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Godlike Productions (GLP) Controlled Opposition/Gatekeepers: BANS (SRI) & Tavistock postings

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SITREP: Mirabile Dictu! my links restored  4/29/2010; still BANNED/MONITORED…

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“Aren’t we on the same side, working tirelessly to expose this evil cabal? Aren’t we  brothers in the fight, united in our conspiracy theories? What’s up  Jason?


Anonymous Coward
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4/9/2010 7:30 PM

The above minion  responded to my posts on Palin & Obama w/YouTube clip of  Metallica w/the title “Masters  Of  The Puppets” displayed across top of clip, and this  comment sorry to be so obvious, had to be done Translation: we know who you are, and cannot allow you to continue to post this stuff, it violates our orders as “gatekeepers/controlled assets” — subsequently I was “BANNED”and all links to my blog contained w/in posts were frozen. Question: Who’s team are Jason Lucas & Alex  Shamash on?

ITK7: Godlike Productions (GLP) BANS posters for typing “C2Media”, “Lop.com” , Stanford Research Institute”, “SRI” and especially “Tavistock” in any posts! Some checking with some Friends of Mine  got big laughs and revealed  Godlike Prods. is one of the many “controlled opposition” sites functioning as “gatekeepers” for global cabal…

core elements of this post here:

The Mysterious Data Mining Twins

Jason Lucas (a.k.a. Trinity GLP moderator) is based in Shalimar, Florida (.7mi) from Eglin Air Force Base, US  (no Florida office  listed on company website) — Alex Shamash is based in UK  (no UK office listed on company website) Both design “spyware/malware” for Military Industrial Complex to conduct “data mining” —  Jason is Deputy Director of  a “data mining” (spyware/malware)  a.k.a.  flowers”program for Dept. of  Defense (DoD) Joint Forces Command.

check out quote from pg.4 of Jason’s presentation…

”through today’s quick and efficient data collection and analysis… all necessary levels of exercise feedback can be quickly turned into lessons learned. Offering the interoperability and resource reuse advantages to the data collection, TENA has become an important factor in range instrumentation and data gathering systems, particularly as an interoperability enabler in JNTC military exercises…

PDF for TENA  (Test and Training Enabling Architecture)

Jason Lucas & Alex Shamash’s masters…

Crooks-Incompetents-A-holes CIA Langley, VA — “I say we all take off, nuke em’ from out of orbit…it’s the only way to be sure” – Aliens 2

British Intel MI6

Dept. of Defense (DoD)

US Joint Forces Command

C2Media & Lop.com — London, New York, Florida Axis

Company website here notice something missing…where are the Florida and London offices? they don’t physically exist, they’re PO Boxes. C2 headquarters is  in New York @ 423 W. 55th St, NY 10019

Letters establishing Jason Lucas as principal in C2Media http://www.ftc.gov/os/comments/spyware/040312lucas.pdf


“Whois” records show C2Media & Lop.com locations

CustName: C2 Media Ltd
Address: P.O. Box 1113
City: Shalimar
StateProv: FL

TENA workshop  given by Jason Lucas was @ Eglin Air Force Base, 307 Boatner Road, FL 32542, just (.7miles) from C2 Media’s PO Box  in Shalimar — how convenient

Uniform Business Report (UBR) posted by anonymous person sarcastically calling themselves Jason,  shows links between Jason Lucas/Alex Shamash and Trinity/C2Media detailing  their spyware activities…

click for PC World article on C2Media

London Base

Unit 12, 571 Finchley Road, Hampstead London, NW3 7BN UK
Tel: + 44 7817 130 743 (type into Google Earth) take a peek, it’s a 24hr Post Point, like a U.S. Kinkos w/ (3) stories of  residential units above, odd locale for Dod (Dept. of Defense)  US Joint Forces Cmd. Ops…hmmm?

listing of  LOP.com (spyware sites)

State of  Florida Division of Corporations Filings show (3) entities  w/Shamash & Lucas listed as officers/directors…

Fla Internet Marketing Inc., PO Box 330, Shalimar FL 32579

Electronic filings as of 3/10/2010

*entities below listed as “inactive” (defunct)  but records remain of file.

Secure Software,Alex Shamash & Jason Lucas,PO Box1113, Shalimar Fl.32579
Electronic filings as of  9/06/05

Trinity Acquisitions Inc., PO Box 334, Shalimar FL. 32579

“Whois”  Domain Search “Trinity Acquisitions”

Electronic filings as 6/30/04

Dept. of  Defense (DoD)  Joint Forces Command “TENA”

Jason Lucas’s  day  job

Tena-Enabled SIMDIS Analysis & Visualization System Provides Tactical 3D Pictures For Dept. of Defense (DoD)

PDF version click here

U.S. Joint Forces Command Structure:

Jason Lucas & Alex Shamash boss is Gen James N. Mattis, USMC current Commander, U.S.  Joint Forces Command

ITK7: These two clowns must be sharing a brain, to leave their butts hanging out like this — the utter stupidity of attempting to suppress info re: Tavistock Behavioral Research Institute and it’s sister org Stanford Research Institute (SRI)… it’s like trying to collect the sand on the beach, it’s on Wikipedia, and their antics are all over the web!

Jason Lucas & Alex Shamash “Controlled Opposition” wunderkinds

* copy sample post below, go to GLP

log on/ paste  — these two Mensa  Society rejects will ban you instantly  for info stored on practically every  server in the world…

Hello Jason/Trinity — love your site, I’m not an anonymous coward, but read in PC World that you and partner Alex Shamash were formerly principals in “Trinity Acquisitions Inc” and “Secure Software” — Is it true C2Media, LOP.com & “Fla Internet Marketing Inc” are your current spyware/malware companies used for “data mining” or spying on people? I’m new to this NWO stuff… do your posts cover Tavistock Behavioral Research Institute and (SRI) Stanford Research Institute?

Thanks in advance for setting the record straight.

SITREP: Jason Lucas/Alex Shamash are contract agents for Military Industrial Complex who ( 1) previously were principals in “Secure Software” and “Trinity Aquisitions Incarecurrently in joint ownership of  “Fla Internet Marketing Inc” — a data  mining  business (2) GLP is  masquerading as a place for people who are fed up w/global mgt team,  to share info, when in reality Jason (a.k.a. Trinity)  is  compiling  lists, turned over to Dept. of Defense (DoD) and at some point, will be classified as “undesirables” and “enemy combatants” 3) Jason Lucas & Alex Shamash own “spyware” companies” (4) C2Media is a CIA-front org w/offices in IL, CO, TX, VA, NY, WA, OR,CA and Canada (5) Jason is a middleware sofware designer working w/DoD, Joint Forces Command (JFCom) on system that will co-ordinate movements of  Monarch Prog Multiples, using Virtual 3D imagery, Remote Neural Monitoring via EEG Evoked Potentials, utilizing all three NSA platforms (SIGINT, COMINT, HUMINT) The military apparratus displayed within TENA training  manuals/visuals  is a thinly veiled cover for army of Monarch Multiples — MK’s they are the  weapons in their arsenal. This will give Military Industrial Complex ability to broadcast directly into audio/visual cortex of  the  brain — basically a huge megaphone  heard simultaneously.  RFID (Verichip)  implanted Monarch Units, as well as civilians, will feel the effect of  “having a song stuck in your head”  Signals will originate from NSA, transfer to GWEN towers,  strategically placed throughout CONUS. MKs have enhanced audio/visual capabilities —  this system will allow  on-line, real-time  retrieval of  images stored in audio/visual cortex, as well as transmitting coded intel to individual or groups of MK’s — the days of  physically reporting for de-briefings are being phased out. Easiest way to decode TENA is to substitute MK’s for weaponry. 

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Now a special treat for the gang over at GLP and all those who “walk between the raindrops”

Tavistock  Behavorial  Research  Institute (“TBRI”)

30 Tabernacle Street, London EC2A 4UE; email:

Tel: +44(0)20 7417 0407 ; Fax: +44(0)20 7417 0566

ITK7: Jason Lucas, Alex Shamash, Congress, Dept. of  Defense (DoD), U.S. Joint Forces Command, MI6, CIA, NSA and the rest of  the “spook” community don’t want you to know about MK-Ultra Monarch Mind Control Prog and its “brainchild” hiding behind the  false banner of “national security”…
Tavistock has been all over the web for years, despite several name changes, the goal of its founders remains the same — condition the masses (useless eaters) to accept servitudea slave is easier to control, if he doesn’t know he’s a slave” In 1920, Tavistock Institute of Medical Psychology (TIMP) was founded, renamed Tavistock Clinic, Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, currently known as Tavistock Behavioral Research Institute. This was only a “formal” coming out. Rothschild Dynasty funded Sigmond Freud (about 1909 -1912) and a team of Nazi mind scientists, set them up  i n lavish estate to conduct “mind science” research. Under the guise of “providing assistance to wives of SS members”, SS  Himmler used these as breeding camps. Orphanages were set up as holding pens,  children were shipped to Germany for “Germanization” or “re-education” — read: subjected to horrific torture sessions in order to cause “mind splitting” (DID -MPD) in their twisted efforts to create army of human robots. The generic description of “experiments” is deceptive, as it  masks  the “purpose” of  the (SRA) satanic ritual abusethose who could  not withstand the torture, were ritually sacrificed under the Occult-Nazi death symbol — the swastika

Origins: Rothschild Dynasty financed John D. Rockefeller in the oil industry, they planned to control — taught him ruthless business model for Standard Oil “competition is a sin”— through treachery and deceit became Exxon-Mobil (1911 Supreme Court mandated break up was a sham…”you want us to break up the co.? oh this is awful” ( *wink-wink*)  – each co. grew independently, when re-assembled, single entity was worth much more. Rothchild’s had almost two centuries of  money manipulation when Rocky came along, and viewed him as a young upstart (easy to control)  Rothschild used Rocky as cover for “formal” coming out of Tavistock. The grant from Rocky, was Rothschild stake in their mind science plot to have earth’s citizens serve them as perpetual monarchy…it’s worked exceedingly well. The formalization began w/these doctors (not going to name all) Elliott Jaques, Henry Dicks, Leonard Browne, Ronald Hargreaves, John Rawlings Rees (Dir. In 1932 became founder of  World Federation for Mental Health in 1948) Mary Luff , Wilfred Bion and Tommy Wilson as Chrmn — others joined later John D. Sutherland,John Bowlby, Eric Trist, Fred Emery. Tavistock joined Kurt Lewin and his Research Center for Group Dynamics (RCGD) at Univ. of Michigan, published an international  journal, “Human Relations” relating theory to practice – 1st vol. “Overcoming Resistance to Change,” & “A Comparison of the Aims of the Hitler Youth and the Boy Scouts of America.” Tavistock Institute used Lewin’s techniques to arrange “therapeutic communities.” [we call them “12 step programs” the first of the 12 steps calls for the following declaration: “We admit we are powerless over our addiction” to alcohol [drugs, gambling, sex] — that our lives have become unmanageable” — the sheer insanity of waking up everyday making negative affirmations about oneself and having this reinforced in group settings! Any first year psychology major knows repetition is how the mind is conditioned, it’s how you train your children…Ed.] In 1932 Lewin came to U.S. for concentration in child psychology. During  WW2 he was an agent U.S. Office of Strategic Services (OSS)  psychological warfare Division —  which became CIA PsyOps…

Rees developed “Tavistock Method” which induces and controls stress via “psychologically controlled environments” in order to make people give up firmly held beliefs under “peer pressure.”  Wilfrid Bion pioneered “Group Dynamics”

In April 11, 1933, Rockefeller Foundation Pres. Max Mason assured trustees that in their program, “the Social Sciences” will concern themselves w/rationalization of social control — the control of human behavior” [ or MIND CONTROL] This declaration led to a Rockefeller grant that resulted in the birth of the “Tavistock Institute of Human Relations” in Rothschild controlled City of London in 1947. (see Empire States: Geostrategic Power Centers Pt. 1) This was 1yr after National Security Agency (NSA) was created, to provide the secrecy needed for these evil mind scientists under the banner of “national security”.

In 1935, Harvard psychologist (1930-1967) Gordon Allport co-authored The Psychology Of Radio with Hadley Cantril. In 1940, Cantril wrote The Invasion From Mars: A Study In The Psychology Of Panic regarding radio broadcast of  H.G. Wells’ The War Of The Worlds [masterful  fear-based trauma, mind control  Op, so successful,  it caused  mass hysteria/panic  in the streets, as Americans believed  country was under attack by Martian invaders — today it’s fear of  Islamic fundamentalism, tactics don’t change…it’s a formula]

FREE audio download here

Fred Emery in (HUMAN RELATIONS, Vol. 12, No. 3, August 1959) “Working Hypotheses on the Psychology of Television” …”The psychological after-effects of television are of considerable interest to the would-be social engineer.”

These are the monsters that created our heroes  in sports, entertainment, political realms — (“TBRI”) created the Beatles, Rock-N-Roll (most of the Satanic “acid rock” groups) Elvis, Michael Jackson, (ERA) Women’s Movement, Gloria Steinem (CIA asset) Civil Rights Movement (MLK asset), environmental movement, video game craze, cell phones (to get us used to carrying our own personal GPS devices) phony War On Drugs, global warming hysteria w/the inane recycling, Hip Hop, phony War On Terrorism, Madonna, Britney, “Obama Girl”(inducing emotional bonding w/obvious target group) Sarah L. Palin Disney-like fantasy narrative and on, and on…

These are the people who decide what toys your children play with, color cars you drive (70’s brown, 80’s black, 90’s silver), how your corporate office (trauma box/cubicle) will be designed,  shows/movies/vids you’ll watch, songs we sing, clothes we wear, what will be legal and illegal,  which drugs will be produced/sold, what quantity/potency, to whom and who will be prosecuted for sale/use. They dictate what’s printed  in magazines — every major societal movement you can think of was hatched in the City of London — there are no such things as “spontaneous uprisings” …and if, by chance they are…swift infiltration is executed — witness Tea Party Queen…

Tavistock Behavioral Research Institute  is “the brain” of  the abominable MK-Ultra Monarch Program. The worlds’ most brilliant social engineers, neurosurgeons, behavioral scientists, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, professors, leaders of major religions, politicians have received “mind control” training (“TBRI”)  in Rothschild controlled City of London or one of  (“TBRI”) sister orgs i.e. Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in California…

(“TBRI”) has the resources of Rothschild/Rockefeller Dynasties at it’s disposal, enabling it to operate w/ impunity,  seducing the world’s most brilliant minds to develop sinister methods to control earth’s citizens (subjects) to basically suffer in silence…they are “experts” in the field of mind science, and determine the standards/practices for mental health on the planet, through control of  world mental health institutions, universities, hospitals, trade journals w/virtually unlimited funding and complete political support.

* links for Tavistock Behavorial Research Institute (Global Mind  Control Org)

brilliant expose on Tavistock  by Dr. Byron T. Weeks, MD

Others  here:



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This explains why  Jason Lucas and Alex Shamash want to conceal this from citizens who simply want to try and make sense of the senseless…

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“Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known”  (Matthew 10:26)

Be Well and Stay Vigilant


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