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Jesse Jackson & BETA Sex Kitten Sarah Palin “Hook-Up” @Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) in Sheraton Hotel, NY

Mind Kontrolled Alaskan BETA Kitten & Jesse Jackson (Prince Hall Mason, Boule Society) @Clinton Global Initiative 2008

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[* Sarah L. Palin Clinton Global Initiative (CGI)  2008 *]

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Anatomy of Sarah L. Palin
 Kissinger, Palin, Mengele: How Deep Does The Rabbit Hole Go? Part 1Part 2 generated such intense interest due to photos showing Cindy McCain BUSTED handing off Palin to Jesse Jackson (w/some type of  Controller Device?)  See ole Henry’s latest MK-Ultra BETA Prog’md Sex Kitten/Personal Laptop in action…

Sheraton Hotel NYC; site of Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) 2008; MK’d BETA Sex Kittens perform standard roles (ALTERS) for Global Elites

Kissinger’s MK’d Courier of Coded Intel Escorted To Global Conference (Handler/Jason Recher of NorthStar Strategies, 20K monthly bodyman – back left)

Sarah Palin & Cindy McCain intro @ Clinton Global Initiative — announcing to Global Mgt. Team (Black Nobility servants) attendees — Kissinger’s newest personal Mind Controlled Slave/BETA Sex-Kitten  & Handler Cindy McCain are “on site” all who have codes may enter and enjoy…

Cindy McCain Slips Jesse Jackson Palin’s Controller /Memory Device?

Once activated (triggered) Mind Kontrolle Slaves out perform any pornstar. Palin’s BETA Sex Slave (Kitten) ALTERS provide big fun for Global Mgt. Team, after downloading coded Intel from Master/Programmer Heinz (Henry) Kissinger “Dr. K”wherever world leaders, gather, you can be sure MK Beta Sex-Slaves will be there! This event, as all others,  was loaded w/MK’s from Hollywood, Music Industry & MK’d  wives of  political leaders,  often under Mind Control, they “mingle” well at  lavish parties, recording everything seen and heard
Clinton Global Initiative (CGI)
Note: Alicia Keys  &  Jessica Alba (multiple outfits)
outfit no. 1
outfit no. 2
outfit no. 3
outfit no. 4
That’s not “bored” — this is what MK’d Kittens look  like, after being used/abused by global elites in private suites. The mind splits (again), they become numb, like a ball of cotton, “now get out there, you b—,  and I better see you smiling…or  else (fear code spoken)! Imagine a lifetime of this? Still want to be “star” ? Servicing  sadistic old men, over and over, while we think they’re living the high life…

Jessica w/Alicia Keys Looking Dissociative

ITKEK7 Certified Monarch Slaves: Jessica Alba

MK’d ALICIA KEYS @ Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) 2008



Whew! finally a chance to sit down, Jessica looks  dissociative (MK glare, Doll Prog’mg)  and sad, next to MK’d Alicia Keyes, who did Letterman taping  earlier, and we know how he gets down… (VIDEO  BELOW)

Bilderberger Bill Clinton Still Gettin’ His…

ALICIA KEYS  performing on Letterman — check Dave drooling over desk (well known foot fetishist, and all around creepy) coming back from break (4:11)

Alicia Keys greets  fans after Letterman on way to (CGI) to service global elites @ Sheraton Hotel a few blocks away, for usual Global Mgt. Team MK-Ultra “ANYTHING, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME w/ANYONE FUN…must have “triggers” (codes or keys) to enjoy…

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

photo 6

photo 7

photo 8

MK’d BETA (Kitten)  flashing Baphomet (Devil)  Horns on Disney network

ITKEK7 Certified Monarch Slaves: Alicia Keys

*       *       *

Global Mgt Team communicates via Signs/Symbols & mouth-to-ear” via human robots (MK-Ultra Monarch Mind Controlled Slaves) uploaded w/coded Intel from Prog’mrs e.g.  Kissinger &  Zbig Brzezinski. Following  photos help put things in perspective — Cindy & photographer got sloppy here…thought she had cover behind Palin’s back — Ooops!

MK’d Palin being “presented” by Cindy McCain

Cindy McCain (Palin’s Handler 2008 Campaign) approaches behind Sarah (w/controller?) in hand to slip to  JJ

After JJ intro’s Palin to Ethiopian PM, Cindy McCain slips  JJ  (Controller/Memory Device?)  for good time upstairs w/Sarah’s MK BETA Prog Sex Slave (Kitten) ALTERS…

Cindy McCain thinks she made clean hand-off,  but was  sloppy. This is arrogance. Hand off to JJ could have  been done in hallway, elevator,  anywhere but in front of an audience while pics are being taken! After receiving (Controller Device?) from Cindy,  JJ “triggers” Palin w/code words to access BETA “Charm School” mind files. NOTE: trademark MK’d “permanent smile” & “glassy-eyed” look of Palin.  Study facial expressions here: Jesse’s sly grin, Cindy’s smirk and Ethiopian PM glare — everyone’s IN ON IT!

MK’d Palin shaking hands w/Ethiopian PM

Real action takes place in private suites. “Dr. K”  has  some Intel for Jesse, then he & Ethiopian Prime Minister have fun w/her Monarch Slave BETA (Kitten) ALTERS —  “ANYTHING, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE w/ANYONERemember  you must have codes and keys(triggers) to twist SarahCuda into a pretzel….

MK’d BETA Charm School Mind Files Accessed

Clinton Global Intitative (CGI) 2008

MK’d Palin & ex-POTUS/Handler Bill Clinton CGI 2008; Intel download from Kissinger & BETA Sex Kitten fun (note Cindy McCain handoff)

According to multiple accounts in each of their books, Brice Taylor, Cathy O’Brien and  Cisco Wheeler state @ Global Mgt. Team gatherings, locations are  ALWAYS  equipped w/grade A everything — drugs (usually brought by MK’s in their standard roles as drug mules) Mind Kontrolled boy/girls (children preferred) PEDOPHILIA IS COMMON Where was Piper during this event?
Each world leader Palin spoke w/on her big NY trip, had codes for accessing specific memory files w/coded Intel uploaded direct from sadistic MK Prog’mr Heinz (Henry) Kissinger — positively IDd as MK victim Brice Taylor’s master/programmer/handler/owner for 30yrs. Sarah Palin is Henry’s latest MK-Ultra Mind Controlled BETA Programmed Sex Slave/Personal Laptop…

Brice Taylor’s “Thanks For The Memories”

Reverend Jesse Jackson (phony liberal/agent provocateur) Mr. Champion of  The People, Mr. Keep Hope Alive…blah…blah, using/abusing Mind Kontrolle Slaves! Palin’s being “handed off” by wife (Handler) of opposition party candidate for “hook up” with Jesse & Ethiopian Prime Minister during phony Presidential campaign. Sarah L. Palin being used in standard Mind Kontrolle Slave role as Heinz (Henry) Kissinger’s personal computer and  “porn-bot” – Repubs  or Dems, they’re ALL on  same team,  just wearing different uniforms, reciting scripts, serving the same masters…

*       *       *

The Black Skull N Bones: Boule Society

*     *     *

George HW Bush, Sr. &  MK’d BETA Kitten/Human  Laptop CNN Robin Meade

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PDF versions of MK-Ultra Monarch Program Survivors (Victims)

Bloodlines of the Illuminati – Fritz Springmeier exposes (13) Black Nobility Ruling Bloodlines

Illuminati Formula Used To Create An Undetectable Total Illuminati Mind Controlled Slave Vol. 2 – Cisco Wheeler (survivor) & Fritz Springmeier  (was jailed on false charges) exhaustive treatise on horrors of  NSA-CIA protected/Nazi inspired MK-Ultra Monarch Prog

Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula– Cisco Wheeler & Fritz Springmeier

Tranceformation of America– Cathy O’Brien & Mark Phillips (de-programmer)

Thanks for the Memories– Brice Taylor (COPYRIGHTED) MK-Ultra Monarch Surviver (victim) Henry Kissinger’s Personal Sex Slave & Human Laptop…SARAH L. PALIN is  Brice Taylor’s UPGRADE and gives us a “photographic memorized” POV of  ole Henry’s MK Pimp Game… written in narrative form, paints picture connecting dots between top-level players in Hollywood, Music Industry, Sports, Banking-Corp,  Behavioral Sciences Industry, Military-Industrial-Apparatus,  Political Realm, Religious leaders &  Occult world engaging in abominable acts  involving children for the sole purpose of  creating  DID (formerly MPD) human robots for elites.  Brice Taylor “names, names and placesWARNING! her account of  our leaders ” off -camera”  behavior is  shocking and  revolting — I’m ex-military, been overseas, travelled and thought I’d been de-sensitized — at times I could barely get through a page! This material is NOT for children, and should be treated accordingly…

Mind Control is how Global Mgt Team has been “herding” us into One World Rulership ! STOP focusing on nonsense — learn about this diabolical program kept secret under the banner of “national security”

MK’d Survivor Brice Taylor’s Website

intheknow7 Channel

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May His Countenance Always Shine Upon Thee

Be Well & Stay Vigilant


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