesuits.in/jesuits/provinces.htm
The Unhived Mind: Jesuit Power Structure in The U.S.

 more resources in blogroll

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Be Well & Stay Vigilant


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