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Michael (Air) Jordan: MK-Ultra Asset? You Make The Call (VIDEO)

Michael James Jordan (6) Championship Rings; Egyptian-Masonic “Sun Finger” pose

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Mind Kontrolled Masses: Panem Et Circences & Doll Prog’mg (VIDEO)
* Overview of MK (Mind Kontrolle) Ultra Program here and here

ITKEK7 Certified MK’s: Michael James Jordan

“from North Carolina, at guard, 6’6″ Michael Jordan…” 
“Jordan…Ohhh, A Spec-Tac-Ular Move!”
DISCLAIMER: Moderator readily admits to extreme Hero (He-ru) worship of His Airness from  North Carolina vs. Georgetown NCAA Championship, to  selection by the Chicago Bulls, to 1st slam dunk at Chicago Stadium, to storybook ending “Final Shot” vs  Jazz in NBA Finals – screaming at the television screen, imagining I was executing those blurring base-line spins finishing w/vicious slams, draining those buzzer beaters. Yes “sometimes I dreamed, that he is me” and definitely wanted “to be like Mike…” His bio on National Basketball Association (NBA) website states:

“By acclamation, Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time…”

I’ve been procrastinating with this post because…well, the man is so likable and as an ex-mediocre shooting guard, have always been in awe of his physical conditioning, uncanny skills, decision making, creativity and mental focus (ability to dissociate) on the court — yes, I cried with him for the 1st one Favorite Air Jordans

De-programming parallels cycles of addiction…the hardest step is the first– detachment…


Decoding Mind Controlled Slaves is murky business, akin to assembling a jig-saw puzzle, but the makers never display the full picture on the box. The biggest clues are ALWAYS the MK Coding, Triggers & familial history. Monarch Mind Control Slaves exist in tightly controlled environments having very specific aspects. There will ALWAYS be Prog’mrs/Handlers, Occult-Masonic Themes, Black Mass (red/black/white) Color Coding, Oz-Disney Themes, Familial Abuse (chiefly sexual and other forms) Occultism & Numerology…tragically ALL these identifiers are present…

(6) NBA Championship rings

Occult Symbolism & Numerology

ITKEK7 Black Mass Color Coding

Numerology:  23 (2X3)=(6); upon return after MLB stint he wore no. 45 (4+5) =9 (upside down 6) accomplishing (2) three-peats (2X3=6) for total of  (6) NBA Championships

1st Air Jordan Shoes; Black Mass motif

“It’s Gotta Be The Shoes”

Jersey (2X3)=(6); hands 1+5 =(6); (3+3) championships =(6) — (666 ) in front of the whole world in Black Mass motif

NIKE “Frozen Moment” commercial

Phil Jackson “Coach” MK Prog’mr/Handler

Abridged from Wiki: Born in Deer Lodge Montana; Parents, Charles and Elisabeth Funk Jackson, were Assemblies of God ministers. Elizabeth came from a long line of Mennonites before conversion to Assemblies of God. In churches that they served, his father generally preached on Sunday mornings and his mother on Sunday evenings with his father became a ministerial supervisor. Phil, his two brothers, and his half-sister grew up in a remote area of Montana in an austere environment — no dancing or television allowed. Jackson didn’t see his first movie until a Senior in High School, went to a dance for the first time in college. Growing up, he assumed he would become a minister…

MK’d Jeanie Buss (daughter of L.A. Lakers owner Jerry Buss) wife of Phil Jackson

MK’d Jeanie Buss; zebra print BETA Sex Kitten Identifier & Trigger; Toto dog (=Oz-Dorothy Prog’mg)

MK’d Jeannie Buss Playboy shoot

Jeannie’s father (MK Prog’mr Jerry Buss)  is notorious for dating teenage girls…

MK Prog’mr Jerry Buss Teen Fetish

MK Prog’mr Jerry Buss young girls

MK’d Jeannie Buss; Daddy’s Little Girl

Dean Smith Coach (MK Prog’mr/Handler) North Carolina Tarheels

Dean Edwards Smith (born February 28, 1931) is a retired American head coach of men’s college basketball. Originally from Emporia, Kansas, Smith has been called a “coaching legend” by the Basketball Hall of Fame. Smith is best known for his successful 36-year coaching tenure at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Smith coached from 1961 to 1997 and retired as the NCAA Division I men’s basketball record-holder for victories (879), a record which was surpassed by Bob Knight in 2007 and Mike Krzyzewski in 2010. Smith has the 9th highest winning percentage of any men’s college basketball coach (77.6%). During his tenure as head coach of North Carolina, the team won two national titles and appeared in 11 Final Fours.
Notice how often Jordan is “triggered” to mention his mentor’s name in interviews, you can set your watch by it…“Who was the most influential person in your development? Classic prompting (triggering) of Prog’mr (master) Monarch Slave relationship. Prog’mrs often have “covers” as teachers, coaches, professors, clergy members as not to arouse suspicion…
Readers should be aware diabolical MK (Mind Kontrolle) Ultra Monarch Slave Program is largely conducted on military installations (chiefly Air Force & Naval Bases) Universities & Hospitals. North Carolina is home to Fort  Bragg (one the largest military installations in the world, home of Special Ops Training Centers among other elite forces e.g. 82nd Airborne & Delta Forces. The umbrella of National Security (NSA) apparatus covers a wide region in this state…

North Carolina Military Bases:

Arsenio Hall Interview 1990

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2 (MK Prog’mg Triggers)

(4:57) Do you have any RITUALS that you do?
(5:09) I wear em’ all the time, I gotta em’ on now…
And what do they do for you in like an interview situation?
(5:19) It’s just a sense of  HOME, North Carolina, the university (Prog’mg Center), what it meant to me; it gave me an opportunity to be here, to  be a lot of places [eh]… it unites me with HOME…and the MEMORY of  HOME, I wear them all the time…”
(3) distinct references to Oz-Programming: “There’s no place like home, home, home…”
“Just click your heels three times and think of  home…” —  a reference to a mannerism of sadistic Nazi MK Prog’mr Yosef Mengele. Mind Kontrolle Suvivors (Victims) testify that during Prog’mg sessions he would methodically click his boots together while administering electroshock. No accident this found its way into the script of #1 Hollywood MK Prog’mg film The Wizard of Oz…

Hollywood Connection via Warner Brothers

SPACE JAM: Starring  Bugs Bunny (Prog’mg Rabbit)

All Seeing Eyes (Eye of Horus); release date (11) (1+5)=6

Notice placement of STARS names here; they have EQUAL billing — the names are exactly level w/each other because how can the Monarch Slave be above The Programmer?
Blurring the lines between fantasy and reality; MK Prog’mg rabbit #1; dissociative spiraling on Jordan’s shirt; lockers (=compartmentalization and ALTERS)

Military Connection:

Master Sgt. James R. Jordan, Jr. USA; pointing to the brain w/Masonic “sun finger”

Familial Sexual Abuse

“In My Family’s Shadow” – Deloris E. Jordan

Ritual sexual abuse within Jordan family

Michael Jordan’s sister (Deloris Jordan) makes shocking claims of “losing her virginity” (incestuous ritual rape) to her father James R. Jordan, Sr. which continued for a period of  8yrs. Deloris also states her mother was in denial regarding the abuse and treated her coldly and subjected her to emotional abuse resulting in depression, and also claims mistreatment by brother Michael. These events are consistent within the familial structure of multigenerational Monarch families…

Excerpt: Ending eight years after it first began and five years after losing my virginity to my father, it scares me to think how much longer the abuse would have went on had I not spit out the dreadful truth to my mother during one of our many heated disagreements. Disagreements that were sometimes anything but pleasant and often featured no indication of love between the two of us…”

“So as she ranted and raved about how no slutty daughter of hers better get pregnant and bring any bastard children into her house. I finally heard myself saying: “If I am so much of a slut, why don’t you keep your husband out of my bed?”

“When I finally found the courage to let my father’s deeds tumble from my lips, I did not know what to expect, but I never in a million years would have guessed that my mother would turn on me. Her words of betrayals did far more damage to me than my father’s deeds. They spoke volumes to the fact that she really did not care about me, which my father obviously knew. It is because she was so expressive with her dislike for me that probably made my father know he could get away with violating me…”

“My father confessed his actions on the same day that I disclosed them to my mother. And on that frightful day of admission, I watched my mother, looking for a sign, any sign that she cared about me…”

Deloris Jordan’s parents

“The memory of my father whispering in my ear during the wee hours of the night about the beauty of my body has played over and over in my head for many years. And as if that has not been incapacitating enough by itself, having to comprehend the fact that more often than not, he had just gotten out of the bed he shared with my mother to find his way to my bedroom has just added to the realization of the painful situation..”

ITK7: This tragic tale was published in 2001 and is no longer available in print.  Striking that If His Airness (Michael Jordan) had a cold the world knew…but how many of you have ever heard this horrid tale? It’s called suppression and it’s what power does, when power is threatened.

also from Deloris F. Jordan “From Pain To Purpose”

Deloris F. Jordan website

Excerpts on these sites…




We wish Deloris well in her recovery…

Boule Society (more here)

Jordan’s Boule Society Bros.(L-R) Spike Lee & Ahmad Rashad; he along w/teammate Scottie Pippen are also Prince Hall Masons…

GMT Corporate Asset

Michael James Jordan owned by NIKE Corporation, Phillip Knight CEO who fully supports and profits enormously from child labor…

NIKE billion dollar Air Jordan enterprise from  child labor profits

Nike Annual Reports show profitability of child labor (blatant Human Rights violations), though Nike is certainly not the only U.S. corporation to engage in this form of modern-day slavery. The sports economy depends upon millions of kids, who’s only real experience w/sports on the professional level is through merchandising — rarely will they have a seat in a major arena, because the first ten rows of EVERY arena (stadium) is owned by GMT corporations…

Bloomberg Business Week

Doll Programming, PsyOps (Mind Control) For Masses

“Be Like Mike” iconic Gatorade commercial

Sometimes I dream
That he is me
You’ve got to see that’s how I dream to be
I dream I move, I dream I groove
Like Mike
If I could Be Like Mike
Like Mike
Oh, if I could Be Like Mike
Be Like Mike, Be Like Mike
Again I try
Just need to fly
For just one day if I could
Be that way
I dream I move
I dream I groove
Like Mike
If I could Be Like Mike
I wanna be, I wanna be
Like Mike
Oh, if I could Be Like Mike

MK “triggering” word “Dream” appears (6) times in song causing people not to want to “be like” Mike, but actually be Michael Jordan (assume an ALTER)

14,641 Gatorade Bottles For Mike

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ITKEK7 Certified MK’s: Michael James Jordan

Monarch Slave (BETA) Sex Kitten User/Abuser

Reportedly Jordan is “helping her to re-establish her credit” with purchase of this Miami home (read Sugar-Daddy)

MKd Miami Love Shack

Jordan & Yvette Prieto @ Hall of Fame Induction

MK’d Mariah Carey

MKd Mariah Carey Chicago Bulls (23) Jordan

MKd Mariah Carey Bull (23) Jordan; shoes in Air Jordan motif

MKd Mariah Carey Bulls (23) Jordan motif; note Air Jordan design of heels

Wizard (practitioner of Black Arts) of  Oz; crescent/star; see swastika design; (8) point star

MKd Mariah Carey Wizards (23) Jordan motif

MKd Mariah Carey Jordan tribute

OK…sporting a huge diamond Monarch Butterfly ring on her right hand, while standing in a “pentagram within a circle” which is  Black Mass (red/black) Color Coded and dripping in diamonds, singing about Hero (He-ru) worship; Note spiral lighting (dissociative) design on floor. This is pure Marionette (Doll) Prog’mg for the masses! Could they be any more obvious? These Occult-laden sets (stages) are mimicking Satanic Rituals…

Jordan w/ MKd buddy Eldrick “Tont” Tiger Woods

ITKEK7 Certified MK’s: Tiger Woods & Elin Nordegren
Forensic research from MindControlAssassins on Eldrick “Tont” Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods MK Prog’mr Exposed!

Jordan w/MKd Michael Jackson (now deceased)

GMT likes to showcase MK’s in pairings and groups reinforcing Marionette (Doll) Prog’mg and also as a brazen display of their ability to deceive the masses. Michael Jackson’s vids were always Occult laden and the pattern holds true here — see what you can decode other than Jordan’s Black Mass (red/black) motif and Jackson’s Monarch (orange/black/white) Color Coding…

stills  from JAM video…

ITKEK7 Certified Monarch Slaves: Michael Jackson

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The Artistry of Michael Jordan: compiled by HoopsEncyclopedia (Best Jordan comps on the web)

Part 1

In the “no blood, no foul era” — double team, triple team or the whole team; left hand, right hand, from inside, outside with outstanding defensive skills too! Whether home, away, healthy or sick, it just didn’t matter — he performed like a MACHINE on auto-pilot…

Part 2

Jordan’s Best Moves: compiled by Hanamichi

Balthus (excellent Jordan fan Channel)
Favorite Ball Fakes Where Did He Go? ; Freeze; Where Did It Go? ; Whiplash!
Favorite Put Back here and here
Favorite Block/Steal @38yrs old!
Best Defensive SG/PG Ever!
USA 1984 Olympic Team vs. NBA All-Stars (VIDEO)

“I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a more beautiful combination of mind, body and spirit” – Bill Clinton (MK User/Abuser)

Jordan &  Bilderberger MK User/Abuser Clinton

Bill Clinton’s Occult Numerology Comments on Jordan’s Comeback

Listen as he throws out those sixes…(6+1)=7…then another (6+1)=7 and (1) So it’s (7+7+1)=15, which is (1+5) = (6)  blatant Occult Numerology Shout Out from Bilderberger Slick Willie — male 1/2 of BILLARY…

Jordan’s Private Jet Gulfstream IV

(666) on engines and underside of wings

“N236MJ” (VIDEO)

Phil Jackson commenting on Michael Jordan’s Hall of Fame Selection

Classic Intro to Michael Jordan’s final game vs. 76rs

Last game April 16, 2003

Emotional Hall of Fame Speech

ITKEK7 Certified MK’s: Michael James Jordan

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Time Magazine Top Ten Michael Jordan Moments (VIDEO)
Sports Century Michael Jordan  Pt. 1 (VIDEO)
Sports Century Michael Jordan  Pt. 2 (VIDEO)
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National Basketball Association
NBA Encyclopedia “By Acclamation Michael Jordan Greatest Basketball Player Of All Time” G.O.A.T.
Triple Post Offense
USA Today “Lab Mistakes Revive Questions About Murder of Jordan’s Father”
Larry Jordan Dunking
How Creating Michael Jordan Almost Ruined Basketball
I Wanna Be Like Mike Lyrics

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Here’s Generation Next…

Be Well & Stay Vigilant


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