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Alaskan MK’d Kitten “Caribou Barbie” Controlled Asset

Many prefer to dismiss her as whacky and cartoonish, but that  prevents the true picture from developing —Sarah Louise Palin phenomenon will  NEVER make sense, unless one is aware of  Tavistock Behavioral Research Institute/Nazi-inspired/Zionist-Rothschild-Rockefeller  funded, CIA-MK Ultra Monarch Program, which cranks out steady stream of Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD now re-classed as DID) Human Robots w/Beta programming, wrapped in Masonic-Occult Symbolism & Disney Oz/Jewel Programming — WTF is this guy talking about? hold on — don’t click out yet!  Critical thinkers sense something really weird w/this woman, her brood, and improbable path to power, but can’t put their finger on it. Many in/out of politics have commented on different aspects of her bizarre persona, but few have nailed it (MSM is forbidden to tread this path) — this is by design, like a shell game…it keeps masses guessing. Sarah Louise Palin is a creation of  Tavistock Institute in London  (creators of  the  Beatles, ERA, Civil Rights, Hip Hop and other societal trends) — programmed from birth, in  controlled military environment…ala Jim Carrey in “The Truman Story”

NO way such a person w/so many missteps becomes this powerful, this influential, this quickly; one Tweet from Sarah impacts political dialogue on a national level, and no one “comes out of nowhere” (one Tweet from Sarah changes dialogue on a natl. level)  this simply cannot happen  w/out total media complicity–forget fairytale of  “objective journalism”–no such animal exists; ALL  media infiltrated in 1950s by Amer branch of  Unified Intel agencies under CIA program “Project Mockingbird” — natl media whores on left/right of  political paradigm, received marching orders from “powers that be”  to “roll over/play dead”  concerning all things Palin–evidenced by appearance at Alfalfa Club and Grid Iron Dinner (see pics) seducing “liberal media elites”  who assumed roles as  sales agents, promoting  her book  24/7 , assuring its mega-success and continue to sell her  to deluded masses as viable candidate for 2012.

CIA Operation Mocking Bird

Sarah/Trig  sideshow  has become a parody of  itself, carried like a handbag from Neiman Marcus;  frequently improperly dressed; no shoes, socks, eyeglasses, hearing aids (he’s deaf)  — no  Down syndrome child should be  flown all over the country used as a prop to solidify  imagery  of  “caring Mom“– this is cruel and inhuman!   Trig is surrounded by adults (grandma, aunts, Mommy) wearing rain wear, using umbrellas  on the tarmac in obviously cold, damp weather, before usual hand off to Piper — why is she  NEVER in school? poor girl looks more dissociative each time you see her…


Revenue: basically a welfare state, receives more federal dollars than any other state in union,  funded by Big Oil — British Petroleum (BP) = Rothschild Dynasty (earth’s primary moneylords via centuries of  global looting  schemes) control B.I.S./I.M.F./World Bank/Central Banks of each nation; Exxon-Mobil / Conoco = Rockefeller Dynasty headed by David Rockefeller, Sr. of  JP Morgan Chase/Bilderberg/Trilateral Comm/Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) steering committees. Does any thinking person believe Sarah/Todd  outwitted these centuries-old geopolitical forces?

NSA-CIA Alaskan Military Apparatus: mysterious  HAARP ( High Frequency Active Auroral Resonance Program) which some sources report is merely a decoy, w/ the real deal  located in Pokerflats, 30mi north of Fairbanks, “the only missile launching facility in country owned by a university (WTF?)

Missile Defense Systems: ; http://arcticcircle.uconn.edu/SEEJ/NMD/alaska/greely/index.htm

Palin Media Team: owned/controlled by Bilderberger Rupert Murdoch’s NewsCorp — directed by Roger Ailes, CEO FOX News;  http://www.cjr.org/resources/index.php?c=viacom ; http://www.fair.org/index.php?page=1067 incl. FOX News, Harper Collins (publisher of “Going Rogue”) WSJ, NY Post, Weekly Standard (Bill Kristol) promoted  (33) state bus/private jet tour, amplifying  Sarah’s presence one hundred fold — Alaskan MK’d Kitty was/is well  funded, connected,  protected and promoted by Military Industrial Complex as a  “controlled military assetan MK-Ultra Monarch Programmed Multiple/Beta Prog’md Sex Slave/Human Robot, and as such is subjected to regular electroshock trauma-torture/treatments (erases short term memory–must be applied within 24hrs before going to subconscious mind) The many unexplained dissappearances are regular visits to select secure military bases in AK, along w/tightly controlled, equally traumatized daughters, displaying  classic signs of dissociative behavior– notice Sarah is NEVER w/out (2) Blackberries in MK base colors red & black…

MK-Ultra Monarch Programming: Wizard of  Oz Disney Themes :

MK Occultic Base Colors:  Sarah stays w/these occult red/black, black/white  color combos. These have been ingrained in the culture, and while quite attractive, have  very distinct occultist significance for MK subjects of identity and reinforcing trauma.

Masonic Numerology: the number eleven (and multiples thereof) is very strong to the occultist. Palin’s  Birthdate 2-11-64; (11th) Governor; (44) yrs old debuted on natl. stage; (22) high school jersey;  Todd Palin current  snowmobile no. (22) Yes, this seems obscure, but its crucial to decode players  within  global management team Basic Occult Numerology — and of course lots of “left-eye” winking ; Palin  Newsweek cover “all seeing eye” of  Masonry or “Eye of Horus

Disney “Oz”  Programming: grand intro wearing base  Oz /Dorothy  ruby red slippers (famous Naughty Monkey pumps)

Intro speech Dayton, OH …“Hillary put 18 million c-r-a-c-k-s (w/super-high pitched intonation) in highest, hardest glass ceiling in America…and we can shatter that glass ceiling once and for all!” – (3) blatant coded references  to MK trauma/torture techniques that cause “mind fracturing” or “compartmentalization” or “splitting” which creates alters (files) which is the foundation/purpose of Monarch Prog’mg – to create DID (MPD) slaves…alters (mind files) are used by global mgt. team to serve their needs, that’s what she’s referencing  in one sentence! She minced onto “mirrored flooring at RNC convention 2008 (MK’s are constantly surrounded by imagery that re-enforces prog’mg — begin taking note of stage/set design and see how MK prog’mg is built into set) She lives on a frozenlake w/”Caribou Barbie”nickname re-enforces “marionette” (doll) prog’mg — these are all very recognizable signs for global mgt. team…

Occult Symbols:  constant Baphomet (devil) Horn flashing, universal sign among practicing Satanists — odd signs for a  “Evangelical Christian” to be using…

Willow looks  intently as Mommy shows her true loyalty…demonstrating who’s team she’s really on…and NO those aren’t  Univ of  Texas “hook em horns” as some  suggest, unless all those in link are fans also… http://palestinecry.blogspot.com/2009/12/occult-signing-devils-horns-primer.html not Hellen Keller’s  “I love you” in sign language either…this is universally recognized sign between practicing Satanists, which tragically has become very prevalent in recent years…

Programmers/handlersTodd Palin (has unassuming working stiff act down, but private emails show he was really running AK) ; Fred Malek (skilled GOP Op shuttles Sarah around when Todd cannot;  Lee Greenwood “Mr. Proud To Be An American” exposed by Cathy O’Brien in “Tranceformation of America” as a notorious MK Programmer/Handler

security man  Jason Recher (handler) faithfully by her side, during campaign, book tour and other outings, such as meeting w/Franklin Graham 11-22-09 — see above YT clip…

Caribou Barbie  Dream Castle on Lake Lucille, Alaska  nearly complete — a monstrosity built w/loot  from deluded supporters willing to camp out in mall parking lots overnight w/children, in the rain, cold and snow…
not a whisper about Palin’s connection to military industrial complex, NSA, CIA, Hollywood or  China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station NAWS in California…

I strongly urge the reader to research MK-Ultra Monarch Program before dismissisng any of the aboveSarah Louise Palin is just a continuation of this diabolical  gov’t sponsored program…don’t expect any of her  phony grass roots orgs — Consservatives4Palin (C4P) &  Team Sarah (run by slick  GOP Ops) to acknowledge any of this…and I wonder about some of the so-called anti-Palin blogs being “controlled opposition” — future posts  will detail reason MK-Programmed Multiples are called “Monarch Butterflies” and why this insect was chosen as main symbol…

victim of MK-Ultra Monarch Program/Controlled Asset

PDF versions of MK-Ultra Monarch Prog Survivors Testimony

Bloodlines of The Illuminati – Fritz Springmeier

Illuminati Formula Used To Create An Undetectable Total Illuminati Mind Controlled Slave Vol. 2 — Cisco Wheeler (survivor) & Fritz Springmeier  (now jailed on false charges) exhaustive treatise on horrors of  MK-Ultra Monarch Prog

Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula – Cisco Wheeler & Fritz Springmeier

Thanks For The Memories Brice Taylor (COPYRIGHTED) MK-Ultra Monarch victim Brice Taylor paints picture connecting dots between players in Hollywood, Music Industry, Political Realm, Sports, Banking-Corp, Psychiatric Institutions, Universities, Military, Religious leaders & Occult world subjecting children to horrific ritual “rape/trauma/torture sessions” to create DID (formerly MPD) human robots for elites. Mind Control is how global management team has been “herding” us into One World Rulership! STOP focusing on nonsense…learn about this diabolical program kept secret under the banner of “national security”

Tranceformation of America – Cathy O’Brien & Mark Phillips (de-programmer)

*** MUST SEE ***

Anatomy of  Sarah L  Palin (VIDEO)

Kissinger, Palin, Mengele Pt. 1 & Pt. 2

Henry Kissinger MK-Ultra PIMP

*       *       *

Be Well & Stay Vigilant


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