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Palin/Obama 2012: More MK Oz-Disney Mass Hypnosis (VIDEO)

Global Mgt. Team Bloodline Puppetry

Palin Oz-Dorothy “ruby red slippers”

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Speaking With One Voice: Rothschild Nazi-Mind Science Controls Media
Mind Kontrolle Masses: Paneum Et Circenses & Doll Programming (VIDEO)

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Identifying, Reinforcing & Triggering w/Mickey Ears (Disney Prog’mg)

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Moderator was satisfied identities of  Palin & Obama were established as Bloodline MK-Ultra Monarch Mind Controlled Slaves, but as her popularity increases and the run-up to yet another quadrennial tickle-fest (election) approaches, I thought we should revisit the Mossad-NSA-CIA-AIPAC, MK-Ultra Production, Alaskan M-I-L-F fantasy narrative, her Zionist Prog’mr/Handler and equally controlled counterpart (Mr. Hope & Change) in the ongoing Hegelian Dialectical PsyOps, euphemistically termed “elections”  So… just in case you  forgot…

Kissinger, Palin, Mengele: Part 2 (VIDEO)

NSA Hq Ft. Meade,MD “Puzzle Palace” MK-Ultra Nerve Center


Crooks, Incompetents & AssholesAIPAC (Hexagram)

Zionists Devour Tea Party With Palin Trojan Horse

From MK’d BETA Sex Kitten, GOP  pin-up Marionette (DOLL), Oz-Dorothy Prog’mg, Black Mass motif (red/black/white); (2) Blackberry’s (red/black) wrapped in Americana fantasy narrative …

To pseudo-evangelical worship figure for deluded supporters in twangville —believing her to be a modern day Esther — also dubbed second coming of Reagan & Margaret Thatcher. Note: Black Mass motif (red/black/white ) ; gothic style SS halo of sun rays around head, pious clasped hands…

CNP (Council on National Policy)

CNP Dominionists

Hey, lemme give cuz a big hug and kiss at Bloodline Alfalfa Club


(PDF) Bloodlines of The Illuminati

young MK’d Sarah Palin in Monarch butterfly field

Cindy McCain hand-off to Jesse Jackson (33rd degree Prince Hall Mason, Boule Society member, GMT minion) & Meles Zenawi (PM of Ethiopia @ Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Sheraton Hotel, NY — a Bill Clinton hosted (presented) virtual MK Monarch Slave Convention.

“Politics makes strange bedfellows” — indeed!

ITKEK7 PICS: Baphoment (Devil Horn or Goat of Mendes) Sign

Prez Obama Who’s Team Are You On? Who Are Your Masters? (VIDEO)

PDF version

(5)  living genetically linked Bloodline Global Mgt. Team Tools

“It’s All In The Family”

Zbigniew Brzezinski’s pawn on “The Grand Chessboard”

GMT Bloodline MK’d Monarch Slaves giving award winning performances under Monarch Mind Control…

Miss Evangelical-Christian flashing double Baphomet (Devil Horn) Sign to Occult brethren, and “trance inducer” in standard Masonic pose…

more Baphomet flashing at Zionist-owned Time 100 Gala in NY

Masonic pyramids too…

In response to what do you read: “All of em’, any of em’ — whatever they put in front of me” [we know]

Masonic pyramid sign

and of course lots of All-Seeing-Eye (Eye of Horus) winking…

ITKEK7 PICS: All Seeing Eyes

…rallies w/known MK-Ultra Mind Control Prog’mrs like Mr. “I’m Proud To Be An American” Lee Greenwood — Bohemian Grove member

ITK7GMT MK Programmers/Handlers

Remember The Bigger The Hair, The Closer To God Tour?

Note multi-layered color coding here: Black Mass (red/blk); Monarch (orange/blk/white); Yellow & Black; Marionette (DOLL) Prog’mg w/Barbie shrink wrap bus…

with even more Baphomet (devil horn) flashing

double Baphomet flashing; Black Mass (red-black) motif;

even on back cover of book! (VIDEO)

The truly disgusting spectacle of poor Trig being hauled around the country like a Neiman Marcus handbag, to beef up her “super mom” pro-life credentials…

MK Kitten on political catwalk

Mommy’s beloved baby boy often seen with NO hat, coat, shoes, eyeglasses or hearing aids (he’s deaf) on rainy cold  tarmac surrounded by adults (family) wearing heavy coats, carrying umbrellas — reprehensible!

See (5:20) Palin rolls up sleeves, looks in monitor, flashes Masonic pyramid sign, slyly looks right, ending hand sign while responding to 33rd Degree Mason Franklin — she’s well trained. Cute little MK’d set…did you catch the Doll Prog’mg reinforcement by handler in Black Mass motif?

SarahPac only coughed up a paltry $1,ooo for Down syndrome charities, after $100K plus speaking fees, Team Palin (Prog’mrs/Handlers) luxuriated in LearJet 60’s or larger, five star suites w/adjoining rooms, SUV’s and oh yeah…bendy straws?!?

BTW the medical term for Down syndrome is Trisony-G what kind of mother names their child after their medical condition? That’s like parents of a visually impaired child naming them “blindo”what a smug and revolting thing to do!


Remember the nauseating image after scripted VP debate of SMOM Knight of Malta Biden “handling” Piper; decked out in Black Mass (red/black, white motif) being “presented” in the front of the world in ownership stance between MK’d  Mommy and himself. Note Piper’s Maltese (Iron) Cross design in black/white…

ITK7GMT PICS: Maltese (Iron) Cross

ITK7GMT SMOM Knights of Malta

“Nice to meet cha…can I call you Joe?”

shouldn’t have been a surprise after this disgusting PEDO delight…

7-yr old Piper rockin’ 4” heels on national television (back arched, chest and rear thrust out) Note: Matt Lauer reinforcing in Black Mass (red/black/white) motif. BTW Why is this child seemingly never in school? Dare we ask where Willow Palin is…how long does Charm School Training last?

from Tranceformation of America — Cathy O’Brien Monarch Slave Survivor (Victim)


(0:13) “Piper’s here today!” — w/Lee Greenwood notorious MK Prog’mr/Handler

This shot has many MK-Ultra Prog’mg elements: military escort (Prog’mg/Handling), security protecting national security (coded Intel) mind files; Black Mass motif red/white carpet (Satanic-Bloodline); red/black bag; blue/white/gold Masonic color coding; yellow/black Monarch motif…

Team Palin Prog’mrs/Handlers have decided to trot out MK’d Bristol in a big way…

MK’d Bristol Black Mass motif

…she’s been firmly inserted in MK rotation as “re-virginized” Candies spokeswoman, w/appearances on MK’d showcases The View, Secret Life of American Teenager, Jay Leno and Dancing w/ Stars see ITK7 & Esoteric Kitten Journal entry dtd 9/8 & 9/18-2010…can Willow Palin be far behind and God only knows what they’ve planned for Piper…

MK’d Bristol “caging” on DWTS

ITKEK7 PICS: Sarah Palin & Family (Bristol Palin)

Perpetual MK’d Home Coming Queen (DOLL & Princess Prog’mg)

Black Mass motif

last but not least the iconic Oz-Dorothy “ruby red slippers”

note black mass color coding on Ohio ramp seal

Palin’s famous “ruby red” Naughty Monkey Pumps

Iconic Oz-Dorothy ruby red slippers w/bejeweled (diamond, emerald, ruby) pentagram wand– Jewel Prog’mg

Palin Portraits from 1982 – 2010

Genealogy chart showing Bloodline Lithuanian- Zionist ancestry — masquerading as “valley trash”

*       *       *

“I know everything there is to know about her…She’s so fake. But she’s so good at it, too. She’s amazing at it. If I didn’t know it, I wouldn’t know the difference. She’s gifted. She could do movies because she’s so gifted” — Levi Johnston on Sarah Palin

Definitely sounds like a Totally Undetectable Mind Controlled Slave

Black Mass motif; reinforcing image of “gun toting” frontier woman; note handler in “yellow/black” motif — Prog’mg Modes/Colors NEVER change!

Black Mass motif

*       *       *

A final note on Miss Evangelical Pentecostal-Christian

So I’m looking around for somebody to pray with, I just need maybe a little help, maybe a little extra,” she said. “And the McCain campaign, love ’em, you know, they’re a lot of people around me, but nobody I could find that I wanted to hold hands with and pray.Sarah Palin Alaska GOP Lincoln Day Dinner
ITK7: From a Christian theological viewpoint, her comments reveal a woeful ignorance of basic doctrine, and particularly disturbing for someone who has “worn their religion on their sleeve” since high school and waves the evangelical banner. She’s unaware that the the veil has been rent in two— meaning there’s no longer any need for believers to consult with, or involve others in any way to communicate w/Christ. He (Christ) has fully assumed the role of “High Priest”, “The Great Intercessor”. As a so-called Pentecostal these are staggeringly ignorant comments regarding prayer. This is drilled into grade school children in Church school — even non-believers know this.  Not needing anyone to pray with is one of the main reasons He (Christ) came in the flesh — not a minor point, but thee doctrinal shift between Old & New Testaments! Many McCain staffers (evangelicals) were rightfully offended by her comments and vehemently denied her assertions. Wasn’t her family there? Ridiculous! Her comments were obviously designed to cast McCain staffers as godless heathens and only I, Sarah L. Palin “super-Christian” am a true believer. Is there no limit to this woman’s fakery? What a beautiful liar! Hmmm, who else fits that description?

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice…

GMT Military-Hollywood Directed Palin Sideshow

*       *       *

Global Banksters, Wall Street & Goldman Sachs Loves Obama!

Rothschild-Goebbels Bernays Corporate Controlled Hypnosis

Remember all the hope and hype? Remember the sickening, syrupy sweet Americana fantasy narrative — the 30min infomercial opening with visuals of actual “amber waves of grain” from America The Beautiful?

Ready to be duped again? As the mincing, winking, jukebox of  folksy fear-based rhetoric herself asked…

”How’s that hopey-changey stuff workin’ out for ya?”

Zionist MK Prog’mr Kissinger w/his other Bloodline Monarch Slave & George P. Schultz (father donated CFR Hq. Park Ave & 68th Street, NY)

Zionist, MK-Ultra Prog’mr, Rockefeller agent

young Barry exchanging Master Mason grip; note “G” in foreground

ITK7GMT PICS: Masonic Grips & Hand Signs

same masters, same goals, same results…

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion (PDF)

ITK7:  DON’T get sucked into circular logic arguing over authorship, rather focus on whether the goals been enacted. Additionally NEVER allow yourself to be intimidated by the charge of antisemitism, whipped about like a sail in violent storm, by those wishing to deflect responsibility from the culprits…

Bush Jr. Cardinal Egan

ITK7GMT PICS: RCC Vatican & Papacy

Al Smith Dinner hosted by His Eminence Cardinal Egan (American Pope & Military Vicar) seated in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, NY.  POTUS candidates MUST attend this coronation where winner is ALREADY selected

the more things change…

Carter & Reagan Al Smith Dinner

Cardinal Spellman w/SMOM Knights JFK & Nixon

Eisenhower & Cardinal Spellman

Pope Benedict XVI & MK Prog’mr Zionist Heinz (Henry) Kissinger

Global Mgt. Team Tool bows to his Papal master
ITK7GMT: RCC, Vatican & Papacy

Adolfo Nicholas (Black Pope) behind Joseph Alois  Ratziner (White Pope); Jesuits are power behind Papacy. Note Pope’s Masonic hand sign “sun finger” and Black Pope’s “hidden hands”
ITK7GMT: Jesuits, SJ (IHS)

Pope Benedict XVI seated in Society of Jesus (Jesuits) courtPontifical Gregorian University

Are you starting to see why the more things change, the more they remain the same? While GMT has us at each other’s throats — clawing and scratching for the crumbs left from their global looting schemes and genocidal plots, most are too tired, stressed, broke and demoralized to see who the real culprits are…

from Moderator page:

They stand before us smugly decrying the same strategies they are the chief proponents of, blatantly exchanging Occult-Masonic grips, flashing Baphomet (devil horn) Sign w/their shifty-eyes and sly grins, spewing code words to their Occult brethren hidden amongst deluded supporters…

They engage in abominable practices w/impunity, receiving absolution while deceitfully waving the banner of false persecution…

*       *       *

For my detractors: Before exhausting the store of  conspiracy theorist adjectives in your programmed repertoire  e.g. crazy, kooky, whacky, nutso, meshugganah — pry your hands  loose from  your “little friend” — read MK’d survivor accounts posted all over this blog, read MK-Ultra Program Guide and MK Source Docs…check out sites in blog roll  or at least Google MK-Monarch Prog’mg…

Excellent resources:

Vatican Assassins – Eric Jon Phelps
The Secret History of Jesuits (PDF)
Satanism In The Vatican – Malachi Martin (Ebook download)
50 Years In The Church of Rome – Charles Chiniquy (PDF)
Tranceformation of America  — Cathy O’Brien

+       +       +

Be Well &  Stay Vigilant


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