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50yrs of MK (Mind Kontrolle) Ultra BETA Prog’md Sex Slave Kittens (VIDEO)

Norma Jean Baker (aka Marilyn Monroe) Prototype Mind Kontrolle BETA Sex Kitten; Courier of Coded Intel for Military-Political apparatus, Drug Mule, Change Agent
WARNING!  Survivors/Victims of  Dissociative Identity Disorder ( DID) formerly Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) LEAVE THIS PAGE & BLOG  NOW, IT’S FULL OF  TRIGGERS.  Pls have your counselor review material before proceeding — We  wish you well in your recovery…
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MK (Mind Kontrolle) Ultra Program Guide
MK-Ultra Prog’mg Modes: “I Gotta See It”
Bob Hope & U.S.O. Monarch Slave Troupe: Over 40yrs MK-Ultra PIMPIN (VIDEO)
Mind Kontrolled Masses: Panem Et Circences & Doll Prog’mg (VIDEO)
Monarch Butterfly (Danaus Plexippus)

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ITK7 Journal
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ITKEK7: MK Prog’mg In Culture
ITKEK7 Certified Monarch Slaves
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DISCLAIMER: Readers should know we have a deep reservoir of compassion for each Monarch Prog’md Multiple & their families. They have and continue to suffer far beyond what most can imagine. Through their torment the world has been given a front row seat to the depths of evil and utter depravity of man. Our efforts here are to show diabolical MK-Ultra Monarch Mind Kontrolle  Prog’mg has NEVER ceased, rather become more pervasive, w/ it’s tentacles encircling the globe; executed, facilitated, protected by Military-Political-Hollywood-Behavioral Science apparatus, and along w/organized religion is one of the primary forms of control over humanity. We purpose to dispel  false assertions that this is some obscure, shelved Intel project, or just a bunch of over privileged, chemically dependent celebs who just happen to share similar fashion sense. The core essence of Monarch Mind Control is (SRA) Satanic Ritual Abuse (sexual); its primary victims are CHILDREN! How anyone calling themselves defenders of children’s rights and NOT speak out against government sponsored Monarch Mind Control is beyond me…
This post is in no way representative of the totality of MK-Ultra Prog’mg, pervasive not only in U.S., but globally, facilitated by Global Mgt. Team (“GMT”).  MK’d BETA Prog’md Sex Slaves (male & female) are concentrated in Hollywood, Music Industry, Sports, Military & Political Realm. Primarily used as couriers of coded Intel, drug mules and change agents  defining what “sexy” is and what “sexy does” — For in depth MK-Ultra BETA Kitten Prog’mg techniques see MK-Ultra Program Guide . Intel on Mind Controlled Slaves seems to be exploding on the web — Google “mk-ultra mind control slaves”. We implore readers to research this topic, doing so will greatly assist in gaining a clearer understanding of  what’s really going on in our world and help to explain why as technological advances increase exponentially, so does the speed of our downward spiral into robotized humanity…

intheknow7’s Channel MK-Ultra Video Library

Friends Of Mine

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What’s an MK-Ultra BETA Prog’md Sex Kitten?


Prototype MK-Ultra Monarch Slave & 1st “Diamond” Presidential Model BETA Sex Slave Kitten

“Happy Birthday Mr. President”

1st Playboy Enterprises Cover Girl

Controlled Military Asset; Prog’mr Leslie Townes (Bob) Hope; MI6 Agent & Jesuit Papal Knight

“Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend”

Diamond gemstone indicates “Presidential Model” — diamonds are created from extreme pressure (programming) beneath the earth’s surface (underground military installations called D.U.M.B.S.) where 24/7  Mind Control Prog’mg (SRA) Satanic Ritual Abuse occurs nationwide…
Norma Jean Baker (aka Marilyn Monroe) was presented to the world by Military-Industrial-Apparatus under aegis of  NSA-CIA working in concert w/Hollywood –– PIMPED out at international U.S.O. Tours by notorious MK-Ultra Mind Control Prog’mr Bob Hope & Frank Sinatra (handler) Nazi-Mind Science American Style — used to service JFK, RFK, high ranking military officers, mafia dons and others…

1953 Marilyn Monroe TV Debut on Jack Benny Show (2:53)

rare photo Marilyn, RFK, JFK
Marilyn Monroe PICS
Bob Hope w/MK’d Kittens

Before Marilyn, Bob Hope Prog’md MK’d BETA Sex Kitten


Note Black Mass (red/black/white) Motif


Bob Hope w/ JFK (used/abused multiple MK’s as POTUS perks)

*       *       *

ITKEK7 Certified Monarch Slaves: Jayne Mansfield

Taller, Thinner, Bustier Marilyn Monroe

Ronald Reagan (MK user/abuser) introduces Jayne Mansfield “by way of UCLA” (well known MK Prog’mg Center)

Jayne Mansfield & Church of Satan Founder Anton LaVey

*       *       *

Who’s The Leader of The Club That’s Made For MK’s ?

M-I-C-K-E-Y   M-O-U-S-E

Disney’s Mickey Mouse infamous Aleister Crowley pose

Ultimate Children’s Programmer

MK-Ultra Disney Children’s Factory

MK’d Britney Spears;  Disney Mickey Mouse Club

My Living Doll – MK’d Julie Newmar as “Rhonda The Robot” — co-star is an Air Force psychologist (read Mind Control Prog’mr)
My Living Doll Episode One “Boy Meets Girl” — 1st episode loaded w/MK on-air prog’mg, Occult-Masonic coding; shows cutting edge MK technology in front of howling audience; show opens w/Occult-Masonic “left-Eye of Horus” winking robot…

Julie Newmar along w/ALL the women who have played Catwoman in iconic Batman movies are Certified Monarch BETA Kitten Slaves  e.g. Lee Meriwether, Eartha Kitt, Michelle Pfieffer and Halle Berry…
MK’d  Julie Newmar as Catwoman
MK’d Eartha Kitt as Catwoman
MK’d Lee Meriwether as Catwoman
MK’d Halle Berry as Catwoman

*       *       *

MK’d Rachel Welch (born Jo Raquel Tejada)

One Million Years B.C. poster

*       *       *

MK’d Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda Doll Prog’mg; soulless gaze

Penthouse cover

workout gear from Tavistock Behavioral Research Institute inspired “work out craze”

Barbara Eden of  I Dream Of Genie

w/MK’d Prog’mr Bob Hope & Apollo 7 astronauts @NASA ( well known MK Prog’mg Ctr)



Jeannie’s “glass bottle” MK Prog’mg Reinforcement

note Monarch Purple (Asclepias) ID

Farrah Fawcett

Infamous Letterman (1997) appearance; looking gaunt, dissociative and under influence chemical substances…

Part 1  & Part 2


China Lake Naval Air Weapons Stations Seal

PORN INDUSTRY EXPLODES under aegis of NSA (National Security Agency) China Lake (NAWS) in California (primary programming center) provides an assembly line of Mind Kontrolle Slaves for estimated $4Billion annual revenues “flesh biz” centralized in San Fernando Valley & Las Vegas — industry larger than professional sports…

MK’d Traci Lords

 Such a big deal was made when it was “discovered” Nora Louise Kuzma (aka Traci Lords) was only 15yrs-old performing in adult films — What about the army of Mind Kontrolled CHILDREN forced to gratify the lusts of your Presidents, Senators, Congressmen, Governors, Military leaders and Hollywood & Media degenerates?
AVN (Adult Video News) Awards Arrivals 2012

ALL BETA Sexual Prog’mg enables Mind Kontrol Slaves to perform sexual feats pornstars would NEVER attempt. So-called “A-list” actors/actresses, some sports stars and even politicians in their function as couriers of Coded Intel, blackmailers (honeypots) and drug mules are world class seducers and expert sexual performers..

NSA-CIA MK-Ultra Mind Control Program STILL Operational

*       *       *

Michael Jackson & Madonna

Louise Veronica Ciccone (Madonna) & Michael James Jackson; Black Mass motif

These two basically defined 80’s MK Doll Prog’mg in Music Industry…

Madonna Just Like A Virgin

Madonna mirroring prototype MK BETA Kitten Marilyn Monroe; Black/White duality

more Madonna & MJ, here and here
MJ Kitten Prog’mg
“Grace and beauty, charm and talent, you would do what you were told, but they TOOK YOUR YOUTH AND SOLD IT FOR GOLD…” — lyrics by Michael Jackson

One Mind Kontrolled Slave’s Lament For Another...

Comments from Church of Satan on 1990’s Culture

MK’d Monica Lewinsky

Monica Lewinsky & Bill Clinton (MK user/abuser)



Note shout out to notorious MK-Ultra Monarch Slave Prog’mr Heinz (Henry) Kissinger on banner — was ole Henry her Prog’mr? His hatred of the Clinton’s is well known, and detailed in Brice Taylor’s “Thanks For The Memories”

Terry Richardson; Black Market Pornographer

PseudoOccult Media article on Terry Richardson

*       *       *

Pamela Anderson born in Vancouver Canada (Tool Time Girl on “Home Improvement”, Baywatch) Playmate of The Month Feb 1990; constant resident at MK Prog’mr Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion & Palms Towers Suite in Vegas. Holds dual citizenship U.S. & Canada — comes in handy for those MK’d drug runs and coded Intel trips…
escorted by “mannequin” looking ghastly, displaying obvious dissociative (drugged) “traumatized” look
w/Prog’mr; dissociative (DOLL) Prog’mg soulless gaze
Happy Pammy  (ALTER) Triggered

Pamela Anderson Leopard MK BETA Kitten ID & Trigger

ITKEK7 Certified Monarch Slaves: Pamela Anderson

*       *       *


MK’d Britney Spears Masonic Worshipful Master Hat

Infamous Britney & Madonna Kiss @ MTV Awards


MK’d Occult-Kabalistic Madonna “hands torch” in the form of Masonic Worshipful (Grand Master) Hat to MK’d Britney Spears after sharing  kiss w/ both MK’d former Disney Mickey Mouseketeers — Christina Aguilera Disney Mickey Mouse Club functions as MK-Ultra Monarch Prog kindergarten, where future stars are prog’md for use by GMT in their social alchemy agenda. As usual award show audience was FULL of MK’s — Mary J. Blige, Vivica Fox, Mya, Eminem (Marshall Mathers) to name a few…
MK-Ultra Monarch Mind Control Concert of the Decade took place in New York City @ Madison Square Garden 9-10-2001 night before Fear Based Trauma-Op & Mass Human Sacrifice, ushering in official Global Police State under threat of manufactured Islamic Terrorism (Zbigniew Brezinski created Mujahedeen using CIA-asset Tim Osman (Osama Bin-Laden) which morphed into Al Queda…

Britney Spears as TINKERBELL reinforcing Michael Jackson’s Peter Pan Prog’mg

Britney & MJ (Black Mass motif)
Britney & MJ (Black Mass motif)
Britney Spears surprise walk-on @ Mind Kontrolle Concert of The Decade; Sept. 10, 2001 (night before Fear-Based Trauma Op & Mass Human Sacrifice — MSG New York City

Michael Jackson Dangerous Album coverhave fun deciphering all the Occult-Kabbalistic-Masonic imagery…

MUST READ Brice Taylor’s

“Thanks For The Memories” Chap. 21 “The Hollywood Connection” Michael Jackson

Britney’s MK’d Breakdown

MK’d Prog’mg Malfunction
MK’d Prog’mg Malfunction
During this period Britney was quoted saying “If I make myself unattractive people won’t want me”  and “I’m tired of people touching me!” — common sentiments from  MK’s as repressed memories begin to return, then under the guise of “rehab” it’s back to the lab (military installation, select hospitals) for “re-alignment” — comeback tour sales skyrocket. Lather, rinse, repeat.

(0:25) One of the most blatant MK-Ultra Monarch Mind Control displays of “Spinning The Kitty” (triggered switching of ALTERS) ever recorded — listen as Britney actually speaks to one of her alters, after Diane Sawyer gives triggers SPASM and BREAK-UP“Oh hello, oh my goodness…strong Britney” (protective ALTER or mind file) These are the type of vile, tongue-in-cheek games Prog’mr like to play w/these poor tortured souls…

*       *       *

Director Tim Burton, Warner Bros 1996 film starring  Martin Short gives us a campy portrayal of  TENA” DoD Project under aegis of USJFCom (U.S. Joint Forces Command) & NSA (National Security Agency) middleware designer Jason Lucas (a.k.a. Trinity, moderator of phony NWO conspiracy site)  functioning as controlled opposition — see Godlike Productions (GLP) BANS Tavistock & SRI posters

“Mars Attacks!”

MK-Ultra Beta Prog’md Sex Slaves/Human Laptops(1:56) “all-seeing-eye” ring transmitting to gang at NSA receiving on-line, real-time data stream (in movie it’s from a silly ring) In reality DoD Project TENA project will achieve this via Evoked Potentials & Remote Neural Monitoring, direct from “visual cortex” using GWEN Towers dispersed throughout the country; (2:15) note obvious mocking of  near decapitation of  JFK assassination (snuff film) designed not only to rid GMT of “their problem”, but to induce mass trauma among American public; note position of button, The smug reaction to this Fear-Based Trauma Op from the cesspool of Zionist-Mishpucka Hollywood Screen Writers Guild continues…
JonBenet Ramsey (Mind Kontrolle child abuse victim/pageant contestant); glaring example of underground, off the radar “PEDO-fest” in U.S. and how it’s protected, because perpetrators are rarely prosecuted or jailed in upper levels of society…


Explosion of “Reality TV” – multiple media platforms to display Mind Kontrolle Slaves w/BETA (Kitten) Prog’mg. Reality TV blurs the lines between fantasy and reality using sex, sensationalism and psycho-drama to attract and retain viewership through emotional bonding w/MK’s multiple personalities (ALTERS). MK’d programming sets are often in exotic locations, highly abnormal situations. MK’s are programmed to act in bizarre by off-screen story editors or segment producers. Everything is manipulated and contrived to create an illusion of reality through editing and other post-production techniques — complete antithesis of reality!

American (Eye Doll) logo

American Idol (Eye-Doll) Simon Cowell – most top tiered Idol contestants & winners have been MK-Ultra Mind Control Slaves — from Kelly Clarkson to Adam Lambert (note butterfly ID left of crotch) a brief look into their family histories reveals basic MK’d familial structures, and subsequent to their Idol experience they are immersed in Occult-Masonic MK’d base coding, and passed around high-level GMT players…

CHEF GORDON RAMSAY: Mind Kontrolle Kitchens & Culinary Doll Programming (VIDEOS)

more Monarch Mind Controlled Slaves…

Anna Nicole Smith

Dissociative state; child-like, Marionette (DOLL) Prog’mg

*       *       *

MK’d Tyra Banks

Lolita Marionette “Doll” Prog’md Sex Kitten; ex-Victoria Secret model (Hello Kitty ID)

*       *       *


Jay-Z (Sean Carter) personal BETA Sex Slave Kitten

Beyonce, Monarch Butterfly Motif (left) eye piece
MK’d Beyonce (Presidential Diamond Model) in  “Alice In Wonderland” MK’d motif

*       *       *

MK’d Nicki Minaj

Hip Hop “Barbie” Doll Prog’md BETA Kitten (soulless gaze)

analysis from MK Culture (no longer posting)

*       *       *

Janet Jackson, Miley Cyrus (click here for Pseudo Occult Media on Miley Cyrus) Paris Hilton
Paris Occult color coding red/black/white
Paris  “go kitty” green hat (identifier for Dr. Joseph Mengele a.k.a. Dr. Green) & Monarch Butterfly tatoo
Kim Kardashian
MK’d BETA assets
MK’d BETA assets
BETA Kitten  (ALTER) Debut

MK’d Kim Kardashian BETA Sex Kitten & MK’d Brandi’s lil bro Ray Jay

Displaying MK’d  BETA Assets @ Hugh Hefner’s MK’d Factory Playboy Mansion

Parade of Monarch Slaves goes on and on…

Lindsey Lohan, Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie (Global Mgt. Team poster girl), Jessica Simpson (sexual napalm) , Jonas Bros, Erikah Badu, Rhianna, Lady Gaga, Robin MeadeSarah L. Palin, Bristol Palin

*       *       *

Christina Hendricks

Triggered on Ellen Degeneres MK Platform
(1:40) multiple Marionette (Doll) Prog’mg triggers (Monarch purple of course) sporting chain (=bondage, ownership, slave); (2:52) Esquire magazine trigger (Black Mass, red/black motif) & BETA Kitten sexy “signature” walking –“lifting the hands up like CAT PAWS…” Did you catch the “flash” (4:49) for upcoming guest MK’d Eva Longoria? (5:18) going out of segment w/CAT paws…

*       *       *

Hooters Girls ; Pres. & CEO Coby G. Brooks ; http://www.hooters.com/home.aspxprivately owned (family) Hooters of America, Inc. is franchiser (operator) of over 450 Hooters restaurants in 42 states and 26 countries — first opened 1983 in Clearwater, Florida

Hawaiian Tropics

Victoria Secret Models Founder Ray Raymond (Stanford grad) committed suicide jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge…

World Wide Pageant System (Country & State)

Miss Universe Organization owns Miss USA & Miss Teen USA.  Donald Trump co-owns Miss Universe w/NBC in 50/50 arrangement – MK’d contestants BETA Prog’mg  beyond porn star level — remember Miss Trinidad & Tobago/Miss Japan?
Ever wonder what goes on with all these low grade actresses, former pageant winners and part time models?  How do they support themselves and what goes on at all those “parties”?

*       *       *

MK’d Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods

MK’d Tiger Woods & Elin Nordegren (Handler); Black Mass motif

ITKEK7 Certified Monarch Slaves: Tiger Woods
Rachel Uchitel (Mishpucka princess) Tiger Woods MK’d “mistress”
9-11 Poster Girl
w/ Zionist Mouthpiece Atty Gloria Allred
VIP hostess at New York night club
New York Magazine article
Paparazzi New York style…No Mercy!

*       *       *

Dr. Drew Pinsky Celebrity Rehab Guru (go to Doc when MK Prog’mg goes haywire)

The Good Doctor Gets Around
Dr. Drew w/MK’d Bristol Palin in New York…
More pics here Bristol’s officially “on-the-circuit” now — between Disney (Secret Life of Amer Teens) & Candies ½ of company pushes sexed up teens, other ½ pretends they’re against it (duality) $30K per appearance fee and Harper Bazaar photo shoot w/ Willow (VIDEO)

The good doc definitely has resume of an MK-Ultra Prog’mr…

VH1 reality television series Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew

check out roll call of MK’d guests (Victims)
Season 1: Brigitte Nielsen (Sly Stallone’s ex-wife, actress Red Sonja) Chyna (Playboy model, WWF Wrestler, sex tape “1 Night In China, Playboy cover) Jeff Conaway, Daniel Baldwin, Seth Binzer, Mary Carey (ex-porn star, candidate for Gov. of California) Jaimee Foxworth and Jessica Sierra (former American Idol contestant Season 4, sex tape out)
Season 2: Steven Adler, Rodney King, Jeff Conaway, Tawny Kitaen (actress, all around good-time-girl), Amber Smith (supermodel http://ambersmith.ning.com/) Sean Stewart, Nikki McKibbin (former Amer Idol contestant 1st debut season) and Gary Busey
Season 3: Mackenzie Phillips (confirmed MK’d survivor), Mindy McCready (country singer, 15yr old sex toy of Boston Red Sox Roger Clemens, Vivid Video to release sex tape), Lisa D’Amato (former Amer’s Top Model http://www.lisadamato.com/) Joey Kovar, Heidi Fleiss, Dennis Rodman, and Mike Starr
MK’d Dis-Info Cover Story?
Esoteric Kitten on Dr. Drew Pinsky

*       *       *

Arianna Huffington @ Huffington Post OK’d this disgusting display

All the evidence of  child sexual abuse and blatant pedophile imagery in this nation is a testament to it’s depraved nature. If the masses cataloged/prosecuted their vile acts THE GOV’T WOULD SHUT DOWN!

http://www.popeater.com/2010/05/14/single-ladies-little-girls/ [like comment thread here]

And of course the quintessential MK-Ultra Mind Control Slave/Cyborg (Zbigniew Brezenski’s hand-picked puppet) Mr. Hope & Change, Global Citizen, Spiritual Inheritor of MLK — Mr. Yes We Can!

  Prez Obama Who’s  Team Are You On? Who Are Your Masters?”

Rothschild controlled corporate media(AP,Reuters, BBC, CNN)  is determined to implant in our minds that the Obama’s as just darker Kennedy’s — and should be worshiped as they were…

Obama Masonic Inaugural Dance

First Lady Michelle in Monarch Butterfly motif
First Lady flashing Baphomet (Devil Horn or Goat of Mendes) Sign in Purple

*       *       *

Obama Girl
Amber Lee Ettinger (former Hawaiian Tropics model) Prog’md to endear deluded masses (esp. white women) via emotional bonding to multicultural wonder-boy/Global Mgt. Team Puppet Extraordinaire…
ITKEK7 MK: MK Magazine Covers

Please be aware the slick, glossy fashion magazines sold worldwide e.g. Elle, Vogue, Cosmo, Harpers Bazaar, Glamour, Seventeen etc. serve to alert GMT as to  latest MK-bots  w/re-aligned Prog’mg. Since all MK’s have “Marionette” (DOLL) Prog’mg and ALL female MK’s have BETA (Kitten) Sex Slave Prog’mg ANYTHING, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE w/ANYONE who has access codes “triggers”. The covers are a shout out to high-level GMT players, signaling which MK’d Kitten has up to date (re-aligned) Prog’mg and available for use (abuse)

*       *       *

PROGRAMMING METHODS: MK-Ultra Program Guide & Deeper Insights Into Illuminati Formula – Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler
IDENTIFIERS: used to “mark” MK’s w/ combination of  Occult-Masonic elements, multiple forms of Disney imagery — specifically Wiz of Oz, Alice In Wonderland. Blow this Intel off if you want to, that’s your right, but what of your children, who are being indoctrinated w/this sadistic programming?

Monarch Butterfly (Danaus Plexippus)

Symbol of Diabolical MK-Ultra Monarch Mind Kontrole Prog; note Purple (Asclepias) Flower

MUST SEE! MK (Mind Kontrolle) Ultra Prog Guide

JEWELSdiamonds, rubies, emeralds; all references to iconic MK Programming film “Wizard of Oz” ; specifically reference to bejeweled (pentagram) wand “Glenda The Good Witch” points at Dorothy’s “ruby red slippers” as she begins her journey homeward…leading to “The Emerald City” (ref. to  Joseph Mengele aka Dr. Green) and to “The Wizard” (Programmer). Diamond MK’s are Presidential Models (reserved for top level GMT players) Emerald MK’s are drug mules/couriers…


COLOR CODING: use of GREEN to reinforce MK Prog’mg   “green room” where MK’s are prepped or programmed for on-air appearances; ref. to sadistic MK Prog’mr Joseph Mengele (aka Dr. Green); Occult color coding red/black; black/white; orange/black/white; green, purple Black/Red combo has strong Occult significance as does black/white (ying-yang; light-dark; positive-negative; good-evil)


Animal Prints (esp. leopard) reference to “cat” or “kitten” alters resulting from BETA programming which removes ALL inhibitions (moral/physical) transforms MK’s into highly sexualized beings designed to “function in all rooms” and perform ANYTHING, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE with ANYONE who has access codes “triggers”for “Charm School” ALTERS (mind files)


All-Seeing-Eye (usually left-eye; ref. to left-path spiritually) Also ref. to omnipresence of G-d and man’s vain attempt to duplicate this attribute. Military-Industrial-Apparatus has attempted to duplicate w/GPALS and “two-way” technology hidden in flat screens, PDA’s etc. Oh you thought HD was just to bring you a clearer picture of the crap you watch non-stop — YOU’RE BEING WATCHED!


Carin Terriers (or Toto dogs) reinforce Oz-Dorothy Prog’mg from Wizard of Oz — another purpose was to replace your ferocious attack dogs (dobermans, rottweilers, German Shepard etc.) w/ these tiny little things that fit in your purse. Who will they protect you from?


Rabbits – reinforce Alice In Wonderland Prog’mg, are symbolic for MK Prog’mrs. This was Joseph Mengele’s method of Prog’mg in sadistic step no. (8) where child is literally turned into a Marionette (DOLL) by repeated electroshocking joints/muscles, causing victim to buck and jerk violently like a Marionette Doll, while verbal commands are implanted. SEE MK-Ultra Program Guide
MK-Ultra Monarch Prog Base Coding Language: MK’s surprisingly are controlled w/limericks and nursery rhymes — #1 FEAR triggering code from Wizard of Oz  — “I’ll get you my pretty, and your little dog too!…”


Additional MK coding (reinforcement) mirrors, glass, boxes, cages, fracturing, splitting and compartmentalization e.g. Sarah L. Palin Intro Speech Dayton, OH “…Hillary put 18 million c-r-a-c-k-s (super-high pitched intonation) in the highest, hardest glass ceiling in America, and we can shatter that glass ceiling once and for all!” — SEE Anatomy of Sarah L. Palin (revised)


Methods of Control: code words, hand signals, electroshock (stun guns, cattle prods, micro chips) MK’s are kept in “controlled environments” ; movie, television sets, studios, and are constantly surrounded w/MK programming reinforcement — MK’s are NEVER ALONE! Must be chaperoned by programmers where ever they go — unless programmed to be “sleepers”…
Purpose: 1) to satisfy lusts of Global Management Team players 2) create emotional bond w/masses in order to get them to mimic behavior e.g. speaking, attire, use of products they use, be sympathetic to causes they adopt — basically pattern oneself after them  (especially sexual)
Charm Schools: sexual training (abuse) centers dispersed throughout the country; MK’s usually enrolled in teens (especially Catholic Girls High Schools) These are dispersed throughout the country and frequented by GMT players and high level mafia members…

Playboy Enterprises Inc., Hugh Hefner (Mishpucka) MK-Ultra PIMP

The “White Rabbit”in Disney’s primary MK Prog’mg film “Alice In Wonderland” reinforces MK Prog’mg (ALTERS) or mind files as does Playboy bunny logo for Hugh Hefner’s MK factory, Playboy Enterprises – Pres. Model MK’d Marilyn Monroe, was first cover girl. Palms Hotel Towers in Vegas has (6) suites above huge Playboy bunny (“White Rabbit”=Programmer) w/enclosed “glass” partitioned balcony/  platforms protruding from building, used for “dissociative”/trauma  reinforcement i.e. falling/heights (acrophobia) sense of floating on air (electroshock re-enforcement) all used in Monarch Prog’mg

Playboy Magazine Premiere MK-Ultra Monarch BETA Sex Slave Catalog!

Vegas Palms Towers (Aerial Trauma Reinforcement Platforms)

Palms Towers Vegas (night view); note (6) Aerial Trauma Platforms

follow the “White Rabbit” between the Masonic Pillars

MK-Ultra Monarch Programmer/Handler, Zionist-Mishpucka Hugh Hefner has enriched himself as America’s # 1 MK Pimp for over  50yrs, supplying Global Mgt. Team and whoever else has codes “triggers” and enough money to afford “state of the art”  Oz-Dorothy, Jewel prog’md  DID (MPD) lovelies. This NSA-CIA asset w/his degree in psychology (read Mind Control Prog’mr) controls an army of BETA-trained Sex Slaves available for blackmail, espionage (honeypots), underground porn and whatever else their ”ALTERS” (mind files) are Prog’md for. Hefner works closely w/MK Prog’mr/handler Heinz (Henry) Kissinger, and operates under full protection of NSA/CIA military-apparatus. Hefner throws legendary parties at his MK Playboy mansion in California & Palms Towers suite in Vegas; these two states having the dubious distinction of  more  Mind Control Slaves per capita than any state in the country…

The RR’s excellent expose on Hugh Hefner’s MK Empire

Hollywood: MK-Ultra Central Casting

The Antisemitism Issue (briefly)

Who Really Controls Hollywood?

Hebrew Word For Nations Is “Goy” (Goyim)

Disney Studios: too much to cover here — see “Bloodlines of The Illuminati” – by Fritz Springmeier

PIXAR Studios
SKG Dreamworks Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg &  David Geffen — Occult-Kabbalistic MK-Ultra Mind Control Wunderkinds — Zionists & Ashkenazi’s (fake Jews)
Creative Artists Agency (CAA), William Morris, IMG – function as MK staffing agencies w/all the BETA Sex Slave perks. MK are treated as business franchises.
Screen Writers Guild — These are the brilliant folks who embed the MK’d base programming coded in movie/television scripts. Have you noticed how these wonderful human beings have absolutely no qualms denigrating, debasing & dehumanizing EVERY ethnic group on the planet except… guess who? How can that happen? And more importantly why is this NEVER mentioned?

Goldman Sachs financiers of 90% of Hollywood Programming Films

Masonic Grand Lodge of California

Mentoring Program

*       *       *

Esoteric Kitten Channel & Big Screen Deceptions

Pseudo Occult Media

Above sites offer excellent info on Occult nature of Monarch Mind Control in Pop Culture

*       *       *

More blatant MK-Ultra Monarch Mind Control Prog’mg

Mariah Carey /ft. Nicki Minaj “Up Out My Face”

more on Mariah Carey here…

*       *       *

Star Trek (TOS) “Mudd’s Women”

Season 1, episode 6, 1966

Attributes: stunningly beautiful, mesmerizing, hypnotic, cunning & deadly…

link below for episode

(click in each section, let ads run, return to start, watch uninterrupted or download Mozilla FireFox enable “ad blocker”)


*       *       *

S.E. Cupp: Conservative BETA Kitten

one more…

“ELECTRIC SIX” —  (11) letter Occult reference  to sadistic electroshock torture used to implant MK Prog’mg and wipe out short term memory…

Why You’re Wrong About The Right — S.E. Cupp

Statue of Liberty Baphomet Sign

*     *     *

Laurie Dhue “Ruby Red Slippers” Oz-Prog’mg

“Hey Vinnie, get a shot of her shoes!”

Crusty ole SMOM Knight of Malta George HW Bush’s personal MK’d BETA/Human Laptop ROBIN MEADE — workin’ it…

Robin Giggly & Jiggly

CNN MK’d Robin Meade On-Air Activation


So deep under co-host says — “wipe the drool”

*       *       *

Here’s Poppy Bush mid-day, double-slappin’ MK’d Teri Hatcher’s butt in a parking lot!

Teri Hatcher is the daughter of a Lockheed Martin computer prog’mr and a nuclear physicist; Teri was a ballet dancer, her big debut was as the lead flying monkey in the Wizard of Oz — and of course Teri  has suffered molestation…“I’m trying to be my powerful me” [alter or mind file]

more “journalist” Anchor Babes here and here

Global Mgt. Team MK’d anchor-bots in full BETA mode delivering non-stop  propaganda, flashing Masonic signs while coded Intel  often appears in crawl (or banner)see Speaking With One Voice: Rothschild Funded Nazi-Mind-Science Controls Media

FOX News Anchor-Bot Uniform

FOX News BETA Kitten Courtney Friel’s “Barbie” Closet

As casual as they tried to make this look, it’s so staged and replete w/Monarch Program Coding its laughable! Tiara (=Princess Prog’mg); mannequin (=Doll Prog’mg); Cheetah/Zebra pattern BETA Kitten ID; interviewer (in black/white motif) shows her Emerald “Go Kitty” Green pumps, points to mannequin w/diamond (Jewel Prog’mg)  bracelet; even managed to throw in some occult numerology “$60 bucks off E-Bay” and of course (3) uses of  MK trigger “Dream” piece ends w/ more mirroring (=duality, ALTERS)

More Courtney Friel MK Prog’mg in  Purple (Asclepias) ID

Courtney Friel Fetish Segment on Red Eye

*       *       *

Jennifer “Oz” LeRoy

Jennifer “Oz” LeRoy; New York’s “Dorothy” (print of painting formerly in Tavern On The Green)

Jennifer “Oz” LeRoy, former CEO Tavern On The Green, grand daughter of Mervyn LeRoy, producer of iconic MK Prog film The Wizard of Oz…
http://www.bryanreesman.com/blog/tag/jennifer-oz-leroy/from The New York Observer “Do you like my ruby slippers?” asked the youthful C.E.O. of LeRoy Adventures Inc., clicking the heels of her sparkly Marc Jacobses, which were admittedly more gold than red. She said that she can’t find a pair to match Dorothy’s in The Wizard of Oz —“I might just have to make my own,” she said. Why not? She also has an apparel line of her own called “Jenny Oz.”

*       *       *

Angelina Jolie

Eye of Horus; left path

Angelina Jolie @CFR Hq (American Branch of Royal Institute of Intl. Affairs)

Monarch Purple (Asclepias) ID; Masonic checkerboard pattern

more PICS/VIDS here…

*       *       *

MK’d Alaskan BETA Sex Slave Kitten & Tea Party Queen Poolside

ANYTHING, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE w/ANYONE (who has access codes); contact Herr Heinz (Henry) Kissinger or Todd (suitcase pimp); both MK-Ultra Prog’mr/Handlers; must provide Lear Jet 60 (or larger) Luxury Hotel Suite w/2 single rooms, and of course “bendy straws” — special price for Mother/Daughter Acts; USA! USA!

Bristol Palin Harpers Bazaar promo

(see how much MK-Occult coding you can spot)
UK Classical Diva/DWTS Runner-Up Katherine Jenkins

Katherine Jenkins Live O2 London;Monarch Butterfly ID (purple)

Katherine Jenkins Marilyn Monroe ALTER; Debut DWTS Season 14 Runner-Up

Katherine Jenkins (controlled military asset) w/ Colin Powell (Prince Hall Mason, Pilgrim Society, Knight Grand Cmdr, Jesuit Coadjutor, MK user/abuser
(more on Katherine Jenkins ITK7 Journal 2012/2Q)

*       *       *

ITK7: An ancient bloodline cabal under demoniac influence creates an army of human robots, via horrific ritual torture of children to serve their fiendish goals, but arrogance blinds them to the fact that their “human robots” have photographic memories and can recall in minute detail every conversation, command, sexual act they’ve performed. These human recording devices can literally walk into any courtroom in the land and “press play” stunning idiocy! This is why Monarch Slaves MUST be guarded 24/7…it’s not the fans they’re worried about, but the Mind Kontrolled Slaves! If  their mind files are ever publically unlocked and decoded, it’s GAME OVER for the Military-Political-Hollywood-Media-Behavorial Science apparatus… the ENTIRE SYSTEM WILL COLLAPSE!

“Arrogance and self-awareness rarely go hand in hand” – M from James Bond “Casino Royale”

*       *       *

intheknow7’s Channel

PDF from MK-Ultra Monarch Prog Survivors (Victims)

Bloodlines of The Illuminati – Fritz Springmeier:  brilliant expose on (13) Black Nobility Bloodline Dynasties
Illuminati Formula Used To Create An Undetectable Total Illuminati Mind Controlled Slave Vol. 2 – Cisco Wheeler (survivor) & Fritz Springmeier (now jailed on false charges) exhaustive treatise on horrors of  NSA-CIA protected/Nazi inspired MK-Ultra Monarch Prog
Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula – Cisco Wheeler (born into Illuminati “hierarchical”) & Fritz Springmeier details methodology for creating DID/MPD Human Robots
Thanks For The Memories – Brice Taylor (COPYRIGHTED)Henry Kissinger & Bob Hope’s Personal Sex-Slave/Human Laptop, paints picture connecting dots between players in Hollywood, Music Industry, Political Realm, Sports, Banking-Corp, Behavioral Science Industry Institutions, Military, Religious leaders & Occult World
Tranceformation of America – Cathy O’Brien & Mark Phillips (de-programmer)

*       *       *

MK’d Sarah L. Palin; Henry Kissinger’s BETA Prog’md Sex Slave & Human Laptop

 intheknow7’s Channel

ITKEK7 Certified Monarch Slaves
ATTN: 4shared PIC/VID Archive Accounts  Suspended, links will be restored after pics reloaded — Pls be patient w/over 20K PICS :) THANKS FOR OVER 8 MILLION VIEWS!
ITK7: This blog and all posts contained therein serve as an OPEN CHALLENGE to any so-called major media outlet (hard news or infotainment) “investigative journalist” willing to expose NSA, DoD, Mossad, MI6, SIS, KGB, CIA ongoing role in MK-Ultra Monarch Mind Control Programming, or any of its sub-projects; Heinz Alfred (Henry) Kissinger’s role as programmer/master/owner of Sarah L. Palin and any of her other programmers, handlers and MK-Ultra Monarch Mind Control Program it its present operational form. Are there any uncorrupted “journalists” w/ integrity, willing to expose NSA-Dod-CIA’s role as “umbrella orgs” providing cover for this abominable program. Hey, all you Peabody/Pulitzer Award Winners, start your research  here in the middle of the desert

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Be Well & Stay Vigilant


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