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CNN Robin Meade: MK’d BETA Sex Kitten & George HW Bush (Scherff) B-Day Fun

Robin Meade: Bush Sr. BETA Prog’md Sex-Slave/Human Laptop; MK leopard identifier & trigger; Eye-of-Horus (left eye) wink; dissociative spiral necklace

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Guess who got to traumatize  CNN Morning Express anchor Robin Meade? — crusty old Skull & Bonesman, SMOM Knight, George HW Bush Sr., celebrated 85th birthday by skydiving w/always sexed up news anchor-bot MK Kitty Robin Meadeanother product of  NSA-CIA MK-Ultra Monarch Program Multiple finishing school “Worldwide Pageant System” which is  FULL of Monarch Slaves in training for pedophiles global elite — former Miss Ohio 1992 and Native American, voted “Sexiest Newscaster”  by Playboy in 2004, has the most blatant  BETA Prog’md Sex-Slave (Kitten) ALTERS in TV News today! – Robin’s “amped up”  cat/kitten alters were  new prototypefor  army of  MK-Beta’s  “anchcor-bots”  that  infiltrated news studios, especially Rupert Murdoch’ s FOX News. The cast of  NewsCorp’s FOX-I-FIED Blonde MK’s are “fully functional in all rooms” — uniform is  short-skirt, high-heels, big-hair, lips pouted, backs  arched!   

Robin suffers from a history ofanxiety attacks” —  common trait among Mind Kontrolled Slaves… 

Each show opens (6-10am) w/Robin’s Occult sun-worshiping trademark shout out…


Note: “yellow brick road” in banner  here:    

George HW Bush Birthday Skydive — Aerial Trauma  Reinforcement; his  favorite according to Cathy O’Brien in “Tranceformation of America

Bush MK Prog’mr Exposed  Cathy states  ole George  loves to traumatize MK’ Kittys by “throwing them from helicopters” and  playing “The Most Dangerous Game”– involves setting MK’d  BETA Slaves loose in California forest to run from degenerate Grove patrons, in deadly game of nude hide & seek — to the DEATH! The Grove locale for Annual Megalomaniac Summer PEDO-Fest @Bohemian Grove, Monte Rio, California. Cathy also witnessed Mr. ex-CIA Director, Knight of Malta GHWB whacked-out on heroin… sodomizing her underage daughter Kelly…during electroshock treatment — also exposed Mr. Halliburton (shoot your friends in the face) former VP Dick Cheney as regular visitor/abuser of MK’s at the Grove, where Jesuit-controlled elite gather annually in California forest to: 1) pee on trees 2) worship a giant owl  3) don hooded cloaks and molest underage MK’d boys/girls, while having delusions of grandeur just imagine the fun old George had w/MK Kitty-Beta trained sex-slave Robin Meade on his 85th birthday?

*     *     *

Fr: “Trance Formation of America”  – Cathy O’Brien MK Survivor (Victim)

pg. 157. “Bush…knelt on one knee in front of  [Cathy’s daughter] Kelly in order to talk to her on her level…using his best Mr. Rogers voice he said “Come here, little one. I want to ask you something…

The Most Dangerous Game

pg. 194-195“Hyper from drugs, Cheney and Bush were eager to hunt their human prey…they greeted me with the rules of the game, ordered me to strip naked despite the cold December winds…Kelly’s life became the stakes, as usual, which resurrected my natural and exaggerated programmed maternal instincts. Tears silently ran down my cheeks as Bush told me, ‘If we catch you, Kelly’s mine. So run, run as fast as you can. I’ll get you and your little girl, too…I will.’ [a reference to Wiz of OZ  fear codes “and your little “dog” too ]
[According to Cathy, he did. Brutally. Again.]

MK’d Beta Sex Kitten Robin Meade MORNING SUNSHINE !

Blatant On-Screen Occult-Masonic Numerology
Forget the tongue; note Occult numerology  (1+5) =(6); (6) leaves on necklace, last one is time 7:49IN YOUR FACE! (crawls on broadcasts often contain hidden messages for GMT)
  *     *     *
BUSH (SCHERFF) SYNDICATE: satellite family orbiting  Rockefeller (Roggenfelder) Global Mgt. Team —13 Jesuit controlled-Illuminati Dynastic Bloodlines along w/ Jesuits, SMOM Knights of Malta,  Roman Papacy (yes…who do you think helped smuggle satanic mind control Dr.’s, of  Nazi officer core out  of Germany at end  WW2?) &  British Order of Garter/ Order of  Bath — ruling earth for centuries, grooming their inaudibility by parceling out crumbs —  political power/immense wealth, to loyal servants in  Bush Syndicate…

(L) Prescott Sheldon Bush (Scherff) (R) George Herbert Walker Bush

BUSH SYNDICATE Political Posts: UN Ambassador, Chmn GOP, Envoy to China, Dir. CIA (DCI), VPOTUS, Governor’s Florida/Texas (sons); POTUS Bush Jr./Sr.,Chmn. Carlyle Group (major arms merchants)


BUSH SYNDICATE Corporate Assets: co-mingled w/Zionist Rothschild Dynasty Shell Oil Co through Pennzoil — the (Z) in Pennzoil is for Bush asset Zapata Oil Co., merged w/Penn Oil Co., and as Director of Carlyle Group, Bush Syndicate had holdings co-mingled w/ Bin-Laden Syndicate in Zapata Oil company

Prescott Bush (Scherff) advising POTUS Eisenhower

Prescott  Bush Grandsons: Marvin Bush previous CEO/owner (now defunct) Securacomcontract holder for security of  WTC complex, United Airlines  & Dulles Intl. Airport; No wonder Bush Jr. shut down 9-11 Senate investigation — classic “fox in hen house”. Neil Bush got millions in taxpayer funds via gov’t  Small Business Loan for risky oil & gas exploration, also linked to S&L scandal during Clinton regime — currently Chrmn/CEO Nexus Energy     Jeb Bush oversaw election fraud as Gov. of Florida during 2000 installation  of  Idiot-In-Chief  Bush, Jr by Masonic Supreme Court — more Bush Syndicate criminal hijinks…


Skull & Bones/Yale University



George HW Bush (Scherff) Yale Univ, Skull & Bones

George HW Bush (Scherff) left of clock; note Nazi “death skull” Didn’t you know Nazi’s wear other uniforms, like blue suits, white shirts, red ties and say “God Bless America” often…



Note: FASCES (=root world of FASCIST) IN YOUR FACE!

take a closer look…

bundle of sticks, bound together by cords and fastened by an ax


I know you’ve  seen this  before…

Lincoln Memorial


 Another angle…


  fasces as pillars
Fasces as pillars

Third Reich Funded by Zionist Rothschild/Rockefeller Dynasties:w/help of Prescott Bush (aka George Scherff, Sr.), Managing Director  Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH) 140 Broadway, New York

Prescott Bush, Managing Dir. Brown Bros. Harriman partnered  w/Hitler’s banker, Fritz Thyssen to create shell company for American investment in profitable Nazi empiremany U.S. corporations lined their pockets w/Nazi loot via  German subsidiaries – IBM manufacturer of  “punch cards” used to count those subjected to abominable Sigmund Freud/Tavistock/ Himmler/ Mengele (Dr. Green a.k.a. Angel of Death)  Mind Kontrolle experiments, in Nazi death camps, where Human Sacrificial Rites under Jesuit direction were performed. IBM, Ford Motor Corp,  I.G. Farben & Standard Oil (Rockefeller Dynasty) among other American corporations, helped fuel Nazi War Machine…
Bush Syndicate Exposed: Union Bank Corp Indicted Under “Trading With The Enemy Act”

Senator Prescott Bush interview pt 1

Senator Prescott Bush interview pt 2

More on Bush Syndicate & Trading With Enemy Act

“Unauthorized Biography of  George HW Bush”

by Webster Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin

SMOM Knight George HW Bush; MK Prog’mr/Handler

Is George Herbert Walker Bush Even Who He Says He Is?
Poppy Bush flashes double Baphoment (devil horn) Sign in mid-air while skydiving (2:37)

Bush Family Fortunes: (6) Part Series

Bohemian Grove: 2,700 acre campground located at 20601 Bohemian Avenue, in Monte Rio, California 95462 — Global Management Team gathers annually to indulge in occult hedonistic antics under military guard — Jesuit planned wars (Crusades), population reduction (sustainable development ) global divide/conquer schemes, Big Oil-Arms-Narcotics mega profits always on agenda — more Bohemian Grove,  Global Megalomaniac Camp Ground



George HW Bush (Scherff) MK’d BETA Sex Slave/Human Laptop

CNN Robin Meade On-Air  Reactivation

(20 sec) ” Trance”

— Co-host says  “wipe the drool”

Another  Singing  BETA Prog’md Mind Control Slave Pageant Winner

ITK7: MK’s are pruned like roses from a garden (except  “garden”  is most likely a deep underground military installation D.U.M.B.) — most beautiful and talented are chosen as “change agents” for molding masses to Global Mgt  Team social alchemy goal of One World Mind Control Order. CNN Robin Meade, yet another poor soul, subjected to years of electroshock torture, triggering “alters” to be commanded by sinister prog’mrs/handlers,  and of course performing sex acts that would make hardcore pornstars blush. Private films are sold on underground porn market, shown “on-line” over “encrypted streams” — there are massive databases  containing porn w/your favorite celebrities, athletes, political figures. MK’s are shuttled between secure military bases, connected via deep underground tunnels, traveling on MagLev high-speed rail —  built during 1950’s w/ NSA-CIA “black budget” off-balance sheet funds…”national security”  indeed!

USAF tunnel boring machine (clears 7mi per day solid rock) Note: encircled pentagram

“There’s No Place Like Home” ( Wiz of OZ =”Dorothy Prog’mg”)

(see banner top of screen @ 0:22)

Robin gives shout out to John Hughes MK Prog’mr and director  of many children’s films loaded w/MK prog’mg; died suddenly of heart attack, Aug-09, while walking in Manhattan, possibly self-destruct  Omega Prog’rm (?)

MK-Ultra Monarch Prog’md BETA Sex Slave (Kitten) ROBIN MEADE


MK leopard ID & Trigger; spiral (disorientation) amulet

MK emerald “Go Kitty” green; dissociative spirals @”The Bank” nightclub in Vegas; staffed w/MK’s; alot of MK’d TigerWoods BETA’s work here…

MK’d Robin Meade @CNN “dissociative” studio displaying her assets; Emerald “Go Kitty” green on the box; mirrored (duality) flooring; TV studios, movie sets are designed w/MK triggers (reinforcement) built-in…

Former Miss Ohio; BETA Prog’md; black/white duality — “Morning Sunshine!”

MK BETA Kitten Robin Meade (pre-skydive) interview w/Bohemian Grove, Skull & Bones; SMOM Knight, MK Prog’mg/Handler (PEDOPHILE) George HW Bush Sr. (Monarch Yellow/Black motif)

Robin present to service Bush males on command as BETA Sex Kitten

Robin Meade billboard Wiz of  Oz “Dorothy” Prog’mg  note: “Yellow Brick Road”

CNN MK BETA Kitten Robin Meade “Oz” Prog’mg; “yellow brick road sign”

MUST SEE MK (Mind Kontrolle) Ultra Prog’mg Modes ID: “I Gotta See It”
more Morning Sunshine!
You Tube MK-Ultra Monarch Prog Survivors Cathy O’Brien & Brice Taylor

NSA/CIA/Mossad  MK-Ultra Global Management Team Exposed!

Global Mgt Team agenda for SMOM Knight George HW Bush’s son, the Idiot-In-Chief was  1) usher in police state via false-flag 9-11 Fear-Based Trauma Op 2) set up apparatus for “soft dictatorship” (Homeland Security Dept [Vaderland in German] ) for Zbig Brzezinski ‘s MK’d multi-racial boy wonder Mr. Yes  He Can! O-Man (controlled asset) to inherit, after handing trillions to Zionist Rothschild/Rockefeller banking cartel using Heinz (Henry) Kissinger’s latest distraction tools,  Mrs. Red Pumps & Palms, Alaskan Beta -Sex Slave Sarah-You Betcha Palin (& family) stage managed by neo-Nazi twins  Karl Rove & Roger Ailes, using Bilderberger Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp empire…
*     *     *
*GEORGE H. SCHERFF (aka Prescott Sheldon Bush, Mgr. Dir. Brown Brothers Harriman, indicted under Trading With Enemies Act) & SON GEORGE H. SCHERFF Jr. (aka George Herbert Walker Bush, 41st POTUS)


Hey America…meet the SCHERFF’S and friends (circa 1938). Holding  Mother Scherff’s hand at left is MARTIN BORMANN. In front is REINHARDT GEHLEN. In back is JOSEPH MENGELE, to his right is SKORZENY as a young man. Center right (in German Navy uniform) is GEORGE H. SCHERFF JR. & father GEORGE H. SCHERFF, Sr. Bormann became Hitler’s 2ND in command. Reinhardt Gehlen was a Chief SS Officer & assassin, smuggled out of Germany under Operation Paperclip via Vatican Ratlines. Skorzeny was Hitler’s bodyguard and SS spy/assassin; came to U.S. after WW2 under Project Paperclip. Skorzeny and GHW Bush were instrumental in merging Nazi (SS) Intel w/ OSI to form CIA w/”Wild Bill” Donovan and Allen Dulles. These sadistic agents were part of CIA Mind Kontrolle Programming  Project ULTRA. SS Officer/physician Joseph Mengele (sadistic “Angel of Death” aka Dr. Green of Auschwitz) escaped Germany to South America after WW2. George H. Scherff, Jr., installed as 41st POTUS George HW Bush & George H. Scherff, Sr., was Nicola Tesla’s “trusted assistant.”
(Otto Skorzeny Deathbed Confession)
Revelations of Otto Skorensky Pt. 2
Bush Family Fortunes (VIDEO)

*       *       *

MK’d Whitney Houston & MK Prog’mr George Bush (Schreff) White House

Additional Resources:
Thanks For The Memories Brice Taylor (copyrighted) is MK-Ultra Monarch survivor (victim) was Henry Kissinger’s Personal Beta Sex Slave & Human Laptop — written in narrative form, paints picture connecting dots between top-level players in Hollywood, Music Industry, Sports, Banking-Corp,  Behavioral Sciences Industry, Military-Industrial-Apparatus,  Political Realm, Religious leaders &  Occult world engaging in abominable acts  involving children for the sole purpose of  creating  DID (formerly MPD) human robots for elites.  Brice Taylor “names, names”WARNING! her account of  “our leaders” off -camera behavior is  shocking and  revolting. I’m ex-military, well traveled and thought I’d been desensitized, at times I could barely get through a page! this material is NOT for children, and should be treated accordingly…
Bloodlines of The Illuminati – Fritz Springmeierbrilliant expose on (13) Ruling Bloodline Dynasties
Illuminati Formula Used To Create An Undetectable Total Illuminati Mind Controlled Slave Vol. 2– Cisco Wheeler (survivor) & Fritz Springmeier  (now jailed on false charges) exhaustive treatise on horrors of  NSA-CIA protected/Nazi inspired MK-Ultra Monarch Prog  
Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula Cisco Wheeler & Fritz Springmeier  
Tranceformation of America Cathy O’Brien & Mark Phillips (de-programmer)
Robin Meade Tandem Jump w/GHWB

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May His Countenance Always Shine Upon Thee

Be Well & Stay Vigilant


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