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Prez Obama, What Team Are You On? Who Are Your Masters? (VIDEO)

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ITK7GMT Barack Hussein Obama

Deception For Younger Generation; GMT Tool As Hip Hop Political Gangsta

Mons Vaticanus: Sovereign Satanic City State of The Dead, Nazi-Pope’s & Whore of Babylon (VIDEO)
Jesuits (IHS) Vatican Papal Knights: Global Satanic Ritual Abuse (VIDEO)
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THEE  most  mysterious POTUS in U.S. history — promoted by six media conglomerates w/combined  revenues of $312B:  GE, Disney, News Corp, Viacom, Time Warner and, CBS…that’s (6) men telling you to , adore, respect and OBEY this Bloodline globalist tool! These six men all belonging to Satanic-Black Nobility, Jesuit-Papal Global Management Team (GMT). Why did you listen to them? Because you’ve been “programmed’  since birth to believe what you SEE and HEAR on their “mind control boxes” broadcast via their mass media outlets…

Mr. President why are all your academic records sealed? Surely you want evidence of  your brilliance from such prestigious universities  as Occidental College, Columbia & Harvard to be available to the American people, so we can marvel and worship you even more? Why is your voting record as Illinois State Senator sealed? This is unprecedented and certainly not indicative of any transparency or openness…
Question: What was your relationship to Heinz (Henry) Kissinger and Zbig Brzezinski BEFORE you were elected  by Global Mgt Team? Note: Brzezinski’s sons were foreign policy advisers to both Obama/Biden & McCain/Palin 2008 campaigns…

Rothschild owned/controlled media (via ownership of news wires Reuters/Associated Press) issues usual “black out” while Global Mgt. Team gathers to discuss your future. In the middle of  2008 primaries, “bitter rivals” Obama/Hillary “just disappeared” — campaign spokesman Robert Gibbs directed “snatch-n-grab “w/reporters assigned to cover Obama. Gibbs (w/ a straight face) politely explained that Obama would meet w/them aboard campaign plane, only to be told later, after they were airborne, Obama was NOT aboard, because he and Hillary had decided to go have a “chat” to cool things off, in true Hegelian Dialectical WWF style competition.  Now she’s his  global  mouthpiece, and the two are so chummy — see Gibbs calmly LYING to national media…

But, I wonder where they might have gone…


Bilderberg Meeting @ Westfield’s Marriott Hotel, Chantilly, VA, June 6-8, 2008 — total lock down provided by NSA-CIA (NRO) directing state & locals on outer perimeter. The two left leaning puppets reported for duty, and of course Herr Heinz (Henry) Kissinger showed off his personal MK’d BETA (Sex Kitten) Sarah Palin at this pow wow. And what would a Bilderberg meeting be w/out Alex (the shill) Jones, Jesuit Coadjutor, doing his best “slap-stick” w/ trademark bull-horn in hand, leading controlled opposition crew straight out of central casting — Alex has become a parody of himself w/his constant Baphomet (devil horn) flashing…

Marriott Westfield, Chantilly, Virginia…guess who lives in this neighborhood ?

Secy of State Hillary Clinton on the same team; flashing Baphomet sign, Black Mass (red/black) motif

double Baphomet (devil horn) flashing silhouette w/sun in foreground

Barack Hussein Obama a.k.a. Barry Davis: Prince Hall Mason, Boule Society (Sigma Pi Phi, motto: Advisors To The King; permanent Black Overseers), Baphomet (devil horn)  Sign Flasher, Zionist-funded, Jesuit Coadjutor, Zbig Brzezinski hand-picked puppet (ala Jimmy Carter) Master Hypnotist using NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming , MK-Ultra Monarch Slave User/Abuser, pathological liar w/ NO allegiance to U.S. Constitution/Bill of Rights , fiercely loyal to his Masonic Oaths and Jesuit-SMOM Knights of Malta masters (Joe Biden man-behind-the-man). Function: continue playing role of POTUS convincingly…while neo-fascist twins Henry Kissinger/Zbig Brzezinski continue re-shaping world for global elites…

Two of Obama’s Zionist henchmen Rahm Emanuel & Hillary Clinton slip up and utter the “M-word” not to be spoken in public among Goyim (non-Jews) “MISPUCKA” (Zionist Mob or Kosher Nostra)

read Zionist Elephant In The Room

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Mr. Yes We Can! Master of  Neurolinguistic Programming

An Examination of Obama’s Use of Hidden Hypnosis Techniques in His Speeches http://www.internet-grocer.net/hypnosis.pdf

*PDF  version Zbigniew Brzezinski  “The Grand Chessboard”

“Between The Two Ages, America’s Role In The Technetronic Era”

Satanic Bloodline Dynasty Rothschild Choice

MK-Ultra Prog’mr, Zionist, Rockefeller agent

American POTUS are not “taught” so-called foreign policy, they’re “told” what will be done, according to what has been “planned” decades in advance by Black Nobility (GMT). In reality there is NO Obama foreign policy, just as there was NO Bush foreign policy — Presidents are mere puppets, sworn by blood oaths to carry out their masters orders! I strongly urge readers, especially the younger generation to research globalist steering councils i.e. Pilgrim Society, Committee of 300, Club of Rome, Bilderberg Group,  Trilateral Commission, Royal Institute Of Intl. Affairs  (and it’s American branch Council On Foreign Relations (CFR)…please remember NO ONE COMES OUT OF NOWHERE! The notion that these centuries-old geo-strategists would “hand over” control of THEIR American Empire to ” a skinny kid, with a funny name from the South Side of Chicago” is preposterous! VP Joseph Biden was Chmn of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee; U.S. Senate arm of  Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) — he was Obama’s mentor in the Senate. These sacred cows stay in power for generations. For example, George HW Bush was director of CIA (DCI) in 1977he’s only won one election in his life, every position he’s held has been an assigned post by global management team, he was “shadow POTUS” for 8yrs under Reagan, 4yrs of his own regime, and 8yrs under son GW Bushthat’s 20yrs! see on this blog CNN Robin Meade & G HW Bush, Sr. Birthday Fun

Mr. Hope & Change, Prince Hall Mason blatantly exchanging “grip”

* As much as the FOX News “official opposition” crowd “pretend” to despise Obama, you’ll never see them showing his connections to Jesuits, Papal Knights, Masonry, Kissinger or Zbig Brzezinski — they would rather focus on the superficial e.g. “terrorist fist jabs” , Rev Wright, or Obama Girl, rather than Occult Signs or Masonic “grips” exchanged between media and candidates! That’s because they are “controlled opposition” told explicitly what to cover, and what not to cover…they even struck a deal, using the Kennedy’s as brokers! MUST SEE on this blog  “Speaking With One Voice”
Barack Obama a.k.a. Barry Davis  is a “controlled asset” an NSA-CIA MK-Ultra Monarch Mind Kontrolled Slave, just as his “pretend nemesis”  Sarah L. Palin, Alaskan MK’d BETA Sex Kitten …

* link to governmental, economic, religious empire these puppets represent

Michelle-O: First Lady of Deception

Editors of Vogue seem to think “the world”  has been waiting for an  El Diablo/Baphomet (devil horn) sign user…

Note hands; Masonic left over right, devil horns; Black Mass (red/black)

Zionist controlled media helped install these puppets using “emotional blackmail” in the guise of multiculturalism — perfected after decades of  hiding their nefarious antics by threatening ALL dissenters w/ the charge of  antisemitism…

faux POTUS seal for sub-conscious implantation

Mile High Stadium, Denver, CO construction of “Barack-opolis” or “Temple of Obama” w/Masonic Pillars

 Global stage where well rehearsed actors, applied makeup, hit their marks, recited dialogue (scripts) loaded w/emotional triggers, promises that NEVER were to be kept, before an adoring audience…lights, camera, action — Hooray for Hollywood! This is  the quadrennial emotional tickle-fest, when electorate is stroked in all the right spots — playing on your hopes/fears as  Zionist-controlled media provides pre-scripted commentary…“Oh he’s a tan Kennedy”…”spiritual inheritor of MLK”…”he’s soooo articulate”…blah, blah with tight closeups of all your favorite sycophants (Oprah, Jesse Jackson and as many deluded tearful black women as possible) to enhance experience. Same circus act in Minneapolis w/ Kissinger’s other Mind Kontrolled Slave, Alaskan BETA (Sex Kitten) SarahCuda –Lather, rinse, repeat…

MK’d controlled asset activated, on his mark — lights, camera, action!

Cue Alaskan MK’d BETA Sex Kitten as “antagonist…”

Obama & Palin doing the Hegelian Dialectic Distraction Tango

During grand puppet show of  POTUS Selection 2008, Zionist agents Paulson & Bernake held back door open, while Wall St. banksters made clean get-a-way w/your homes, 401k’s, children’s tuition and retirement money. OBAMA DANCES FOR THE LEFT, shilling for his Wall St. benefactors, AIG, Goldman Sachs,George Soros and geopolitical master Zbig Brzezinski – PALIN DANCES FOR THE RIGHT, shilling for Big Oil (BP=Rothschild;Exxon-Mobil-Conoco=Rockefeller) Rupert Murdoch’s media machine NewsCorp (Fox News, HarperCollins, WSJ, Weekly Standard, NY Post) and the Koch Bros. Both Obama & Palin are MK’d American IDOLS (Eye-Dolls) programmed for amusement/distraction of deluded, depressed, demoralized, drug addicted electorate. Obama executes orders of his masters, plunging U.S. economy further in debt to Chinese, while Palin stacks loot from deluded fans willing to finance family’s grifting lifestyle…adding to NewsCorp’s (Haper’s) bottom line w/Going Rogue and other ghostwritten tripe — When will you catch on?

Willow holds brother (nephew?) Mommy flashes double devil horns

Mrs. Evangelical Pentecostal Christian, champion of the faithful,  flashing  Baphomet (devil horn)  signs, while her underage daughter looks on? What does this universally recognized satanic sign have to do w/Jesus dying on a cross?  What door did God open  allowing  you to blaspheme Him?  What “bible believing? Christian would support this blatant display of  Satanism? This charlatan must be EXPOSED! Her proudly ignorant/deluded supporters are being fleeced to finance Palin’s Prog’mr/Handler s & family’s millionaire grifting lifestyle. Is “Sister Sarah” rolling w/demonic forces and twisting scriptures at $100K speaking appearances to  justify her palm antics — You Betcha!
Todd Palin a.k.a. First Dude & Freemason, Scottish Rite — Alaskan “Shadow Gov”  has cover  as Mr. Mom the snowmobiling hubby — Note Masonic “hidden hand” inside jacket…

Websites/Blogs re: Masonic handshakes, passwords, grips
Excellent sources  re: Baphomet (El Diablo  or Cornuto) Devil Horn Signs
Universal Masonic Recognition Signs
Global Management Team is united via Occult-Masonic rituals from ancient Babylonian/Egyptian Mysteries — this is what binds Military-Hollywood-Music Industry & Political Realm…

This is why the more things change, the more they remain the same…

So, Mr. President, who are you really working for? Who are your controllers? Who pulls your strings?

Bilderberg Council; GMT Steering Committee

Vatican City is a Sovereign State (one of 3 Empire City States) The Pope is  “Supreme Pontiff ” sitting at the HEAD of ALL tables…above ALL nations, exercising “temporal authority on earth”…this is why ALL must come, when summoned to Rome to “bow and kiss the ring”

American Pope; Military Vicar seated in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, New York @ Al Smith Dinner @Waldorf Astoria. Jesuit-Papal wanna-be Prez are given stamp of approval to participate in staged elections…

Society of Jesus or Jesuits…REAL power behind the Papacy — the ultimate “hidden hand”This 500 yr old ALL male Roman Catholic Military Order has been “kicked out” of every country where they have been discovered! Founded by Ignatious Loyola in 1534 is REAL  power behind the Papacy! Pope Clement XIV issued Papal Bull “Dominus Ac Redemptor” PERMANENTLY SUPPRESSING Order in 1773 …but through treachery/murder,  they were restored in 1814 by Pope Pius VII. These warrior-preists wield immense power through control of Papacy/Vatican —  Jesuit Provincials established in EVERY country…orders executed by their soldiers in the Sovereign Military Order of St. John The Hospiltalier of Rhodes & Malta a.k.a. SMOM or simply “Knights of  Malta”…

Prince/Grand Master SMOM Knights of Malta w/Pope Benedict XVI

SMOM Knights of Malta site

Maltese Cross” is SMOM Knights symbol connecting Vatican/Papacy to this worldwide organization — “eight-pointed star”  has been part of Popes garments for centuries. Variations of Maltese Cross are used by many orgs controlled by SMOM Knights…

Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM) symbol; Maltese cross

The “Beast” limo custom built for this Jesuit-Papal owned/controlled agent of financed capital, who assumes ALL dictatorial powers of  post 9/11 false flag Fear Based Trauma Op, executed under Bush (Scherff) Regime. This  globalist puppet must be protected at all costs, and continue playing “role” of POTUS convincingly…

note door width as globalist puppet enters “The Beast”

Global Management Team is preparing…are you ready?

CNN article on global seed bank in Svalbard Norway

more info
What do you think they’re planning to do with these?

Digital Solutions “verichip” implantable RFID transponder

goodbye privacy — resistance?…they’ll just turn off your chip!

link to Digital Solutions manufacturer of the VeriChip

* Aaron Russo (deceased) describes  END GAME  * *

Many have already been suckered into being “chipped” — conned into believing GMT sales pitch of  “security and convenience” — What if you change your mind, can you have it removed? What if  for religious reasons, you  believe it to be “the mark of the beast?” NO chip = NO money, NO food, NO medical care!  — totally controlled society of mind-numbed, micro-chipped robots — just like the worldwide army of  Monarch Programmed Multiples that exist today!

purchase @ Amazon.com

PDF versions  MK-Ultra Monarch Prog Survivors (Victims)
Thanks For The Memories – Brice Taylor (COPYRIGHTED) MK-Ultra Monarch Survivor (victim) For over 30yrs Brice was Heinz (Henry) Kissinger’s personal MK’d Sex-Slave & Personal Laptop used for prostitution, blackmail, courier of coded Intel, drug mule. As such she establishes a  “modus operandi” and helps us to track Palin’s activities… Sarah L. Palin’s  is the new-updated Brice Taylor…
Tranceformation of America – Cathy O’Brien/Mark Phillips (owned by Sen. Robert Byrd)
Bloodlines of The Illuminati – Fritz Springmeier
Illuminati Formula Used To Create An Undetectable Total Illuminati Mind Controlled Slave Vol. 2 — Cisco Wheeler (survivor) & Fritz Springmeier  (now jailed on false charges) exhaustive treatise on horrors of  NSA-CIA protected/Nazi inspired MK-Ultra Monarch Prog
Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula – Cisco Wheeler & Fritz Springmeier

*       *       *

(BO001)”Larry Sinclair: Obama’s First Political Prisoner” Alleges Homosexual Encounters w/Crack Cocaine & Hookups With Gays From Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Church


(BO002) MUST SEE forensic post from MindControlAssassins who takes a scalpel to your beloved GMT created Bi-racial Wonderboy…
Prez Barack Hussein Obama, The Eve of Post Human Renaissance, Cyborgs & Mass Murder, Mayhem, The State of Permanent Warfare

*       *       *

Obama’s Jewish Government (VIDEO)

What Has Zbig’s MK’d Puppet (GMT Boy Wonder) Been Up To?

Initial Assessments of Safeguarding and Counterintelligence Postures for Classified National Security Information in Automated Systems

On November 28, 2010, departments and agencies that handle classified national security information were directed to establish assessment teams to review their implementation of safeguarding procedures. (Office of Management and Budget, Memorandum M-11-06, “WikiLeaks – Mishandling of Classified Information,” November 28, 2010.) These assessments were intended to build upon the existing requirement in Executive Order 13526 (“Classified National Security Information”) for departments and agencies to establish and maintain ongoing self-inspection programs, in furtherance of the Executive Branch’s comprehensive and enduring effort to strengthen our safeguarding and counterintelligence postures to enhance the protection of classified national security information.
After hand-off from scion Bush Jr. Obama wasted no time executing GMT agenda; above Bloodline Puppets engaged in (5) Masonic Points of Fellowshipfoot-to-foot; knee-to-knee; breast-to-breast; hand-to-back; mouth-to-ear

National Archives: Federal Register Disposition

Obama Executive Orders 2009; 2010; 2011

Obama Executive Order entitled Establishment of the Council of Governors (PDF), creates a body of (10) governors directly appointed by Obama’s masters who will work w/ federal gov’t to help advance “synchronization and integration of State and Federal military activities in the United States”. Governors will liaise w/officials from Northcom, Homeland Security (=Vaderland in German), Natl Guard as well as DoD officials from Pentagon “in order to strengthen further the partnership between the Federal Government and State government…

…is tightening!
In October 2008, Northcom, a Unified Combatant Command of U.S. military based out of Peterson AFB, Colorado Springs, was assigned the 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team returning from Iraq. An alarming September 8 Army Times report was later denied after it sparked controversy stated troops would be used by Northcom to deal with “civil unrest and crowd control” in the aftermath of a national emergency…

Draft of Executive Order here…

Freedom Of Information Act Request 

Why trust ANYTHING proceeding from his purple lips when…

GMT grand puppetry; Masonic brothers exchanging grip

Masonic grip (thumb pressed against back of hand) again…

Bows to his Papal Master as ALL others before him…
This is Obama’s global mouthpiece (CFR, predator, lesbian witch) female 1/2 of BILLARY — Yikes!

This smiling, affable agent of those committed to our destruction has managed to successfully prosecute GMT agenda while remaining cloaked in the guise of…
“caring public servant”

Ready for (4) more yrs of Barry’s Excellent Adventure?

ITK7GMT: Barack Hussein Obama

Obama Under Subliminal Mind Control?

*       *       *

Who’s Controlling Your Synapses?

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Be Well & Stay Vigilant

May The Very Peace of God Guard Your Heart & Mind


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