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Palin, Beck, FOX News & Statue of Liberty

MK-Ultra Alaskan Kitten Sarah Palin & Glenn Beck

The fascist trinity of Bildeberger Rupert Murdoch, Roger Ailes & Karl (Goebbels) Rove plan  to mold Caribou Barbie into pseudo-religious heroine for proudly ignorant in twangville, still devastated from results of  Selection 2008, which installed  global management team, agent of  financed capital O-Man as POTUS — now Palin’s deluded fans can  watch the GOP pin-up doll/televangelist/demagogue, being groomed  by Murdoch’s media machine, which includes Harper Collins (publisher of Going Rogue) FOX News (O’Reilly, Beck, Hannity, Greta et al.) FOX Business (as energy expert) “Real American Stories” (Sarah’s warm and fuzzy  home movies) — the Sarah Palin  reality show/brand  is as profitable as it is dangerous — a combination of neo-fascism driven by Karl Rove Goebbels-style propaganda, and Center For Natl. Policy (CNP) —  this phony Christian evangelism promotes  Sarah as a modern day Esther, who seems to condone demagougery, xenophobia and blatant lying, wrapped in Disney-like cartoon buffoonery — grow up America and stop playing with dolls!

Glenn Beck Sarah Palin Worship at Battery Gardens,  New York

link  for more Sarah Palin Worship here: http://glennbeckchannel.blogspot.com/2010/01/glenn-beck-sarah-palin-eye-to-eye.html

MK-Ultra Monarch Program Trauma Reinforcement:  partitioned “glass cage” on a raised set (compartmentalization, disorientation) — SNL references to Tina Fey (duality, mirroring) even offering themselves as co-hosts) more references to Sarah being  Halloween “it girl”– Beck reads notes (codes/triggers) from his “green (go Kitten)” journal to activate Sarah’s programmed responses, coupled w/endless bootlicking of  the Alaskan Kitten w/giant hair, which apparently can longer fit inside a FOX studio as “The Bigger The Hair, The Closer To God” tour continues…what the hell are they doing at the tip of lower Manhattan, except to have live backdrop for the obligatory 9-11 Fear-Based Trauma Op references — Beck also seems overly concerned that Sarah might “lose her soul” if  she goes to Washington — entire interview had a creepy feel to it, especially the “schoolboy crush” opening…

Occult-Masonic themes: Statue of Liberty (Isis) http://www.freemasonrywatch.org/statue_of_liberty.html embedded in script as a segue into occult-Masonic themes:  “seven points”, “sunrays”, “rays of light”, “horns” …Sarah chimes in that Statue of Liberty is also symbolic of  “seven seas” and “seven continents” in weak  attempt to counter general opinion held by non-supporters  that she’s “not so smart” and of course Mrs. Evangelical flashes Masonic pyramid hand signs…

Not a Glenn Beck fan, who believes  Sarah’s “ one of  the only people he  can see possibly leading  us out of where we are” (?) —  seems to have missed his calling as money-grubbing, theatrical, televangelist, who no doubt,  along w/cast of FOX News sycophants, will assist Goebbels disciple Karl Rove in stage managing Alaskan MK Kitten’s  inevitable launch of one of the most divisive campaigns this country has ever witnessed — xenophobic rhetoric gleefully spewed in 2008 was but a preview of  things to come… in politics, sincerity is the key, once you learn how to fake that, you’ve got it made…

intheknow7 Channel MK-Ultra videos

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MK-Ultra Monarch Programmers of Global Elite Exposed


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