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Alaskan MK BETA Kitten Gets “Spun” on SNL & Finish Line Kiss-N-Diss

MK-Ultra Mind Kontrolle Slave (Beauty Queen ALTER)

Saturday Night Live (SNL)  MK Triggers & ID:

[ Cold Opening ]

Sarah’s decked out in trademark  Black Mass Occult ID (red/black) – SNL writer Seth Meyers  reinforces trauma as script is loaded w/MK  “triggers”, subjecting her to a series of  blatant duality/disorienting modes. Standing  in front of monitor watching Tina Fey mocking “fancy pageant walking” while standing on Masonic checkerboard floor (just a pawn, to be moved/sacrificed at master/programmer’s will)  a  “fear-inducing” pattern. More disorientation as a man dressed as Abe Lincoln (Masonic Worshipful Master’s Top Hat) stood still, then executes sharp military right-face, walks down hallway. We have to begin viewing movies, TV, videos or any Hollywood presentation, from vantage point of  traumatized monarch slave, whose mind is always in between “fantasy and reality”. There’s also a giant live black/white spotted llama standing behind her, in front of Abe Lincoln — it’s like Dr. Doolittle! Next comes MK Handler Alec Baldwin (phony political activist/master to MK-Kitten Kim Bassinger, traumatized horribly during their master/slave union) acting as if  he  thinks  Sarah is Tina Fey, engages in some clever  duality word play “we  can’t let our Tina go out there w/that woman” referring to Palin. More reinforcement ensues w/“branding ridicule wordplay” asking “what’s that name they call you…Cari, Cari”  Palin completes smug inquiry in sassy manner… “Caribou Barbie” (studio audience howls) Tina Fey continues fake presser when cast member whispers in her ear…Fey replies “the real one?” (more duality, fantasy/reality blurring) Palin and Tina walk towards each other from opposite sides of  screen — passing her “real-life double” and for a split-second, two Sarah Palin’s appear on your screen. Smug ”duality/mirroring” here (reinforced as media constantly claims  inability to tell two apart) Next trauma segment has her display anchorwoman ALTER…

[ SNL Palin Rap]

SNL head writer Seth Meyers pulls out all the stops here,  w/Amy Poehler (nine months preggers) dressed like Sarah performs rap lyrics loaded w/triggers from campaign and throws in some MK-fear based coding — more duality/mirroring when (2) Alaskan natives come on set (“twinning”) — then a Todd Palin look-a-like in ArticCat” wear (cryptic reference to Sarah as BETA Kitten, also reinforcing her “master/slave” relationship) – then a stuffed moose dances onto set only to be gunned-down in mock fashion (3) shots sends him tumbling over backwards dead (audience howls) Amy Poehler coaxed  Sarah to cut-up a bit by saying “all the mavericks in the house put your hands up” (campaign rhetoric lampooned) — she raises both hands overhead, really getting into it — all that was missing, was for someone to hold up a ”silly, isn’t she” sign ala Bugs Bunny. Skit ends as Amy Poeller walks over to Sarah  shouting almost in her ear (you actually see Sarah flinch a bit) — “I’m Sarah Palin and I’m out” — then mocks (6) loud gunshots, those plus earlier (3) = 9 Masonic numerology—more disorientation occurs, as multicolored glittering confetti falls from above, littering set…

Iron Dog Finish Line “Kiss-N-Diss” 2008  (Serious “Tradecraft” On Display)

Analysis of “tradecraft” in above clip: Sarah = (“the mark”)  woman kissing Todd = (“green cap kitty”) —theater of operation = (“box”) — players arrive w/mark, get into position,  await signals– green cap kitty in place (left screen) — cameraman in place w/perfectly framed shot of  “box”– distraction team in place along sidelines as cheering crowd– grab man (last to enter box) rides behind Todd, gets off machine, for “grab n blind” —pulls Sarah into his large, tall frame; she’s literally in the dark as he keeps her back toward top of box, while “tongue-swap” is in play. Todd enters box, rides past Sarah to center frame (no kiss) awaits green cap kitty approach–Ops split box in half – acting as human shields/barricades, ensuring Sarah fixed at bottom of “box.”–they even have back-up “hand-off” men, just in case “grab man” let’s go too early; ck out guy in orange vest at halfway point of box, and guy at left posing as photographer…Ops distract Sarah, oblivious to Todd/green cap kitty’s tongue swap. Listen as cameraman provides voice over, gleefully announcing –”Todd’s getting that!”– laugh track provided by extras– green cap kitty takes mocking look towards Sarah at bottom of “box” after tongue swapping ends — Towards end of clip, you actually see “radio man” (in contact w/”grab man”) walk past camera w/earpiece in plain sight (called a glory shot). Todd’s “Kiss-N-Diss” film closes w/green cap kitty visibly exited fr (7sec) kiss (tongue hanging out her mouth)– cameraman ends film w/sarcastic quip “hugs for Sarah“– pans up to finish line for clip ending…well done! Last voice heard on clip is Sarah’s exclaiming “Piper…!” – serious mocking/ridicule here — Todd displays full control of Alaskan Kitty (Artic Cat) riding past his checkered flag waving wife/daughter, to tongue swap green cap kitty w/so many Alaskans  in on joke. Todd Palin shout out to his Masonic Bros. on Global Management Team…”I’ve got the Kitty under control…ready for roll out”…

The entire Alaskan Joan of Arc/super-mom/televangelist/Caribou Barbie narrative is complete fantasy.  Sarah Louise Palin is yet another tragic Monarch Programmed Multiple, subjected to same methods of control as others–daily electroshock (wipes out short term memory) hallucinogenic drugs, sleep and food deprivation, ruthless programmers/handlers and reinforced trauma. Decades of being shuttled to/from secure military facilities, used as courier of coded Intel/probable drug mule/used to perform in underground porn films sold on underground black market–even worse is the standard role of “Mommy” in multigenerational Monarch families as “presenter” of her children, trained from birth (via ritual abuse) to satisfy sexual appetites of those in the circle of global power …

Palin’s been cast as  grifter/shill for Rothschild (BP)/Rockefeller (Exxon-Mobil)/ Rupert Murdock ‘s Media Empire (NewsCorp/HarperCollins/FoxNews) She also absorbs angst of right-aligned deluded masses; like Sarah, they’re “blind in the box”…

Caribou Barbie @ Kissinger  Associates  Inc.,  350 Park Ave, NY — MK-Beta  programming  is  “ANYTHING, ANYTIME with ANYONE” (who has  keys/codes) — “power is the ultimate aphrodisiac” — Henry Kissinger, New York Times, 1971

..."She's going to learn at the feet of the master" --Rick Davis, McCain campaign spokesman

Coded Intel upload complete, off to Clinton Global Initiative @ Sheraton Hotel, a few blocks away

Miss Wasilla Pageant 1984

See “pyramid back” @ 0:31; (5) pentagrams in foreground and mirrored flooring” — this was  1984! Global power elites plan social alchemy schemes decades in advance, then present these “living dolls” before  as “coming out of nowhere…” High level GOP media editors/pundits take annual cruises during  summer to guess where? Alaska — tours ended at Governor’s mansion, where Sarah treated them to Alaskan-MK Kitty style hospitality — includes homemade moose stew and standard MK-Beta programming fun — anything, anytime w/anyone who has codes, in exchange for fawning  promo pieces, selling her as “Joan of Arc”/super-Mom/corruption fighting heroine of  Alaskan political realm, establishing fantasy narrative…

Bill Kristol of  Weekly Standard on Fox-Palin Network — On Air PIMPIN’

This GOP Fembot/televangelist/CIA-controlled asset was raised in tightly structured military environment,  a living “Caribou Barbie Doll” — initial early age base trauma inflicted in Sandpoint Idaho, then transplanted to Alaska at three yrs old – only travelled outside U.S. once before Hong Kong trip in 2009 —a blank slate for her programmers/handlers to use while pimping her out, riding wave of angst, driven by fear/ignorance/economic losses  suffered by rabid fans, deluded as to her origins/purpose — SarahPac, phony Legal Defense Fund, Harper Collins  book tour, speaking fees @ $100-200K each — Alaskan MK Kitty continues to fill  coffers of  Bilderberger Rupert Murdoch’s media empire…

Sarah Palin on O’Reilly Factor during “The Bigger The Hair, The Closer To God Tour”

O’Reilly: Do you believe that you are smart enough, incisive enough and intellectual enough to handle the most powerful job in the world?

Palin: I believe I am, because I have common sense, and I have [I believe] the values that are so reflective of values that so many other Americans value, and I believe that what  Americans are seeking is not the elitism [and the um, the uh]…[kind of uh] a spineless…a spinelessness, that perhaps is made up for that with some kind of ivy league education, and a fat resume, which is based on anything but hard work, and private sector free enterprise principles — Americans are seeking something like that in a positive change in their leadership — I’m not saying that has to be me…

Palin’s message to all Ivy League grads:  anyone who busts their butt in high school studying for SAT/LSAT/GMAT/MCATs, then in college, to advance themselves in life ( instead of partying, drugging, majoring in inter-state travel) you are a lazy, spineless elitist…

A large segment of voters actually worship this  “controlled military asset” —  clueless to her true identity, just as  the other “controlled asset” Mr. Hope & Change was worshiped by deluded masses worn out by former regime. Pure geopolitical social alchemy via “Hegelian Dialectic  at work here — Lather, rinse, repeat.

You Tube MK-Ultra Monarch Program vids w/ survivors Cathy O’Brien & Brice Taylor

Tool of Distraction while Rothschild/Rockefeller agents Paulson/Bernake loot US Treasury triggering recession/depression

MK-Ultra survivor Brice Taylor “Thanks  For The Memories” (COPYRIGHTED) exposes ole Henry as master programmer/handler of  CIA-Monarch Programmed Multiples

MK-Ultra Monarch Prog'mr/Handlers: Bob Hope & Heinz (Henry) Kissinger

Global Mgt. Team consigliere Kissinger has been running U.S. foreign policy for over 40yrs using MK’d Mind Controlled Slaves/Beta-Sex (Kittens) from Nixon to Obama — now he’s using Sarah L. Palin! His  geopolitical twin Zbig Brzezinski controls Mr. Hope & Change — the affable, smiling, agent of those committed to establishing One World Rulership…Yes They Can!

(click here for ole Henry’s war crimes/ other nefarious geopolitical antics)

*       *       *

Kissinger, Palin, Mengele Part 1 & Part 2

Anatomy of Sarah L. Palin  (VIDEO)

Heinz (Henry) Kissinger: Over 40yrs MK-Ultra PIMPIN

intheknow7  Channel

Be Well & Stay Vigilant


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