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Palin Family Piggy Banks: Portrait of Alaskan Grifters Gone Hollywood

"load it up!...not as good as Neiman's...but o.k. for now"

"sure there's enough trunk space?"

Kissinger’s Wasillabillies…looting electorate from coast to coast

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.” Lord Acton

In our post-modern feminist era “men” includes women also — media’s role as “gatekeepers  of the truth” needs to be exposed; they serve to keep electorate firmly divided, confused, playing on base emotion as opposed to information. The art of  “divide & conquer”  is accomplished through FEAR and a dizzying array of distractions, in an effort to maintain illusion of democracy, which hasn’t existed in U.S.  for over a century! Sadly, we can expect to be subjected to more Hegelian Dialecticshttp://www.crossroad.to/articles2/05/dialectic.htm this will only intensify as fusion of “globalization” continues. Right leaning media whores, primarily Fox News, will continue presenting Palin as a viable candidate,  and some will assist “the left”  in ridiculing her,boosting ratings, but ultimately serving to endear her to deluded supporters. Remember families camped out in mall parking lots all across “pro- America”…in the rain, cold and snow for 20 sec of face time! Palin family circus act is a cash cow, adding to media’s bottom line, especially Rupert Murdoch’s media machine–NewsCorp http://www.cjr.org/resources/?c=newscorp(HarperCollins, FOX News, WSJ, Weekly Standard w/Bill Kristol’s  schoolboy crush, NY Post) minions paid through SarahPac. Palin team  enjoys spending loot scammed from deluded supporters, continuing family practices honed in Alaska.  Murdoch,Ailes, Rove and Fred Malek  have a perfect vessel of  vanity to hide behind as they slice-n- dice electorate…


ALASKA FUND TRUST (AFT) http://www.thealaskafundtrust.com/– Legal Defense Fund ran by  fellow grifter Kristan Cole, Palin friend of 0ver 20yrs –like Sarah has 5 children, former beauty queen, apparently they bonded in criminality. AFT was set up after Palin returned to AK, and things got rough after home town folks saw her in her full glory as xenophobic, pseudo-evangelical demagogue — tongues were loosened and she was more vulnerable than ever. Murdoch, Ailes & Rove swooped in, laying blueprint for political strategy/mass marketing/looting  for Palin & Co.  to exploit her new legion of deluded/demoralized fans, using standard empathetic model http://gawker.com/5336163/rent-rupert-murdochs-luxurious-yacht/gallery/this was the motivation for Sarah’s constant whining over ethics violations, most of which team Sarah filed themselves, as part of a legal strategy — pure psycho drama. A tried and true method of raking in cash, and a  favorite of televangelists –”oh poor me…just a  humble servant, toiling in the vineyard, working on your behalf.” Churches  are excellent places to observe con men/women plying their trade, living off  other people, clubbing them over the head w/guilt, while pretending to be their ONLY savior — throw in a little entertainment and your lavish lifestyle is assured! — while those not under Palin’s spell laugh at the “witch doctor vid”   this visual was a “dog whistle” to her evangelical base, cementing her identity as “Sister Sarah” — champion of the faithful! Remember Obama sat under Rev. Wright for over 20yrs w/his family, being schooled in the same art of crowd manipulation…which he used quite effectively!  As an active ex-member (usher,videographer, accountant) of a so-called mega-church, pastored  by a charismatic congressman, I witnessed first hand some of  best charlatans in the nation ply their trade,  and saw them constantly  vailidated by the political class, causing them to assume larger-than-life personas. Hollywood style, Oscar worthy psycho-drama occurs — huge fees (offerings) collected to pay for fabulous wardrobes, jewels, luxury cars, private jets,mansions, five star accomodations and silly people anxious to whore themselves out for the glory of at all — wolves in sheeps clothing, fleecing flocks nationwide…left in their wake are broke, busted, disgusted, disillusioned worshippers w/their sick children/unpaid bills — same occurs in the political realm. We have been warned …“a fool and is money is soon parted” — Thomas Tusser poem “Five Hundred Points Of Good Husbandry”and “put not your faith in men”…

SARAH PAC: https://www.sarahpacdonate.com/sarahpacsite Political Action Committee – “legally operated” money laundering vehicle http://www.fec.gov/ans/answers_pac.shtml

Federal Election Commission (FEC) report http://herndon1.sdrdc.com/cgi-bin/fecimg/?C00458588

breakdown of disbursements http://standupforournation.blogspot.com/2010/02/breakdown-of-sarah-pac.html

Aside from giving money to campaigns, SarahPac executed common “buy back” scheme w/HarperCollins (publisher of  ghostwritten bestseller “Going Rogue”) — $2.2M copies sold to date – SarahPac receives money in the form of campaign contributions, then spends $63K  buying  books from HarperCollins at discount bulk rate, who then issues Sarah Palin (individual) royalty checks  as a book seller (distributor) then SarahPac gives books to individuals as gifts…pocketing  difference, nice huh? This inflates number of books sold, keeps “Going Rogue” on bestseller lists, generates more media coverage, generating  more salesPalin received $1.25M advance and est. $7M total for Going Rogue…cha-ching! SarahPac admin fees run unusally high due to consultants (minions)  fees paid through their LLCs — services incl.,  Facebook posters, Tweeters, blog posters/attack dogs i.e. Rebecca Mansour (a founder of C4P  or Palin propaganda central) —  mouthpieces like former AK reporter, Meghan Stapleton (recently quit/thrown under bus) http://voices.washingtonpost.com/thefix/eye-on-2012/senior-palin-aide-meg-stapleto.html Fred Malek (Washington insider of Nixon “Jew counting” infamy)   http://voices.washingtonpost.com/thefix/eye-on-2012/senior-palin-aide-meg-stapleto.html data-mining, on-line ads making sure SarahPac logo appears everywhere her name appears, minions acting as dis-info agents,  trolling sites to intimidate dissenting voices, demanding retractions etc. (Nixonian) — especially found on Alaskan anti-Palin blogs i.e. Immoral Minority, Palingates, Shannyn Moore, Mudflats  (see sidebar) – Palin’s (esp shadow gov Todd) have had moderators banned from book signings at public venues in Wasilla, AK http://rawstory.com/2009/2009/12/todd-sarahs-banned-list/ Nixonian? SarahPac payouts include security,nannies, assistants,handlers, stylists, meals, luxury hotels, spas, private jets, even Yankee Stadium tickets — THEE most pathetic revelation  is… for all her posturing re: Down Syndrome…dramatic RNC 2008 proclamation “you will have a friend, an advocate in the WH” and selectively excoriating “R-word” users…after dragging poor Trig all over the country, like a Neiman Marcus handbag, often improperly dressed w/no shoes, socks, eyeglasses or hearing aids (he’s deaf)  his use as a prop,  beefing  up her “street cred” w/pro-lifers — SarahPac could only manage to cough up a lousy $1K for Down syndrome and $3K for all charitable donations! Sarah’s NOT the working gal she pretends to be…she’s all about glitz/glamour/cold hard cash! she’s never liked working — snowmobiling hubby was “shadow gov” as private emails clearly show, which is why she quit her elected office 1/2 way through — less than 2yrs in office, paid per diem for 300 days…what executive experience?!?

PACs are a license to steal from deluded electorate, who still foolishly believe pols have their best interests in mind. Unlike other PACs, it’s webpage has no mention of issues/policy, just her resume and brief  bio — compare Huckabee’s PAC http://www.huckpac.com/ and Rommney’s PAC http://www.freestrongamerica.com/ Palin team is all about the Benjamins! link for disbursements http://query.nictusa.com/cgi-bin/dcdev/forms/C00458588/449901/sb/ALL

PIE SKY LLC – according to APOC (Alaska Public Office Documents) financial docs filed last qtr of 2009 states Pie Sky LLC  is “a marketing firm providing Services For the Elderly and Those With Disabilities” What services? link for APOC filing http://media.adn.com/smedia/2009/10/27/10/Governor_Palin_s_2009_Final_Financial_Disclosure_-_Final_Report.source.prod_affiliate.7.pdf

Going Rogue: first venture w/Rupert Murdoch’s NewsCorp owned Harper Collins; Lynn Vincent ghostwritten, score settling collection of fantasies, established Palin as best selling author, increasing speaking fees/popularity. The bus/private jet tour (paid for by SarahPac) was unnecessary, it was already a bestseller based on pre-order sales of $1.5M…bus tour was thinly veiled kick-off to 2012 run for GOP nomination. Harper Collins recently announced plans for yet another ghostwritten book — a collection of quotes from noted American heroes she allegedly admires/credits for influencing her,like founding fathers she couldn’t name in Glenn Beck mock interview — can’t wait for P.T. Barnum chapter, sounds like a “cut and paste” job w/possible copyright infringement issues — expect due dilligence by HarperCollins…another bus/jet tour?

BSMP LLC – acronym for Bristol Sheeran Marie Palin — blazing a trail for single teen moms, fresh out of high school, having acquired business/political acumen at tender age of 19yrs! — obvious money laundering vehicle, set up to legally shield income from Candies abstinence spokes model position, says family atty Thomas Van Flein— Bristols earnings to date: $100K for 8hr photo shoot for In Touch mag…Palin family hanging out in kitchen — this marked the amusing announcement of  her “re-virgination.” Atty Van Flein mentions BSMP as repository for  “various other sources of income” —  these will be worth examining…can’t you just see GOP pols consulting w/Sarah’s daughter re: their political futures? NO way Bristol has skill-set to operate PR/lobbying firm — this is “keep it in the Palin family” as usual – curious to see how many disbursements from SarahPac find their way into BSMP LLC… http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/01/05/bristol-palins-new-compan_n_411920.html

Washington Speakers Bureau (WSB) “Connecting With The World’s Greatest Minds” …make your own joke! Palin’s current rate: $100K plus per ghostwritten speech, loaded w/GOP talking points, evangelical emotional triggers and stale palm writing excuses — she’s racking up on these, w/lots more appearances to come — even though media is banned from ALL her WSB events, they help keep her alive as viable candidate — keeps the suckers on the hook — no potential run in 2012, appearances/loot dries up — Sarah’s gotten  much better spitting out well rehearsed GOP talking points/evangelical emotional triggers , but needs to update spiel quickly — her bio here is good for a few laughs  http://www.washingtonspeakers.com/

FOX News Analyst/Contributor – what analysis? CEO Roger Ailes obviously pays  Sarah strictly for on-air presence as an “entertainer” – no Megyn Crowley, but the woman presents well, earning  her keep w/ability to both entice/enrage viewers, primarily showcasing sex appeal, while delivering scripted GOP talking points/evangelical emotional triggers in mock interviews. Ratings have soared, deluded supporters cheer her on, seeing her as a modern day Esther, anointed by God to save them from evils of  Obama regime…and the Alaskan Kitty (Artic Cat) delivers! Murdoch/Ailes are so pleased w/her ability to “fleece the suckers” Fox is  financing construction of  in-home studio using who else…Spenard Builders Supply Inc., — now she can just read script from a *gasp* teleprompter! Details of contract amount remain a well guarded secret.

Real Estate: Palin’s own (5) properties

$12.4M sports center; Mayor Palin left Wasilla $22M in debt (fiscal conservative)

Spenard Sports Center &  Big Red Barn (primary home) 2009  valued at $532K http://www.cyberhomes.com/homes-wasilla-ak-99654/1140wparkshwy/255851.aspx sits on Lake Lucille ( now dead) unable to support marine life, due to run-off from explosion of  construction projects (big box stores)  pushed by then Mayor Palin, left Wasilla $22M in debt. Palin’s  bungling incompetence/malfeasance of sports complex land title issues added $1.3M debt. Todd Palin told FOX News “he and a few of  his buddies” (Spenard Builders Inc.)  http://www.sbsalaska.com/ built 2-story, 4K sq ft., 4bdrm, 4 bath home — Wasilla residents are convinced  materials from sports complex, and his “magic hammer”  did the trick! facade features  huge windows, identical to those in sports complex and interior materials (railings, fixtures, walls) account  for overall commercial look of home. Wasilla residents (who have eyes, and no fear of Palin)  are sure Palins basically got home for “free”, built  during  same time sports complex was constructed, w/land, materials and labor built into sports complex contract. Spenard Builders Supply Inc. contributed to Sarah’s Lt. Gov campaign, sponsored Todd’s snowmachine team “Artic Cat”  and also built cabin for corrupt Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK) in VECO scandal  http://alaskareport.com/news1207/z47160_veco_remodel.htm Spenard currently  has contract for FOX News in-home studio, at new Palin family chateau/compound, nearly completed,  squeezed between existing Palin plots. Studio provides Alaskan Kitten w/ability to broadcast GOP talking points/phony evangelism, and even more xenophobic rhetoric from the comfort of home. While Mayor of Wasilla Sarah pushed provision eliminating need for bldg permits, meaning contracting info not necessary — given Palin’s track record, it will be interesting to see how home furnishing costs will be classified — will BSMP LLC be based on compund? Palin’s just love to spend other people’s money…

1st Palin family home

2nd Palin family home -- "Big Red Barn" back & side view

Palin family compound on Lake Lucille in Wasilla, AK (now nearly completed)

more pics of  Palin chateau here (slow loading) : http://theimmoralminority.blogspot.com/search/label/housegate

and here: http://www.themudflats.net/2009/12/09/palins-new-house-photos/

Luxury Cabins (2)

one of (2) Palin family cabins

located in Petersville Hills, along Safari Lake, AK:  (2) side-by-side, two-story, house sized luxury cabins — Palin’s have been so busy grifting/looting Wasilla and the state, they simply forgot to pay taxes on properties –Ooops! as Mayor, Sarah refused to appear in ads for another pol, due to his non-payment of property taxes — more “do as I say, not as I do http://www.juneauempire.com/stories/020510/sta_559132378.shtml; http://www.huffingtonpost.com/akmuckraker/sarah-palin—tax-cheat-c_b_448137.html;http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory?id=9752260

Palin’s Go Hollywood: while Sarah was “killing”  in her stand-up debut on Tonight Show w/Jay Leno (NBC disputes amped up laugh tracks…big surprise!) Bristol was shooting some Candies ads, and scenes for acting debut on “The Secret Life of American Teenagers” — Disney owned reality show details “struggles” of American teen moms, unrepresentative of  Bristol w/her privileged life in Palin feifdom of  Wasilla, AK – she has a huge family support network, access to lots of cash/toys (new Escalade) due to Rupert Murdoch  funded NewsCorp sideshow. Palin’s PR team launched Bristols’ rebranding campaign as “re-virginized good girl” on Oprah, assuring largest audience for worshipful evangelical base, solidifing Sarah’s image as concerned parent. Candies website sends mixed signals as to whether they’re supporting abstinence. Bristol/Sarah have yet to give an intelligent response to obvious hypocrisy here — after having a baby, how does this “re-virgination”  take place? more typical Palin family “do as I say, not as I do” TV Guide article re: reality show shopping ; Bristol on Secret Life of Amer Teens . Willow following in big sis/bros  footsteps w/juvenile delinquency — is “lawyered up” re: drugging, drinking and vandalism charges –how Palin’s have gone totally Hollywood — Sarah/Bristol are the “show” while Murdoch, Ailes, Rove and some seasonsed GOP Ops  are the “business” in this latest GOP circus act — Goebbels trained duo of Ailes & Rove are experts  at slicing n’ dicing electorate, w/decades of victories proving their skills –they’re also quite adept at maximizing shareholder value — one of most brazen frauds in American political history — Sarah is their cash cow and she produces much milk! As political theater she’s fascinating…as a person she’s a disaster — borderline personality…a cauldron of emotional imbalance, egotistical,  mean-spirited, hypocritical and childish… believing if she wants something (VP, POTUS)  she’s qualified to do the job…this is delusional! Her narcissism erases lines between desire and ability and surrounding  herself w/vipers and “yes men/women” only assures that her ugliness will worsen over time.

Most recent example is her disgusting antics at Oscar give-a-way; 20 person entourage “descended like locusts” …putting on a brazen display of  wild-eyed greed, grabbing everything in sight… “cleaning the place out” — typical Hollywood spoiled “diva” — walking out w/thousands in FREE merchandise after coughing up a paltry $1,700 for Red Cross Haitian Relief  (no doubt from SarahPac) Mrs. Evangelical couldn’t part w/any of her millions!  Palins’ greed knows no bounds, they’re  hooked on the grifting good life! — now do you see why despite the pundits, she’s running  in 2012 — gotta fill up #1 Palin family piggy bank…SarahPac!

"I killed on Leno...now let's grab some swag -- You Betcha!


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